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After a person dies, the legal process of determining how to dispose of his or her assets begins. A hearing is held in a probate court, which may confirm the validity of a will or issue a letter of administration (also called an admon). Each deceased person has a personal representative (also called an executor) in this process. Before a probate hearing is held, public notice is often given so that interested parties may make claims against the estate.

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See also A Calendar of Devon Deeds for further information on some MICHELMORE wills.

The information has been collected from a variety of sources, including the Cornwall Record Office (CRO), the Devon Heritage Centre (DHC), the Family History Library (FHL), the UK National Archives (UKNA) and the UK Probate Calendar (UKPC).

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 In the following table, "Hillman" refers to the article by E Haviland Hillman in Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries, 8(76), 1914-15, pp. 84-85. Links are provided to some transcriptions.

Name Died Probated Information Probate granted to Source
Agnes MICHELMORE 17 Mar 1877 at 12 Devon Square, Newton Abbot 2 Jul 1877 Exeter widow; estate under £1500 Jeffery MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy, agent, and Henry MICHELMORE of Newton Abbot, solicitor, sons UKPC
Albert MITCHELMORE 10 Oct 1934 23 Oct 1934 Exeter of 39 Parr Street, Exeter; estate £445 10s 9d John TOWILL, insurance agent UKPC
Alfred MITCHELMORE 14 Apr 1928 at 885 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth 12 Jul 1928 Exeter of Brownston Street, Modbury; estate £722 3s 0d Helena Maud FRIEND UKPC
Alfred MICHELMORE 22 Apr 1938 19 Jul 1938 Exeter of The Cottage, Berry Pomeroy; estate £28,855 8s 3d; bequests include £200 for a stained glass window wot the memory of himself and his first wife Grace Georgina Mary MICHELMORE and Edith TOLLITT, widows, and Harold Gaye MICHELMORE, solicitor UKPC
Alfred John MUCHMORE 21 Apr 1939 23 May 1939 Plymouth of Polbathic, Torpoint, Cornwall; estate £270 19s 0d Harriet Williams MUCHMORE, widow UKPC
Alice Maud MICHELMORE 18 Mar 1929 at 47 Belgrave Road, Westminster 25 Apr 1929 London spinster of 1a £upus Street, Westminster; estate £2878 5s 4d Edith Mary HARTLEY UKPC
Alice Rebecca MITCHELMORE 21 Jan 1933 at the Infirmary, Farnham 11 Apr 1933 spinster of Hill View, Sandheath Road, Beacon Hill, nr Hindhead, Surrey; estate £598 3s 4d Susan MITCHELMORE UKPC
Anne MICHELMORE   2 Jun 1654 Canterbury widow of Buckfastleigh: leaves 2s to the poor of the parish; her wearing apparel to her daughter Mary; her property in Hoskidgwood to her son Thomas; and the residue to her son Phillip [will undated] Philip MICHELMORE, the son, to be assisted in his minority by Anne's brothers Laurence DOLBEARE and Philip LUSCOMBE UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Ann MUCKAMORE   16 Nov 1837 widow of St George, Southwark: leaves £190 to husband's nephew John CLARK, household goods to nieces Mary HOLMES? widow, Ann JENKINS widow, and Elizabeth ADAMS, and residue to nephew Edward ADAMS and the three nieces [will made 28 Jun 1836, remade with valid witnesses 11 Aug 1836] Edward ADAMS nephew, Ann JENKINS niece UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Ann MICHLEMORE 4 Jan 1856 19 Jan 1856 (will and two codicils) widow of Kellaton; estate under £200, bequests to nephews Joseph & Robert TROUT, William LORAM, William & James HARLEY, nieces Sally LOGAN, Ann ELICE?, and Mary PEPPRELL of Torcross, grandniece Ann ISSELL of Dartmouth, grandnephew Thomas ISSELL of Dartmouth, and servant Mary HANIFORD John ROPER of Blackawton, formerly of Cornworthy, gentleman, nephew DHC
Ann MICHELMORE 03 Nov 1878 Brixham 21 Nov 1878 Exeter widow; estate under £100 Susan Avery MICHELMORE of Brixham, widow UKPC
Ann MICHELMORE 13 Nov 1881 Totnes 12 Dec 1881 Exeter (will and codicil) spinster; estate £2739 7s 10d Mary Ann BOWDEN (wife of Frederick BOWDEN), niece UKPC
Anna Maria MICHELMORE 14 Feb 1890 at 2 Norland Villas, East Dulwich Road, Surrey 3 Mar 1890 Principal Registry wife of John MICHELMORE; estate £437 0s 0d the said John MICHELMORE of 2 Norland Villas, retired draper UKPC
Anne Jane MICHELMORE 9 Nov 1932 6 Jan 1933 Liverpool widow of St Helens, Torre Square, Torquay; estate £2311 9s 1d William Henry MORTIMORE, gentleman, and John Richard WATKINS, solicitor UKPC
Ann Mary Michelmore LILLICRAP 11/10/1935 11 Nov 1935 London widow of Netherton, Molesworth Road, Stoke, Devonport; estate £318 5s 5d Annie Dorothy Geraldine LILLICRAP, spinster UKPC
Annie MICHELMORE 29 Jan 1935 at the War Memorial Hospital, Bognor Regis 24 May 1935 London spinster of Nolebury, Stocker Road, Bognor Regis; estate £3244 14s 3d Henry James FRANKLIN, stockbroker UKPC
Annie MITCHELMORE 7 Aug 1935 at Mendora, Church Road, Wembury Bay, Plymouth 28 Aug 1935 Exeter widow of 1 Western Road, Newton Abbot; estate £460 0s 0d James Henry MITCHELMORE, railway employee, and Elsie May HUTCHINS (wife of William Harold HUTCHINS) UKPC
Arthur Mitchelmore SPEAR 3 Dec 1922 Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal QC 20 Sep 1923 London of Lachine QC; estate £851 6s 5d John Asbridge AKITT clerk of Royal trust Company UKPC
Augustus John MITCHELMORE 10 Mar 1929 at The Charleton Nursing Home, Mutley, Plymouth 20 Apr 1929 London of 8 Beauchamp Crescent, Peverell, Plymouth; estate £534 14s 1d Rosalie Emmeline MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Betsey MICHELMORE 16 Jun 1863 Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy 8 Aug 1863 Exeter (will with codicil) widow; estate under £6000 Henry MICHELMORE of Newton Abbot, nephew, and Thomas Hunt EDMONDS of Totnes, gentlemen UKPC
Betsey MICHELMORE 22 Oct 1869 Staverton 14 Dec 1869 Exeter widow; estate under £450 Charles SKINNER of Lee, Broadhempstone, gentleman, brother UKPC
Betty Furneaux MICHELMORE on or about 22 Aug 1860 at 14 Lockyer Street, Plymouth 31 Aug 1860 Exeter widow; estate under £1000 William BENNETT of Princes Square, Plymouth, gentleman UKPC
C MITCHELMORE   1947 of 20 Ebrington Street, Kingsbridge; estate £519 Mrs A MITCHELMORE of 2 Embankment Road, Kingsbridge Western Morning News 2 May 1947
Caroline MICHELMORE   21 Feb 1848 London widow of Bedford Place, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight; leaves £100 to Rebecca WARDER, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, balance to children Walter and Mildred on trust until their majority; also mentions mother Esther BROWNE, brothers George Edward and James Augustus BROWNE and Mildred, wife of Edward MICHELMORE [will made 7 Jul 1847] Edward MICHELMORE of 9 Drake Street, Red Lion Square, London, cordwainer; George Edward BROWNE of 37 Hanover Street, Portsea, grocer UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Caroline Sophia MITCHELMORE 17 Mar 1932 26 Apr 1932 London wife of William MITCHELMORE of 34 Climsland Road, Paignton; estate £449 19s 8d the said William MITCHELMORE, gardener UKPC
Catherine MICHELMORE 26 Jan 1878 Newton Abbot 13 Feb 1878 Exeter widow; estate under £2000 Henrietta LOVEGROVE (wife of Charles LOVEGROVE) of Downe, Kent, niece UKPC
Charles BUNT Sep 1810 25 Jan 1813 Cornwall leaves £50 to each of the 3 children of his sister Eliz by her first husband, Jn MUCHMORE, and to the widow of her deceased son Oliver MUCHMORE; also names Robert BATTEN as her present husband   CRO
Charles MICHELMORE 1840 1858 Newfoundland gentleman of Totnes, Devon, England: appointed executor and trustee by Henry STUDDY of Watton Court, Stoke Gabriel   original
Charles MICHELMORE   8 Oct 1847 Canterbury attorney at law of Totnes: leaves £100 and his household goods to his wife Betsy; £50 to daughter Caroline; £500 to son Henry; £19 19s to attendant Jane WOODS; all his property in Ashburton to son Jeffery John; his legal business to his son Charles; and a £9000 trust fund for his daughters Ellen, Caroline, Elizabeth and Harriet; and the residue to his three sons [will made 21 Jul 1847] Betsy MICHELMORE, wife; Thomas MICHELMORE, brother; Thomas MICHELMORE the younger, cousin; Philip MICHELMORE, nephew UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Charles MITCHELMORE 1 Apr 1886 at 18 Buckingham Terrace 20 May 1886 Principal Registry carpenter and joiner, formerly of 7 David Street, Baker Street, Middlesex; estate £353 5s 9d Charles WATTS of 43 Crescent Mews, West Portland Place, Middlesex, builder UKPC
Charles Frederick MITCHELMORE 28 Apr 1918 26 Aug 1918 Exeter of Newcomin Road, Dartmouth; leaves his entire estate of £448 10s 0d to his wife Caroline Louisa [will made 6 Apr 1910] Caroline Louisa MITCHELMORE, widow original
Charles Stuart MICHELMORE 28 Sep 1928 10 Nov 1928 of Bank House, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire; estate £1,504 6s 4d Lucy MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Charles MITCHELMORE 14 Jan 1930 1 Apr 1930 London of The Tradesmans Arms, Stokenham; estate £522 10s 5d Beatrice Ethel MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Charlotte MICHELMORE 23 Jul 1855 1 Oct 1855 of Berry Pomeroy; estate under £1000, divided equally among sisters Elizabeth and Anne Elizabeth and Anne MICHELMORE of Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy original
Charlotte Michelmore MAYE 6 Dec 1894 24 Jan 1895 Exeter spinster of Vauxhall, Dodbrooke; estate £1801 212s 6d Mary Anne LONEY, widow UKPC
Charlotte MITCHELMORE 5 Feb 1897 9 Mar 1897 London widow of 58 Asylum Road, Peckham; estate £14,684 3s 9d Henry SANDFORD and Frederick KILVINGTON, gentlemen UKPC
Charlotte Elizabeth Michelmore HUGGINS 16/11/1900 23 Oct 1909 Exeter of 66 Old Tiverton Road, Exeter; estate £50 William HUGGINS, gentleman UKPC
Charlotte Michelmore MAYE 25/02/1919 2 Aug 1919 London spinster of Charleton, estate £258 9s 11d Alice Stickland MAYE and Henrietta Lucy MAYE UKPC
Charlotte Lydia MITCHELMORE 17 Nov 1932 25 Nov 1932 London widow of Seale Lodge Cottages, Seale, Surrey; estate £63 10s 8d Charlotte Maria MITCHELL (wife of Henry Thomas MITCHELL) UKPC
