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The deeds abstracted below were part of a bundle of legal documents purchased by C. R. Fry in 1977. The complete set comprises leases, indentures, agreements, wills, letters and so on concerning the EDWARDS family and various properties in Ashburton, Ashprington, Broadhempstone, Buckfastleigh, Harberton and Totnes dated between 1654 and 1898. Mr Fry wrote the abstracts and compiled them in December 1980 into a document entitled A Calendar of Devon Deeds. At the same time, he transcribed the wills of six members of the same EDWARDS family. The documents provide some interesting insights into activities and relationships in 19th century middle class families.

Abstracts of the deeds that refer to various members of the MICHELMORE family (see the index for their names) are reproduced here, by kind permission of the author. Some additional details from the wills (indicated by square brackets) have been included.

Will of John EDWARDS of Weston, Staverton (6 Oct 1796)

His wife was Joan EDWARDS, entreats her "to discharge such just debts of my dear sons", his daughter Mary EDWARDS had given on 28 day of last month a bond of £2000 for giving her a reversion on the estate where he lives. Refers to bond given by Thomas MAYE the Younger of Hood in Dartington.

Properties at Weston called Bully's Tenement, Furze Park and Scobell's Tenement to be held in trust by his brother Jeffery EDWARDS, George WINSOR Esq of Ashburton and Philip MICHELMORE of Kingston in Staverton for his daughter Mary and Tho MAYE and during the widowhood of his widow if he shall leave any. Property to pass to any children of Mary, unless they do not reach 21 yr then in trust for his nephews Wilbraham Thomas EDWARDS son of Thomas EDWARDS and John EDWARDS son of Jeffery EDWARDS also Charles EDWARDS another son of Jeffery.


Wit: Alexr Popham LUSCOMBE, Wm BOWDEN.

Will proved 13 June 1798. No inventory echd.

Note added in pencil states his daughter married, no issue.

Marriage Settlement of John EDWARDS with Miss Arabella YEOMANS ( 20 Sept 1804)

Between Jeffery EDWARDS Esq of Rill his son John of Stancombe, gent; Ann YEOMANS widow of Dartmouth Arabella YEOMANS spinster her daughter; John NETHERTON Esq Of Stoke Fleming; Philip MICHELMORE the younger of Staverton, gent.  

Refers to Barton or Farm of Stancombe leased by John Earl of Sandwich, George John, Earl of Spencer, Wriothesly DIGBY and John GAGE by indentures of Lease and Release dated 17 & 18 Aug 1794 being the settlement made previously to the marriage of William Stephen POYNTZ Esq and the Honorable Elizabeth Mary BROWN his wife for securing payment of £10000. Refers to Philip MICHELMORE the father of the above Philip. Refers also to the lands and areas mentioned in lease of 19 Sept 1804. Deals at length with annuities and inheritance for Ann and any resulting children.



Probate of the Will of Mr Jeffery EDWARDS of Rill (18 May 1805)

Annuity to daughter Alice MICHELMORE [£25 a year]. John MAYE of Staverton and Philip MICHELMORE the Younger of Kingston trustees for his grandson Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE [£500 at age 21].  Annuity for his daughter Mary SKINNER and daughter Charlotte BREWER mentions his son Thomas EDWARDS, £400 to grandson Charles JACOBSON, £200 to each granddaughter Jane JACOBSON, Charlotte JACOBSON and Eliza JACOBSON.   Son John to receive property in default of issue of Tho EDWARDS, various properties given to another son Charles EDWARDS with £400 to build a house. [Properties include "my part share right and interest of and in the remainder of the lands which I sometime since purchased of Mr PONTZ with Mr MICHELMORE and which are at / present undivided between Mr MICHELMORE and myself".] Kiln, tools, etc. from Quarry Park given to Tho and Charles.



Release of Legacy of £500 by Miss Charlotte JACOBSON ( 4 Dec 1821)

Under Will of Jeffery EDWARDS Charlotte residing at Knowle now reached age 2l yr, Tho EDWARDS now decd, published his will 7 July 1811, John EDWARDS now decd, publ his will 13 May 1812, he appointed Philip MICHELMORE of Sparkwill and Wm SKINNER of Knowle executors. Charlotte's portion due was £200.

