M*CH*MORE One Name Study


This index lists all the male spouses included on this site whose surnames are known and who are known to be deceased. The list includes not only spouses of heads of family but also spouses of their children.

Because birth dates are rarely known, the estimated or actual marriage date is indicated instead. (The birth date may be estimated by subtracting 25 years.) A date such as "184x" is an estimate and indicates the approximate decade. Places in parentheses are the names of UK registration districts.

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Last revised at update #34.

ABRAHAM, William Tamline m 1859 (Totnes)
ADAMS, Arthur Leslie m 1921 VIC
ADAMS, Herbert William m 1930 (Totnes)
ADAMS, John m 1811 Chivelstone
ADAMS, William m 1780 Thurlestone
AITKEN, William Robert m 1929 Seville VIC
ALDRICH, George E m 1941 (Hampstead)
ALLEN, William m 1864 Dartmouth
ALLERY, William m 1811
ALLPRESS, William H m 1910 (Wandsworth)
ALMOND, William m 1690 Slapton
ALOMES, Sydney m 1981 TAS
ANDERS, Peter m 1830 Stoke Damerel
ANDERSON, Frederick John m 1932 Dist No 14 SA
ANDREW, John m 1756 St Germans, Cornwall
ANDREW, Ransom m 1896 ON
ANDREWS, Silas Henry m 1914 Brixham
ANDREWS, William Luscombe m 1891 (Kingsbridge)
APPLIN, Edgar m 1917 Green Island Brook NL
ARIS, George m 1865 Marylebone
ARMSTRONG, Harold Norton m 1939 Los Angeles CA
ARSENAULT, William m 1945
ASCOTT, Richard m 1790 Buckfastleigh
ASH, John m 1795 East Allington
ASH, Percival Ernest m 1907 (Plymouth)
ASHLEY, Stanley m 1923 (Edmonton)
ASHLIN, Basil Patterson m 1948
ATKEY, Eric Nigel m 1946 Holcombe Burnell
ATTWOOD, George Thomas m 1890 Cootamundra NSW
AUGER, John Samuel m 1919 Thurlestone
AUSTIN, Richard m 1894 Marldon
AVERY, Edward Francis m 1921 Plymouth
AVIS, Charles W m 1913 (Fulham)

BABB, Humphrey m 1690 Wolborough
BABB, Richard m 1685 Wolborough
BAILEY, Clayton Walter m 1935
BAILEY, John Henry m 1909 (Plymouth)
BAIRSTOW, Fred m 1907 Littleham cum Exmouth
BAKER, Andrew m 1617 Newton Ferrers
BAKER, Richard m 1653 Kingsbridge
BAKER, Robert m 1605 Halwell
BAKER, Robert Norton Scruton m 1884 SA
BALE, John m 1862 Camden Town
BALE, John Benjamin m 1930 Plymouth
BALL, James Edward m 1898 Stoke Damerel
BALLARD, ? m 1865
BALLARD, Frank William m 1885 Marylebone
BAMFORD, Peter J D m 1948 (Middlesex S)
BARDONS, Philip m 1772 Stokenham
BARING, Herbert m 1923 (Lambeth)
BARKER, Oscar Elwyn Hythe m 1945 Saskatoon SK
BARRETT, William m 1766 St Veep, Cornwall
BARTHOLOMEW, Melbourne H m 1965
BARTLETT, William George m 1910 Plymouth
BASKERVILLE, James T m 1922 (Kingsbridge)
BASSETT, William m 1830 Stoke Damerel
BASTOW, John m 1720 Buckfastleigh
BASTOW, Simon m 1792 Buckfastleigh
BATCHELOR, Thomas m 1875 (Southampton)
BATE, Thomas L m 1925 (St Columb)
BATEMAN, Alfred Earnest m 1913 Hoxton
BATES, George W m 1905 Houston TX
BATH, David F m 1956 (Surrey N)
BAUER, William Edward/Frederick m 1942 Houston TX
BAYLEY, George m 1807 Greenwich
BAYLISS, Maurice m 1955 (Edmonton)
BEARNE, Samuel m 1888 (Totnes)
BEAUMONT, Oliver m 1911 Philadelphia PA
BECK, William C m 1937 (Hampstead)
BEESTON, William A m 1920 (Pancras)
BELL, John Wallace m 1915 East Stonehouse
BELL, Thomas H m 1914 (N Witchford)
BENNETT, John m 1887 (Totnes)
BENNETT, John m 1859 Stoke Damerel
BENNETT, William m 1898 Fulham
BENTON, Alva Hartley m 1913 Columbus OH
BERRY, Isaac m 1808 Plympton
BERRY, Joseph Edward m 1911 Philadelphia PA
BETTINSON, Richard m 1857 Plymouth
BEVELL, James m 1849 Thurlestone
BICKFORD, Edward C m 1930 (Kingsbridge)
BICKFORD, Nicholas m 1873 (Kingsbridge)
BLACKALLER, Jacob Bartlett m 1845 Paignton
BLACKMOORE, George m 1688 Buckfastleigh
BLACKMORE, James H m 1931 (Totnes)
BLACKWOOD, Edward J m 1945 (Newton Abbot)
BLANK, James m 1864 Slapton
BOND, Cyril J m 1952 (Plymouth)
BOND, Lewis m 1898 Salcombe
BOND, Peter Clement m 1955 Merton Park
BONE, George Hunter m 1938 Vancouver BC
BOON, George m 1899 Oseney Crescent
BOON, Thomas m 1844 Ringmore
BORDER, James m 1782 Buckfastleigh
BORDER, Richard m 1786 Buckfastleigh
BORDER, Richard m 1786 Buckfastleigh
BOTT, Adolphus Herbert m 1889 St Helier, Jersey
BOTT, John m 1917 (Leicester)
BOULTER, Alfred Henry m 1894 Dartmouth
BOUNDY, Samuel m 1858 Exeter
BOVEY, John m 1791 Buckfastleigh
BOW, Samuel m 1855 Harberton
BOWDEN, Henry m 1832 Stokenham
BOWDEN, Thomas m 1855 Broadhempstead
BOWDEN, William m 1797 Staverton
BOWLES, Horace W m 1942 (Kingsbridge)
BOYLES, William m 1725 Pauls Wharf
BRADBURY, Ernest R m 1915 (Tiverton)
BRAY, William m 1863 (Truro)
BRAY, William Leonard m 1916 Plymouth
BREWER, Henry Percival Gordon m 1911 VIC
BREWER, John m 1836 Dartmouth
BREWER, William m 1936 Grimes County TX
BRIGHTY, Arthur N m 1923 (Westhampnett)
BRODERIDGE, George m 1687 Buckfastleigh
BROOKING, John m 1862 Dartmouth
BROWN, Buster m 1925
BROWN, Charles John m 1870 St Helier, Jersey
BROWN, George m 1870 Wells, Somerset
BROWN, John m 1747 Fleet Prison
BROWN, Richard m 1882 Kingswear
BROWNE, John m 1841 Harberton
BRUSHMEAR, John m 1917 Pancras
BUDGE, John m 1812 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
BULL, Leslie C m 1951 (Totnes)
BULLER, Samuel m 1836 Tywardreath, Cornwall
BUNNELL, George H m 1877
BUNT, James Henry m 1919 Plymouth
BURBIDGE-KING, Alfred G F m 1928 (Chelsea)
BURGESS, Lyle Henry m 1942 Burwood NSW
BURGOYNE, Andrew m 1856 (Kingsbridge)
BURGOYNE, William John m 1899 Stoke Fleming
BURN, Charles William m 1903 Torwood
BURNER, John m 1763 Stokenham
BURNS, Leslie R m 1926 (Kingsbridge)
BURNS, Norman m 1926 (South Shields)
BURSTOW, Dennis W m 1947 (Pancras)
BURT, Joseph W m 1919 Kurri Kurri NSW
BUTCHERS, Joseph W m 1928 (Isle of Wight)
BUTLER, John E m 1884 Washington County TX

