M*CH*MORE One Name Study


This index lists all the male M*CH*MOREs included on this site whose forenames (or at least an initial) are known and who are known to be deceased. The date given is the year of birth or, before 1837, baptism. A date such as "184x" is an estimate and indicates the approximate decade. Places in parentheses are the names of UK registration districts.

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A MITCHELMORE b 1864 Torquay
Abraham MUCHAMORE b 1716 West Alvington
Allen MITCHELMORE b 1910
Allan Francis Havelock MICHELMORE b 1922
Alan Edward MITCHELMORE b 1923 Kew VIC
Alan James MITCHELMORE b 1925
Alan MITCHELMORE b 1951 (Manchester)
Alan Richard MUCHMORE b 1951 St Albans, Hertfordshire
Alan James MOUCHEMORE b 1965
Albert MITCHELMORE b 1800
Albert Samuel MUCHMORE b 1840 Bishopsgate
Albert Edward MUCHMORE b 1848 Liskeard, Cornwall
Albert MITCHELMORE b 1856 (Newton Abbot)
Albert MITCHELMORE b 1860 Strete
Albert MITCHELMORE b 1867 (Kingsbridge)
Albert Edward MITCHELMORE b 1869
Albert MICHELMORE b 1873 Rattery
Albert John MUCHMORE b 1873 Plymouth
Albert William MUCHMORE b 1878 (Medway)
Albert George MICHELMORE b 1879 Westminster
Albert Edward MUCHMORE b 1882 Plymouth
Albert Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1882 Strete
Albert Edgar Rundle MITCHELMORE b 1883 Dodbrooke
Albert Edward MITCHELMORE b 1888 Rattery
Albert MUCHMORE b 1890 Battersea
Albert Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1892 Dartmouth
Albert MITCHELMORE b 1902 Green Island Cove NL
Albert MITCHELMORE b 1903 Plymouth St John
Albert George MITCHELMORE b 1904 Bridgetown
Albert Edward MICHELMORE b 1909 Percyville QLD
Albert MUCHMORE b 1911 (Lambeth)
Albert MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Dolgelly)
Albert Frederick MUCHMORE b 1921 Plymouth
Albert Henry MITCHELMORE b 1922 (Paddington)
Alexander MITCHELMORE b 1863 Sale VIC
Alexander MITCHELMORE b 1917 Geraldine NZ
Alexander Lyall MICHELMORE b 1925 Clarny QLD
Alfred MUCHMORE b 1841 (Pancras)
Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1851 Cardiff
Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1856 Modbury
Alfred MICHELMORE b 1859 Totnes
Alfred Francis MICHELMORE b 1862 Westminster
Alfred John MUCHMORE b 1868 (St Germans)
Alfred Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1876 (Totnes)
Alfred William MUCHMORE b 1877 Kentish Town
Alfred Thomas MICHELMORE b 1878 Marldon
Alfred Christopher MITCHELMORE b 1880 Harberton
Alfred MICHELMORE b 1881
Alfred James Phillips MITCHELMORE b 1881 Soho
Alfred Charles MITCHELMORE b 1882 Devonport
Alfred Angelo MITCHELMORE b 1883 New York NY
Alfred Edward Stephens MITCHELMORE b 1883 Bigbury
Alfred John MITCHMORE b 1888 Brixham
Alfred Ernest MUCHMORE b 1889 (Cardiff)
Alfred John Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1889 (Bath)
Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1892 (Newton Abbot)
Alfred MUCHMORE b 1893 (St Germans)
Alfred Ernest MUCHMORE b 1901 Marylebone
Alfred John MITCHELMORE b 1904
Alfred John MITCHELMAN b 1904 Isle of Man
Alfred Philip Galabin MICHELMORE b 1906 Chudleigh
Alfred Joseph MITCHELMORE b 1908 (Kensington)
Alfred Thomas Edward MITCHELMORE b 1911 (Lambeth)
Alfred Cecil MITCHELMORE b 1912 (Wandsworth)
Alfred Henry MITCHELMORE b 1912 Pelham ON
Alfred Geoffrey Beadon MITCHELMORE b 1913 Dartmouth
Alfred Walter MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Tavistock)
Alfred John MITCHELMORE b 1917 (Redruth)
Alfred Keith MICHELMORE b 1918 Strathalbyn SA
Alpheus C Mitchell MITCHELMORE b 1828 Stokenham
Alpheus Edward MITCHELMORE b 1868 Chillington
Alphaeus MITCHELMORE b 1881 Plymouth
Alway Andrew MICHELMORE b 1894 Lower Meadows SA
Ambrose MITCHELMORE b 1752 Stokenham
Ambros MITCHLMORE b 1788 Sherford
Andrew MUCHEMORE b 1693 Charleton
Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1723 East Allington
Andrew MUCHAMORE b 1747 Charleton
Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1754 Stokenham
Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1774 Sherford
Andrew MICHELMORE b 1796 Wolborough
Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1820 West Teignmouth
Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1843 Cardiff
Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1845 Cardiff
Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1857 Newton Abbot
Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1862 St Budeaux
Andrew MUCHMORE b 1869
Andrew MICHELMORE b 1908
Anthony Lionel MICHELMORE b 1903 London ON
Anthony George MITCHELMORE b 1925 (Penzance)
Anthony MITCHELMORE b 1930
Anthony John MITCHELMORE b 1931 (Newton Abbot)
Anthony Mackie MUCHMORE b 1946 Edgeware
Anthony Gordon MICHELMORE b 1957
Archibald Billett MUCHMORE b 1886 Marylebone13
Archibald John Walter MUCHMORE b 1898 (West Marylebone)
Archie Charles MICHELMORE b 1888 Lower Meadows SA
Arthur MICHMOORE b 1633 North Hill, Cornwall
Arthur Frederick MICHELMORE b 1867 Westminster
Arthur Cecil MICHELMORE b 1874 Dartmouth
Arthur Overmass MICHELMORE b 1875 Barnsbury
Arthur Edward MICHELMORE b 1882 Drury Lane
Arthur John MICHELMORE b 1882 Clapham Park
Arthur Stuart MICHELMORE b 1883 Totnes
Arthur Frederick MICHELMORE b 1888 Westminster
Arthur Harold MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Kingsbridge)
Arthur Lyell MITCHELMORE b 1889 Spring Bay TAS
Arthur Harry MITCHELMORE b 1892 Ashburton
Arthur James MITCHELMORE b 1892 (Newton Abbot)
Arthur Henry MUCHAMORE b 1893 Sheerness, Kent
Arthur William MITCHELMORE b 1893 Richmond TAS
Arthur Leonard Hellens MITCHELMORE b 1894 (Newton Abbot)
Arthur Henry MITCHELMORE b 1895 Chillington
Arthur Edward MITCHELMORE b 1896 Dartmouth
Arthur Henry MITCHELMORE b 1898 Birmingham
Arthur Fenton MICHELMORE b 1899 Burwood NSW
Arthur Francis MITCHELMORE b 1899 Rattery
Arthur Frederick MICHELMORE b 1901 Queen Square
Arthur Owen MITCHMORE b 1904 Staverton
Arthur Lafayette MOUCHEMORE b 1906 Albany WA
Arthur William MITCHELMORE b 1906 Strete
Arthur Cleave MICHELMORE b 1913 Roblin MB
Arthur John MUCHMORE b 1913 (Marylebone)
Arthur Frederick MUCHMORE b 1915 (Pancras)
Arthur Ashley Cecil MUCHAMORE b 1919 Walthamstow, Essex
Arthur Clifford MICHELMORE b 1919 Cowes, Isle of Wight
Arthur Norman MITCHELMORE b 1919 Whitehaven
Arthur Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1924
Arthur Robert MITCHELMORE b 1932 Merredin WA
Aubrey John MITCHELMORE b 1910 Plymouth
Aubrey Oswald George MICHELMORE b 1917 Emmaville NSW
Augustine MICHELMORE b 1754 East Allington
Augustus John MITCHELMORE b 1863 Dartmouth
Austin MITCHELMORE b 1779 Sherford
Austin MITCHELMORE b 1820 Stokenham
Austin MITCHELMORE b 1871 Straight Shore NL
Austin MITCHELMORE b 1899 Green Island Cove NL
Austin MITCHELMORE b 1925

Barnard Brooks MOUCHEMORE b 1893 Queenscliff VIC
Barrie John MICHELMORE b 1929 Fullarton SA
Bartholomew Carlile MICHELMORE b 1815 Ashburton
Basil K MITCHELMORE b 1918 Weymouth, Dorset
Basil MITCHELMORE b 1934 (Kingsbridge)
Baxter Isaac MITCHELMORE b 1949
Benjamin MICHELMORE b 1750
Benjamin MUCHMORE b 1837 Bishopsgate
Benjamin George Siward Brooks MOUCHEMORE b 1881 Queenscliff VIC
Benett MYCHELLMORE b 1530
Benett MYCHELLMORE b 1563 East Allington
Bernard Wilson MICHELMORE b 1927 (Lambeth)
Brendon Joseph C MITCHELMORE b 1958 (Hammersmith)
Brian Joseph MITCHELMORE b 1922
Brian MITCHELMORE b 1931
Brian William MITCHELMORE b 1931 (Portsmouth)
Brian Frederick Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1934 (Basingstoke)
Brian William George Richard MITCHELMORE b 1934 Stoke Damerel
Brian James MUCHMORE b 1939 Dorking, Surrey
Bryan MICHELMORE b 1943 (Merioneth N)
Brynwyn MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Merthyr Tydfil)

Caleb Jellard MUCHAMORE b 1774 Chivelstone
Calvin Lee MITCHMORE b 1920 Hempstead TX
Calvin Glenn 2nd MITCHAMORE b 1951 Kerr County TX
Cecil Robert MICHELMORE b 1903 (Newton Abbot)
Cecil Douglas MICHELMORE b 1904 Dartmouth
Charles MICHELMORE b 1600
Charles MICHELMORE b 1795 Staverton
Charles MAUCHIMER b 1822 Dartmouth
Charles MICHELMORE b 1825 Totnes
Charles Stone MITCHELMORE b 1825 Stokenham
Charles Andrew MICHELMORE b 1828 Cornworthy