Sig: Charlotte JACOBSON


An Indenture of Lease for One Year for Lomeley ( 11 Feb 1826)

George FRIEND linen draper of Totnes to William BOWDEN gent of Guerston in Totnes.

Two fields or closes called Lomeley about 15a in Harberton between the lands late of John KELLAND Esq decd on the east of the highway leading from Totnes to Englebourne village and on the west the lands late of John KELLAND on the north and the high way leading from Harberton town to Luscombe Cross on the south all which premises were in possession of Richard DISTING the Elder, then of Richard DISTING his son, since of Thomas FRIEND, then of Joan FRIEND late of Tho Friend decd, but now of George Friend.  Yielding and paying at the end of one year a rent of one peppercorn. Refers to an Indenture of Release tripartite­ dated 12 Feb 1826between Geo FRIEND, David MANNING and Wm BOWDEN.

Sig: George FRIEND


Indenture in 3 Parts for Release in Fee of Lomeleys in Harberton & Surrender of Outstanding Term to Merge in the Inheritance ( 12 Feb 1826)

Between Geo FRIEND of Totnes linen draper 1st part, David MANNING of Charleton yeom. (only son & heir in will of Chas MANNING dec of Halwell only surving trustee in settlement deed dated 6 Dec 1748) 2nd part, to Wm BOWDEN of Guerston gent 3rd part.

Whereas by Indenture quinque partite of 6 Dec 1748 between Joan DISTING and Mary DISTING spinsters daughter Rich DISTING the younger yeom of Dartington, granddaughter of Rich  DISTIN the elder, dec., yeom. of Dartington, John PHILIPS of Totnes Clothier, Walter TAYLOR, of South Brent clerk, Chas MANNING of Halwell yeom, Tho FRIEND of Halwell yeom (son of Nich FRIEND dec). Refers to land Drewfield in Dartington and fields Lomeley ca 15 a. in Harberton and refers to lease of 20 Apr 1716 between Rich DISTING the grandfather and Rich DISTING, Mary PORT only child of Elias PORT, decd, of Aveton Gifford yeom, John LANGWORTHY dec of Dartington yeom., John PHILLIPS clothier of Totnes, Mary PORT died without male issue leaving 2 daughters only Joan & Mary DISTING.  Tho FRIEND and Joan DISTING to marry.  The FRIEND had will dated 4 Apr 1757 giving all property, lands, etc., to Chas MANNING and Edward GOODRIDGE of Totnes, tallow chandler, and heir to hold same for Chas MANNING and Ed GOODRIDGE to use of Joan wife of Tho FRIEND; Joan FRIEND (now dec) left will dated 19 Nov 1792 gave all possessions to her son Tho FRIEND, who made will dated 18 Oct 1803 gave all possessions in trust for his children to attain 21 years.  He had son Thomas to receive estate Eastleighin Harberton when 21 yr and son Nicholas Disting FRIEND to receive at 2.1y estate of Bostonor Boreston in Halwell; son George to have Lomeleys in Harberton and Drews Close in Dartington.

Refers to Indenture with Wm TOOKE gent of GraysInn, Middx; John HELLOND esq, dec.

Schedule of Deeds ‑

An Indenture 1st & 2nd Mar 1750 refers to a Philip JUTSHAM, gent of Norden in Westalvington

An indenture tripartite Lease and Release being a Marriage Settlement 16 & 17 Jan 1826 between Geo FRIEND, Sarah Elizabeth PEARSON, Nich Disting FRIEND and John TUCKER. Other indentures listed.


Wit: ? ? , Tho MICHELMORE

Contains a slip of paper signed C.F.B. 1907, saying "Relates to part of Stancombe ppty sold to Mr Rob HARVEY now Sir Robt of Dundridge, Harberton."