CALLARD, Henry m 1706 Buckfastleigh
CALLARD, Thomas m 1840 Plymouth
CALLARD, Thomas m 1817 Buckfastleigh
CAMPBELL, William C m 1947 (Willesden)
CARNE, Edward M m 1938 (Plymouth)
CARR, Percival James m 1945 Plymouth
CARROLL, Alexander m 189x
CARTER, Joseph m 1828 Dartmouth
CARTER, Thomas m 1808 St Marylebone
CATER, Alex H m 1942 (Fulham)
CHAFF, John m 1695 Buckfastleigh
CHAMBERLAIN, James Edwin m 1904 Stokenham
CHAMBERS, Aaron m 1958
CHAMPION, Jonas m 1830 Brixham
CHAPMAN, Alfred Barnard m 1906 Elgin ON
CHAPMAN, William E m 1921 (Christchurch)
CHAPMAN, William George m 1911 (Plymouth)
CHAPPELL, William G m 1916 (Crickhowell)
CHARICK, John m 1701 Harberton
CHARLEY, Victor J m 1961 (Newton Abbot)
CHARLTON, Russell Thomas m 1937 Kingston ON
CHELTNAM, Henry m 1909 St Pancras
CHESEMAN, William m 1742 Exeter St David
CHESSHER, Earl Cedell m 1946 Goodrich TX
CHIVILL, Fernley Luther m 1907 Buckfastleigh
CHRISTIAN, Albert B m 1921 Washington County TX
CHRISTIAN, James m 1845
CHURCHILL, Charles E m 1941 (Surrey MidE)
CHURCHILL, Henry Arthur m 1908 Brondesbury
CHURCHWARD, Samuel m 1816 Buckfastleigh
CLARK, Edward m 1862 Aveton Gifford
CLARK, Edward m 1879 (Barton Regis)
CLARK, Edward Saunders m 1855
CLARK, John m 1780 Southwark
CLARKE, Billie m 1965
CLARKE, Charles Mulligan m 1910 QLD
CLARKE, Reginald J m 1924 (Crediton)
CLARKE, William Haines m 1884 Denmark Hill St Matthew
CLARKSON, Batehelder m 1965
CLAYTON, Richard m 1897 (Christchurch)
CLEMENTS, James m 1820 Stokenham
CLINKER, Frederick David m 1901 Battersea
CLOUDSDALE, Jonathan Claudius m 1911 Brondesbury
CLYBURN, Wilfrid J m 1928 (Totnes)
COAKER, Reginald G m 1934 (Totnes)
COCKRAM, George m 1917 (Kingsbridge)
COD, John m 1717 Buckfastleigh
COHEN, Solomon m 1905
COLE, Arthur m 1730 Churchstow
COLE, Edward m 1846 Sherford
COLE, John m 1665 St Cleer, Cornwall
COLE, Nicolaus m 1599 Buckfastleigh
COLEMAN, Thomas Joseph m 1912 Hackney
COLES, George Henry m 1913 Green Island Cove NL
COLES, Matthew m 1909 Green Island Cove NL
COLLICOTT, Henry James m 1915 Devonport
COLLIN, Leopold F m 1919 (Maidenhead)
COLLINGS, Wilfred N m 1927 (Totnes)
COLLINS, Henry m 1889 (Southampton)
CONGDON, Edward Randolph m 1914 VIC
CONLAY, Albert E m 1937 (Marylebone)
COOK, Henry m 1868 Dartmouth
COOK, Nicholaus m 1641 Buckfastleigh
COOKE, William George m 1882 Bradfield, Essex
COOPER, ? m 1975
CORDING, Frederick W m 1952 (Barnet)
COREM, Henry m 1827 Buckfastleigh
COSH, Luke m 1671 Blackawton
COTTON, James m 1687 Wolborough
COUCH, Andrew m 1827 Sherford
COUCH, John m 1844 Blisland, Cornwall
COUGHILL, John m 1810 South Milton
COVE, Samuel m 1884 (Kingsbridge)
COWLEY, William m 1783 Totnes
COX, Leonard m 1941 (Bristol)
COYDE, Samuel m 1851 Brixham
CRANCH, Joseph m 1815 West Alvington
CRANCH, Richard m 1699 Stoke Fleming
CRAWFORD, John Colin m 1913 Plymouth
CREBER, James m 1822 Buckfastleigh
CREESE, Jack C m 1944 (Isle of Wight)
CRIMP, Richard m 1806 East Allington
CRISPIN, Henry m 1728 West Alvington
CROCKER, William m 1853 Bristol
CROCKWELL, Henry m 1842 Combeinteignhead
CROSBY, Alan Travers m 1934 Pontville TAS
CROSS, Henry m 1897 Kingskerswell
CROSS, William H m 1922 (Pancras)
CROUT, John Bullen m 1861 Lifton
CRUMP, Walter m 1889 Queenscliff VIC
CULLIN, Richard m 1785 Stokenham
CUMES, Arthur Charles m 1885 Abbotskerswell
CUMMING, Thomas m 1825 Stoke Fleming
CUMMINS, Stanley m 1925 (Wandsworth)
CURGENVEN, James M m 1939 (Bodmin)
CURRAN, Bernard m 1940 Albany WA
CURRIE, James Joseph m 1897 VIC
CURTIES, Michael G L m 1938 (Wandsworth)
CURTIS, Robert m 1905 Liskeard, Cornwall
CUTTER, Cyril D m 1942 (Pontypridd)

DAILEY, Peter m 1797 Plymouth
DALRYMPLE, John Hamilton m 1920 QLD
DAMARELL, John m 1856 Kingsbridge
DAMARET, John m 1702 Buckfastleigh
DAMERAL, Thomas m 1853 Charleton
DANIELS, George m 1876 (Totnes)
DARTON, Richard m 1809 Plympton
DAVEY, Henry m 1875 Notting Hill
DAVIES, Thomas m 1855
DAVIES, Walter J m 1918 (Christchurch)
DAVIS, Ken m 1935
DAVIS, Philip m 1834 Kingston ON
DAWES, Alfred John m 1896 (Medway)
DAY, Reginald E m 1929 (Newton Abbot)
DAY, Thomas Arthur m 1906 Fulham
DEAN, Murray Henry m 1911 VIC
DECENT, John Putt m 1885 Dartmouth
DENHAM, William m 1763 Stoke Damerel
DENLEY, John m 1879 (Newton Abbot)
DENNITHORN, Sampson m 1725 St Cleer, Cornwall
DEVIE, Philip m 1715 Sherford
DIBBLE, Harold Albert m 1947 Stanmore
DIEGEL, Fred m 1885 PA
DIXON, Archibald Berkley m 1896 (Plymouth)
DOLBEAR, Giles m 1749 Buckfastleigh
DOLMAN, Robert Lucas m 1939 VIC
DOLTON, William m 1848 Plymouth
DONEGAN, John Patrick m 1929 VIC
DONOGHOE, John m 1847 Gananoque ON
DORNOM, Michael F m 1960 (Kingsbridge)
DUNCAN, Bogie m 1927 (Devonport)
DYBLE, Herbert J m 1945 (Hampstead)
DYER, Frederick Thomas m 1925 (Stow-on-the-Wold)