Clara Martin MITCHELMORE 19 Mar 1925 23 Sep 1925 London wife of Roger MITCHELMORE of 26 Ebrington Street, Kingsbridge; estate £32 15s 8d the said Roger MITCHELMORE, county clerk UKPC
Dorothy MITCHELMORE 20 Oct 1836 1 Nov 1836 widow of Dodbrooke, formerly of Coombe, East Allington; estate under £200, left to Mary HYNE Mary Bastard HYNE of West Heartly, Blackawton (wife of John HYNE of Jersey, gentleman) original
Edith Isabel MICHELMORE 22 Apr 1917 10 Jul 1917 Exeter wife of George MICHELMORE; estate £5,819 15s 10d the said George MICHELMORE UKPC
Edith Marion MICHELMORE 23 Dec 1922 6 Feb 1923 Chichester of Linden Cottage, Wood Street, Bognor, Sussex; estate £55 13s 3d Herbert William FINN, gentleman UKPC
Edmund MICHELLMORE   1605 of East Allington Edmund FHL
Edward MOCHELMORE   1533 of Allington   Hillman
Edward MICHELMORE   7 Feb 1850 Canterbury cordwainer of 9 Drake Street, Red Lion Square, St George the Martyr: leaves his business to son George Henry MICHELMORE; bequests to wife Mildred and sons George Henry and Edward Horatio, nephew Walter and niece Mildred, also children of the late James Gate BUTCHER of 13 Eagle Street, St George Hanover Square [will made 5 Jan 1850] sons George Henry MICHELMORE of 9 Drake Street, Red Lion Square and Edward Horatio MICHELMORE of 69 Theobalds Road, Red Lion Square UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Edward MITCHELMORE 19 Aug 1897 1 Jan 1898 carpenter of Slapton; estate £324 2s 11d Harry JAMES, solicitors clerk UKPC
Eleanor MITCHELMORE 2 Mar 1876 Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy 12 Apr 1876 Exeter estate under £3,000 Philip MICHELMORE of 2 St Germans Villas, Exeter, son, and Edward EDMONDS of Paignton, gentleman UKPC
Elias MITCHELMORE 3 Mar 1935 29 Apr 1935 London of Murley Lodge, Bishopsteignton; estate £1273 4s 11d Edgar MITCHELMORE, poultry farmer UKPC
Eliza MITCHELMORE 24 Mar 1902 7 May 1902 widow of 2 Carlton Terrace, Dartmouth; estate £816 18s 6d Thomas VEALE, retired clothier UKPC
Elizabeth MUCHMORE 14 Oct 1768   widow of St Martin by Looe John & Henry MUCHMORE, her sons CRO
Elizabeth MICHELMORE 21 Dec 1850 13 Mar 1857 of Buckfastleigh; estate under £100. leaves £50 to son John , all property and residue equally between daughters Margaret CREBER, Joan WAYCOTT and Ann TOLCHER (widow) Margaret CREBER (wife of James CREBER, wheelwright) and Joan WAYCOTT (wife of Thomas WAYCOTT, yeoman) original
Elizabeth Mitchelmore SPEAR 20 Jan 1889 23Mar1889 Bodmin spinster of Cocks Park, Calstock; estate £19 3s 4d Richard Mitchelmore SPEAR the brother UKPC
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 26 Dec 1899 Dartmouth 26 Jan 1900 Exeter estate £369 14s 0d, leaves her house and shop at Hanover Square to her daughter Emily Florence and the residue to be shared among her children [will made 25 Apr 1899] Charles Frederick MITCHELMORE, painter, son, and Emily Florence MITCHELMORE, daughter original
Elizabeth Matilda MICHELMORE 28 Jul 1904 19 Aug 1904 London widow of 36 Offord Road, Barnsbury; estate £793 18s 8d Edward Horatio MICHELMORE porter, George MICHELMORE, and George James FULLER, solicitors clerk UKPC
Elizabeth Mitchelmore HURRELL 22/05/1912 25 Jun 1912 London of 1 Maida Vale Terrace, Mutly, Plymouth; estate £293 13s John Partridge HURRELL, shipwright, Laura CLARKE (wife ofWilliam CLARKE) UKPC
Elizabeth Mary Justina MICHELMORE 30 Oct 1919 Exeter of "Devonia", Newton Abbot ; estate £220 14s 6d Harold Gaye MICHELMORE, solicitor UKPC
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE 26 Oct 1936 at St Fagans, Ringwood Road 10 Dec 1936 London widow of Jesmond Dene, Ringwood Road, Verwood, Dorset; estate £9936 17s 9d Ivor Gilbert WILLIAMS, retired telegraph clerk UKPC
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE 19 Oct 1937 17 Mar 1938 Llandaff widow of 42 Richard Street, Cathays, Cardiff; estate £2044 16s 10d Henry Alfred MITCHELMORE, general builder UKPC
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE 2 Apr 1939 1 May 1939 London spinster of 23 Beer Street, Barnstaple; estate £485 0s 8d William Thomas FRY, decorator, and Annie Eliza FRY (wife of said W T FRY) UKPC
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE 26 Mar 1939 29 Apr 1939 Bodmin widow of 14 Hawthorne Grove, Plymouth; estate £422 15s 8d Laura Annie CHAPMAN (wife of William George CHAPMAN) UKPC
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE 7 Nov 1942 4 Feb 1943 Llandudno widow of 30 Oyster Bend, Three Beaches, Paignton; estate £4537 14s 3d Lionel George MITCHELMORE, company manager, David Oswald MITCHELMORE, major HM Army, and Herbert Oswald WRIGHT, retired company official UKPC
Elizabeth Michelmore WHITEHEAD 12/10/1914 4 Dec 1914 London spinster of 50a Forest Hill Road, East Dulwich Rosa LIDGERY, widow UKPC
Ellen MICHELMORE 10 April 1892 20 Jul 1892 London spinster of St Maur, St Andrews Road, Southsea; estate £30 11s 0d Caroline Lucy SHAIRP UKPC
Ellen MITCHELMORE 17 Jul 1935 1 Oct 1935 London widow of Mot Beria, 13 Rosebery Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth; estate £3646 14s 7d [later amended to L1488 15s 10d] Oscar Henesworth WHITTINGHAM, solicitor UKPC
Emily Durnford MICHELMORE 18 Aug 1901 24 Sep 1901 Exeter widow of Bridgetown, Totnes; estate £2,244 19s 9d Alfred and Herbert MICHELMORE, estate agents UKPC
Emily Florence MITCHELMORE 27 Apr 1901 11 May 1901 London spinster of Dartmouth; estate £160 7s 2d Augustus John MICHELMORE, carpenter in the Royal Navy UKPC
Emily Avice Mary MICHELMORE 25 Oct 1937 22 Dec 1937 London widow of 56 Fairlands Avenue, Thornton Heath, Surrey; estate £821 2s 9d [later amended to L824 18s 7d] Percy Bently PATTENDEN, commercial traveller UKPC
Emma Jane KELLOND née MITCHELMORE 29 Oct 1940 10Feb1941 Exeter died at Underwood House, Plympton St Mary; widow of 1 Marion Cottages, Stokenham, estate ₤120 10s 1d Lottie Louise COOKE, widow, and Francis Arthur HODGES, licensed reader? UKPC
Earnest A MITCHELMORE   1921 Newfoundland William NEWMAN, vicar of Hockworthy, Devon, bequeathed his house "situate in Lower Street Dartmouth at present occupied by Earnest A Mitchelmore" to his son Wyndham   original
Fanny Michelmore BROWNING 17/08/1916 30 Aug 1916 Exeter widow of 60 Hill Park Crescent, Plymouth Thomas Bovey Michelmore BROWNING, tailor UKPC
Florence Emily MITCHELMORE 9 Mar 1942 at 1 Castle Walk, Okehampton 25 Aug 1943 Llandudno spinster of 50 Rendle Street, Plymouth; estate £53 19s 7d Alfred Charles STIDWELL, fruit merchant, and Edna Irene JONES (wife of Sydney Ernest JONES) UKPC
Frank Mitchelmore Aldridge NELDER 11 Feb 1919 Southampton 4 Apr 1919 Liverpool lance-corporal, 227th Compnay Labour Corps of 155 Stanley Park Avenue, Liverpool; estate £314 2s 10d Gill JONES, commercial clerk UKPC
George MICHELMORE   1614 of Menheniot; also MUCHELMORE and MITCHILMORE; estate £26 8s 2d Peter SIRCHER? and William BENNETT [inventory compiled 29 Jun 1614 on file] CRO
George MICHELMORE Jan 1815 3 Sep 1816 of Buckfastleigh, yeoman; estate under £300, all to wife but bound to pay sums to sons George & John and daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Ann and Joan if she re-marry Elizabeth MICHELMORE, the widow DHC
George Michelmore CREBER 11 Oct 1887 30 Dec 1887 Principal Registry wheelwright of Buckfastleigh; estate £130 George Michelmore CREBER, wheelwright of Buckfastleigh UKPC
George Mitchelmore NELDER 30 Jul 1905 15 Sep 1905 London of Cade Street Farm, Heathfield, Sussex; estate £8619 13s 1d Harry Josiah Aldridge NELDER officer in the mercantile marine, Harry YEOMANS joiner, and Jane Maria NELDER widow UKPC
George Thurber MUCHMORE 31 Mar 1910 12 Mar 1921 of 76 Gower Street, Middlesex; estate £6 0s 0d John Weston Parsons PETERS, retired major, HM Army, and David William MEYLER, solicitor UKPC
George Henry MITCHELMORE 10 Feb 1919 25 Jun 1919 London of Water Head, Brixham; estate £6639 8s 2d George Henry MICHELMORE, coal merchant, and Robert PALFERY, auctionéer UKPC
George Henry MITCHELMORE 15 Jan 1926 at Trinity Nursing Home, Torquay 25 Mar 1926 of Fulton, Furze Platt, Maidenhead; estate £12,379 8s 0d Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
George MICHELMORE 6 Aug 1936 28 Sep 1936 Exeter of Blue Burn, Torquay; estate £20,552 10s 7d Kathleen MICHELMORE, widow, and Thomas Coote RICHARDSON, retired major, HM Army UKPC
George MITCHELMORE 10 Apr 1942 18 Jul 1942 Llandudno of 5 Knapp Park Road, Paignton; estate £355 0s 0d Louisa Ellen MITCHELMORE, widow, and Louisa Ellen ANDREWS (wife of Silas Henry ANDREWS) UKPC
Grace MITCHELMORE 1 Mar 1829 11 Jun 1829 of Lifton, widow of John MITCHELMORE, yeoman; estate under £1500, bequests to brothers Robert and Samuel FOX; Elizabeth MITCHELMORE, daughter of her deceased brother John FOX; and her goddaughters Grace, Hannah and Elizabeth MITCHELMORE Elizabeth Bennett GEDYE, widow of Devonport, sister DHC
Grace MICHELMORE 15 Dec 1931 17 Feb 1932 Exeter wife of Alfred MICHELMORE of The Cottage, Berry Pomeroy; estate £6,455 5s 4d Thomas Marriott BARLOW and Harold Gaye MICHELMORE, solicitors UKPC
Harold Gaye MICHELMORE     of Chudleigh, head of H G Michelmore & Co; estate ₤57,123   Financial Times 5 Dec 1957
Harriet MITCHELMORE 9 Jun 1916 2 Aug 1916 Winchester née REYNOLDS, widow, of 2 Herbert Villas, Station Avenue, Sandown, Isle of Wight; estate £1883 5s 8d Henry David FRANCIS, chemist, and William George MITCHELL, estate agent UKPC
Harry Morgan MICHELMORE 5 Jul 1905 12 Aug 1905 Canterbury retired bank clerk of “Kenwyn”, Codrington Road, Ramsgate; estate £728 0s 5d Elizabeth Margaret Leigh MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Henry MICHOLLMOORE   13 Aug 1643 Northill of Northill: inventory dated 5 Jul 1643 shows property valued at £8 8s 10d   CRO
Hen MUCHMORE   1776 of St Martin by Looe Agnes MUTCHEMORE, widow, and William MUTCHMORE, yeoman, both of St Martyns FHL
Henry MICHELMORE 9 Oct 1855 18 Oct 1855 gentleman of Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy; estate under £7000, bequests to Sarah BALL, wife of William Ball of Totnes, miller; Charles BUTLAND, Mrs Thomas DISTIN, ironmonger, Philip MICHELMORE the younger of Painsford, and Thomas Hunt EDMONDS of Totnes Charles BUTLAND of Totnes, chemist & druggist DHC