Abstracts of Title of Mr Henry SYMONS to the fee simple of Sand Park, Wood Parkand Hill Park(1830)

Parts of Loverscombe Farm sold to Jeff John EDWARDS. Refers to four documents:

8/9 Oct 1767  Tripartite lease & release between Philip SYMONS, yeoman of Buckfastleigh, Robert MICHELMORE the Younger, yeoman of Buckfastleigh , Henry CALLARD the Younger woolcomber of Buckfastleigh, Thomas SYMONS yeoman of Buckfastleigh, eldest son and heir apparent of Philip SYMONS, Grace CALLARD, spinster of Buckfastleigh, daughter of Henry CALLARD the Elder, woolcomber of Buckfastleigh.  Marriage intended between Tho SYMONS and Grace CALLARD, Henry CALLARD the Elder to give £100. Refers to Parlour and Parlour Chamber with herb garden in Lovercombe Park. Grace to receive £10 annuity after death of Thomas SYMONS. Describes all the annuities, bequests, reversion provisos, etc, regarding all the heirs. Receipt for £100 acknowledged by Tho SYMONS as marriage portion.

9/10 Nov 1792 Indenture of Lease and Release tripartite between Tho SYMONS yeoman of Buckfastleigh, Philip SYMONS, yeoman of Buckfastleigh therein described as eldest son and heir of Thos SYMONS and Grace his wife, Robert MICHELMORE, Charles LUXMORE gent of Middle Temple. Lovercombe as in previous abstract sold to Chas LUXMORE for consideration of £300 paid to Philip SYMONS by Thos SYMONS, Chas LUXMORE to be tenant of freehold, Robert MICHELMORE was to be demandant and Philip SYMONS vouchee.

Michaelmas Term 33 Geo III Exemplification of said Recovery in Pursuance of above premises.

17/18 June 1814  Indenture of Lease and Release between Tho SYMONS, Henry SYMONS yeoman of Buckfastleigh and Mary Ann his wife, Richard HARRIS yeoman of Ipplepen, John TUCKER gent of Buckfast trustees as described therein.

Extract from Achdeaconery Registery regarding administration ( 29 Nov 1830)

Robert Hurrel FROUDE, Archdeacon Totnes to John YABBICORN, accountant of Totnes.

Refers to Indenture 9 Oct 1767 between Philip SYMONS, Robt MICHELMORE the younger yeoman of Buckfastleigh, Henry CALLARD,Tho SYMONS and Grace CALLARD dealing with Loverscombe.  Hy Callard died, Robt MICHELMORE survived, but did not assign residue of term of 200y.  Hy SYMONS now assigned residue in order to dispose of Land Park, Wood Park and Hill Park.

Extracted by Chas MICHELMORE, Proctor, Totnes.

Indenture of Assignment of 200y & Surrender of Two Terms of 1000y and 99y 27 Dec 1830

Between John YABBICORN of Totnes, John TUCKER of Dean Prior gent, Henry SYMONS yeoman of Loverscombe, Jeffery John EDWARDS gent of Totnes, Chas MICHELMORE gent of Totnes.

Refers to Ind. of Lease & Rel 8 & 9 Oct 1767 between  Philip SYMONS yeoman dec, Robt MICHELMORE dec, Henry CALLARD dec, Tho SYMONS yeoman and Grace CALLARD both dec. and intended marriage of Tho Symons and Grace Callard. Refers to Indentures of Lease & Rel 17/18 June 1814 between Tho Symons dec, Hy Symons and Mary Ann his wife, Richard HARRIS dec and John TUCKER. Mary Ann Symons to receive annuity of £30. Sum of £1410 to be raised for children of Tho Symons, remainder to Hy Symons. Not all monies paid, residue vested in surviving trustee John Tucker.

Refers to Ind Lease & Rel 26/27 Dec 1830 between Hy Symons and Mary Ann, Jeff John EDWARDS and Richard MALINS, Esq. £810 paid to Hy Symons to discharge Anuity.

Sig: John Tucker, Hy Symons, Jeff John EDWARDS

Wit: Jos GRIBBLE , Albert GRIBBLE.

Register extracts on paper (1830)

Ashburton: Hy CALLARD bur 5 Mar 1822 age 8l yr.

Buckfastleigh: Robt MICHELMORE bur Apr 1 1826.