EADES, Augustus L m 1914 (Brighton)
EASTMAN, Henry m 1842 Littlehempston
EASTMENT, Roylance Elvyn m 1945
EDGCUMBE, Ernest Albert m 1906 East Stonehouse
EDGE, Thomas William m 1942 (Bristol)
EDGECOMBE, George W P m 1923 (Christchurch)
EDGECOMBE, Richard m 1847 St Marychurch
EDMOND, Willi m 1653 Blackawton
EDMONDS, John m 1780 Blackawton
EDMONDS, Thomas Hunt m 1851 Ashprington
EDWARDS, Benjamin m 1812 Chivelstone
EDWARDS, David m 1931 (Dolgelly)
EDWARDS, William m 1579 Brixham
EFFORD, Stephen m 1769 Slapton
EGBEARE, Albert John m 1903 Ashburton
ELGAR, Edward m 1944 Wellington NZ
ELLIOT, John m 1806 Sherford
ELLIOTT, Charles m 1873 SA
ELLIOTT, Charles m 1864 SA
ELLIOTT, Samuel m 1761 Chivelstone
ELLIS, ? m 1955
ELLIS, Frederick James m 1907 (Plymouth)
ELLIS, John Edward m 1889 (Kingsbridge)
EMOTT, Henry m 1696 Staverton
ENGLISH, Richard Clive m 1911 Kentish Town
ENRIGHT, Jerry Gordon m 1948 Albany WA
ESCOTT, Thomas W m 1928 (Camberwell)
EVANS, Blaine m 1934 Maricopa AZ
EVANS, David m 1900 (Pontypridd)
EVANS, Ernest Bertram m 1930 (Totnes)
EVANS, Samuel m 1830 Bigbury
EVANS, William m 1866 Cardiff
EVENS, Edward m 1722 Buckfastleigh
EVINS, Richard m 1790 Buckfastleigh

FABIAN, Jacobus m 1694 Buckfastleigh
FAHEY, Rex m 1938
FAIRWEATHER, James m 1824 Chivelstone
FALK, Henry m 1933 Washington County TX
FARAGHER, John Trevor m 1960 Melbourne VIC
FARLEIGH, Richard m 1818 Harberton
FARLEY, John m 1844 Ringmore
FARR, Edward Henry m 1888 (Totnes)
FERGUSSON, William Fairlie m 1925
FERRIS, George Henry m 1878 (Kingsbridge)
FERRIS, Sidney J m 1933 (Totnes)
FIFE, Rufus T m 1908 Washington County TX
FILA, John Frank Jr m 1916 Austin TX
FIRMINGER, Harold Reginald m 1915 VIC
FISCHER, Frederick Jacob m 1942
FISHER, Frederick William m 1892 St Helier, Jersey
FITZE, George m 1814 Ashburton
FITZSIMMONS, William Thomas m 1938 QLD
FLATTEY, James Thomas m 1887 VIC
FLOOK, Harold James m 1940 (Bristol)
FOGWELL, George m 1858 Brixham
FOLLEY, Albert Wilfred m 1932 Plymouth
FORD, William m 1839 South Milton
FORSTER, James m 1755 Broadhempston
FOSTER, Charles Alfred m 1935 Plymouth
FOSTER, Johannes m 1692 Buckfastleigh
FRANCIS, Henry St D m 1916 (Isle of Wight)
FRANCIS, John m 1765 Westerham
FRANKLIN, William Battenborn m 1903 Dalston, London
FRASER, John Watson m 1937 Moose Jaw SK
FREESTUN, John P m 1897 Townsville QLD
FRIEND, Nicholas m 1878 Stokenham
FROST, George m 1846 Wolborough
FROST, John m 1682 Harberton
FRY, Edward m 1686 Mary Tavy
FULLER, Walter E m 1915 George Street West
FURNEAUX, Henry m 1697 Buckfastleigh
FURNEAUX, Samuel m 1902 East Allington
FURZE, John m 1873 Rattery
FURZELAND, Walter m 1766 West Alvington

GALUSHA, Robert D m 1939 CA
GALUSHA, Robert David m 1972 Honolulu HI
GARDNERS, Walter D m 1922
GARNETT, Robert Henry m 1874 Marylebone
GARTH, Ralph Bernard m 1928 VIC
GATES, Alexander V m 1909 Redfern NSW
GATES, Thomas Edward m 1929 (Pancras)
GAYLARD, William Charles m 1877 Plymouth
GAYLORD, ? m 1965
GEAR, Edward C m 1974 (S Glamorgan)
GEE, James Ernest m 1928 Washington County TX
GENGE, George m 1924 Green Island Cove NL
GERMAN, Walter Henry M m 1904 (Tavistock)
GIBBS, John m 1856 Plymouth
GIBBS, Percival Raymond m 1904 Paignton
GIDLEY, Charles Arthur m 1909 Plymouth
GIDLEY, Henry m 1788 Buckfastleigh
GILBARD, William m 1832 Stoke Damerel
GILES, Charles Peter m 1928 East Portlemouth
GILES, James m 1844 St Martin in the Fields
GILES, William m 1829 East Stonehouse
GILL, Arthur Bertram m 1914 TAS
GILLIARD, William m 1610 Halwell
GOLDEN, Philip m 1931 (Hendon)
GOODCHILD, Henry A m 1941 Cheam
GOODMAN, George S m 1927 (Totnes)
GOODMAN, Richard m 1719 Ashburton
GOODMAN, Richard m 1719 Ashburton
GOODYEAR, Silas m 1820 Stokenham
GORDON, Frederick George m 1911 Montreal QC
GORDON, Julius Percival m 1910 VIC
GOSTLING, Edward R H m 1922 (Marylebone)
GOULD, Alex m 1885
GOWER, William A m 1946 (Brentwood)
GRAHAM, John m 1933 Port Colbourne
GRANT, John m 1684 East Allington
GRAVES, George W m 1913 Hill County TX
GRAY, Walter Henry m 1890 VIC
GREEN, Alan Lindsay m 1955 Casino NSW
GREGORY, George F m 1972 (Torbay)
GREGORY, Leonard J m 1947 (Kingsbridge)
GRIFFIN, Michael m 1863 Westminster
GRIFFITH, Edward m 1920 (Dolgelly)
GRIFFITHS, Victor Trevor m 1935 NZ
GROVES, Alfred m 1908 Queenscliff VIC
GUY, Henry m 1872 Carisbrooke, Hampshire