Henry MUCHMORE   1856 yeoman of St Martin by Looe   CRO
Henry MICHELMORE 1 Mar 1866 Newton Abbot 15 Mar 1866 Exeter (will with codicil) gentleman, formerly of Rocombe, Combe-in-Teignhead; estate under £450 Catherine MICHELMORE, widow the relict, Philip MICHELMORE of Tormoham, gentleman, son, and Philip Symons MICHELMORE of Newton Abbot, draper, nephew UKPC
Henry Michelmore CROCKWELL 29 Jul 1874 3 Vaughan Parade, Torquay 7 Sep 1874 Exeter upholsterer of Torquay Anges CROCKWELL, widow the relict UKPC
Henry MITCHELMORE 25 Apr 1875 at 58 Asylum Road, Kent Road, Surrey 21 May 1875 Principal Registry gentleman, formerly of the "Phoenix" tavern, Palace Street, Pimlico; estate under £6000 Charlotte MITCHELMORE of 58 Asylum Road, widow the relict UKPC
Henry MICHELMORE 3 Jan 1901 Paignton 15 Feb 1901 London of Dartmouth; estate £4315 19s 6d Mary Ann MICHELMORE, widow, and Herbert MICHELMORE, wine merchant UKPC
Henry MITCHELMORE 13 Dec 1941 14 Mar 1942 Winchester of 4 Queensland Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth; estate £1741 14s 7d Augusta MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Ida MITCHELMORE 12 Sep 1922 27 Oct 1922 Exeter wife of Alfred MITCHELMORE; estate £171 0s 0d the said Alfred MITCHELMORE, retired painter and decorator UKPC
Ithiel John Crocker MITCHELMORE 13 Jul 1941 25 Aug 1941 Llandudno of 73 Fifth Cross Road, Twickenham; estate £2351 15s 0d Annie Amelia MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
James Richard MITCHELMORE 17 Apr 1922 6 Jun 1922 London of 26 Taswell Road, Southsea; estate £1856 10s 3d James Thomas MITCHELMORE, engineer, Edwin Charles MITCHELMORE and Horace Edgar MITCHELMORE, merchants, and Leonard Frank MITCHELMORE, shop assistant UKPC
Jeffery MICHELMORE   23 Mar 1852 Canterbury [will & 4 codicils] gentleman of Ashburton: bequests to brother Henry MICHELMORE, cousins Ann MICHELMOREand Mary FITZE, all his brothers and sisters and their spouses, and various servants; house at Ashburton to grand nephew Jeffery John MICHELMORE; paintings of himself and brother Henry to Mrs MICHELMORE of Highfield, widow of his late nephew Charles; residue equally to his excutors and his other nephews and nieces [will made 25 Jul 1838, codicils 6 Feb 1845, 10 Jun 1850 (2), 21 Nov 1851] Thomas MICHELMORE of Sparkwill and Thomas MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Jeffery Michelmore MAYE 11 Dec 1880 14 Apr 1881 Exeter farmer of Coombe, Staverton; estate under £300 Anne MAYE, widow the relict, and Harriet Michelmore MAYE, spinster the daughter UKPC
Jeffery Michelmore BOWDEN 2 Feb 1898 Devon & Cornwall Hospital 31 May 1898 Exeter of Charford, South Brent, gentleman, estate £7615 18s 7d Charles Edward BOWDEN, farmer  
Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE 24 Dec 1917 at Highlands, Great Headland Road, Preston, Paignton 17 Mar 1918 London of 38 Bloomsbury Square, Middlesex, and 30 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park; estate £21,982 13s 9d Mary Eugenie MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Jeffery Edwards Morton MICHELMORE on or since 9 Apr 1918 in France or Belgium 26 Apr 1918 London lieutenant, 6th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment, of 30 Cleveland Square, Bayswater; estate £4677 18s 1d Mary Eugenie MICHELMORE, widow, and William Hugh ROSE, solicitor UKPC
John MICHELMORE   Jan 1528/1529 of Kingisbrigg   Hillman
John MICHELMORE   1538 of Devon   UKNA
John MICHELMORE   1558 of East Allington [will not found]   Hillman
John MICHELMORE   1568 of East Allington John
John MICHELMORE   14 Dec 1655 Canterbury of Harberton: leaves 20s to the poor of Harberton; 40s to sister Elizabeth EMETT, widow; L6 pa to Elizabeth daughter of John MICHELMORE, son of Elizabeth; 40s to Grace, daughter of William MICHELMORE, son of Elizabeth; half of all his goods to his wife Elizabeth; 40s to his cousin Allen EMETT; 20s each to friend Robert SYMONS and cousin William SEARLE as overseers; and the residue to his son John MICHELMORE [will made 23 Oct 1655] John MICHELMORE, the son UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
John MITCHELMORE   1675 of Combintinhead  
John MUCHMORE   7 Nov 1690 Canterbury mariner of Linkinhorne, Cornwall, late belonging to HMS Exeter now belonging to HMS Bredah: leaves his entire estate to Thomas MASCALL of Deptford, cook on HMS English Ruby [will made 4 Mar 1689/90] Thomas MASCALL of Deptford UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
John MICHELMORE   5 Dec 1752 Canterbury mariner of Buckfastleigh, now belonging to HMSS Princess Royal: leaves his entire estate to his parents John and Margaret MICHELMORE of Buckfastleigh [will made 5 Aug 1745] the said John and Margaret MICHELMORE UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
John MUCHMORE   24 May 1801 seaman, HMS Triton   UKNA: Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies
John MITCHELMORE   28 Sep 1815 shipwright of Tor Cross, now residing at Dartmouth; estate under £100, all to "my dear wife Mary" Mary MITCHELMORE, widow DHC
John MICHELMORE   6 Oct 1818 London of Underwood, Plympton St Mary: leaves L150 and his three tenements in Underwood to daughter Jane; L5 to each of Jane's children; his house in Underwood and the residue to daughter Ann; his clothes to Jane's husband Richard DORTAN; and a silk handkerchief to his sister Mary [will made 3 Feb1818] Ann Agness MICHELMORE, spinster, daughter UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
John MICHELMORE   1829 yeoman of Stoke Climsland   CRO
John MICHAELMORE 11 May 1834 24 Jun 1834 of Newton Abbot, shoemaker, bequests to Harriett, daughter of sister Mary CORAM; sister Elizabeth; John, son of brother William; residue to mother Margaret Margaret MICHELMORE, widow DHC
John MITCHELMORE 18 Mar 1835 16 Apr 1835 labourer of Stokenham: estate under £100, bequests (including Popes and Tuckers tenements in West Charleton) to brother-in-law Thomas JEFFERY and daughter Sarah EDWARDS Thomas JEFFERY of Stokenham, fisherman, and Sarah EDWARDS (wife of Richard EDWARDS of Stokenham, labourer) DHC
John MITCHELMORE 1 Oct 1871 Brixham 5 Dec 1871 Exeter ship owner; estate under £2000 Elizabeth Jane LANGDON, spinster of Brixham, and Elizabeth PEAKE of Harberton, widow, niece UKPC
John MITCHELMORE 15 Feb 1872 Dartmouth 19 Mar 1872 Exeter estate under £1000, various bequests to his children Nathaniel, Harriet, William Henry, Ann Elizabeth and Patience as well as his grandson John MITCHELMORE [will made 23 Dec 1871] Robert Lewis FOX of Dartmouth, accountant original
John MITCHELMORE 27 Mar 1873 at Balstone Lodge, East Budleigh 21 Apr 1873 Exeter domestic servant; estate under £100 James CLEMENTS of Chillington, Stokenham, carpenter, nephew UKPC
John Mitchelmore BUDGE 7 Feb 1876 7 Mar 1876 Bodmin of Little Kingston, Stokeclimsland; estate under £1000 Mary BUDGE, widow the relict UKPC
John MICHELMORE 12 Aug 1877 Heavitree 17 Sep 1877 Exeter (will with two codicils) yeoman; estate under £1000 Robert Coard TUCKER of Ashburton and George Michelmore CREBER of Buckfastleigh, wheelwright UKPC
John MUCHMORE 1 Nov 1893 8 Dec 1893 Bodmin gentleman of East Looe, Cornwall; estate £246 7s 8d Albert Charles Lyne GLUBB, solicitor, Edwin OLIVER, butcher, and Mary Jane CLOGG, spinster UKPC
John Marchant MICHELMORE 29 Dec 1899 6 Feb 1900 London of Broomfield, Sherford; estate £1658 13s 3d Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE, solicitor, and Robert Frank MICHELMORE, gentleman UKPC
John MICHELMORE 5 Feb 1899 7 Mar 1899 London gentleman of 26 Chatsworth Road, West Norwood; estate £2911 16s 0d William Henry MICHELMORE, gentleman UKPC
John MICHELMORE 5 Feb 1899 23 Dec 1899 London gentleman of 26 Chatsworth Road, West Norwood; estate £2911 16s 0d [former grant Mar 1899] John Symons MICHELMORE, gentleman UKPC
John Michelmore LOWCOCK 21/06/1903 19 Aug 1903 Exeter auctionéer’s clerk of 3 Devon Terrace, Totnes; estate £239 16s John LOWCOCK, retired farmer UKPC
John MITCHELMORE 20 Mar 1904 14 Apr 1904 of Coles Cross, East Allington; estate £1476 8s 4d son John Henry MITCHELMORE of Bowden, Stokefleming, mason, and John EARLE, farmer of Broomhill, Stokefleming Western Times 19 Apr 1904
John Crocker MITCHELMORE 27 May 1907 11 Feb 1908 Exeter outfitter and leather merchant of Modbury; estate £1831 3s 8d Virtue MITCHELMORE, widow, William Henry MITCHELMORE, plasterer, and Samuel George COVE, baker UKPC
John Henry MITCHELMORE 12 Nov 1910 19 Jan 1911 London of Bowden, Stoke Fleming; estate £179 14s 9d William MITCHELMORE, tailor, and Francis Cabel TEAGUE, esquire UKPC
John Henry MITCHELMORE 9 Dec 1919 at South Devon Hospital, Plymouth 30 Oct 1920 London of East Allington; estate £435 1s 9d Anne MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
John Michelmore PEEKE 26/01/1921 20 Aug 1921 Exeter farmer of Rockford, Harbertonford; estate £13,102 2s 11d John Michelmore PEEKE, Henry Whiteway PEEKE and William PEEK, farmers UKPC
John Mitchelmore HUXHAM 16/10/1923 8 Feb 1924 Exeter of The Lodge, Bradley Manor, Newton Abbot; estate £258 9s Jane Sophia Emily HUXHAM, widow UKPC
John MICHELMORE 19 Jun 1934 25 Aug 1934 London of 45 Bolton Street, Brixham; estate £943 0s 6d Honor Stockman MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
John Mitchelmore BLANK 28/06/1941 2 Sep 1941 Exeter of 2 Bradley Road, Newton Abbot; estate £992 4s 4d Emily Mitchelmore BLANK, sister UKPC
John MICHELMORE 8 Dec 1942 4 Feb 1943 Exeter of Market Street, Buckfastleigh; estate £234 12s 6d George MICHELMORE, carpenter UKPC
Leonarde MICHEMORE   14 Nov 1531 Canterbury yeoman of the Boiling House of Henry VIII [at Hampton Court Palace] : desires to be buried at St Margaret, Westminster; leaves 8d to his mother church at Rochester for unpaid tithes, bedding to his daughter Johane Leonarde, and the residue to his wife Agnes MICHELMORE [will made 21 Mar 1531] Agnes MICHELMORE, the wife, assisted by Edmond MYLLER UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Lilian Maud MITCHELMORE 26 Jun 1943 10 Sep 1943 Exeter wife of Ernest Vernon MITCHELMORE of Wickham House, Yelland Road, Fremington, Barnstaple; estate £1128 5s 10d the said Ernest Vernon MITCHELMORE, retired draper UKPC