Release of legacy of £560 by Mrs Betsey MICHELMORE executrix of Will of Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE gent, decd. ( 27 Apr 1833)

Betsey of Bridgetown in Berry Pomeroy, widow. Jeff E MICHELMORE was grandson of Jeffery EDWARDS, to be paid after death of his mother Alice MICHELMORE.  Thomas and John EDWARDS both now decd, Alice died 1826 sum paid to Jeff Ed MICHELMORE who died intestate Oct 1827.

Sig: Betsey MICHELMORE 27 April 1833

Wit: (?) BAKER, Clerk to Wm MICHELMORE

Surrender of Life Interest in Colston for consideration of Annuity of £84 ( 12 Sep 1834)

Mrs Agnes Maye EDWARDS of Staverton to Mr Charles EDWARDS of Riverford. She surrenders all properties known as Colston in Buckfastleigh & lands New Marland, the Long Marland, the Middle Hill, the Luckham Well,the Elwill, the Longaland, the Two Birons, the Water Park, the Broad Park, some 32a in all; these were purchased from Wm Elford ILBERT Esq & Bridget ILBERT his mother by Jeffery EDWARDS, now in occupation of Christopher FURNEAUX and  ‑--  STRONG a lieutenant of Royal Navy as tenants.

Sig: Agnes Maye EDWARDS

Wit: Chas MICHELMORE, Atty at Law, Totnes

Grant of Annuity of £84 chargeable upon Colston Estate in Buckfastleigh for Life of Mrs Agnes M EDWARDS of Stretchford in Devon, widow with Chas EDWARDS of Riverford (12 Sept 1834)

 Properties etc, as in previous apparently similar document(?)

Sig: Charles EDWARDS


Probate and Copy Will of the Rev. John Netherton EDWARDS of Totnes ( 10 Aug 1836)

Extracted by Charles MICHELMORE, Proctor of Totnes. 

Seized of estate Standcombe in Harberton, Totnes & Ashprington, 204 ac, tenant Robert TAYLOR rent £435.  Entitled to £1500 from mortgage on property in Harberton.  One son and child at present, Wilbraham John EDWARDS. £3000 from his wife's parents when they die. £100 annuity to his wife from Standcombe. The son had not yet reached 2l yr. Describes in detail how estates are to be held in trust and bequeathed between the wife, the son and Rev J N EDWARDS' brother, Jeffery John EDWARDS. £15 per year can used from rents for planting timber or other improvements.  His wife given all household linen, china and glass. His brother is given all furniture, plate, books and pictures on trust for the wife. Requests his brother to buy with £50 an article of plate or a watch in remembrance. £100 to his wife and also his pony "Sybil" with saddle and bridle. His horse to his brother. Jeffery John EDWARDS appointed executor and the wife guardian of any child or children.


Wit: John TAYLOR, Norwich, Clerk

       Chas MICHELMORE , Atty at Law Totnes

       T. HAMLYN, Grocer Totnes

Draft Agreement for Lease for Rill Estate & the Moiety of Tithes of Manor of Kilberland for Rent of £300 for 14y (1846)

between Jeffery John EDWARDS Of Lincolns Inn Fields, gent and Jeffery Michelmore BOWDEN now residing at Rill, and moiety of tithes of Manor of Kilbury alias Kilberland. Wood, timber, etc and game rights reserved to Jeffery J EDWARDS. Various covenants, instructions, etc., detailed.  Premises to be kept in good and substantial repair, apple trees to be replaced if they die except in Creeper's Orchard, describes husbandry.

Sig: Jeffery J EDWARDS, Jeffery M BOWDEN

Indenture of Lease of Rill Estate and One moiety of the Tithes of Manor of Kilberland (1846)

between Jeffery John EDWARDS, gent of Lincoln Inn Fields and Jeffery Michelmore BOWDEN, residing at Rill Estate of some 150a, late in possession of Henry BOWDEN, yearly rent £300 plus additional £50 for every acre of orchard, meadow or pasture ploughed up. Everything to be kept in good and substantial repair including a ciderpress. Thatch to be repaired. Not more than two crops of cereal in rotation, clover and Eaver grass to be sown, liming and manuring described. Refers to Little Close Slade, West Down, Danes Park and Rill Wood field. Marsh Orchard Orchard next to River Dart may be cut down by Jeff J EDWARDS.