HADLEY, Milo m 1925
HAGERTY, Denis m 1920 (Camberwell)
HAINES, Frederick H m 1927 (Totnes)
HALE, Frederick m 1874 Highweek
HALEY, Charles m 1809 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
HALIFAX, Henry Branson m 1868 Tilehurst, Berkshire
HALL, Charles H m 1931 (Edmonton)
HALL, Henry m 1898 (Bromley)
HALLIMAN, Kenneth D m 1972 Los Angeles CA
HAMBLING, William m 1783 Slapton
HAMER, Frederic Brian m 1945 Kingston ON
HAMLING, Thomas m 1703 Dean Prior
HANCOCK, John m 1815 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
HANCOCK, Joseph m 1824 Liskeard, Cornwall
HANCOCK, Richard m 1851 Stoke Damerel
HANNAFORD, Albert m 1950 (Totnes)
HANNAFORD, Philip m 1780 Harberton
HANSEN, Louis A m 1912 Ashfield
HANSEN, Philip T m 1915 (Gateshead)
HANTON, Arthur S m 1935 (Fulham)
HARDING, Clifford J m 1943 (Totnes)
HARDY, Philip m 1738 West Alvington
HARRIS, Bennet m 1616 Blackawton
HARRIS, Edward Robert Manley m 1882 Paignton
HARRIS, Elijah Philip m 1875 Dartmouth
HARRIS, John m 1683 Linkinhorne, Cornwall
HARRIS, John Welstead Kent m 1910 Albany WA
HART, John m 1883 Kingskerswell
HART, Lorance Jack m 1945
HARTWELL, Calvert L W m 1939 Prospect Hill SA
HARVEY, Joseph m 1695 Slapton
HARVEY, Richard m 1838 (East Stonehouse)
HARVEY, Timothy Shaw m 1954 (Devon Central)
HARVEY, William m 1847 Plymouth
HATCH, John m 1707 Blackawton
HAWES, Benjamin m 1873 Camberwell
HAWKE, William Henry m 1882 Dartmouth
HAWKES, Hugh m 1638 Staverton
HAYES, Morris R m 1928 (Totnes)
HAYES, William m 1907 Clapham
HAYMAN, John m 1916 (Totnes)
HAYWARD, Frederick m 1922 (Wandsworth)
HEAD, John William James m 1903 Slapton
HEARDER, Henry m 1803 Cockington
HEDGE, William m 1935 Green Island Cove NL
HEDGER, Henry m 1846 Ringmore
HEFFRON, Frank H m 1962
HEINCESLATER, Charles m 1884 Curramulka SA
HENWOOD, William m 1750 Quethiock, Cornwall
HERREFORD, R W m 1885 Washington
HERRIDGE, Arthur A m 1926 (Hammersmith)
HEWETT, John m 1768 Staverton
HEWETT, John m 1768 Staverton
HEWISON, Frederick R m 1939 (Pancras)
HEXT, Phinehas m 1745 Stokenham
HEXT, Phinehas m 1745 Stokenham
HEYWOOD, Charles m 1893 St Marylebone
HILL, Hugo m 1689 Buckfastleigh
HINDS, Ronald John Marshall m 1935
HINE, Michael W m 1962 (Totnes)
HOBB, John m 1750 St Germans, Cornwall
HOLLAND, Frederic F m 1911 (Lewisham)
HOLLICK, Colin m 1982 Plymouth
HOLLOWAY, Arthur m 1941 (Hampstead)
HOLMAN, Henry m 1724 Saltash, Cornwall
HOLMAN, Thomas D C m 1937 (Totnes)
HONEY, William Henry m 1889 (East Stonehouse)
HONEYCHURCH, William Henry m 1917 (Plymouth)
HOOLIHAN, Dalton James m 1929 Kidston QLD
HOOPER, John m 1719 Charleton
HOOPER, William m 1932 (Liskeard)
HORE, John m 1791 Lansallos, Cornwall
HORE, Nicholaus m 1623 Buckfastleigh
HORNSEY, Frederick Richard m 1907 Hackney
HORSWILL, Charles m 1905 Dartmouth
HORSWILL, Stanley J m 1955 (Totnes)
HOSKIN, William m 1920 East Allington
HOSKINS, John William m 1888 (Plymouth)
HOULDER, Eardley John m 1905 Queenscliff VIC
HOWARD, Philip m 1928 (Totnes)
HUDDY, Thomas m 1851 Stoke Damerel
HUGHES, Cecil m 1945 Green Island Cove NL
HUGHES, John m 1920 (Dolgelly)
HUGHES, Thursby m 1941 (Rotherham)
HUGHES, William m 1918 East Allington
HUME, Earl Justice m 1975 Galveston County TX
HUMPHREYS, Edward C m 1926 (Marylebone)
HUMPHRIES, Sydney T m 1943 (Lambeth)
HUNT, Charles A m 1941 (Wandsworth)
HUNT, George m 1905 Sandown, Isle of Wight
HUNT, James Wakefield m 1897 Stratford, Essex
HUNT, Reginald m 1933 (Paddington)
HURST, Harry m 1902 (Devonport)
HUSK, Samuel Goss m 1899 Dean Prior
HUTCHINGS, George Perring m 1852 Cornworthy
HUTCHINGS, John m 1881 (Totnes)
HUTCHINS, William H m 1918 (Newton Abbot)
HUTCHINSON, Frederick Harry m 1896 Marylebone
HUXHAM, Robert m 1854 Plymouth
HUXHAM, Robert m 1803 Stoke Damerel
HYDE, Jack m 1942 (Totnes)

ILER, John Henry m 1900 Manly NSW
ING, Alfred H m 1919 (Edmonton)
ISSELL, Robert m 1824 Stokenham

JACKMAN, Edgar m 1931 Staverton
JACKMAN, Samuel m 1861 Highweek
JACKSON, Edward Leslie m 1930 VIC
JAGO, Edward Charles m 1890 (Plymouth)
JAMES, Frank Horace m 1930
JANE, Richard m 1670 Saltash, Cornwall
JANE, William Henry m 1915 Plymouth
JARVIS, Victor Francis m 1943 (Hendon)
JEFFERY, William C m 1939 (Totnes)
JEFFREY, Richard m 1739 Stokenham
JEFFRIE, Johannes m 1612 Buckfastleigh
JEFFRYES, William Percy m 1945 (Islington)
JENKINS, Edmund Andrew m 1915 Hythe, Kent
JENKINS, Robert Mayland m 1871 Lancaster Gate
JENKINS, William Henry m 1905 Newington
JENNER, Stanley Ross m 1916 Drury Lane
JENNINGS, William m 1767 Westerham
JENNINGS, William Jessie m 1913 Austin TX
JOHNS, Frederick Samuel m 1909 Stokenham
JONES, Griffith W m 1921 (Ffestiniog)
JONES, Harold Octavious m 1913 Ashburton
JONES, John Llanfer m 1914 (West Derby)
JONES, John Rees m 1900 Cardiff
JONES, John Thomas m 1899 (Strand)
JONES, Peter C m 1947 (Merioneth S)
JONES, Raymond J m 1941 (Portsmouth)
JONES, Richard m 1861 (Merthyr Tydfil)
JOSEPH, Arnold m 1975
JULYAN, John E P m 1928 (Totnes)