Louisa Finch MICHELMORE 18 Aug 1926 24 Sep 1926 London wife of Edwin MICHELMORE of 4 Higher Terrace, Furzeham, Brixham; estate £95 10s 3d the said Edwin MICHELMORE, fisherman UKPC
Lucy MICHELMORE 23 Apr 1939 at 79 Eaton Rise, Ealing 26 May 1939 Winchester of Spelthorne St Mary, Thorpe nr Chertsey; estate £197-7s-6d Sydney Montague SIMS, bank official UKPC
Margaret TUCKER, otherwise MICHELMORE   10 Jul 1618 desires to be buried in Totnes yard; leaves her servants 6d each and the residue to her husband John TUCKER of Totnes; inventory contains "a lagasie of L300 given unto the said Margaret by the last will and testament of Richard MICHELMORE, her father, deceased, payable six years after his death" [will made 2 Apr 1618] John TUCKER Charles Worthy, Devonshire Wills (1896), p 273
Margaret MICHELMORE 24 Mar 1827 28 May 1827 & 17 Aug 1827 widow of Tormoham; estate under £450, bequests to sons William of Cockington, Henry and Philip, daughters Margaret SYMONS and Sybilla HEARDER (wife of Henry), grandchildren Philip and Sybilla HEARDER Henry MICHELMORE of Combeinteignhead, gentleman DHC
Maria MICHELMORE 15 Jul 1839 28 Oct 1839 spinster, formerly of Mamhead; estate under £1500, divided equally between sisters Susan and Rebecca Susan and Rebecca MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy, spinsters DHC
Mary MITCHELMORE   1691 Exeter of Combeintinhead  
Mary Michelmore BOVEY 15 Oct 1873 25 Mar 1874 Exeter of Buckfastleigh; estate under £100 Elizabeth BOVEY, sister UKPC
Mary Michelmore LEE 8 Jun 1893 22 Jun 1893 Exeter of Buckfastleigh, Paignton; estate £94 19s 8d Robert CHAFF, retired draper & grocer UKPC
Mary Eugenie MICHELMORE 14 Feb 1926 26 Jun 1926 London widow of 30 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park; estate £50,425 8s 8d [later amended to L44,944 4s 2d] Margaret Eugenie MICHELMORE UKPC
Mary Michelmore BARTON 5/12/1928 24 Jan 1929 London of 29 Park Hill Road, Croydon; died at 63 Leigham Court Road, Streatham; estate £1893 17s 6d Bertram Henry BARTON, physician UKPC
Mary Elizabeth MITCHELMORE 4 Jan 1929 24 Jan 1929 Exeter spinster of 2 Moorashes, Totnes; estate £43 12s 2d Charles Henry WIDGER, law clerk UKPC
Mary Michelmore BROWNING 19/03/1931 20 Jun 1931 London of Woodbine Cottage, Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh; estate ₤262 0s 2d William Ambrose BROWNING, retired manufacturer UKPC
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE 25 Nov 1933 28 Feb 1934 London spinster of 7 Bristol Gardens, Maida Vale; estate £1,800 4s 10d Ernest Vernon MITCHELMORE, retired drapery merchant, and Vernon Boyne MITCHELMORE, chartered accountant UKPC
Miriam Michelmore QUARM 9/09/1903 22 Apr 1904 Exeter widow of South Place, Kingsbridge; estate £16525 12s 10d Robert Adams QUARM painter and Sarah Mitchelmore QUARM spinster UKPC
Nathaniel MITCHELMORE 3 Apr 1897 at Lower Street, Dartmouth 21 Jul 1897 painter; estate £334 0s 0d, makes bequests to his sons Augustus John, William Arthur, Alfred Ernest and his wife Elizabeth, leaving the residue to his wife [will made 9 Mar 1897] Elizabeth MICHELMORE, widow original
Nicholas MUCHMORE   29 Apr 1659 mariner of Lymehouse, Stepney, Middlesex: leaves his entire estate to friend Anne HARKER of Stepney [will made 1 Jul 1657] Anne HARKER of Stepney UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Peter MICHELMORE 1653   of Buckfastleigh   UKNA
Philip MICHELMORE   5 Mar 1701/02 Liskeard single woman of Liskeard: leaves 10s to Johan DOBSON of Tavistock and her three children; and the residue, including property in Liskeard, to her brother-in-law John COLE; inventory dated 23Feb1701 shows property valued at £4 10d 3d [will made 12 Feb 1701/02] John COLE original
Philip MICHELMORE 29 Jun 1822 3 Dec 1822 of Painsford; estate under £1500, leaves Painsford House to son Philip, property and money to sons Thomas, Robert and Henry and grandson Thomas (son of Philip) Philip MICHELMORE of Painsford DHC
Philip MICHELMORE 18 Dec 1842 6 Jun 1843 Totnes 24 Dec 1844 Canterbury gentleman of Paignton: leaves Painsford, all his property in Harberton and his Hoxtworthy estate to son Philip; L5000 to son Charles; Sparkwill, all his other property in Staverton and the residue of his estate to his son Thomas; house and contents, L50 and a L4500 trust fund to daughter Harriett; L2500 to grandson Philip and L2000 to granddaughters (children of Jeffery); estate under £14,000 [will made 27 Nov 1842] Thomas MICHELMORE of Staverton UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Philip MICHELMORE 4 Oct 1856 28 Oct 1856 gentleman of Ashprington; estate under £1500, property left to son Philip, bequests to wife Eleanor, daughter Alice (wife of Richard Cranch PAIGE), Eleanor Mudge (wife of Thomas Hunt EDMONDS) Philip MICHELMORE of Ashprington, gentleman DHC
Philip MICHELMORE 31 Mar 1859 Dinnacombe, Cornworthy 27 Apr 1859 Exeter (will with a codicil) yeoman; estate under £1000 Henry MICHELMORE of Newton Abbot, gentleman, brother, and Philip Symons MICHELMORE of Newton Abbot, draper, son UKPC
Philip Symons MICHELMORE 23 Dec 1871 Newton Abbot 16 Jan 1872 probate (will with three codicils) draper; estate under £45,000 [Aug 1873 amended to L40,000] Philip MICHELMORE of Torquay and Robert ALSOP of Teignmouth, gentlemen UKPC
Philip MICHELMORE 25 Jul 1879 Chudleigh 26 Aug 1879 Exeter gentleman of Heatherdon, Torquay, formerly of 1 Culver Villas, Newton Abbot; estate under £2000 [Mar 1880 amended to L3000] George FITZE of Totnes and Henry MICHELMORE of Exeter, gentlemen UKPC
Philip Damerel MICHELMORE 30 Mar 1882 Newton Abbot 24 May 1882 Exeter draper; estate £12,478 2s 3d William Burgh HELLARD of Taunton, Somerset, wine merchant, and Richard ALSOP of Teignmouth, gentleman UKPC
Philip William MICHELMORE 14 Nov 1885 Totnes 15 Dec 1885 Exeter chemist and druggist; estate £1141 2s 9d Susan Ann MICHELMORE of Totnes, widow the relict UKPC
Philip MITCHELMORE 18 Nov 1887 Scoble, Kingsbridge 13 Mar 1888 Principal Registry estate £1,297 16s 7d Thomas MICHELMORE of Beeston, Broadhempston, and Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE of 4 Bloomsbury Square, Middlesex, gentlemen UKPC
Philip MICHELMORE 7 Dec 1891 22 Jul 1892 Exeter gentleman of Torquay; estate £6,265 8s 4d Annie Jane MICHELMORE otherwise WATKINS, spinster, Philip Michelmore CROCKWELL, gentleman, and George CROCKWELL, auctionéer UKPC
Philip MICHELMORE 31 Mar 1900 3 May 1902 London of Willesden, Paignton; estate £19,778 7s 0d Philip MICHELMORE, solicitor UKPC
Philip MICHELMORE 12 Jun 1902 29 Aug 1902 London of "Painsford", Walm Lane, Cricklewood, and of 45 Bloomsbury Square, Middlesex; estate £24,183 13s 11d Thomas EDMONDS, solicitor, and Percy Howard ASHWORTH, chartered accountant UKPC
Philip MICHELMORE 10 Mar 1939 11 May 1939 London of Cedarcot, Ropley, Hampshire; estate £119 13s 7d Elizabeth Jane MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
R E MITCHELMORE, Mrs     of 8 Beauchamp Crescent, Peverell, Plymouth; estate £994 Bessie R MITCHELMORE, daughter Western Morning News 2 Oct 1946
Rebecca MICHELMORE 17 Jan 1886 at 137 Hemmingford Road, Barnsbury 1 Apr 1886 Principal Registry estate £4,994 16s 8d William MICHELMORE of 13 Walker Terrace, West Hoe, Plymouth, gentleman, brother UKPC
Rebecca MITCHELMORE 12 Dec 1897 15 Feb 1898 Exeter spinster of 1 Grosvenor Terrace, Barnstaple; estate £2531 4s 6d Henry MICHELMORE, gentleman UKPC
Richard MUCHILMORE   23 Oct 1620 of Liskeard: bequests to the poor of Liskeard and North Hill, his siblings Henry, Philip, William and Joan, his brother-in-law John KELLEN, and his nephew Richard, son of Henry, with the residue to his wife; estate valued at ₤2088 15s [will made 23 Oct 1620] wife Jeasse MUCHILMORE
Richard Hancock MITCHELMORE 14 May 1872 7 Jun 1872 Bodmin late of Newton in the parish of Calstock Cornwall, yeoman; estate under £200 James SPEAR of Latchley, Calstock, yeoman, and John Mitchelmore BUDGE of Stoke Climsland, Cornwall, yeoman, nephew UKPC
Richard Carlile MICHELMORE 9 Feb 1891 at 137 Hemmingford Road, Barnsbury 11 Apr 1891 Principal Registry gentleman; estate £6,937 16s 5d [Jun 1981 amended to L5981 7s 2d, May 1892 to L7,121 19s 8d ] William MICHELMORE of 13 Walker Terrace, West Hoe, Plymouth, gentleman, brother UKPC
Richard James MICHELMORE 5 Mar 1941 27 Jun 1941 Exeter of The Village, Holne; estate £279 0s 3d William Frederick Hector TOWNSEND, labourer UKPC
Robert MICHELMORE on or about 2 Feb 1861 Fishacre, Broadhempston 19 Mar 1861 Exeter (will with two codicils) gentleman; estate under £5,000 John MAYE of Mount Ewell, Totnes, Robert MAYE of Barkington, Staverton, and Thomas BOWDEN of North Huish, gentlemen UKPC
Robert MICHELMORE 17 May 1867 at Balmoral Cottage, South Brent 21 Jun 1867 Exeter gentleman; estate under £1,500 Jeffery MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy, gentleman UKPC
Robert MICHELMORE 26 Oct 1886 Torquay 27 Jun 1886 Exeter formerly of Broadhempston; estate £822 11s 3d Philip MICHELMORE of Scoble, gentleman UKPC
Robert Michelmore BOVEY 1/03/1905 27 May 1905 Exeter of Downe, Broadhempston; estate £1850 8s William Butland MANN, gentleman, farmer UKPC
Robert Michelmore TOZER 9/06/1920 18 Apr 1921 London of Quarry Farm, Ivybridge; estate £922 18s Helen Dean TOZER, widow UKPC
Roger MITCHELMORE 24 Jan 1939 10 Jun 1939 London of 20 Ebrington Street, Kingsbridge; estate £683 4s 1d Agnes MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Sarah Adelaide MICHELMORE 10 Jul 1920 4 Sep 1920 widow of 15 Ferry Road, Teddington; estate £908 13s 2d Eleanor Jane MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Sarah Mitchelmore QUARM 3/03/1924 8 Apr 1924 London of 1 South View, Kingsbridge; estate £4089 2s 1d Charles Edward JOLIFFE retired Wesleyan minister and Robert McAll STEWART gentleman UKPC