Charles Frederick MICHELMORE b 1830 Totnes
Charles Richard MITCHELMORE b 1830 Brixham
Charles Richard MUCHMORE b 1837 Falmouth, Cornwall
Charles MITCHELMORE b 1840
Charles MUCHMORE b 1840 (Falmouth)
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1845 Pimlico
Charles Andrew MICHELMORE b 1847 Meadows SA
Charles Francis MITCHELMORE b 1850 Dartmouth
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1850 East Charleton
Charles Hills MITCHAMORE b 1850 (Plymouth)
Charles Philip MICHELMORE b 1850 (Totnes)
Charles MICHELMORE b 1851 (Strand)
Charles MICHELMORE b 1854 Totnes
Charles MITCHELMORE b 1855 (Kingsbridge)
Charles Henry MICHELMORE b 1856 Totnes
Charles Andrew MICHELMORE b 1857 Bull Creek SA
Charles Walter MICHELMORE b 1857 Totnes
Charles MITCHELMORE b 1858 Modbury
Charles MUCHMORE b 1860 (Liskeard)
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1862 Dartmouth
Charles MICHELMORE b 1863 (Tavistock)
Charles Frederick Moore MICHELMORE b 1863 Totnes
Charles John MITCHELMORE b 1864 Dartmouth
Charles MITCHELMORE b 1866 Stokenham
Charles MITCHELMORE b 1866
Charles Frederick MITCHELMORE b 1867 Torquay
Charles Peters MICHELMORE b 1867 Sherford
Charles Stuart MICHELMORE b 1867 Dartmouth
Charles George MUCHMORE b 1869 Marylebone
Charles Frederick MITCHELMORE b 1871 Chelsea
Charles Henry MICHELMORE b 1873 Maidstone, Kent
Charles Frederick MICHELMORE b 1874 Queen Square
Charles Edward MITCHELMORE b 1877 Plymouth All Saints
Charles MITCHELMORE b 1879 Modbury
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1879 (Kingsbridge)
Charles Lionel Bickford MITCHELMORE b 1879 Dartmouth
Charles Warren MICHELMORE b 1879 Beverley SA
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1880 Dodbrooke
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1880
Charles Philip MICHELMORE b 1880 Holne
Charles Hull W MITCHAMORE b 1884 East Saginaw MI
Charles John MITCHELMORE b 1886 Cardiff
Charles Herman MICHELMORE b 1887 (Kingsbridge)
Charles MICHELMORE b 1889 Stoke Newington
Charles Edward MICHELMORE b 1889 Newtown NSW
Charles A MITCHMORE b 1890
Charles Henry MUCHMORE b 1890 Marylebone
Charles Leonard MUCHMORE b 1890 (Wandsworth)
Charles George MUCHMORE b 1891 Bryanston Square
Charles Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1892 Kingsbridge
Charles Ewart MITCHELMORE b 1892 South Shields, Durham
Charles MITCHELMORE b 1893 Plymouth Devonport Wesleyan Methodist
Charles Edward MITCHELMORE b 1893 Stokenham
Charles Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1893 (Kingsbridge)
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1893 (East Stonehouse)
Charles Norman MUCHMORE b 1895 (Pancras)
Charles Arthur MUCHMORE b 1897 St Pancras
Charles Edgar MUCHMORE b 1902 Kentish Town
Charles William Jeffery MITCHELMORE b 1905 Thurlestone
Charles Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1908 (Camberwell)
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1909 (Fulham)
Charles Henry MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Kingsbridge)
Charles Wilton MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Redruth)
Charles Henry MUCHMORE b 1916 (Marylebone)
Charles Albert MITCHELMORE b 1920 (Fulham)
Charles Frederick MUCHMORE b 1921 (Greenwich)
Charles Arthur MITCHELMORE b 1923 (Tavistock)
Charles Fulton MITCHELMORE b 1929 Clifton AZ
Charles Hugh MITCHELMORE b 1937 Spokane WA
Christopher Jeffry Edwards MICHELMORE b 1850 East Allington
Christopher MITCHELMORE b 1901 Green Island Cove NL
Christopher MITCHELMORE b 1907 Green Island Cove NL
Christopher John MICHELMORE b 1942
Christopher MITCHELMORE b 1960
Clarence Wilfred MITCHELMORE b 1894 Slapton
Clarence Edward MITCHAMORE b 1899 Brenham TX
Clarence Edward Jr MITCHAMORE b 1923
Cleave MICHELMORE b 1912
Clement MITCHELMORE b 1898 (Christchurch)
Clement Arthur MITCHELMORE b 1931
Cletus MUCHMORE b 1917
Clifford Alexander MICHELMORE b 1898 Tredegar, Monmouthshire
Clinton MIETCHMORE b 1895
Clyde MITCHELMORE b 1930 Green Island Cove NL
Clyde Jr MITCHELMORE b 1961 Green Island Cove NL
Colin Kenneth Percy MITCHELMORE b 1914 Denbury