KEAST, John m 1751 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
KEAST, Robert m 1718 St Cleer, Cornwall
KEATING, William J W m 1905 Burwood NSW
KELLOCK, George Francis m 1887 Berry Pomeroy
KELLOND, George m 1839 Stokenham
KELLOND, George Edwin m 1883 Stokenham
KELLOND, James m 1838 Stokenham
KEMP, Joseph m 1899 Notting Hill
KENT, Francis Edgar m 1909 (Kingsbridge)
KENT, John Charles m 1950 Hendon
KETCHUM, Dale Henry m 1960 Taylor County TX
KILPACK, George V m 1917 (Brentford)
KING, Herbert F m 1912 (Fulham)
KING, Richard S m 1923 (Totnes)
KLOOSS, Louis George m 1940 Glen Innes NSW
KNAPMAN, William m 1882 Wolborough
KNIGHT, Bertie G m 1960 (Ealing)
KNIGHT, Richard Lynn m 1908 (Plymouth)
KNOWLES, William m 1876 Wolborough

LANDALL, James Oates m 1893 Jersey
LANDIS, Harry de Witt Jnr m 1929
LANE, James Edward m 1868 South Milton
LANG, Arthur V m 1906 Plantagenet WA
LANG, Ernest John m 1917 (Kingsbridge)
LANG, Thomas Haynes m 1849 Hobart TAS
LANKESTER, Charles m 1909 Ennismore Gardens, London
LAPTHORNE, William m 1808 South Pool
LARKINS, David m 1869 Notting Hill
LAROSE, Henry m 1906 Elgin ON
LAVERS, Rogerus m 1576 Ugborough
LAWRENCE, William H m 1919 (Falmouth)
LAWSON, Noah m 1903 Edge Hill
LEAHY, James Jeremiah m 1898 Williamstown VIC
LEAMEN, John m 1847 (Newton Abbot)
LEAR, John m 1854 Dartmouth
LEARTHART, Alfred F m 1924 (Woolwich)
LEE, Benjamin m 1838 South Milton
LEE, John m 1714 Woodleigh
LEE, Laurance m 1776 Totnes
LEE, Nicholas m 1871 Charleton
LEGGETT, Frederick m 1974 Melcombe Regis, Dorset
LEVINGSTON, Charles m 1861 Berry Pomeroy
LEVITON, William m 1851 (St Germans)
LEWIS, Charles m 1845 (Totnes)
LIBBY, Thomas m 1847 (St Austell)
LIDSTONE, Arthur J m 1956 (Willesden)
LIDSTONE, John m 1832 Thurlestone
LINCOLN, Charles m 1883 Richmond TAS
LINSDELL, William m 1876 (Stoke Damerel)
LIPSCOMB, James Blake m 1905
LLOYD, Ivor m 1935 (Newton Abbot)
LOCK, George m 1868 Plymouth
LOMBARDINI, George m 1851 Harberton
LOWCOCK, John m 1872 Catherston Leweston
LOWDELL, Joseph Thomas m 1892 Luton
LOWE, Arthur John m 1904 Marldon
LOWETH, Lt Cecil Banks m 1918 Ealing
LOXTON, George Henry m 1898 (Stoke Damerel)
LOYE, George m 1780 Dartmouth
LUCK, Walter Harry m 1944 Plymouth
LUCKHAM, William m 1809 South Milton
LUKE, William m 1781 Stokenham
LUNDRIGAN, Phillip m 1916 Green Island Cove NL
LUSCOMB, John m 1578 Brixham
LUSCOMBE, Samuel m 1882 Upton
LYMAN, John Henry m 1918 East Stonehouse

MACINTOSH, William A m 1922 Kurri Kurri NSW
MACLEAN, Christopher m 1929 Savage Cove NL
MADELIN, John m 1908 (Lambeth)
MAJOR, Harry m 1898 Strete
MALCHOW, ? m 1935
MALLETT, James m 1858 Dartmouth
MALLINSON, ? m 1945
MALONEY, Samuel Denis m 1906 Hammersmith
MALYON, Amos m 1877 St Marylebone
MANLEY, Arthur Leonard m 1921
MANNELL, Richard Caleb m 1898 Plymouth
MANNING, David m 1872 Tormoham
MARCH, James Daniell m 1854 (Kingsbridge)
MARKS, Luke m 1865 (Sherborne)
MARSCHALL, Thomas Harrison m 1854 Totnes
MARSH, Samuel Henry m 1930 East Allington
MARSHALL, ? m 1945
MARSHALL, John m 1805 Ongar, London
MARSHALL, John m 1870 Dartmouth
MARSHALL, Montague m 1896 Balmain North
MARTEL, Thomas Ernest m 1905 Townsville QLD
MARTIN, Donald F m 1909 Plantagenet WA
MARTIN, Frederick George m 1935
MASKELL, Stanley W m 1940 (Isle of Wight)
MASON, Edward A m 1915 Burrowa NSW
MASON, Horace George m 1914 East Portlemouth
MASON, John Isaac m 1877 Bedminster St Luke
MASSEY, Stanley m 1926 (Plymouth)
MASTERS, James m 1790 Chivelstone
MASTERS, Joseph m 1860 (Kingsbridge)
MASTERS, Richard m 1757 Malborough
MASTERS, William m 1825 Churchstow
MATTHEWS, ? m 184x
MATTHEWS, Robert Humphreys m 1899 Williamstown VIC
MAUNDER, George Sydney m 1899 (Totnes)
MAXWELL, Robert m 1854 Gananoque ON
MAY, John m 1956 (Liskeard)
MAY, Nicholas m 1874 Devonport
MAYE, Thomas m 1822 Staverton
MAYE, Thomas m 1789 Staverton
MAYNARD, William m 1924 Green Island Cove NL
McCREA, Phillip William m 1912 Alexandra Park, London
McDONALD, Charles m 1965
McDONALD, Dudley m 1943 Geraldine NZ
McLEAN, Felix m 1877 Mt Gambier SA
McLEAN, John m 1909 Green Island Cove NL
McLEAN, Leonard m 1934 Green Island Cove NL
McMARTIN, John I m 1942 (Exeter)
McMILLAN, James Francis m 1919 Strathalbyn SA
McMILLAN, John m 1928 Strathalbyn SA
MEREDITH, George Glendower m 1937
MERRIFIELD, William m 1902 (Kingsbridge)
METSON, Frederick G m 1921 (Hammersmith)
MEW, William James m 1908 (Plymouth)
MICK, Chas m 1915
MILLER, Hedley Vicars m 1920 Plymouth
MILLER, Joseph Leslie Martin m 1933 Plymouth
MILLER, Leonard J m 1926 (Wandsworth)
MILLER, Richard G m 1943 (Croydon)
MILLINGTON, Richard Edward m 1930 VIC
MILLS, Thomas m 1762 Brixham
MILNER, Thomas m 1910 Birmingham
MINCHAM, Sidney Lee m 1911 SA
MINGO, Theodore m 1843 East Allington
MITCHELL, Henry Thomas m 1908 Chelsea
MITCHELL, Lewis W m 1927 (Totnes)
MITCHELMORE, John m 1717 Buckfastleigh
MITCHELMORE, Virgina Jean m 1943 Los Angeles CA
MOON, ? m 1945
MOON, George Edwin m 1941 Plymouth
MOORE, Albert Owen m 1913 Kilburn Square
MOORE, John m 1813 Sherford
MORDANT, Alfred John m 1903 Kilburn Square
MOREY, Abraham m 1868 Spring Bay TAS
MORGAN, Henry S m 1937 (Dartford)
MORLEY, Ronald Loxen m 1946 Strathalbyn SA
MORRIS MD, William m 1877 Plymouth
MORRISON, William m 1859 (Plympton)
MOUNTSTEPHEN, Richard Thomas m 1912 SA
MOYSEY, James Dimond m 1842 Broadhempston
MUDGE, Henry m 1697 Buckfastleigh
MUDGE, Joannes m 1597 Buckfastleigh
MUGFORD, George m 1909 Green Island Cove NL
MUGFORD, William m 1784 East Allington