Sidney Michelmore STEVENS 7/06/1938 26 May 1939 Exeter of Royal West Counties Institution, Starcross; estate ₤218 15s John STEVENS, accountant UKPC
Sophia MICHELMORE 30 Aug 1890 Heavitree 11 Oct 1890 Exeter formerly of Brixham; estate £4,486 9s 2d Maria Georgina LLOYD (wife of Horace Charles LLOYD) of Exeter, niece UKPC
Susan MICHELMORE   11 Apr 1854 London spinster of Bridgetown; leaves her entire estate to her sister Rebecca [will made 5 Feb 1840] Rebecca MICHELMORE, sister UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Susan MICHELMORE 6 Mar 1891 Stokeinteignhead 25 Mar 1891 Exeter spinster; estate £211 18s 5d Richard MICHELMORE of Stokeinteignhead, gardener, brother UKPC
Susan Anne MICHELMORE 3 Jan 1931 19 Jan 1931 Exeter widow of 16 Victoria Road, Exmouth; estate £461 11s 6d Philip William McCREA, MD UKPC
Susan MITCHELMORE 19 Mar 1937 14 Sep 1937 London spinster of 17 Chesilton Road, Fulham, estage L560 13s 2d William Henry DAVEY, decorator UKPC
Susan MITCHELMORE 4 Aug 1937 at Greenbank, Plymouth 8 Oct 1937 Bodmin widow of 12 Channel View Terrace, Plymouth; estate £165 5s 11d Emma Lilian ASH (wife of percival Ernest ASH) and Geraldine Ethel MILLER (wife of Hedley Vicars MILLER) UKPC
Thomas MICHELMORE   1532 of Kingsbridge   Hillman
Thomas MUCHILMORE   1620 of Liskeard; children Richard, Henry, Philip, William, Joan  
Thomas MUCHMORE   26 Nov 1762 of St Martin by Looe; left one shilling each to his sons John and Henry and daughter Elizabeth KEAST, residue to wife and son James; witnesses Henry LORD and John BRAY [will made 24 Oct 1762] Eliza MUCHMORE, wife, and James MUCHMORE, son FHL
Thomas MUCKAMORE   24 Nov 1830 furnishing ironmonger of 7 Steverton Row, Newington: leaves all his estate to his wife Ann [will made 29 Jul 1824, codicil 5 Aug 1830] Ann MUCKAMORE, the relict; James COY of 302 Kent Street UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Thomas MICHELMORE   28 Mar 1835 Canterbury gentleman of Mamhead: leaves L100, an annuity of L120, all his household goods and his house in Chudleigh to his wife Elizabeth; L150 plus L1150 in trust to each of his unmarried daughters Maria, Susan and Rebecca; L600 in trust to each of his married daughters Mary, Betsy and Ann; all his properties in Staverton and Buckfastleigh to his son Thomas; and the residue to his wife, his brother Philip MICHELMORE and his nephew Charles MICHELMORE [will made 17May1833] Elizabeth MICHELMORE the relict, Philip MICHELMORE the brother, Charles MICHELMORE the nephew UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Thomas MICHELMORE 21 Nov 1840 27 Mar 1841 yeoman of Huntingdon Warren, Sidford; estate under £450, bequests to wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas, Philip, John and William, and daughter Elizabeth John & William MICHELMORE of Sidford DHC
Thomas MICHELMORE 21 Apr 1853 11 Jul 1853 of Plympton Earle; estate under ₤100, leaves everything (including property near a quarry belonging to the Earl of Morley) to his wife Philippa, with his nephew Thomas DAILY and niece Philippa HEMMINGS to receive the residue of his estate after his wife’s death Philippa MICHELMORE, the widow DHC
Thomas MICHELMORE 16 Jan 1862 at Sparkwill, Staverton 22 Mar 1862 Exeter gentleman; estate under £7000 Philip MICHELMORE of Beeston, Broadhempston, nephew, and Jeffery MICHELMORE [0739] of True Street, Berry Pomeroy, gentleman UKPC
Thomas MICHELMORE 14 May 1866 at Berry House near Totnes 16 Jun 1866 Exeter gentleman; estate under £5000 Agnes MICHELMORE of Berry Pomeroy, widow the relict UKPC
Thomas Bovey MITCHELMORE 6 Jan 1867 at Hookney Farm, North Bovey 10 Apr 1867 Exeter farmer; estate under £300 Mary Bovey MITCHELMORE of Hookney Farm, widow the relict, and John Bovey MITCHELMORE of Hookney Farm, son UKPC
Thomas MITCHELMORE 25 Oct 1910 Torbay Hospital, Torquay 20 Jan 1911 Exeter railway porter of Woodlands Cottage, Lawes Bridge, St Mary Church, Torquay; estate £373 6s 4d William ADDEMS and Thomas Williams HARRIS, butchers UKPC
Thomas MITCHELMORE 7 Oct 1917 4 Jan 1918 London of Beaston, Broadhempston; estate £5888 13s 11d Robert Frank MITCHELMORE and Robert Francis RENDELL, gentlemen UKPC
Thomasine Michelmore BOWDEN 22 Jan 1887 1 Mar 1887 Exeter of 1 Minnemead Cottage, South Brent, formerly of Weir Down; estate £2336 7s 1d William MAYE of Bickaton, Broadhempston UKPC
Walter MICHELMORE   1570 of East Allington   Hillman
Walter MUCHMORE 11 Jun 1869 Liskeard, Cornwall 5 Aug 1869 Bodmin farmer; estate under £300 Margaret HANCOCK, innkeeper of Liskeard, sister UKPC
Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK 12/07/1923 5 Sep 1923 London of The Boulevard, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset; estate £6131 19s 4d the Public Trustee UKPC
Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK 2 Mar 1940 Knowle, Fareham, Hants 16Jul1940 Winchester retired electrical engineerof Suva, 44 Water Lane, Totten, Hants; estate £1010 10s 3d Lloyds Bank UKPC
William MICHELMORE   1536 of Kingsbridge   Hillman
William MICHELMORE   1660/61 of Liskeard, Cornwall  
Wm MICHELMORE   23 Jul 1784 Canterbury mariner now belonging to His Majestys Ship Apollo: leaves all his worldly goods to his wife Susannah MICHELMORE of Buckfastleigh [will made 17 Jan 1779] the said Susannah MICHELMORE UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
William MUCKAMORE   30 Jul 1824 yeoman of Westerham, Kent: leaves L30 to brother Thomas MUCKAMORE, L20 to nephew Thomas MUCKAMORE of St George Southwark, L20 to nephew George PEERLESS, L20 to William JENNINGS of Deptford, L5 to each of his servants John & Sarah SHERRY and the residue, including three properties in Westerham, to his nephew William MUCKAMORE [will made 2 Oct 1817] William MUCKAMORE, nephew [died before will proved]; Mary MARSHALL of Laytonstone, Essex [died without completing administration]; Susanna CARTER UKNA: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
William MICHELMORE 3 Sep 1846 23 Apr 1847 (will with codicil) cordwainer of Ashburton; estate under £450, leaves everything (including property in Buckfastleigh, Ilsington & Knighton) to wife Rebecca and after her death to his son William, also bequests to children Bartholomew, Richard, Thomas, Rebecca, Susanna and Fanny William MICHELMORE of Ashburton, cordwainer DHC
William MICHELMORE 15 Aug 1868 Totnes 13 Mar 1869 Exeter carpenter; estate under £800 Edward MICHELMORE of Chalk Farm Road, Middlesex, and Henry MICHELMORE of Totnes, carpenter, sons UKPC
William Henry MITCHELMORE 10 Mar 1881 Dartmouth 14 Apr 1881 Exeter butcher; estate under £9000, leaves his butcher business & premises to his son William Henry and other property (including his interest in three vessels) to his children Caroline, Eliza, Kate, Edith, Charles and Frederick, the residue to provide income for his wife as long as she remains a widow; codicil provides for further income for his widow and bequests to his siblings Hannah, Ann Elizabeth, Patience and Nathaniel [will made 7 Mar 1881, codicil 9 Mar 1881] James FAIRWEATHER of Boohay Farm near Dartmouth, yeoman, and Thomas VEALE the younger of Dartmouth, outfitter original
William MITCHELMORE 24 Oct 1883 at 4 Charles Street, Glamorgan 18 Dec 1883 Llandaff builder aka William Quirk MITCHELMORE; estate £10,180 10s 4d Melora MITCHELMORE of 4 Charles Street, widow the relict UKPC
William MICHELMORE 11 Oct 1891 at 13 Walker Terrace, Plymouth 11 Nov 1891 Principal Registry (will with codicil) gentleman; estate £11,459 9s 5d John NOSWORTHY of 16 Clarence Place, East Stonehouse, gentleman, and William BROWNING of 39 Old Town Street, Plymouth, tailor UKPC
William Henry Mitchelmore BREWER 29/09/1913 20 Dec 1913 Exeter of 84 Burton Street, Brixham Edith Emily BREWER UKPC
William Henry MITCHELMORE 1 Nov 1918 17 Dec 1918 London of 313 Christchurch Road, Pokesdown, Bournemouth; estate £785 0s 0d Sarah Jane Dullam MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
William George Hobbs MICHELMORE 1 Nov 1920 Chillinford, Surrey 17 Nov 1920 London of Poundgate, Widdecombe-in-the-Moor; estate £927 19s 3d Winifred MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
William Henry MICHELMORE 16 Jan 1929 London of Poundsgate, Widdicombe-in-the-Moor; estate £428 10s 0d John Richard MICHELMORE, chauffeur, and Hector Lawrence MICHELMORE, gardener UKPC
William Henry MITCHELMORE 15 Apr 1933 at St Georges Hospital, Westminster 5 May 1933 London of 20 Turneville Road, West Kensington; estate £1353 0s 0d Thomas Henry MARSHALL, labourer UKPC
William Henry MITCHELMORE 6 Feb 1936 27 Apr 1936 London of 65 Heybridge Avenue, Streatham; estate £15,999 5s 3d [later amended to L15,885 13s 0d] Leonard Charles MICHELMORE, municipal assistant, and Percy Bentley PATTENDEN, commercial traveller UKPC
William MITCHELMORE 14 Dec 1936 16 Jan 1937 London of 63 Campara Road, Fulham; estate £1332 9s 2d William MITCHELMORE, enginéers turner UKPC
William MITCHELMORE 18 Jun 1939 25 Sep 1939 Exeter of 20 Torquay Road, Newton Abbot; estate £479 15s 0d James Henry MITCHELMORE, railway employee UKPC
William Richard Edwards MITCHELMORE 18 Jul 1939 at the Municipal Office, Yeovil 6 Dec 1939 Bristol of Avalon, The Park, Yeovil; estate £5048 18s 8d Edward Austin MITCHELMORE, civil servant, and Howard Cecil Jeffery MITCHELMORE, school teacher UKPC
William MITCHELMORE 10 May 1940 16 May 1940 London of Chakrata, Addison Road, Paignton; estate £358 10s 0d James Percival WILSON, decorator, and Beatrice WILSON (wife of said J P WILSON) UKPC
William MITCHELMORE 3 Oct 1942 7 Nov 1942 Llandudno of East Down, Blackawton; estate £235 16s 6d Arthur MacKenzie DAVSON, solicitor UKPC
Winifred Amy MICHELMORE 25 June 1938 Exeter wife of Henry Theodore MICHELMORE of Haresdown, Holcombe Burnell; estate £6104 2s 9d the said Theodore MICHELMORE, solicitor UKPC
Letters of administration

Most letters of administration (also known as "admons") are issued when a person has died without making a valid will. The remainder are granted when there was a valid will but the executors have been changed (for example, because an executor has died).