Colin Hurtle MICHELMORE b 1931
Curtis Lancelot MITCHELMORE b 1933 Green Island Cove NL
Cyril William MITCHELMORE b 1889 Spring Bay TAS
Cyril Victor MITCHELMORE b 1903 Kellaton
Cyril Emmanuel MITCHELMORE b 1904 Chillington
Cyril Eric MITCHELMORE b 1911 Totnes
Cyril Edward MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Plymouth)
Cyril James MITCHELMORE b 1922 (Tavistock)
Cyril Charles MITCHELMORE b 1927 (Paddington)

Daniel MICHELMORE b 1600
Daniel Lawerance MOUCHEMORE b 1817 Dartmouth
Daniel Laverance MOUCHEMORE b 1827 Dartmouth
Daniel MOUCHEMORE b 1858 Mordialloc VIC
David MITCHELMORE b 1610
David Stone MICHELLMORE b 1840 Penderyn, Breconshire
David Charles MICHELMORE b 1878 Curramulka SA
David MITCHELMORE b 1887 (Merthyr Tydfil)
David John MITCHELMORE b 1889 Trecynon, Glamorganshire
David MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Dolgelly)
David Oswald MITCHELMORE b 1901 Brentford
David Charles Harold MUCHAMORE b 1913 (Medway)
David William MITCHELMORE b 1923 Glamorgan TAS
David MITCHELMORE b 1929 Hobart TAS
David Carrol MITCHAMORE b 1935 Houston TX
David Harold MITCHELMORE b 1935 Chillington
David William MUCHAMORE b 1935 (Bristol)
David Charles MITCHELMORE b 1938 (Kingsbridge)
David John MITCHELMORE b 1938 (Hampstead)
David George MICHELMORE b 1939 Mitcham
David John MITCHELMORE b 1940 (Bristol)
David Louis MITCHMORE b 1943 Harris County TX
David MITCHELMORE b 1949 (Huddersfield)
David MICHELMORE b 1955 (Merionethshire S)
David William MICHELMORE b 1961
Denis Stuart MICHELMORE b 1916
Dennis Lawson MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Wandsworth)
Dennis MUCHMORE b 1926 (Greenwich)
Dennis George MITCHELMORE b 1931 (Kingsbridge)
Dennis William MUCHMORE b 1948 (Paddington)
Derrick Hugh MITCHELMORE b 1915 (Christchurch)
Dominic Francis A MITCHELMORE b 1964 (Hammersmith)
Donald MITCHELMORE b 1904 East Farnham
Donald Clayton MITCHMORE b 1919
Donald Leslie MITCHELMORE b 1928 Saskatoon SK
Donald Charles MITCHELMORE b 1930 Fulham
Donald John Robert MITCHELMORE b 1935 Yallourn VIC
Donald Rick MITCHMORE b 1951 Houston TX
Donne Herbert MITCHELMORE b 1931 Hobart TAS
Dorman Daines MITCHELMORE b 1910 NM
Douglas Florance MITCHELMORE b 1905 Cootamundra NSW
Douglas MUCHMORE b 1909 Timaru NZ
Douglas Gerald MICHELMORE b 1916 Drummoyne NSW
Douglas Percival MICHELMORE b 1922 Port Adelaide SA
Douglas Sydney MITCHELMORE b 1934 (Fulham)

E MITCHELMORE b 1854 East Allington
Earl Ronald MITCHELMORE b 1923 Saskatoon SK
Eddie Lee MITCHAMORE b 1881 Chapel Hill TX
Eddie Lee MITCHAMORE b 1918 Brenham TX
Eddie Lee MITCHAMORE b 1928 Houston TX
Edgar Aylmer MITCHELMORE b 1869 (Plymouth)
Edgar William MICHELMORE b 1886 Lower Meadows SA
Edgar MITCHELMORE b 1891 Ilsington
Edgar Fred MITCHELMORE b 1911 Paignton
Edgar Langdon MUCHMORE b 1911 Potters Bar, Hertfordshire
Edgar MITCHELMORE b 1916 Green Island Cove NL
Edgar Howard MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Canterbury)
Edgar John M MICHELMORE b 1933 (Ffestiniog)
Edmond MYCHELLMORE b 1550
Edmund MICHELMORE b 1579
Edmund MICHELMORE b 1600
Edmund MICHELMORE b 1608 East Allington
Edmond MUCHAMORE b 1668 Charleton
Edmond MICHELMORE b 1668 Blackawton
Edward MOCHELMORE b 1400
Edward MICHELMOR b 1500
Edward MICHELMORE b 1500
Edwarde MYCHCHELMORE b 1530
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1600
Edward MUCHAMORE b 1600
Edward MICHELMORE b 1605 Blackawton
Edward MICHELMORE b 1610
Edward MUTCHILLMORE b 1620
Edward MUCHELMORE b 1640
Edward MUTCHAMORE b 1678 Dartmouth
Edward MUCHAMORE b 1689 Charleton
Edward MICHELMORE b 1696 Sherford
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1700
Edward MUCHAMOR b 1702 Charleton
Edward MUTCHAMORE b 1720 Charleton
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1726 Totnes
Edward MICHELMORE b 1730
Edward MUCHAMORE b 1730
Edward MICHELMOR b 1733 Stokenham
Edward MICHELMORE b 1756 Sherford
Edward MICHELMORE b 1795 Westminster
Edward Stone MITCHELMORE b 1802 Stokenham
Edward Beck MICHAMORE b 1817 Ringmore
Edward MICHELMORE b 1818 Totnes