Not signed or witnessed.

Release of Legacy of £500 to Children of Mary SKINNER by Tho MICHELMORE ( 18 Feb 1848)

Wm SKINNER the Younger gent, of Beason, Broadhempstone; Chas. SKINNER gent of Knowle, Broad'ston; Tho MICHELMORE, gent. of Sparkwell, Staverton ; Jeff. SKINNER gent of Levaton, Woodland; Wm BOWDEN gent of Totnes; Chas EDWARDS gent of Totnes. 

Whereas Jeff. EDWARDS of Rill, his will dated 18 May 1805 proved 20 Feb 1806, executors John MAYE, dec 1842 and Philip MICHELMORE, dec 18 Dec 1842, in trust for children of his daughter Mary SKINNER (dec 3 Nov 1847), namely Wm SKINNER, Jeffrey SKINNER, Chas SKINNER, Betsy now wife of Tho MICHELMORE, Harriett wife of Wm BOWDEN, Charlott now wife of Chas EDWARDS, all over 21 yr. And whereas Jeff EDWARDS (grandson of Jeff. EDWARDS dec) is released for 5/‑.



Wit: Geo PRESSWELL, solic. of TOTNES

Release of Legacy £500 by children of Mrs Mary SKINNER (1848)

Wm SKINNER gent of Beason in Broadhempstone, Jeffery SKINNER gent of Levaton in Woodland, Chas SKINNER gent of Knowle in Broadhempstone, Thos MICHELMORE gent of Sparkwill in Staverton, Wm BOWDEN, gent Totnes.

Refers to Will of Jeffery EDWARDS and his daughter Mary SKINNER.

Memorandum of Instructions for Release of Legacy of £500 (1848)

Under the Will of Jeffery EDWARDS late of Rill, Esq., states that SKINNER decd. Date on reverse 1848.

18 May 1805 refers to Will of Jeff EDWARDS of this date, gave to John MAYE & Philip MICHELMORE £500 in trust for children of his daughter Mary SKINNER. Will proved PCC 20 Feb 1806. John Maye died in 18(‑). and P. MICHELMORE died in Dec 1842, his will dated 18(‑) appointed Thomas MICHELMORE gent of Sparkwill, Devon executor. Mary SKINNER died 3 Nov 1847leaving 6 children all attained 2ly in her lifetime.

Wm SKINNER gent of Beaston, Devon

Jeffery SKINNER gent of Levaton, Devon

Chas SKINNER gent of Knowle, Broadhempstone

Betsey MICHELMORE wife of Thos

Charlotte EDWARDS wife of Chas, attorney, Totnes

Not known if they can all give release of their share in £500.  Jeff John EDWARDS now seized in fee of Rill estate on which legacy of £500 was charged.

Letter (draft?) signed J? EDWARDS (abt 1848?)

asking for assistance in settling many transactions between himself and Mr SKINNER, enclosed an account of Principle and Interest owing, refers to his late Aunt's annuity and advance of £500 by late Mr MICHELMORE , a legacy owing to his Aunt's children, a balance due of £126/3/0. Signed.

Various letters between Tho MICHELMORE & Jeff EDWARDS (1848)

19 Apr 1848 Tho MICHELMORE jnt of Berry House to Jeff EDWARDS. Has spoken with his father (of Tho) and will undertake management of new farm buildings for £30. He will also have plans prepared immediately for work to commence following week. 

20 Apr 1848 Another letter assures J EDWARDS he would act for him if it were a building for the Duke of Somerset[!] His father had proposed the £30 before he expressed a wish to undertake management.

22 Apr 1848 Totnes Copy J Ed to J M jnr. Accept offer to superintend measurement for ground of new farm yard and buildings. Hopes to meet with him at Rill next Monday. 

8 May 1848 Buckfastleigh Letter of offer to do work by A MURCH and John ADAMS. Carpenters work, labour, nails ironwork for 105£. Masons work, labour, iron work, slates, nails, ridge tiles for 165£.

28 Oct 1848 Totnes Receipt for £20 from Jeff J EDWARDS signed Adams MURCH on account of building at Rill.

No date A simple plan cross section of two storey barn(?). Beams coloured in yellow. Lists in details all items and costs. Presumably part of Rill above. 

