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The following documents relate to businesses in which a M*CH*MORE was a named partner. The various categories are as follows:

Most of the information below comes from Australian newspapers, State Government gazettes, and documents in the National Archives of Australia or in one of the State archives or libraries. Some data came from FindMyPast or WorldVitalRecords.

Underlining (if any) indicates changes made at the latest update.

Business locations

The following data come from trade directories and newspapers. Further information on the location of a business may be included in other records on this page.

Name Date(s) State Information Source
E & T Michelmore 1935, 1939, 1942 SA grocers, Victor Habor Trade Directory
E & T Michelmore 1939, 1942 SA 62 Port Rd, Allenby Gdns Trade Directory
E & T Michelmore 1947 SA Victor Habor Trade Directory
Heath & Mitchelmore 1900 NSW solicitors, Wagga Wagga Wise
Heath & Mitchelmore 1913 NSW solicitors, Wagga Wagga Sands
J Michelmore & Co 1892 QLD grocers, merchants, Victoria Street, Mackay Wetherill
J Michelmore & Co 1903 QLD storekeepers, Mackay Slater
J Michelmore & Co 1915 QLD North Station, Nebo Wise
J Michelmore & Co Pty Ltd 1941 QLD River Street, Mackay Post Office Directory
James Michelmore & Co 1894 QLD wine & spirit merchants, Mackay Wise
John Michelmore & Co 1900 QLD wine & spirit merchants, Sydney Street, Mackay Wise
Jno Michelmore & Co 1915 QLD merchants, Mackay Wise
L A & P K Michelmore 1973 SA 46 Victoria St, Yorketown Trade Directory
Michelmore & Co 1903 QLD produce merchants, Mackay Slater
Michelmore Ltd 1952 SA 67 Anzac Hwy, Ashford Trade Directory
Business activities
Name Date(s) State Information Source
Bright & Hitchcock 5 Aug 1865 VIC William BRIGHT retires from the firm of Bright & Hitchcock, Merchants of London and Geelong, Victoria, the business to be continued by George and Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK Victorian Government Gazette 1865 Part 2
Bright & Hitchcock 31 Jul 1889 VIC partnership with Thomas George Washington COBURN carrying on business at Geelong VIC and 7 Poultry, London, dissolved by mutual consent Victorian Government Gazette 1889 Part 2
Cook, Michelmore & Co Jun 1907 QLD moved 38 of their horses from Rockhampton to Fort Cooper The Capricornian (Rockhampton) 1 Jun 1907
Cook, Michelmore & Co 1915 QLD owner or holder of Lady Elphinstone station, Nebo, with 896 horses and 3700 cattle Wise
Cook, Michelmore & Co 1923 QLD owner or holder of Lake Elphinstone station, Nebo, with 2856 cattle & 28 sheep Wise
Cook, Michelmore & Co 1929 QLD further mentions of the company, e.g., selling cattle  
E Mitchelmore & Sons 12 Mar 1858 VIC won contract for fencing at The Battery, Williamstown for £149 Government Gazette 1858 Part 1
E Mitchelmore & Sons 9 Jul 1858 VIC won contract for fencing the Patent Slip Yard, Williamstown for £260 Government Gazette 1858 Part 3
E Mitchelmore & Sons 9 Jul 1858 VIC won contract for building verandah at Police Quarters, Point Nepean, for £303 10s Government Gazette 1858 Part 3
E Mitchelmore & Sons 24 Sep 1858 VIC won contract for supplying bricks, cement and glazed piping at Yarra Road, Melbourne, for £175 Government Gazette 1858 Part 4
E Mitchelmore & Sons 12 Jul 1859 VIC won contract for extra work completing pier at Snapper Point for £294 7s Government Gazette 1859 Part 3
E & T MICHELMORE 11 Dec 1928 SA storekeepers of Robe: agents for Parsons & Parsons, Adelaide estate agents, in the purchase of land at Robe Border Watch (Mount Gambier) 11 Dec 1928
E & T MICHELMORE 8 May 1930 SA storekeepers of Lucindale: James BRADLEY fined L5 for passing them a valueless cheque Border Watch (Mount Gambier) 8 May 1930
E & T MICHELMORE 8 Oct 1932 SA storekeepers of Victor Harbor The Advertiser (Adelaide) 8 Oct 1932
E & T MICHELMORE 1 Apr 1933 SA advertises stores in Lucindale and Victor Harbor [many similar advertisements 1933-1933] The Mail (Adelaide)1 Apr 1933
E & T MICHELMORE Sep 1943 SA of Port Road, Allenby Gardens: money and cigarettes stolen The Advertiser (Adelaide) 29 Sep 1943