NEILL, Frank m 1901 (Totnes)
NELDER, James m 1813 Plympton
NELSON, ? m 1925
NENER, George Edmund m 1930 Fremantle WA
NETHAWAY, William Horace m 1905 (Fulham)
NEVILLE, James m 1881 Hampstead
NEWBURY, William m 1903 Leeds & Grenville ON
NEWMAN, George Augustus m 1873 (Stoke Damerel)
NICHOLLS, John R m 1920 (Totnes)
NICHOLSON, Guy Fulford m 1927 QLD
NORTON, John m 1729 Westminster
NUNN, James B m 1957 (Brentwood)
NUTE, John m 1832 South Milton
NUTTING, George E m 1915 (Edmonton)

ODEWAHN, Sofus L R m 1931 Manly NSW
O'DONNELL, Stephen m 1909 East Coolgardie WA
ORGAN, John m 1935
OSBORN, Albert Edwin m 1934 Plymouth
OSBORNE, Richard m 1769 Blackawton
OSBORNE, William I m 1930 (Rochford)
OVERTON, Thomas W m 1947 (Battersea)
OWEN, Carew Blackburn m 1908 St Marylebone
OWENS, John m 1933 (Dolgelly)
OXFORD, John Hellyer m 1852 Combeinteignhead

PAIGE, Richard Cranch m 1856 Ashprington
PAINTER, James Augustus Harold m 1905 Adelaide SA
PALFER, Alfred E m 1924 (Wandsworth)
PALK, Francis Henry m 1907 Stoke Fleming
PARILL, Albert m 1922 Green Island Cove NL
PARKIN, John m 1872 Calstock, Cornwall
PARNE, Joseph m 1829 St Winnow
PARSONS, Leander m 1883 Green Island Cove NL
PARTRIDGE, William m 1881 Kingsbridge
PARTRIDGE, William W m 1912 (Kingsbridge)
PAUL, George Albert m 1911 Buckfastleigh
PAYNE, Herman Whitaker m 1964 Houston TX
PEACH, Jonas m 1692 Blackawton
PEACHEY, Edward A m 1923 (Wandsworth)
PEARCE, William John m 1924 Porthcorno, Cornwall
PEARSE, Thomas m 1821 Plympton
PEDRICK, John m 1781 Stokenham
PENN, Frederick William m 1896 (Marylebone)
PENNY, Edward James m 1904 (Kingsbridge)
PEPPEREL, Samuel m 1844 Stokenham
PEPPERELL, Nicholas m 1786 Sherford
PEPPERELL, Samuel m 1822 Slapton
PERCY, Charles Edward m 1856 VIC
PERING, John m 1817 Dartmouth
PERRETT, Henry Ernest m 1894 (Plympton)
PERRIN, John Henry m 1902 Strete
PERRING, Norman m 1928 (Totnes)
PERRING, Stephen m 1775 Stokenham
PERRINS, Richard Thomas m 1854 St Just in Roseland, Cornwall
PERRY, David Eddy m 1852 Buckfastleigh
PERRY, John m 1768 Staverton
PETHERICK, John m 1828 Buckfastleigh
PETHICK, Josiah Oakley m 1905 Paignton
PHILLIPS, Gordon C m 1945
PHILLIPS, John Rees m 1889 (Merthyr Tydfil)
PHILLIPS, William m 1777 Buckfastleigh
PHILLIPS, William Allen m 1875 (Croydon)
PHILPOTT, Robert Henry m 1935 Sanderstead
PICKETT, Thomas William m 1897 (S Stoneham)
PIKE, Charles W m 1947 (Bournemouth)
PIKE, Henry Charles Thomas m 1921 Dartmouth
PIKE, Leonard D m 1931 (Willesden)
PILCHER, Algernon Fitall m 1916 QLD
PILLAR, Robert Thomas m 1878 Dartmouth
PINE, William J m 1939 (Plymouth)
PIPPERELL, Matthew m 1738 Stokenham
PIPPERELL, Matthew m 1738 Stokenham
PITTS, Albert John m 1904 East Allington
PLUMBLY, Frederick m 1907 Kentish Town
PLUMRIDGE, Edward m 1861 North Dublin
POLLARD, William Henry m 1886 Marldon
POMMORY, William m 1686 Exeter
POOPE, Joseph m 1751 East Allington
POPE, Nicholas m 1781 Stokenham
PORTER, John m 1890 (Marylebone)
POTTER, Charles Patrick m 1911 Talaton
POWERS, Frank m 1885 Dartmouth
PRATT, Charles m 1875 Staverton
PRICE, Edward m 1933 (Dolgelly)
PRIDDLE, George m 1894 East Stonehouse
PRIME, John Benjamin m 1861 Chatham St Mary
PRIN, John m 1805 Moreleigh
PRING, Sydney C m 1929 (Plymouth)
PROUSE, Thomas Fearncombe m 1839 Cardiff
PUMPHREY, James B m 1873 Washington DC
PUTT, John m 1820 South Pool
PYKE, Samuel m 1755 Slapton

RAMSDEN, James m 1887 Battersea
RANDALL, Joseph m 1793 Stokenham
RANKIN, Henry Maitland m 1853 Gananoque ON
RATHBONE, Thomas m 1924 (Wirral)
READER, George m 1919 (Wandsworth)
REDFERN, Philip Henry m 1945 (Surrey MidE)
REED, William Henry m 1939 Plymouth
REEVE, John m 1817 Halwell
REID, Norman m 1936 Lower Hutt NZ
REMINGTON, Thomas A m 1944 (Paddington)
RICE, Francis J m 1931 (Kingsbridge)
RICE, Robert m 1826 Dodbrooke
RICE, William H m 1919 (Kingsbridge)
RICHARDS, Charles T m 1952 (Liskeard)
ROBBINS, Thomas John m 1925 (Neath)
ROBERTS, Alfred G m 1935 (Battersea)
ROBERTS, Richard William m 1933 (Dolgelly)
ROBERTS, William F H m 1932 (Wandsworth)
ROBINSON, Ernest m 1934 (Rotherham)
RODGERS, Richard Henry m 1880 St Marychurch
ROGERS, Alfred Clarence m 1921 Marylebone
ROGERS, Ferdinando m 1900 (Falmouth)
ROGERS, Fernley Alfred m 1932 Plymouth
ROGERS, Francis m 1925 (Liverpool)
ROGERS, George m 1824 Stokenham
ROLSON, Mathew m 1945
ROOKE, John m 1930 Chudleigh
ROPER, Robert Sydney m 1903 Slapton
ROSITTER, Frederick m 1838 Combeinteignhead
ROSS, Carl Frederick William m 1928 (Kingsbridge)
ROW, Sydney Octavius m 1873 Wolborough
ROW, William George m 1906 Brondesbury
ROWE, Daniel m 1934 (Liskeard)
ROWE, John m 1632 Menheniot, Cornwall
ROWLEY, Harold m 1925
RUMSEY, ? m 1935
RUNDLE, George m 1893 Kingsbridge
RUNDLE, Richard m 1782 Malborough
RUSHTON, Frederick m 1938 (Pancras)
RUSSELL, Thomas m 1880 Newport
RUTLEDGE, ? m 1965