Edward Horatio MICHELMORE b 1818 Westminster
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1822 Slapton
Edward Uriah MITCHELMORE b 1829 Slapton
Edward MICHELMORE b 1834 Westminster
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1834 Slapton
Edward Coplestone MICHELMORE b 1834 St Andrew Undershaft, London
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1839 Modbury
Edward Mitchell STONE MITCHELMORE b 1840 Stokenham
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1852 (Cardiff)
Edward William MICHELMORE b 1856 Queen Square
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1857 East Stonehouse
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1858 Stokenham
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1858 Slapton
Edward Coase MITCHELMORE b 1858 South Pool
Edward Horatio MICHELMORE b 1859 Queen Square
Edward MICHELMORE b 1863 (Strand)
Edward James David MITCHELMORE b 1863 (Exeter)
Edward John MITCHELMORE b 1864 Strete
Edward Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1866 (Kingsbridge)
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1867 Marldon
Edward Charles MITCHELMORE b 1874 Swanmore, Hampshire
Edward William Wellington MITCHELMORE b 1879 Dartmouth
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1884 Devonport
Edward Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1885 (Kingsbridge)
Edward Charles John MITCHELMORE b 1887 (East Stonehouse)
Edward Horatio MICHELMORE b 1887 (Holborn)
Edward Austin MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Wells)
Edward Horace MICHELMORE b 1888 (Holborn)
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1889 Bermondsey
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1889 Plymouth
Edward Charles MOUCHEMORE b 1896 Queenscliff VIC
Edward Albert MUCHMORE b 1901 St Pancras
Edward George MITCHELMORE b 1910 Newquay, Cornwall
Edward MUCHMORE b 1911 (Lambeth)
Edward MITCHELMORE b 1931
Edwin Thomas MUCHMORE b 1827 Devonport
Edwin MITCHELMORE b 1842 Bigbury
Edwin MITCHELMORE b 1844 Cardiff
Edwin MICHELMORE b 1852 Totnes
Edwin MITCHELMORE b 1863 Modbury
Edwin Charles MICHELMORE b 1864 (Strand)
Edwin MICHELMORE b 1874 Brixham
Edwin Charles MITCHELMORE b 1880 Southampton
Edwin Herbert MITCHELMORE b 1890 Cardiff St Feilo
Edwin MICHELMORE b 1901 Brixham
Edwin Francis MICHELMORE b 1909 Battersea
Edwin Charles Burnell MITCHELMORE b 1918 Devonport
Edwin G MITCHAMORE b 1921
Edwin MITCHELMORE b 1950
Elias MITCHELMORE b 1866 Highweek
Elijah MITCHELMORE b 1910 Green Island Cove NL
Elkanah MITCHELMORE b 1794 Chivelstone Ford
Elkanah MITCHELMORE b 1848 Great Swanport TAS
Emery Eugene MITCHAMORE b 1907 Courtney TX
Emmanuel MITCHELMORE b 1873 Stokenham
Emmanuel MITCHELMORE b 1897 Green Island Cove NL
Enos Augustus MITCHELMORE b 1890 Llandudno, Carnarvonshire
Eric MICHELMORE b 1892 Tulse Hill
Eric Alfred MICHELMORE b 1900 Meadows SA
Eric Lindsay Cox MICHELMORE b 1900
Eric Wilfred Harold MITCHELMORE b 1905 Paignton
Eric John Churston MICHELMORE b 1915 (Lambeth)
Eric Charles MITCHELMORE b 1920 (Chorlton)
Eric Charles MITCHELMORE b 1921 (Totnes)
Eric Albany John MITCHELMORE b 1924 Exeter
Ernest Cecil MITCHELMORE b 1859 Cardiff St
Ernest MUCHMORE b 1866 (St Germans)
Ernest Peter MITCHELMORE b 1868 (Plymouth)
Ernest Horace MICHELMORE b 1874 Rockhampton QLD
Ernest Pitts MICHELMORE b 1875 Sherford
Ernest MUCHMORE b 1876 Pimlico
Ernest Walter MUCHMORE b 1877 (Marylebone)
Ernest George MITCHELMORE b 1878 Winchester, Hampshire
Ernest Edgecombe MICHELMORE b 1879 Bournemouth
Ernest Vernon MITCHELMORE b 1879 Laugharne, Carmarthenshire
Ernest Leonard MITCHELMORE b 1886 Plymouth
Ernest Lionel Quirke MITCHELMORE b 1889 Cardiff
Ernest Henry MITCHELMORE b 1891
Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1893
Ernest MUCHMORE b 1893 (Medway)
Ernest Leroy MICHELMORE b 1893 QLD
Ernest William Algar MITCHELMORE b 1893 (Hendon)
Ernest John MITCHELMORE b 1895 Battersea
Ernest Lawrence MUCHMORE b 1897 NZ
Ernest Frank Nathaniel MITCHELMORE b 1906 Dartmouth
Ernest Edward MITCHELMORE b 1915 (Wandsworth)
Ernest Arthur MUCHMORE b 1921 (Wandsworth)
Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1923 (Islington)
Evelyn MITCHELMORE b 1894 (Christchurch)

Francis MICHELMORE b 1550
Francis MUCHEMORE b 1700
Francis Nute MITCHELMORE b 1856 Churchstow
Francis Harold MICHELMORE b 1893 Buckfastleigh
Francis George MITCHELMORE b 1906 (Wirral)
Francis Raymond MICHELMORE b 1931 (Totnes)
Frank Harper MITCHELMORE b 1874 Williamstown VIC
Frank MITCHELMORE b 1875 Totnes
Frank MITCHMORE b 1880 Chapel Hill TX
Frank Ewart MITCHELMORE b 1885 Dodbrooke
Frank Leonard MUCHMORE b 1887 St John's Wood
Frank Silvester MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Kingsbridge)
Frank MICHELMORE b 1897 Totnes
Frank MUCHMORE b 1919
Frankie MITCHELMORE b 1920 Zimbabwe
Frederick MICHAELMORE b 1791 Westminster
Frederic MICHELMORE b 1814 Queen Square
Frederick MICHELMORE b 1823
Frederick Walter MUCHMORE b 1831 St Pancras, London
Frederick MICHELMORE b 1840 Westminster
Frederick MICHELMORE b 1849 Westminster
Frederick William MUCHMORE b 1853 Camden Town
Frederick MITCHELMORE b 1854 St Peter
Frederick Henry MITCHELMORE b 1855 Dartmouth
Frederick William MITCHELMOON b 1858 St Helier, Jersey
Frederick Penwarne MUCHMORE b 1861 (Liskeard)
Frederick William MUCHMORE b 1865 Marylebone
Frederick MUCHMORE b 1866 Devonport
Frederick George MITCHELMORE b 1869 (Totnes)
Frederick George MICHELMORE b 1870 (Strand)
Frederick John MICHELMORE b 1871 Westminster
Frederick George Manning MITCHELMORE b 1874 Rattery
Frederick William MUCHMORE b 1874 Marylebone Workhouse
Frederick James Herbert MUCHMORE b 1875 Kentish Town
Frederick Robert MITCHELMORE b 1875 Paignton
Frederick Richard MITCHELMORE b 1879 (Southampton)
Frederick Percy MITCHELMORE b 1880 Winchester, Hampshire
Fred MITCHELMORE b 1881 Marldon
Frederick David MITCHELMORE b 1882 Cardiff
Frederick George MITCHELMORE b 1884 (Kensington)
Frederick Leonard MICHELMORE b 1884 Totnes
Frederick William MICHELMORE b 1884 Holne
Frederick William MUCHMORE b 1886 Marylebone
Frederick Walter MUCHMORE b 1887 Marylebone
Frederick MUCHMORE b 1888 Chatham
Frederick Thomas Nathaniel MITCHELMORE b 1888 Dartmouth
Frederick George MICHELMORE b 1889 Drury Lane
Frederick Andrew MICHELMORE b 1890 Port Vincent SA
Frederick Owen MITCHELMORE b 1891 (Newton Abbot)
Frederick Wallace MITCHELMORE b 1892 Woodleigh
Frederick William MUCHMORE b 1894 (Marylebone)
Frederick Atherton MITCHELMORE b 1895 Dartmouth
Frederick James MUCHMORE b 1899 Kentish Town
Frederick Rupert MITCHELMORE b 1900 Paignton
Frederick Charles MITCHELMORE b 1902 Notting Hill
Frederick James MICHELMORE b 1905 (Newton Abbot)
Frederick Edwin Albert MICHELMORE b 1907 Battersea
Frederick George MITCHELMORE b 1908 (Fulham)
Frederick Mervyn MITCHELMORE b 1909 (Watford)
Frederick John MITCHELMORE b 1910
Frederick George MITCHELMORE b 1911 Devonport
Frederick Harry MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Christchurch)
Frederick Joseph Warren MITCHELMORE b 1916 Dartmouth
Frederick William MUCHMORE b 1917 (Wandsworth)
Frederick Collingwood MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Newton Abbot)
Frederick Gordon MICHELMORE b 1921 Strathalbyn SA
Fred MITCHELMORE b 1922 (Chorlton)
Frederick William MUCHMORE b 1922 (Marylebone)
Frederick Donald MITCHELMORE b 1928 (Totnes)

G de MICHAMORE b 1200
Gareth Wyn MICHELMORE b 1946 (Merioneth N)
Garfield MITCHELMORE b 1918 Newquay, Cornwall
Garfield MITCHELMORE b 1932 Green Island Cove NL
Garth Harold MICHELMORE b 1940 Ryde NSW
Geoffrey MICHELMORE b 1921 (Totnes)
George MICHELMOORE b 1570
George MUGHMOORE b 1620
George MUCHMORE b 1630
Georg MUDGMOUR b 1650
George MUCHAMUR b 1674 Chivelstone
George MUCKMORE b 1678 Totnes
George MUCHEMORE b 1699 Bigbury
George MITCHELMORE b 1700
George MICHELMORE b 1720 Buckfastleigh
George MUCHEMORE b 1722 Totnes
George MICHELMORE b 1724 Buckfastleigh
George MICHELMORE b 1749 Totnes
George MITCHALMORE b 1754 Chivelstone
George MICHELMORE b 1762 Buckfastleigh
George MUCKERMORE b 1780
George Thomas MICHELMORE b 1787 Westminster
George MICTHAMORE b 1790 Chivelstone