Heath & Mitchelmore 1900 NSW landowners of Wagga Wagga Yewen's Directory of Landholders
Hitchcock Bros and Co. 1849 VIC shop established by brothers George Michelmore and Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK Australian Dictionary of Biography
Hitchcock Bros and Co. 22 Jun 1850 VIC William HITCHCOCK, George Michelmore HITCHCOCK and Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK, from Manchester and London, will operate as Hitchcock Brothers & Co, general dealers in hardware & drapery, in the late William Wallace Hotel opposite the Union Bank, Geelong Geelong Advertiser 22 Jun 1850
J Michelmore & Co the 1890s QLD “Central Queensland’s icon family business” founded by John Michelmore sen and Bill BAGLEY in Mackay Birth of Our Nation
J Michelmore & Co 1891-1918 QLD In January 1891 J. Michelmore and Co. began business as wholesale merchants in Victoria Street, Mackay, later diversifying into other areas. They owned the Victoria Hotel, and also had wine and spirits agencies. A description during the 1918 cyclone declares that one of the sights of the town "was a heterogenous collection of goods, including hogsheads and large cases, which were washed from the river front stores of Messrs. Michelmore and Co." [also several advertisements in Queensland newspapers] Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) 29 Jan 1918  
J Michelmore & Co Mar 1912 QLD sold Fort Cooper and Lake Elphinstone stations to W S WALLIS Townsville Daily Bulletin 2 Mar 1912
J Michelmore & Co 1917 QLD sold to the Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company 26 tons 1 cwt 1 qr 9 lb copper ore for L252 15s 7d and 0.68 oz gold ore for L2 17s 3d Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) 23 Mar 1918
J Michelmore & Co 21 Jan 1918 QLD a cyclone severely damaged their bulk store; floodwaters washed away a heterogeneous collection of goods, including hogsheads and large cases, and scattered them along the river bank [several other reports] Brisbane Courier 29 Jan 1918
J Michelmore & Co Pty Ltd 4 Jun 1940 QLD company calendar published (copyright registered by Mackay Printing & Publishing Co Pty Ltd) National Archives of Australia
J Michelmore & Co 1966 QLD company published the 4-page booklet J Michelmore & Co Pty Ltd: 75th anniversary, 1891-1966 Google books
J Michelmore & Co 1983 QLD When the new levee bank was constructed in Mackay, the landmark Michelmore's Warehouse was the first building to be demolished. It had been erected in 1911 by Vic PHILLIPS, a well known Mackay builder Daily Mercury 19 Nov 1983
Macro & Michelmore 1889-1894 NSW house, estate, financial & insurance agents, accountants and & auditors of 135 King Street, Sydney: 194 advertisements Sydney Morning Herald 2 Feb 1889 - 22 Dec 1894
Michelmore's Bakery Nov 1942 SA of 62 Port Road, Allenby Gardens: agents for Procera starch reduced bread [many other advertisements 1942-1954] The Mail (Adelaide)7 Nov 1942
Michelmore's Bakery 4 Jul 1951 SA of 558 Port Road, Allenby Gardens: advertised for a bread carter [also 1952-1954] The Advertiser (Adelaide) 4 Jul 1951
Michelmore Bros & Co 24 Jun 1918 QLD 100 fat cattle belonging to them moved from Byerwan station to Mackay The Queenslander (Brisbane) 6 Jul 1918
Michelmore Brothers Oct 1942 SA farmers: their crop of peas inspected by Belvidere Agricultural Bureau team Southern Argus (Port Elliot) 22 Oct 1942
Michelmore Ltd 4 Dec 1953 SA of Gumeracha: purchased two cows from Brooklands Fresian Stud Chronicle (Adelaide) 10 Dec 1953
Michelmore, Roeger & Russell 1957 SA architects, designed the Catholic Church of the Holy Name, Payneham Rd, St Peters Twentieth Century Heritage Survey Stage 1
Michelmore, Roeger & Russell 18 Dec 1957 SA architects, soil examination report GRS 8702
Mitchelmore Transport Pty Ltd 2013 QLD established by Stan & Nola MITCHELMORE on the Gold Coast in 1974; daughter Karen and her husband Tony joined business in 1985; now hires out trucks to major building projects Mitchelmore Transport
Mitchelmore & Jeffrey 9 Apr 1875 VIC won contract to erect state school and quarters at Tinamba for £280 Victorian Government Gazette 9 Apr 1875
