M*CH*MORE One Name Study



A DNA Project has been started to use the latest scientific techniques of genetic genealogy to obtain information on M*CH*MORE history that goes beyond anything the existing written documentation can provide.

The project aims to answer some or all of the following questions:

  • Are the family trees that have so far been reconstructed correct? In particular, have the Australian and North American M*CH*MOREs been linked to the correct Devonshire ancestors?
  • Do all the M*CH*MOREs traced to the southern South Hams have a common ancestor, or are there distinct lines?
  • Do the southern South Hams M*CH*MOREs have ancestors in common with the MICHELMOREs traced to Buckfastleigh and/or the MUCHMOREs traced to Cornwall?
  • Where did the MUCHMOREs traced to Connecticut and New Hampshire, USA, come from?

These questions can be answered if enough men from each of the various trees have their DNA tested.

Several men have jointed the project, and the results are already most revealing.

DNA testing

The test used is based on the male Y chromosome, which is passed down from father to son virtually unaltered (like the surname). The project is therefore limited to male M*CH*MOREs.

The results of the test, which just amounts to taking a cheek swab and returning it to a laboratory, consist of a series of numbers. The DNA of closely related males have very similar series of numbers, more distantly related males show more minor differences, and unrelated males show many differences. It is even possible to estimate from the degree of difference when the common ancestor (if any) lived.

For further details on the project, click here and read the section GROUP INFORMATION.  To participate in the project, scroll down the page and order a 'Y-DNA37' test (the most cost-effective male line test).

If you wish to support the project but do not wish to take a DNA test, you may like to contribute to a General Fund (held by Family Tree DNA) that can be used to sponsor test kits for M*CH*MOREs who might otherwise not be able to afford them. The donation facility is available here.