George MITCHELMORE b 1790 Totnes
George MICHELMORE b 1791 Buckfastleigh
George Humberstone MITCHELMORE b 1796 Chivelstone Ford
George MUCHMORE b 1800
George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1800
George Triddle MITCHELMORE b 1814 Slapton
George Edward MICKELMORE b 1815
George Henry MICHELMORE b 1821 Westminster
George Adams MITCHAMORE b 1823 Chivelstone
George MITCHMORE b 1830 Bigbury
George Symons MICHELMORE b 1830 Cornworthy
George MICHELMORE b 1831 Buckfastleigh
George MITCHELMORE b 1832 Blackawton
George MITCHELMORE b 1832 Stokenham
George MITCHEMORE b 1836 South Milton
George Henry Morrish MITCHELMORE b 1836 Dartmouth
George MITCHELMORE b 1840 Slapton
George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1841 Dartmouth
George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1845 Stokenham
George Henry STONE MITCHELMORE b 1845 Stokenham
George MUCHMIRE b 1849 Stepney
George MITCHELMORE b 1850 Slapton
George Henry MICHELMORE b 1850 Westminster
George Adams MITCHAMORE b 1852 (Plymouth)
George Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1855 Malborough
George MITCHELMORE b 1856 Slapton
George MITCHELMORE b 1857 Warrenheip VIC
George MICHELMORE b 1857 Buckfastleigh
George Thurber MUCHMORE b 1858
George MICHELMORE b 1860 (Strand)
George MITCHELMORE b 1861 South Pool
George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1862 Dartmouth
George Frederick MICHELMORE b 1863 Enfield
George H MICHELMORE b 1863 Canada
George MITCHELMORE b 1866 Marldon
George MITCHELMORE b 1868 East Stonehouse
George Edwin MITCHELMORE b 1869 (Kingsbridge)
George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1869 Jersey
George Percy MITCHELMORE b 1869 Williamstown VIC
George MITCHELMORE b 1870 Green Island Cove NL
George Walter MICHELMORE b 1873 Westminster
George MITCHELMORE b 1876 Strete
George Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1877 Colac VIC
George Herbert MITCHELMORE b 1878 Spring Bay TAS
George Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1878 (Totnes)
George Alfred MUCHMORE b 1879 (Pancras mother DICKERSON)
George Henry Edwards MITCHELMORE b 1879 Dodbrooke
George Lethbridge MITCHELMORE b 1879 Notting Hill
George Walter MICHELMORE b 1879 Lambeth
George William Manning MITCHELMORE b 1880 Rattery
George Wilton MITCHELMORE b 1880 (Stoke Damerel)
George Victor Albert MICHELMORE b 1882 Canterbury NSW
George Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1883 Plymouth
George MITCHELMORE b 1887 Green Island Brook NL
George Fordham MOUCHEMORE b 1887 Queenscliff VIC
George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1887 Stokenham
George MICHELMORE b 1889 (Totnes)
George Stanley MITCHELMORE b 1889 Clapton
George MICHELMORE b 1890 Totnes
George Henry MUCHMORE b 1890 Marylebone
George Herbert MITCHELMORE b 1890 Paignton
George Henry MICHELMORE b 1891 (Chelsea)
George MITCHELMORE b 1892 Black Duck Cove NL
George William MITCHELMORE b 1892 Southampton
George William MITCHELMORE b 1894 Rattery
George James Alban Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1895 Devonport
George MITCHELMORE b 1897 Richmond VIC
George MITCHELMORE b 1897 South Pool
George Geoffrey MICHELMORE b 1897 Ramsgate, Kent
George Deane MITCHELMORE b 1900 Dartmouth
George Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1905 Notting Hill
George Albert MICHELMORE b 1906 (Paddington)
George Edward MITCHELMORE b 1907 Shepherds Bush
George William MITCHELMORE b 1908
George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1909 (Camberwell)
George Frederick MICHELMORE b 1911 Brownfield AB
George Albert MITCHELMORE b 1915 ON
George David MICHELMORE b 1915 Tent Hill NSW
George Richard MITCHELMORE b 1915 (Devonport)
George Charles Edward MITCHELMORE b 1918 Plymouth
George Edward MITCHELMORE b 1918 Plymouth
George Edward MITCHELMORE b 1918 Zimbabwe
George Ernest Robert MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Wandsworth)
George William MITCHELMORE b 1920 Green Island Cove NL
George Wilfred MITCHELMORE b 1921 (Islington)
George MITCHELMORE b 1922