SAEGERT, Gene Edward m 1964 San Antonio TX
SALISBURY, Charles Josiah m 1906 Rattery
SALISBURY, Henry m 1857 Brixham
SALT, Frederick m 1895 (St Germans)
SAMSON, Donald Hiram m 1955
SANDIFORD, Alexander John m 1933 Wellington NZ
SANDIFORD, Frederick m 1945 Wellington NZ
SATCHWILL, Thomas m 1800 Tormoham
SAVOY, Edward m 1881 Washington County TX
SAWYER, Thomas Sawyer m 1904 Tollington Park, London
SAYNOR, Horace m 1895 VIC
SCANTLEBURY, Thomas m 1787 St Veep, Cornwall
SCHOFIELD, Frank P m 1920 (London C)
SCOBLE, John m 1680 East Allington
SCONZO, Frank Salvatore m 1975
SCORY, Richard m 1770 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
SCOTT, William Harold m 1928 St Martin in the Fields
SCULLY, Thomas m 1928 (Plymouth)
SEARLE, James m 1844 Tormoham
SEELANDER, Arthur Clemmens m 1944 Strathalbyn SA
SELLARS, Thomas E m 1939 (Watford)
SEMMENS, John Kenneth m 1936 VIC
SENIOR, William Carleton m 1879 SA
SENTILL, Willmus m 1642 Ashburton
SETTERS, Lewis Samuel m 1893 (Newton Abbot)
SEWELL, Walter Manning m 1893 Dartmouth
SHAIRP, Stephen Francis m 1844 Totnes
SHAPLEY, William Tapley m 1856 Combeinteignhead
SHAPTER, Philip Henry m 1925 Queenscliff VIC
SHEEHY, Mark Cyril m 1922 VIC
SHEPHARD, John m 1836 Charleton
SHEPPERD, John m 1845 Exeter
SHERBY, Alfred m 1907 Gananoque ON
SHERGOLD, Robert Arthur m 1913 Lambeth
SHIELDS, James m 1878 St Budeaux
SHIVERS, William m 1880 (West Derby)
SIMMONS, John F m 1930 (Kensington)
SIMONS, Richard m 1696 Shadwell, London
SKENE, James m 1893 Strete
SKINNARD, Sampson m 1721 Saltash, Cornwall
SKINNER, John m 1760 Staverton
SLAUGHTER, Richard m 1721 Old Charlton, Kent
SMALE, Charles George Hoskin m 1899 Plymouth
SMALL, James Edward m 1897 Plymouth
SMART, Alfred Elijah m 1859 Holborn
SMITH, Bernard R m 1958 (Fulham)
SMITH, Charles m 1911 (Newton Abbot)
SMITH, John m 1909 (Brentford)
SMITH, John Valentine m 1909 (Southampton)
SMITH, William m 1878 Dartmouth
SMITH, William J D m 1924 (Tavistock)
SMITHYMAN, Ernest J m 1920 (Aston)
SNELL, John Hony m 1840 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
SOPER, Clyde Wesley m 1937 Manhattan NY
SOPER, Richard m 1723 Buckfastleigh
SOPER, Richard m 1723 Buckfastleigh
SOPER, Richard m 1723 Buckfastleigh
SOPER, William F m 1917 (Christchurch)
SOUTHCOTT, Gerald A m 1934 (Totnes)
SOUTHGATE, Francis Charles m 1919 (Camberwell)
SOWDON, Thomas m 1587 East Allington
SOWDON?, Wyllyam m 1586 East Allington
SPARKE, Willm m 1540 Blackawton
SPEAR, James m 1847 Stoke Damerel
SPITTLE, William Barnett m 1917 Brondesbury
SPLATT, Edward J K m 1926 (Totnes)
STAFFORD, John Thomas m 1914 VIC
STANLEY, William Colin m 1937 (Staines)
STEART, William m 1813 Thurlestone
STEEMSON, Alan H m 1959 (Newton Abbot)
STEER, Frederick C m 1936 (Newton Abbot)
STEER, Harold J m 1930 (Totnes)
STEER, William m 1890 (Kingsbridge)
STEVENS, Albert C m 1952 (Pancras)
STEVENS, Hartley Arthur m 1907 SA
STEVENS, John m 1889 (Totnes)
STEWART, ? m 1955
STEWART, John J m 1946 (Fulham)
STILES, Thomas m 1703 Westerham, Kent
STODGEN, John P m 1921 (St Martin in the Fields)
STONE, John m 1825 Stokenham
STONE, John B m 1921 (Kingsbridge)
STONE, Robert m 1855 Sherford
STONE, William m 1863 (Kingsbridge)
STONEHOUSE, Richard James m 1896 Egg Buckland
STONNING, Georgius m 1683 Buckfastleigh
STONYER, Hugo m 1595 Ugborough
STRANGEMORE, Samuel m 1917 Green Island Cove NL
STRANGER, Richard m 1757 Holne
STRAW, Philip m 1861 Stokenham
STREET, Edward m 1821 Stokenham
STUBBING, ? m 1945
STUMP, Alfred Augustus m 1884 SA
STURDEE, Edwin James m 1884 Sydney NSW
STURDEE, Edwin James m 1907 Paignton
STURGEON, William A B m 1931 (Marylebone)
STURGESS, Sidney H m 1919 (Plymouth)
SULLOCK, William H m 1945 (Kingsbridge)
SULLOCKE, Willim m 1603 Blackawton
SUSSEX, Frederick m 1905 Plymouth St John
SYMMONDS, Thomas m 1707 Buckfastleigh
SYMONS, John m 1803 Cockington
SYMONS, Robert m 1738 Menheniot, Cornwall

