M*CH*MORE One Name Study


The M*CH*MORE mailing list at groups.io is intended for use by anyone with a genealogical interest in any or all of the variants of the MITCHELMORE surname. However, to post or read messages, you must first subscribe.

  • Subscribing. To join the M*CH*MORE mailing list, send an email to mitchelmore+subscribe@groups.io. (You do not need to include a subject or even a message.) You will then be sent an invitation to subscribe which will also tell you how you can choose between the various options available.

  • Reading past messages. Visit https://groups.io/g/mitchelmore/topics.

  • Posting a message. Send your message in an email to mitchelmore@groups.io or reply to an existing message. It is possible to include hashtags and attachments with your message.

  • Unsubscribing. To leave the M*CH*MORE mailing list, send an email to mitchelmore+unsubscribe@groups.io.

For questions about this list, visit https://groups.io/helpcenter/membersmanual or contact the list administrator.