Name Died Probated Information Administration granted to Source
Ada Florence MITCHMORE 11 Oct 1942 at Exminster Hospital 28 Jan 1943 Exeter spinster of Hillcroft, Staverton; estate £180 19s 1d Sarah Jane MITCHMORE, widow UKPC
Alfred Ernest MITCHELMORE 22 Mar 1926 23 Jun 1926 London of 9 Fairfax Place, Dartmouth; estate £802 7s 8d Mabel Gertrude MITCHELMORE, widow  
Amy Matilda MICHELMORE 23 Apr 1886 15 Jul 1893 spinster of Hunter's Hill, Sydney NSW; estate £45 0s 0d (limited administration granted) Cecilia STURDEE (wife of Rev Edwin James STURDEE, clerk), the attorney of Sophia Harriett MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Ann Fieldhouse MICHELMORE 3 Jan 1917 at 28 Daly Street, Middlesex 24 Nov 1925 London widow of 6 Dalby Street, Kentish Town; estate £412 0s 0d Mildred Isabella CLARKE, widow UKPC
Arthur Stuart MICHELMORE 20 Jul 1916 12 Aug 1916 Exeter bank clerk of 23 Southernhay East, Exeter; estate £258 9s 4d Dorothea MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Bartholomew Carlile MICHELMORE 10 Apr 1876 at 137 Hemmingford Road, Islington 25 Apr 1876 Principal Registry gentleman; estate under £14,000 Richard Carlile MICHELMORE of 137 Hemmingford Road, clerk in the wine department of London Docks, brother UKPC
Bartholomew Carlile MICHELMORE 10 Apr 1876 14 Jul 1891 gentleman of 137 Hemmingford Road, Islington; personal effects valued at £2180, £eft unadministered by Richard Carlile MICHELMORE, brother [former grant: Apr 1876] William MICHELMORE of 13 Walker Terrace, Plymouth, gentleman, brother UKPC
Bartholomew Carlile MICHELMORE 10 Apr 1876 at 137 Hemmingford Road, Islington 13 Feb 1892 London gentleman, residual estate under £770 0s 0d [former grants: Apr 1876 and Jul 1891] John NOSWORTHY, gentleman, and William BROWNING, tailor UKPC
Bessie MICHELMORE 13 Sep 1938 29 Oct 1938 Exeter (with will) widow of Poundsgate, Widdicombe-in-the-Moor, Newton Abbot; estate £190 16s 8d Amelia Mary MICHELMORE UKPC
Betsey MICHELMORE 20 Mar 1871 Brixham 8 Apr 1871 Exeter widow; estate under £200 Sophia MICHELMORE of Brixham, daughter UKPC
Charles Frederick MICHELMORE 2 Jan 1883 at Endell Street, St Giles 20 Dec 1889 Principal Registry solicitor, formerly of Totnes; estate £2 0s 0d Cecilia STURDEE (wife of Rev Edwin James STURDEE, clerk) of 206 Tufnell Park Road, Middlesex, the attorney of Sophia Harriett MICHELMORE, widow the relict, now of Sydney NSW  
Charles Henry MICHELMORE 30 Nov 1887 29 Jun 1893 London auctionéers clerk of 29 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street; estate £50 0s 0d Ann MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Charles MITCHELMORE 12 Feb 1924 1 May 1924 London of 13 Roseberry Road, Boscombe; estate £1825 12s 7d Ellen MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE 17 Mar 1938 at St James Hospital, Ouseley Road, Balham 14 Apr 1938 London of 46 Simpson Street, Battersea; estate £663 8s 1d Edith Emily MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Clifford Alexander MITCHELMORE 21 Jun 1941 at Tredegar Park Cottage Hospital, Tredegar 27 Feb 1943 Llandaff of Oakleigh, Yorke Terrace, Tredegar, Monmouthshire; estate £722 1s 5d Doris Ann MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Edward MICHELMORE 24 Dec 1897 1 Aug 1902 Peterborough retired builder of Sawtry, Huntingdonshire; estate £29 19s 0d Margaret Elizabeth TURNHILL (wife of William TURNHILL) UKPC
Eliza Jane MITCHELMORE 9 Apr 1889 at Rodney Lodge, Cheltenham 4 Jun 1889 Gloucester widow; estate £19 0s 0d Frances Ann POTTINGER (wife of Charles Richmond POTTINGER) of Rodney Lodge, daughter UKPC
Eliza Louisa MITCHELMORE 14 Feb 1924 25 Mar 1924 London spinster of 181 Queen's Gate, Middlesex; estate £194 6s 3d Percy Alfred Grant MITCHELMORE, motor driver UKPC
Eliza Margaret Leigh MICHELMORE 25 Oct 1942 30 Nov 1942 Llandudno widow of 60 St Martins Hill, Canterbury; estate £1516 17s 4d Henry Cecil MICHELMORE, bank manager UKPC
Elizabeth MUCHMORE   14 Oct 1768 St Martin by Looe widow, lately deceased John & Henry MUCHMORE, her natural and lawful sons original
Fanny Carlile MICHELMORE 1 Dec 1875 at 5 Devonshire Terrace, Plymouth 9 May 1876 Exeter spinster; estate under £450 William MICHELMORE of 5 Devonshire Terrace, gentleman, brother UKPC
Florence Annie MITCHELMORE 9 Jan 1942 at 34 St James Road, Torquay 23 Feb 1942 Exeter wife of Hercules James MITCHELMORE of 5 Woodville Road, Ellacombe, Torquay, otherwise Annie; estate £201 17s 10d the said Hercules James MITCHELMORE, retired chief stoker RN UKPC
Frances [sic] Newt MITCHELMORE 3 Jan 1902 3 Feb 1902 Exeter ironmongers assistant of Brendon House, Gibbons £ane, Plymouth; estate £170 0s 0d Susan MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Frank MITCHELMORE 19 Jul 1936 at the Railway Station, Totnes 12 Aug 1936 Exeter of 22 £eechwell Street, Totnes; estate £424 15s 5d William Edward MITCHELMORE, hot water fitter UKPC
Frederick Henry MITCHELMORE 5 Jan 1905 20 Jan 1905 of 22 Tennyson Road, Stratford, Essex; estate £122 0s 0d Eliza Ann MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
George MUCHMORE   4 Jan 1665/66 died overseas; estate £4 12s Mary M, rel Prerogative Court of Canterbury
George Henry Morrish MITCHELMORE 20 Dec 1856 at sea 17 Feb 1858 Exeter of Dartmouth, mate of a merchant vessel; estate under £100 John MITCHELMORE of Dartmouth, innkeeper, the father UKPC
George MITCHELMORE 28 Feb 1907 18 Jun 1907 Carmarthen police inspector of the Dock Police Station, £lanelly; estate £163 11s 0d Ernest Vernon MITCHELMORE, draper UKPC
George Stanley MITCHELMORE 26 Aug 1918 Western Fever Hospital, 17 Seagrave Road, Fulham 17 Sep 1918 London gunner, Royal Field Artillery, of 715 Garratt £ane, Tooting; estate £400 7s 3d Beatrice MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
George Henry MUCHMORE 5 Aug 1927 at North West Hospital, Hampstead 2 Sep 1927 London of 186 Regents Park Road, Primrose Hill; estate £171 9s 0d Lilian Dorothy MUCHMORE, widow UKPC
George MICHELMORE 4 Jan 1935 at 12 Exmoor Street, Kensington 10 Apr 1935 London (with will) of 18 Havelock Road, Masborough Road, Hammersmith; estate £187 11s 6d John Denis MALONEY, wireman's mate, and Bert TODD, petty officer RN UKPC
Harold MITCHELMORE 6 Jan 1920 San Remo, Curdridge Botley, Hampshire 6 May 1920 Winchester (with will) engine room artificer of HMS Flora, of 72 Manners Road, Southsea; estate £1156 15s 4d Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Harriet Elizabeth MICHELMORE 27 May 1928 at 74 The Close, Salisbury 18 Aug 1928 Exeter wife of Robert Frank MICHELMORE of The Homestead, Salcombe; estate £295 7s 0d the said Robert Frank MICHELMORE, retired farmer UKPC
Harriet MICHELMORE 3 Mar 1889 Totnes 7 Sep 1889 Exeter spinster; estate £97 15s 0d Edward MICHELMORE of Sawtry, Peterborough, builder, brother UKPC
Henry Andrew MITCHELMORE 1 Nov 1896 20 Sep 1897 Llandaff carpenter of 53 Cyfertha Street, Cardiff; estate £320 0s 0d Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Henry MICHELMORE 25 Dec 1906 7 Feb 1907 of Totnes, carpenter; estate £64 6s 0d Mary Jane MANNING, widow UKPC
Henry MICHELMORE 21 Feb 1912 26 Mar 1912 (with will) of Claremont, Exeter; estate £1795 13s 5d Henry William and Harold Gaye MICHELMORE, solicitors UKPC
Henry Ferris MITCHELMORE 3 Oct 1924 22 Nov 1924 London of 62 Church Street, Kingsbridge, estate £974 2s 3d Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Herbert MICHELMORE 16 Oct 1905 29 Nov 1905 London (with will) of Dartmouth; estate £1355 1s 5d Edith Marion MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Jane MICHELMORE 8 Jul 1866 at 60 George Street, Euston Square 27 Jul 1866 Principal Registry widow; estate under £100 Grace BARTER of Totnes, widow, mother UKPC
Jane MITCHELMORE 2 Jan 1898 18 Feb 1898 Exeter wife of John MITCHELMORE of Burleston, Strete, Blackawton; estate £100 0s 4d the said John MITCHELMORE, retired master mason UKPCC
Jeffery MICHELMORE 5 Jan 1891 Bridgetown 19 Feb 1891 Exeter land agent; estate £9,189 16s 0d Emily Durnford MICHELMORE of Bridgetown, widow the relict UKPC
Jeffery John MICHELMORE 13 Jun 1905 31 Jul 1905 of Kernon, Paignton; estate £588 19s 0d John Alfred MICHELMORE, merchant UKPC
John MICHELMORE 7 Apr 1850 5 Feb 1851 of 24 William Street, Regents Park, depositor in the Marylebone Savings Bank; estate £50 Jane MICHELMORE, 36 Frederick Street, Hampstead Road, Middlesex Ancestry
John Henry MITCHELMORE 10 Apr 1936 14 Jul 1936 London of 38 Exeter Road, Tavistock; estate £475 0s 0d George William MITCHELMORE, butcher, and Alice Mabel SMITH, widow UKPC
John Wallace MITCHELMORE 14 Mar 1937 27 Apr 1937 London of 91 Albert Road, Devonport, Plymouth; estate £259 17s 2d John Thomas MITCHELMORE, dockyard pensioner UKPC
Joseph Henry MITCHELMORE 29 Jun 1938 at Fulham Hospital, Hammersmith 16 Jul 1938 London of 20 Turneville Road, London; estate £100 0s 0d Emily MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Kate MICHELMORE 11 Sep 1899 17 Mar 1900 London wife of Jeffery John MICHELMORE of Whitstone House, Paignton; estate £44 19s 1d the said Jeffery John MICHELMORE, gentleman UKPC
Lavinia MITCHELMORE 5 Nov 1930 at the South Devonshire and East Cornwall Hospital, Plymouth 29 Dec 1930 wife of John Thomas MITCHELMORE; estate £272 13s 7d the said John Thomas MITCHELMORE, machinist UKPC
Leslie James MITCHELMORE 9 Jun 1940 on war service 14 Jul 1942 Bodmin of Ashfield, Warbstow, Launceston; estate £607 10s 4d Jessie Louisa MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Margaret Pitts MITCHELMORE 4 Jul 1928 15 Sep 1928 Exeter wife of William MITCHELMORE; estate £268 7s 8d the said William MITCHELMORE, farm labourer UKPC