TABOR, George William m 1902 (Hendon)
TAGGART, William m 1935
TAMLYN, William James m 1887 (Stoke Damerel)
TATCHELL, Joseph m 1842 St Pancras, London
TAYLOR, ? m 190x
TAYLOR, Albert Leslie m 1934 (Lewisham)
TAYLOR, Charles H m 1937 (Newton Abbot)
TAYLOR, John m 1873 Rochester, Kent
TAYLOR, William m 1800 Portsea, Hampshire
TEAGUE, Richard m 1729 Saltash, Cornwall
TERRY, Alan A m 1934 (Romford)
TEWSLEY, William m 1821 St Marylebone
THEAKSTON, Edward m 1933 (Camberwell)
THOMAS, Rees m 1893 (Merthyr Tydfil)
THOMPSON, Arthur T m 1942 (Marylebone)
THOMPSON, John m 1883 Bombay, India
THOMPSON, Oliver m 1959 (Surrey MidE)
THOMSON, Robert Gondie m 1879 Camberwell
THOMSON, Robert Gondie m 1880 (Cardiff)
THORNING, John m 1778 Blackawton
TIMLIN, Michael m 1893 Philipsville ON
TINGLEY, Ernest Cecil m 1897 Plymouth
TIPPIN, Sergeant Walter m 1919 El Paso TX
TODD, Burt m 1920 Hammersmith
TOLCHARD, Thomas m 1827 Buckfastleigh
TOLLIT, William Frederick m 1889 Berry Pomeroy
TOLMAN, Richard m 1822 Stoke Fleming
TOMS, William m 1817 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
TOPE, Henry m 1805 Totnes
TOWNSEND, William F H m 1928 (Totnes)
TOZER, Benoni m 1854 Broadhempstead
TOZER, Thomas m 1809 Diptford
TRAMMELL, ? m 1985
TREADGOLD, William Manton Herbert m 1925 Wentworth ON
TREADWELL, Albert D m 1903 (Atherstone)
TRIGGER, Charles m 1841 St Martin in the Fields
TRIGGS, James m 1859 (Plymouth)
TRIMMER, Arthur W m 1922 (Barnet)
TRUDE, Owen Hewish m 1920 Exeter
TUCKER, Edward M m 1873 Newton Abbot
TUCKER, George m 1882 (Plymouth)
TUCKER, Henry Hilditch m 1843 Cornworthy
TUCKER, John m 1601 Blackawton
TUCKER, John m 1616 Totnes
TUCKER, John Henry m 1907 Paignton
TUCKER, John Henry m 1921 Totnes
TUCKER, Richard m 1685 Blackawton
TUCKER, Thomas m 1894 Sherford
TUCKER, William George m 1868 Blackawton
TUCKER, William Herbert m 1883 East Allington
TULLOCH, Donald W m 1934 (Fulham)
TUNE, ? m 1965 Willunga SA
TURNELL, George m 1939 (Willesden)
TURNER, ? m 1965
TURNER, Charles m 1906 QLD
TURNER, Harry March m 1886 Berry Pomeroy
TURNILL, William m 1870 Haverstock Hill
TURVEY, Frederick Tranmar m 1913 TAS
TURVEY, George Ernest m 1903 Lisdillon TAS

UDEY, Georg m 1642 Blackawton
UDY, William m 1839 Fowey, Cornwall

VEALE, Johes m 1560 Ugborough
VINSON, Joseph William m 1897 Paignton

WACUM, Thomas m 1737 Buckfastleigh
WAITE, Cyril J L m 1919 (Paddington)
WAKEHAM, Frank E m 1943 (Wandsworth)
WAKEHAM, George m 1815 Sherford
WALKER, William B m 1930 Bristol
WALKHAM, Thomas m 1828 Tywardreath, Cornwall
WALLIS, Frederick Harry Donald m 1971
WALSH, James D m 1970 (St Pancras)
WALTERS, Charles m 1892 (Merthyr Tydfil)
WANSBROUGH, Ivan Saunders m 1950
WARD, James Dennis m 1870 (Falmouth)
WARD, Robert m 1835 Tormoham
WARNE, George m 1877 Calstock, Cornwall
WARREN, Henry m 1892 Plymouth
WATSON, William A E m 1932 (Marylebone)
WATT, William Gordon m 1911 SA
WATTS, Noah S m 1925 (Plymouth)
WAY, Daniel F m 1917
WAY, Thomas m 1909 Green Island Cove NL
WAY, William George m 1904 Plymouth
WAYCOTT, Thomas m 1839 Buckfastleigh
WEATHERHEAD, Wallace Josiah m 1935
WEAVER, Harry Albert m 1914 Port Colbourne ON
WEAVER, John m 1898 Everton, Lancashire
WEBB, Lionel Charles George m 1934 Plymouth
WEBBER, John Wallace m 1929 Devonport
WEEKS, John m 1871 (Kingsbridge)
WELDON, William G m 1942 (Barnet)
WELLINGTON, William Henry m 1890 Kingsbridge
WEYMOUTH, William John Gidley m 1897 Brixham
WHITAWAY, Gulielmus m 1684 Buckfastleigh
WHITE, James Fry m 1893 VIC
WHITE, Robert m 1791 Chivelstone
WHITE, Samuel m 1688 Buckfastleigh
WHITE, Thomas m 1922 (St George Hanover Square)
WHITE, Walter m 1932 Green Island Cove NL
WHITELOCK, William m 1777 Dodbrooke
WICKS, Gerald H m 1919 (Kingsbridge)
WIDDICOMBE, Nicholas John m 1900 (Totnes)
WIDER, John m 1831 Plymouth
WIGGINS, Thomas H m 1918 Sutherland NSW
WILD, Eric H m 1949 (Midhurst)
WILL, Robert m 1563 Blackawton
WILLCOCKS, William m 1881 Ilsington
WILLIAMS, David T m 1920 (Neath)
WILLIAMS, James m 1898 Jersey
WILLIAMS, Thomas E m 1919 El Paso TX
WILLIS, Francis A m 1905
WILLS, John Henry m 1898 Slapton
WILLS, Philip Henry m 1899 (Totnes)
WILLS, Thomas m 1847 Slapton
WILLS, Thomas Henry m 1888 (Totnes)
WILLS, Vincent m 1813 Thurlestone
WILSHIR, John m 1705 Buckfastleigh
WILSON, Arthur Morgan m 1944 Los Angeles CA
WILTSHIRE, John A m 1966 (Barking)
WINDYOTT, John m 1699 Blackawton
WINWOOD, Victor m 1952 (Walsall)
WODDEY, Davye m 1596 Brixham
WOMACK, Henry Oden m 1945 Houston TX
WOOD, Robert James m 1920 Wendworth Falls NSW
WOODLEY, Oliver m 1814 Totnes
WOODLEY, Percival Arthur James m 1910 Brondesbury
WOODS, Arthur m 1897 Exeter
WOODWARD, John m 1965 (Newton Abbot)
WOOLLACOTT, William m 1895
WOOTTON, John m 1550 Blackawton
WORTH, Robert m 1804 Totnes
WREFFORD, Richard m 1703 Buckfastleigh
WRIGHT, Charles m 1879 Dartmouth
WRIGHT, William Alfred m 1917 QLD
WYATT, William Francis m 1939 QLD
WYNN, William Victor m 1945 (Paddington)

YABBACOMBE, John m 1833 Plymouth
YATES, Kenneth Bernard Helen m 1935 Tooting
YEOMAN, James m 186x
YEOMAN, Nicholas m 1875 Kingsbridge
YOUELL, Albert George m 1918 Clapham Common
YOULDEN, William m 1877 East Portlemouth
YOUNG, John m 1856 Ringmore
YOW, William m 1608 Newton Ferrers

ZANA, Amos J H m 1926 (Totnes)


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