Draft lease of Rill Estate (1852)

Jeff J EDWARDS Esq to Mr John CHAFFE yeoman from 25 Mar 1853for ? years at rent £270.

Leases Rill about 150a with all buildings in occupation now by Mr Jeff Michelmore BOWDEN and half part of rent charge of Manor of Kilbury or Kilberland, excepting rooms in Rill used by Jeff J EDWARDS. Refers to all fields, lands, cottages, etc. All game, fish and fowl reserved for Jeff J EDWARDS. All buildings, etc., to be kept in good repair including tank carrying liquid manure at end of manure heap. Thatch to be kept repaired, apple orchard to be manured and dressed, describes husbandry of land in detail.

Award as to Purchase Money for Little and Great Loamley by Charles Frederick MICHELMORE gent of Totnes (21 Dec 1859)

Article of agreement between John FRIEND, Perin PHILLIPS, Esq, of Broomborough in Totnes, and Thomas EDWARDS, Esq, of Riverford, Staverton, to let C F MICHELMORE settle dispute as to price was drawn up 15 Dec 1859 originally question left to Wm John Wakeham BASTARD and Robert BOURNE. Tho EDWARDS to pay £1005


Wit: Frans B CUMING, Solr Totnes

Various letters and documents dealing with Loamley (1859/60)

Letter (copy) dated Riverford, 23 Nov 1859, from Mr EDWARDS to PHILLIPS. Acquiesces in Mr Wm KITSON's views on question submitted, price for fields left to Mr John WIDDICOMBE or to someone else if Phillips desires.

Letter (copy) dated Riverford, Monday, 28 Nov 1859from Tho? EDWARDS to PHILLIPS. Reply to Saturday's letter all that was suggested in Mr Kitson's award had been carried out.

Letter (copy) 15 Dec 1859Question in dispute left to Mr BASTARD, Mr BOURNE and Mr MICHELMORE. Award of Mr Kitson in Rill lands without regard to trustees of Mr J EDWARDS. Sig: John P T PHILLIPS, Thos EDWARDS

Letter (head stamp Royal Insurance Co) dated Totnes Dec 19 1859from Robert BOURNE to T EDWARDS. Mr BASTARD did not agree.

Letter (copy) Riverford 19 Dec 1859EDWARDS to C T [C F?] MICHELMORE. Mr Bourne's letter acknowledged concerning no agreement on price for two fields called Loamley part of Gerston Estate. Asks for his attention to Wm Kitson's award.

Letter (edged in black?) Datston(?) 22 Dec 1859Bowden to T EDWARDS. Remembers purchasing at auction in 1825 at Church House Inn for £1005 two fields called Loamleys in Harberton.

Letter dated Torquay, 29 Dec 1859, Chas KITSON to T EDWARDS. BYETT sent award, MICHELMORE had offered £1200 for fields but Byett recognised the bargain made by EDWARDS.

Letter (edged in black?) Datston(?), Jan 5 1860, BOWDEN to Mr EDWARDS. He is glad problem between PHILIPS and EDWARDS settled. Refers to his books he sold wheat at 19/­ & 17/‑ per bag & barley at 10/‑ and 10/6 in 1825 there were good corn crops perhaps 20 bags barley per acre.  Does not recollect a road in the little Loamley. The old Mr MICHELMORE and Mr SKINNER attended sale and John EDWARDS and BOWDEN drew lots as to who should bid and have fields. Louisa and Jeffery join in love and to all your(?) and wishing all a happy new year.

Article of Agreement as to Shares in Church Stable at Buckfastleigh ( 5 Aug 1861)

between Earl of Macclesfield, Thomas MICHELMORE, gent of Berry House in Berry Pomeroy, Rev Matthew LOWNDES clerk of Buckfastleigh, Thomas EDWARDS gent of Riverford in Staverton, Julia E– SOTH(E)BY, wid of Buckfast Abbey, Charles Stewart HAWKIN, gent of Hayford in Buckfastleigh, John HAMLYN, gent of Buckfastleigh, Thomas Aston CO(C)KAYNE, gent of Bigadon House in Buckfastleigh, John BOVEY, gent of Bilberhill in Buckfastleigh, Ann KING, spinster of Millbrook in Buckfastleigh, Jeffery EDWARDS, gent of Riverford,, Wm COULTON, gent of Rock House in Buckfastleigh, Tho SYMONS, gent of Lovers Coombe in Buckfastleigh, John R‑  PHILLIPS, gent of Croppins Park in Buckfastleigh.