Marianne MICHELMORE 13 Oct 1920 White House Nursing Home, Randolph Crescent, Maida Vale 29 Oct 1920 London widow of Broadstone House, Dartmouth; estate £208 17s 2d Charles Stuart MICHELMORE, bank manager UKPC
Mary MITCHELMORE 3 May 1926 17 Jun 1926 London wife of Charles MITCHELMORE; estate £682 18s 0d the said Charles MITCHELMORE, retired shipwright UKPC
Mildred MICHELMORE 4 Jan 1859 at 9 Drake Street, Red Lion Square, Middlesex 03 Feb 1859 Principal Registry widow; estate under £100 Edward Horatio MICHELMORE of 4 Devonshire Street, Queens Square, Middlesex, bootmaker, and George Henry MICHELMORE of Drake Street, bootmaker, the only children of the deceased UKPC
Philip MICHELMORE   7 Apr 1807 Exeter of Cockington: leaves his cattle equally to his sons William and Philip, one third of his household furniture, stock and effects belonging to his farms within doors to Philip, and the residue of his estate to William; estate under £800 William MICHELMORE the son UKNA: Register of Legacy Duty, Succession Duty and Estate Duty
Richard MITCHELMORE 26 Jun 1902 26 Aug 1902 London (with will) of Down End, Shottermill Surrey; estate £118 3s 5d Elizabeth DAVEY, widow UKPC
Robert MICHELMORE 19 Apr 1869 Lewston, Dorset 12 May 1869 Principal Registry gentleman, formerly of Torquay; estate under £1,500 Philip MICHELMORE of Torquay, gentleman, brother UKPC
Robert MICHELMORE 9 Feb 1927 22 Mar 1927 Exeter of Orchard Lake Farm, Cheriton Bishop; estate £1,015 10s 3d Elizabeth MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Robert MICHELMORE 25 Aug 1931 19 Oct 1931 Ipswich (with will) of Liston Hall, The Chase, Sible Hedingham, Essex; estate £649 16s 3d Amy Florence MICHELMORE, widow UKPC
Rose MICHELMORE 26 Aug 1931 21 Nov 1931 Exeter spinster of Rosemont, Heavitree Road, Exeter; estate £967 12s 0d Henry Theodore MICHELMORE, solicitor UKPC
Sidney John MITCHELMORE 22 Jun 1935 16 Aug 1935 Exeter of 15 Goshen Road, Chelston, Torquay; estate £203 0s 2d Frank MITCHELMORE, postman UKPC
Sidney Frank MITCHELMORE 24 May 1942 at Cossham Memorial Hospital, Bristol 24 Jul 1942 Bristol of 59 Devon Road, Bristol 5; estate £690 0s 0d Millicent Grace MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Silvanus MITCHELMORE 2 Aug 1910 5 May 1911 Exeter blacksmith of Mounts, East Allington; estate £125 9s 3d Emily MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
Susan Minnie MITCHELMORE 20 Sep 1941 27 Oct 1941 Bodmin widow of 2 Sidney terrace, Plymouth; estate £212 15s 8d Mary Elizabeth HONEYCHURCH, widow UKPC
Susanna Widger MICHELMORE 9 Apr 1889 at 13 Walker Terrace, Plymouth 30 May 1889 Exeter spinster; estate £2080 13s 4d William MICHELMORE of 13 Walker Terrace, gentleman, brother UKPC
Thirza MICHELMORE 14 Sep 1900 28 Nov 1900 Exeter widow of The Plains, Totnes; estate £312 5s 2d Susan Elizabeth Shellabear MICHELMORE, spinster UKPC
Thos MUCKAMORE 1830 Prerogative Court of Canterbury   Ann MUCKAMORE of Staverton Road, Newington Death Duty registers
Thomas MICHELMORE 9 Jan 1859 Berry Pomeroy 6 Jun 1859 Exeter gentleman; estate under ₤1500 Anne Gillon MICHELMORE, widow the relict UKPC
Thomas MITCHELMORE 12 Mar 1870 Falmouth 16 Aug 1870 Bodmin cabinet maker; estate under £100 Elizabeth MITCHELMORE of Falmouth, widow the relict UKPC
Thomas Wakeham MITCHELMORE 22 Mar 1896 22 Feb 1897 Exeter retired innkeeper of South Knighton, Ilsington; estate £22 1s 8d Albert MITCHELMORE, dairyman UKPC
Thomas MITCHELMORE 26 Apr 1922 24 Jun 1922 Durham of 214 Maxwell Street, South Shields; estate £2052 12s 4d Charles MITCHELMORE, estate agent UKPC
Violet MITCHELMORE 4 Apr 1936 23 Jul 1936 London wife of John Henry MITCHELMORE of 38 Exeter Street, Tavistock; estate £425 0s 0d George William MITCHELMORE, butcher, and Alice Mabel SMITH, widow UKPC
Walter Percival MICHELMORE 12 Apr 1957 War Memorial Hospital, Carshalton 10 May 1957 Principal Probate Registry of 24 Wandle Road, Hackbridge, Surrey Ellen Adelaide MICHELMORE the widow original
William MUCKAMORE 1824 Prerogative Court of Canterbury   Mary MARSHALL of Laytonstone, Essex Death Duty registers
William Vanderbost MICHELMORE 27 Jul 1908 24 Aug 1908 London of 37 Warren Street, Deptford, Kent; estate £290 15s 9d Frederick MICHELMORE, foreman UKPC
William Henry MITCHELMORE 3 Oct 1922 29 Jan 1923 of Seale £odge Cottages, Seale, Sussex; estate £447 4s 0d Charlotte Lydia MITCHELMORE, widow UKPC
William MITCHELMORE 11 Aug 1936 5 Dec 1936 Exeter of Higher Bowden, Stoke Fleming; estate £37 10s 8d Lilian Kate MITCHELMORE UKPC
William Thomas MITCHELMORE 3 Oct 1938 4 Jan 1939 London of 26 Abbotsbury Road, Newton Abbot; estate £102 10s 8d Amelia Anne LANG (wife of Ernest John LANG) UKPC
Probate notices

Most of the following information comes from the London Gazette.

Name Died Information Source
Alfred Cecil MITCHELMORE 18 Jun 2002 married of 4 Saltwood Gardens, Cliftonville, Margate London Gazette 26 Jul 2002
Alfred MICHELMORE 22 Apr 1938 of "The Cottage", Berry Pomeroy London Gazette 29 Jul 1938
Alfred MUCHMORE 18 Nov 1962 accountant, Colonial Service (retired) of "Vernoon", East Taphouse, Liskeard London Gazette 14 Dec 1962
Alice Maude MICHELMORE 18 Mar 1929 of 1A Lupus Street, Westminster London Gazette 10 May 1929
Amy Mildred MUCHMORE 11 Jul 1973 widow of Trago, East Taphouse, Liskeard London Gazette 16 Aug 1973
Amy Morrish MICHELMORE 13 May 1957 spinster of "Cartref", 24 Manor Road, Paignton London Gazette 7 Jun 1957
Anthony George MITCHELMORE 25 Jun 2013 of 12 Penhaligon Way, St Austell, Cornwall London Gazette 27 Sep 2013
Arthur Leonard Hellens MITCHELMORE 7 Oct 1969 retired local government officer of Wunsmore, 23 Woodland Avenue, Kingskerswell London Gazette 23 Jul 1912
Barbara Ross MITCHELMORE 20 Apr 2006 of Heathland Court Nursing Home, 56 Parkside, Wimbledon London Gazette 25 Aug 2006
2436 05 Basil MITCHELMORE 5 Dec 2015 of Richmore, Sands Road, Slapton London Gazette 28 Jan 2016
Bessie Rosalie MITCHELMORE 2 Sep 1971 spinster of 8 Beauchamp Crescent, Peverell, Plymouth London Gazette 10 Dec 1971
Brian MICHELMORE 6 Jan 2016 of Haulfryn Estate, Llanfair, Gwynedd London Gazette 20 Apr 2016
Charles Wilton MITCHELMORE 7 Jan 1953 baker's roundsman of 4 New Street, Troon, Cornwall London Gazette 28 Aug 1953
Charlotte MacIntyre MICHELMORE 30 Oct 1978 married woman of "Little Slade", Weston, Sidmouth London Gazette 16 Nov 1978
Charlotte Michelmore MAYE 6 Dec 1894 spinster of Vauxhall, Dodbrooke London Gazette 22 Mar 1895
Charlotte MITCHELMORE 5 Feb 1897 widow of 58 Asylum Road, Peckham, formerly of Palace Road, Pimlico London Gazette 16 Mar 1897
Clement MITCHELMORE 4 Mar 1947 grocers assistant of 286 Great West Road, Hounslow London Gazette 4 Nov 1847
David MITCHELMORE 19 Jan 2004 labourer of Bodfan Farm, Llanaber, Barmouth London Gazette 11 Apr 2007
David MITCHELMORE 1 Dec 2013 of Ysguborwen Nursing Home, Llwydcoed, formerly of 1 Lower Station Steet, Aberaman London Gazette 2 May 2014
Edith Eliza MUCHMORE 21 Jun 1992 of 39 Reading Road, Brighton London Gazette 21 Jul 1992
Edith Muchmore BATEMAN 23 Feb 2006 hospital almoner (retired) of Flat 1, 10 Trinity Trees, Eastbourne London Gazette 9 Aug 2006
Ellen Henrietta Michelmore TOZER 28 Mar 1992 spinster of Quarry Farm, Ugborough, Ivybridge London Gazette 9 Oct 1992
Emily Avice Mary MICHELMORE 25 Oct 1937 of 56 Fairlands Avenue, Thornton Heath, Surrey London Gazette 31 Dec 1937
Emily Sarah MITCHELMORE 18 Nov 1974 widow of 19 Friday Street, Henley-on-Thames London Gazette 3 Dec 1974
Ernest William Algar MITCHELMORE 28 Oct 1958 goods agent, British Railways (retired) of 89 Melbourne Road, Bushey, Herts London Gazette 16 Jan 1959
Florence Ethel MITCHELMORE 16 Dec 1986 widow of 34 St James Road, Torquay London Gazette 16 Mar 1935
Frank Leonard MUCHMORE 11 Dec 1967 retired master builder of 17 Ellis Avenue, High Salvington, Worthing London Gazette 18 Jan 1968
Geoffrey MICHELMORE 31 Jan 2018 Wymondley Nursing Home, Little Wymondley, Hertfordshire London Gazette 22 May 2018
George MICHELMORE 6 Aug 1936 surgeon (retired) of "Blue Burn", Torquay London Gazette 13 Oct 1936
Grace MICHELMORE, Mrs 15 Dec 1931 of The Cottage, Berry Pomeroy London Gazette 8 Mar 1932
Harold Gaye MICHELMORE 28 Jul 1957 solicitor of the Supreme Court of "Saffron Close", Chudleigh London Gazette 16 Aug 1957
Hilda Mary MITCHMORE 13 Oct 1983 widow of Rushbrook, Station Road, Totnes London Gazette 1 Nov 1983
James Cole Mitchelmore BREWER Jul/Aug 1900 of 46 Princes Street, Devonport: probate notice and administration Plymouth archives
Jane MITCHELMORE 24 Aug 2000 spinster of Bryn Eglwys, Llanaber, Barmouth London Gazette 27 Jul 2001
John MICHELMORE 5 Feb 1899 gentleman of 26 Chatsworth Road, West Norwee, formerly of 2 Norland Villas, East Dulwich Road London Gazette 17 Mar 1899
John Henry MITCHELMORE 9 Feb 2010 of 18 Knittcott Road, Banwell, Somerset London Gazette 28 Apr 2010
Kathleen MICHELMORE 24 Jul 1959 widow of "Westdale", Walnut Road, Torquay London Gazette 7 Aug 1959
Leonard Charles MICHELMORE 25 Feb 1967 retired Local Government Officer of 17 Denziloe Avenue, Hillingdon London Gazette 21 Mar 1967
Madge Michelmore Skaife D'INGERTHORPE 4 Jul 1979 wife of John Denis Skeife d'INGERTHORPE [1912-1995] of 24 Bethecar Road, Harrow London Gazette 30 Jul 1979
Marcia Louise MITCHELMORE 10 Aug 2015 of The Lindons, 120 Ashburton Road, Newton Abbot, formerly of 93 Calvados Park, Kingsteignton London Gazette 27 Nov 2015