Mouchemore & Co 1912-1914 WA plumbers, operating in rented premises in Albany Albany Rate Book
Mouchemore & Co 1910-1944 WA Albany plumbers, tinsmiths, ironmongers etc. [regular advertisements] Albany Advertiser [regular advertisements]
Mouchemore & Co Aug 1926 WA under new management (following purchase by Drew, Robinson & Co] with the addition of a garage department Albany Advertiser 18 Aug 1926
Mouchemore & Co 1930 WA of York Street, Albany: supplier & fitter of home appliances with 20 yr experience Albany Advertiser 14 Jun 1930
Mouchemore, Barnesby Motor Co. Aug 1932 WA York Street, Albany: Ford dealers for Albany, Mt Barker, Cranbrook & Denmark districts Daily News (Perth) 30 Aug 1932
R A Irish & Michelmore 1940-1946 NSW auditors, Berrima District Hospital and Ambulance Service The Southern Mail (Bowral) 1940-1943
Smith Bros., Mouchemore & Gerdes 31 Oct 1908 WA fishmongers of Albany and Kalgoorlie: Notice of dissolution of partnership, Henry Brooks MOUCHEMORE retiring from partnership Albany Advertiser 31 Oct 1908
Financial matters
Name Date(s) State Information Source
E & T Michelmore 1946-1948 SA Robe Tce, Medindie: trading results National Archives of Australia
E A & T A Michelmore 1946 SA Victor Harbor: trading results National Archives of Australia
Carl GUNTHER 21 Mar 1892 VIC 120 Victoria Parade, Collingwood: tenders invited for the stock-in-trade, fittings, fixtures and goodwill of the business of chemist and druggist formerly carried on by Carl GUNTHER; takings average about £50 per month, rent £2 per week, stock and fixtures valued at £350 [also advertised 24 & 26 Mar 1892] The Argus (Melbourne) 21 Mar 1892
Michelmore's Bakery 1941-1948 SA Allenby Gardens: balance sheets National Archives of Australia
Michelmore's Bakery Pty Ltd 1964-1965 SA annual statements related to purchase of Oldfields Bakery, Adelaide in association with D & J Fowler (Australia) Ltd and Noske Industries Ltd South Australian State Library
Tamara Ursula MOUCHEMORE 1 Jun 2009 WA registered Contemporary Browbands and Showhorse Accessories for ABN as sole trader; ABN cancelled 22 Apr 2015 Australian Business Register
V J Michelmore 1939-1948 SA 22 Rundle St, Adelaide: trading results National Archives of Australia
Name Date(s) State Information Source
George & Robert E Michelmore 13 Nov 1878 VIC declared insolvent, debts £1152 Geelong Advertiser 13 Nov 1878
J Michelmore & Co 1892-1900 QLD of Mackay: annual liquor & tobacco licences renewed Police Gazette
J Michelmore & Coy 1924-1964 QLD of Mackay: siding on wharf Queensland National Archives
J Michelmore & Coy 1929-1937 QLD of Mackay: franking machine licence National Archives of Australia
J Michelmore & Co Ltd Feb 1932 QLD incorporated as a limited company with capital of £250,000 Townsville Daily Bulletin 10 Feb 1932
J Michelmore & Co Pty Ltd 1939-1950 QLD of Mackay: ten percent special allowance authorised, 4 folios National Archives of Australia
J Michelmore & Son 1961-1979 QLD of Mackay: private railway siding Queensland National Archives
J Michelmore & Co Pty Ltd 1962 QLD plaint filed in civil action heard in Mackay District Court Queensland National Archives
J Michelmore & Co Pty Ltd 1965 QLD plaint filed in civil action heard in Mackay District Court Queensland National Archives
J Michelmore & Co 1983 QLD of Mackay: liquor licence revoked Queensland National Archives
J Michelmore & Co 1986 QLD of Mackay: liquor licence revoked Queensland National Archives
J Michelmore & Co Pty Ltd   QLD of Mackay: secondary wholesalers National Archives of Australia
Macro & Michelmore Nov 1889 NSW of King Street, Sydney: enginers, tested a lathe invented by Mr PRESTON that was capable of cutting any shape Goulburn Evening Penny Post 16 Nov 1889
Michelmore Bros 1 Aug 1925 SA assessment of Richmond Park property reduced to 16s for a total of £3,500 by Robe Council Border Watch (Mount Gambier) 7 Aug 1925
Michelmore Bros 11 Jun 1927 SA Robe Council granted them permission to erect a second petrol pump in front of their premises Border Watch (Mount Gambier) 23 Jun 1927


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