Stable and carriage shed built by subscription from first 13 persons named, J R Phillips gave ground opposite entrance to Buckfastleigh church yard. Table of shares for all participants separated for stable and carriage shed. Sexton to be paid 1/‑ by each per year for keeping keys and for opening stable and cleaning. Also to keep shed in good repair.

All signed except Jeff EDWARDS.

Epitome of the Title of Jeffery EDWARDS, Esq. to certain Farms and lands situate in Ashprington, Harberton, Totnes & Buckfastleigh (1865)

As to Stancombe Estate

25 & 26 Mar 1801 ‑ Lease and Appointment and Release between Wm POYNTZ and his wife Arabella, Wm Stephen POYNTZ, the Right Hon John, Earl of Sandwich, the Right Hon George John, Earl Spencer, Wriothesby DIGBY, John GORGE, Jeffery EDWARDS and Philip MICHELMORE conveyed to the last two persons.

25 Mar 1802 Indenture between P MICHELMORE and  Jeffery EDWARDS conveyed to Jeffery EDWARDS undivided moiety of Philip MICHELMORE.

19 & 20 Sep 1804‑ Indenture of Lease & Release and Settlement (made previous to marriage of John son of Jeffery EDWARDS) between Jeffery EDWARDS, John EDWARDS, Ann YEOMANS widow, Arabella YEOMANS her daughter, John Netherton and Philip MICHELMORE. Stancombe settled on John EDWARDS.

13 May 1812‑ Will of John EDWARDS proved 28 Nov 1812, gave estate to son John Netherton EDWARDS.  [This will mentions his entitlement "unto the reversion in fee simple jointly with Mr Philip MICHELMORE the elder of Painsford in certain third parts of certain estates which my late father & the said  P.M. purchased of Lord CORK and Mr POYNTZ"]

10 Aug 1836 ‑ Will of John N EDWARDS proved 6 Feb 1837 gave estate to his brother Jeffery J EDWARDS.

As to certain Estates called Rill and Killbury and 2 Fields Higher & Lower Meadows in Rill

26 & 27 Jul 1785‑ Indenture of Lease & Release and Assignment between Wm Elford ILBERT and Bridget and Jeffery EDWARDS said estates conveyed to Jeffery EDWARDS in fee simple and the 2 meadows to Jeffery EDWARDS for residue of 3000y for rent 6d pa.

18 May 1805 Will of Jeffery EDWARDS gave previous properties to his son Thos EDWARDS who died s.p. so they went to other son, John EDWARDS.  Will of John EDWARDS 13 May 1812gave estates at Rill to his son Jeffery John EDWARDS.  As to 3 Fields called Sand Park, Wood Park and Hill Park in Buckfastleigh now occupied as part of Rill.

27 Dec 1830     Indenture between Henry SYMONS and Mary Ann SYMONS his wife, Jeffery John EDWARDS and Richard MALINS lands conveyed in fee simple to Jeff J EDWARDS.

As to Moiety of the Great Tithes of the Manor of Kilberland in Buckfastleigh let with Rill estate

29 Dec 1820 Indenture between John HARRIS, John Crocker BULTEEL, Ann BULTEEL, Thos Hillersdon BULTEEL, Philip MICHELMORE and Wm SKINNER said moiety conveyed to Philip MICHELMORE and Wm SKINNER.  

17 Sept 1833 Indenture (being release of moiety of the tithes from MICHELMORE and SKINNER to Jeff J EDWARDS)  Philip MICHELMORE and Wm SKINNER and Jeff J EDWARDS had laid out £800 as trustees to Jeff J EDWARDS part of £2000 to which he was entitled in purchase of moiety Jeff J EDWARDS agreed to transfer himself.   
As to Whole of before mentioned Heriditaments

27 Oct 1849Jeff J EDWARDS died 21 Oct 1854 his will of this date proved 11 Dec 1854, annuity to Thos HAMLIN since decd, bequeathed all to Richard MALINS, Wm PROUDE and Wm KITSON for use of his cousin Jeffery EDWARDS son of his cousin Tho EDWARDS of Riverford.