Margaret Jessie MICHELMORE 1 Oct 2001 of Hertfordshire Cheshire Homes, St Johns Road, Hitchin, formerly of 69 Strathmore Avenue, Hitchin London Gazette 22 Nov 2001
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE   of 7 Bristol Gardens, Maida Hill, W9 London Gazette 16 Mar 1934
Mary Mitchelmore EASTERBROOK 19 Aug 1967 wife of Elias EASTERBROOK of Lyndale, 36 Lower Compton Road, Mannamead, Plymouth London Gazette 28 Sep 1967
Maud MICHELMORE 14 Jun 1999 widow of Winton House, 51 Dedworth Road, Windsor London Gazette 1 Jul 1999
Norman William Wilfrid MUCHMORE 30 Jul 2007 of 52 Kennerleigh Road, Rumney, Cardiff London Gazette 10 Sep 2007
Pamela Edith MICHELMORE 15 Dec 1979 widow of 34 Mead Road, Torquay London Gazette 9 Jan 1980
Peter Horace MITCHELMORE 26 Feb 1979 of Moreton House Cottage, Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire London Gazette 7 Sep 1979
Philip Damerel MICHELMORE 30 Mar 1882 of Newton Abbot, trading as P S Michelmore & Sons London Gazette 24 Oct 1882
Philip MICHELMORE 7 Dec 1891 of Claremont, Torquay London Gazette 28 Mar 1893
Philip Symons MICHELMORE 23 Dec 1871 of Newton Abbot The Standard 23 Nov 1872
Raymond John MITCHELMORE 18 Oct 2015 of 6 Penn Lane, Brixham London Gazette 24 Feb 2016
Rebecca MICHELMORE 17 Jan 1886 of 137 Hemingford Road, Barnsbury London Gazette 21 May 1886
Richard Alfred MICHELMORE 30 Apr 2005 of 41 Quickley Lane, Chorleywood, Herts London Gazette 23 May 2005
Richard Carlile MICHELMORE 9 Feb 1891 gentleman of 137 Hemingford Road, London London Gazette 19 Feb 1891
Richard Hancock MITCHELMORE 14 May 1872 yeoman of Newton, Calstock, Cornwall London Gazette 16 Jul 1872
Richard MITCHELMORE 9 Jan 2014 of 46 Vauxhall Street, The Barbican, Plymouth London Gazette 10 Jul 2015
Robert MICHELMORE 19 Apr 1869 gentleman of Catherston, Lewston, Dorset, formerly of Torquay London Gazette 8 Jun 1869
Robert Mitchelmore THOMSON 5 Jun 1942 of The Grange, Ashley Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, formerly of Chudleigh Walton-on-Thames London Gazette 25 Sep 1942
Ronald James William MITCHELMORE 7 Feb 2009 retired of 67 Grange Road, Sutton London Gazette 14 Jan 2011
Sarah Beatrice MICHELMORE 22 Nov 1972 spinster of 23 Sunningdale Road, New Brighton, Wallasey London Gazette 8 Jan 1973
Sophie Nicholls MICHELMORE 4 Mov 1990 of Flat 2, 30 North Fuzeham Road, Brixham London Gazette 21 Nov 1990
Susan? MUKAMORE 1837 of St George the Martyr, Southwark; excutor E ADAMS of Camberwell Death Duty registers FindMyPast
Thomas Gerald MICHELMORE 3 Oct 1978 Commander, OBE, Naval Officer (retired) of Belyars, 32 Coach Road, Newton Abbot London Gazette 7 Nov 1978
Vernon Boyne MITCHELMORE 7 Jul 1985 chartered accountant (retired) of 1 Woodfields, Chipstead, Sevenoaks London Gazette 11 Oct 1985
Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK 12 Jul 1923 of 51 The Boulevard, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset London Gazette 28 Sep 1923
Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK 2 Mar 1940 retired electrical engineerof "Suva", 44 Water Lane, Totton, Hants London Gazette 7 May 1940
William Henry MICHELMORE 6 Feb 1936 of 65 Heybridge Avenue, Streatham London Gazette 8 May 1936
William Henry MITCHELMORE 10 Mar 1881 butcher of Dartmouth London Gazette 16 & 23 Jun 1882
William MICHELMORE 11 Oct 1891 gentleman of 13 Walker Terrace, West Hoe, Plymouth London Gazette 19 Feb 1892
William Raymond MITCHELMORE 29 Nov 1984 of 40 The Reeves Road, Chelston, Torquay London Gazette 28 Feb 1985
Yvonne Pamela MICHELMORE on or about 10 Feb 1991 housewife of 15 Sandown Road, Deal, Kent London Gazette 17 Apr 1991
Personal representatives and executors

Most of the following information comes from the London Gazette .

Name Died Information Source
Alfred Geoffrey Beadon MITCHELMORE 1967 personal representative of Thomas DAVIES of Bury St Edmonds London Gazette 19 May 1967
Alfred Geoffrey Beadon MITCHELMORE 1978 personal representativeof Reginald Leonard JANES of Paignton London Gazette 7 Feb 1978
Alfred Geoffrey Beadon MITCHELMORE 1980 personal representative of Leonora CARLOW of Kingswear London Gazette 4 Mar 1980
Alfred Geoffrey Beadon MITCHELMORE 1984 personal representative of Frederick Barnett BRAHAM of Brixham London Gazette 28 Nov 1984
Charles MICHELMORE 23 Nov 1812 witnessed will of Nicholas GILLARD of Kingsbridge personal correspondent
Christopher David MITCHELMORE 2007 personal representative of deceased David MITCHELMORE London Gazette 11 Apr 2007
Dorothy MITCHELMORE 1966 personal representative of Herbert John SLEEMAN of Bristol London Gazette 14 Jul 1966
Ernest MITCHELMORE 3 Oct 1898 executor of will of Robert Ernest MILLS of Streatley London Gazette 7 Oct 1898
Ernest MITCHELMORE 2 May 1908 gentleman of Goring-on-Thames: executor of will of Giles AYRES of Reading London Gazette 8 May 1908
Ernest Vernon MITCHELMORE 1934 personal representative of deceased Mary Ann MITCHELMORE London Gazette 23 Apr 1987
George Michelmore MASON 1964 personal representative of deceased Horace George MASON of Kingsbridge London Gazette 24 Mar 1964
George Michelmore MASON 1966 personal representative of deceased widow Muriel Anna MASON of Lymington, Hants. London Gazette 16 Mar 1966
Georgina Mary MICHELMORE 26 Jul 1938 executor of will of Alfred MICHELMORE London Gazette 29 Jul 1938
Godwin MICHELMORE 1957 Major-General, Sir, CB, DL: personal representative of deceased Harold Gaye MICHELMORE London Gazette 16 Aug 1957
Henry Cecil MICHELMORE 1965 personal representative of deceased widow Nellie HOLME of St Albans London Gazette 30 Mar 1965
Hilda MICHELMORE 10 Feb 1932 executor of the will of Frederick Charles WARREN of Golders Green, London London Gazette 12 Feb 1932
J S MICHELMORE 2 Nov 1933 of 20 Braxted Park, Streatham: executor of will of Jessie NEALE, widow of Purley, Surrey London Gazette 3 Nov 1933
James Henry MITCHELMORE 1953 personal representative of deceased Charles Wilton MITCHELMORE London Gazette 28 Aug 1954
Jeffery MITCHELMORE 12 Aug 1878 executor of will of William BARRETT London Gazette 20 Aug 1878
John MICHELMORE 1 Feb 1853 in will of John CHURCHWARD of Buckfastleigh, appointed trustee of daughter Rebecca personal correspondent
John MICHELMORE 19 Jul 1855 joint executor of will of James CHURCHWARD of Buckfastleigh personal correspondent
John MICHELMORE 22 Aug 1877 joint administrator of the estate of William UGLONE Daily News 25 Aug 1877
Kate MITCHELMORE 1947 personal representative of deceased Clement MITCHELMORE London Gazette 4 Nov 1847
Kathleen MICHELMORE 9 Oct 1936 executor of the will of George MICHELMORE London Gazette 13 Oct 1936
Kathleen MICHELMORE 1956 personal representative of deceased Marie Carmichael REEVE of Torquay London Gazette 6 Mar 1956
Leonard Charles MICHELMORE 8 May 1936 executor of will of William Henry MICHELMORE London Gazette 8 May 1936
Mabel Isabella MICHELMORE 17 Aug 1934 executor of will of Mary Campbell BECKETT of Liverpool London Gazette 10 Aug 1934
Margaret Mignon MICHELMORE 1957 personal representative of deceased Harold Gaye MICHELMORE London Gazette 16 Aug 1957
Mary MITCHELMORE 5 Jul 1932 executor of will of Charlotte MARLOW of Winchester London Gazette 19 Jul 1932
May MITCHELMORE 1947 personal representative of deceased Clement MITCHELMORE London Gazette 4 Nov 1847
P S MICHELMORE 1844 executor of the estate of Miss Maria BALL, Tor Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post 29 Feb 1844
Philip MICHELMORE 26 May 1869 of Torquay: executor of the will of Robert MICHELMORE of Torquay London Gazette 8 Jun 1869
Philip Damerel MICHELMORE 22 Aug 1877 joint administrator of the estate of William UGLONE Daily News 25 Aug 1877
Philip Michelmore CROCKWELL 7 Mar 1895 executor of will of Emily Greenslade BRADFORD of Torquay London Gazette 8 Mar 1895
Philip Michelmore CROCKWELL 27 Mar 1893 gentleman: executor of will of Philip MICHELMORE of Claremont, Torquay d 7 Dec 1891 London Gazette 28 Mar 1893
Phillip MICHELMORE 10 Apr 1656 will of John EALES of Ashburton refers to a messuage which he holds for the lives of Phillip MICHELMORE, son of William of Buckfastleigh, and others. The Ells Family of Dorchester MA (1903)
Philip Symons MICHELMORE 13 May 1849 executor of the will of Henry HEARDER of Lower Rocombe, Stokeinteignhead original
Ralph Godfrey MICHELMORE 1978 personal representative of deceased Charlotte MacIntyre MICHELMORE London Gazette 16 Nov 1978
Ruth Katherine MITCHELMORE 1970 personal representative of deceased Kate SHEPPARD of Woking London Gazette 10 Feb 1970
Thomas Wilson MICHELMORE 11 Jul 1876 gentleman of Wellington, Salop: executor to will of Thomas DAINES, Tenby London Gazette 14 Jul 1876
Vernon Boyne MITCHELMORE 1934 personal representative of Mary Ann MITCHELMORE London Gazette 16 Mar 1934
Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK 30 Nov 1877 executor of will of Henry James GIBBINS of West Dulwich London Gazette 4 & 7 Dec 1877
William MICKELMORE 10 Apr 1656 yeoman: in his will, John EALES of Ashburton refers to him as his dear friend and appoints him as a guardian of his children and overseer of his will The Ells Family of Dorchester MA (1903)
William MITCHELMORE 28 Aug 1860 builder of Cardiff: trustee of the will of John Frederick HARLAND of Cardiff Cardiff & Merthyr Guardian and Brecon Gazette 15 Sep 1860
William MICHELMORE 17 May 1886 of 13 Walker Terrace, West Hoe, Plymouth: executor of will of Rebecca MICHELMORE London Gazette 21 May 1886
William Godwin MICHELMORE 20 Oct 1941 executor of will of Sir Francis George Newbolt, KC of London London Gazette 24 Oct 1941



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