As to 2 Fields called Homer Broom Park, Yonder Broom Park and Ashprington

30 Jul 1858 Indenture  Rev George William Terry CARWITHEN, Lydia CARWITHEN, Mary CARWITHEN, Robert PHILLIPS and Mary his wife, Frederick ELWORTHY, Richard Malins, Wm Froude , Wm Kitson. Fields conveyed to last 3 persons.

As to 2 fields Little Loamley and Great Loamley in Harberton

25 Mar 1860 Indenture  John Friend Pering PHILLIPS, Richard Malins, Wm Froude and Wm Kitson, fields conveyed to last 3 persons. 

As to Entirety of Estates

3 Feb 1862 Indenture  Richard MALINS, Wm FROUDE, Wm KITSON and Jeffery EDWARDS, all estates in trust for Jeffery EDWARDS.

An Agreement (17 Aug 1868)

Pages 1-10 are missing

John BOVEY, Agnes MICHELMORE, Chas BARNES, Jeff EDWARDS of first part and Edward Samuel CODD of Five Wells St, Plymouth, Purser of Wheal Emma Mine in Buckfastleigh on behalf of Adventurers in Mine of 2nd part, and John Clark ISAAC of Liskeard, Purser of Brookwood Mine in Buckfastleigh on behalf of Adventurers in that mine of 3rd part.

Refers to damage to lands stayed for £1350 pursuant to Judges Order, Edward BOVEY to act on behalf of 1st part.  Describes procedures to be adopted in settling claims for damages.

Sig: EDWARDS S Codd, John C Isaac

Wit: Walter G RODGERS Sol. Exeter; Henry CAUNTER Sol. Liskeard

Pencil note: "NB Mines shut up & Companies come to an end".

Deeds Abstracts of Titles of Jeff EDWARDS Esq to Rill Estate July 1785 and Feb 1862 (1876)

25 Jul 1785 Indenture of Lease & Release  Wm Elford ILBERT, Bridget ILBERT & Jeffery EDWARDS.

18 May 1805 Refers to Jeff EDWARDS' will.

20 Feb 1806 Probate of Will.

10 Jul 1811 Tho EDWARDS died without issue.

13 May 1812 John EDWARDS will bequeathed to his son Jeff John EDWARDS.

1812 John EDWARDS died.

28 Nov 1812 Probate of Will.

26 & 2? Dec 1830 Indenture of Lease & Release  Hy SYMONS & Mary Ann his wife, Jeff John EDWARDS and Rich MALINS.

8 & 9 Oct 1767 Indenture of Lease & Release  Philip SYMONS, Robt MICHELMORE, Hy CALLARD, Tho SYMONS and Grace CALLARD.

9 & 10 Nov 1792 Indenture of Lease & Release Tho SYMONS, Philip SYMONS, Robt MICHELMORE, Chas LUXMORE.

1 Will IV Morrow of All Souls; Chirogragh of Fine levied, Jeff J EDWARDS was plaintiff and Hy SYMONS and Mary Ann deforciants.

27 Oct 1849 Will of Jeff J EDWARDS.

21 Oct 1854 Jeff J EDWARDS died.

11 Dec 1854 Probate of Will in PCC.

3 Feb 1662 Indenture  Rich MALINS, Wm FROUDE, W KITSON and John EDWARDS.


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Charles MICHELMORE, gentleman and attorney at law, Totnes

Charles Frederick MICHELMORE, gentleman of Totnes

Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE

Jeffery Michelmore BOWDEN

Philip MICHELMORE the elder of Painsford

Philip MICHELMORE the younger of Kingston in Staverton

Robert MICHELMORE the younger, yeoman of Buckfastleigh

Thomas MICHELMORE, gentleman of Berry House, Berry Pomeroy

Thomas MICHELMORE, gentleman of Sparkwell, Staverton




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