George MUCHMORE b 1922 (Pancras)
George Edward MUCHMORE b 1922 Regents Hill, London
George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1924 Green Island Cove NL
George Brian MITCHELMORE b 1926 (Tavistock)
George Pembroke MICHELMORE b 1927 (Chertsey)
George Andrew MOUCHEMORE b 1930
George MICHELMORE b 1942 (Merioneth N)
George William MITCHELMORE b 1949
Gerald MITCHMORE b 1875 Haldimand ON
Gerald Edgar MITCHELMORE b 1911 (Watford)
Gerald Raymond MITCHELMORE b 1930 Saskatoon SK
Gerald MITCHELMORE b 1943 Edinburgh, Scotland
Gerald Frank MITCHELMORE b 1943 Medford OR
Gideon MITCHELMORE b 1922
Gilbert MUCHMORE b 1896 Kentish Town
Glenn Holmes MITCHAMORE b 1953 Kerr County TX
Gordon William MUCHMORE b 1899 NZ
Gordon MITCHELMORE b 1915 Green Island Cove NL
Gordon Arthur Edmund MICHELMORE b 1916 (Lambeth)
Gordon Edward MITCHELMORE b 1923 (Bradford on Avon)
Graham MICHELMORE b 1905 Montreal QC
Gustave Eliza MICHELMORE b 1869 Gomersal St Mary, Yorkshire
Guy de MOCHELEMORE b 1200
Guy MICHELMORE b 1894 (Kingsbridge)
Guy MITCHELMORE b 1924 Green Island Cove NL
Guy Atherton MITCHELMORE b 1924 (Burton)
Guy MITCHELMORE b 1946 (Brentford)
Gwynne MICHELMORE b 1901 Toronto ON

Harold MITCHELMORE b 1865 Kingsbridge
Harold Gaye MICHELMORE b 1870 Newton Abbot
Harold James MITCHELMORE b 1898 Chillington
Harold John MUCHMORE b 1898 NZ
Harold Nelson MITCHELMORE b 1898 (Warminster)
Harold Albert MICHELMORE b 1916 (Isle of Wight)
Harold MUCHMORE b 1917 Liskeard, Cornwall
Harold Norman MITCHAMORE b 1918 Hempstead TX
Harold Edwin MITCHELMORE b 1920 (Portsmouth)
Harold Walter MITCHELMORE b 1922 Saskatoon SK
Harold George MITCHELMORE b 1923 (Bristol)
Harry Morgan MICHELMORE b 1862 London ON
Harry MICHELMORE b 1874 (Totnes)
Harry MITCHELMORE b 1891 (Christchurch)
Harry Bruce MITCHELMORE b 1909 Wagga Wagga NSW
Harry Batistie MOUCHEMORE b 1920 South Melbourne VIC
Hector Charles Gorwin Parnell MITCHELMORE b 1875 Dartmouth
Hector Lawrence MICHELMORE b 1898 Widecombe-in-the-Moor
Hedley Looney Ching MICHELMORE b 1884 Meadows SA
Henry MICHMOORE b 1580
Henry MICHELMORE b 1600
Henry MUCHMORE b 1722 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Henry MUCHMORE b 1755 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Henry MICHELMORE b 1771 Buckfastleigh
Henry MUCHMORE b 1786 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Henry MICHELMORE b 1788 Cockington
Henry MICHELMORE b 1800
Henry MITCHELMORE b 1808 Stoke Fleming
Henry MICHAELMORE b 1814 Cornworthy
Henry Andrew MITCHELMORE b 1817 St Decumans, Somerset
Henry MICHELMORE b 1819 Combeinteignhead
Henry MOCHMORE b 1820
Henry MITCHELMORE b 1821
Henry MAUCHIMER b 1827 Dartmouth
Henry MICHELMORE b 1835 Totnes
Henry MICHELMORE b 1835 Totnes
Henry MICHELMORE b 1839 Berry Pomeroy
Henry MICHELMORE b 1845 Brownhill Creek SA
Henry Hearder MICHELMORE b 1848 Lower Rocombe
Henry MITCHMAN b 1851 Bermondsey
Henry Brooks MOUCHEMORE b 1856 Melbourne VIC
Henry George MICHELMORE b 1859 Westminster
Henry MUCHMORE b 1861 Maidstone, Kent
Henry MUCHMORE b 1864 (Liskeard)
Henry William MICHELMORE b 1864 Newton Abbot
Henry MITCHELMORE b 1865 (Kingsbridge)
Henry Josias MITCHELMORE b 1865 (Kingsbridge)
Henry Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1867 Williamstown VIC
Henry Ferris MITCHELMORE b 1869 Strete
Henry MITCHELMORE b 1883 Black Duck Cove NL
Henry Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1883 Cardiff All Saints
Henry MICHELMORE b 1887 Drury Lane
Henry John MUCHMORE b 1888 Polbathic, Cornwall
Henry MICKELMORE b 1890
Henry Cecil MICHELMORE b 1890 Ramsgate, Kent
Henry Theodore MICHELMORE b 1890 Exeter
Henry George MICHELMORE b 1892 (St Giles)
Henry Victor MICHELMORE b 1896 Surrey
Henry George MICHELMORE b 1902 Norwood SA
Henry Douglas MITCHELMORE b 1904 Brentford
Henry Reginald Lynmouth MICHELMORE b 1904 West Croydon, Surrey
Henry George MITCHELMORE b 1909 Singapore
Henry Richard Aubrey MICHELMORE b 1919 Topsham
Henry MITCHELMORE b 1922 Geraldine NZ
Henry Joseph MITCHELMORE b 1931 (Fulham)
Herbert MICHELMORE b 1865 Dartmouth
Herbert MICHELMORE b 1867 Totnes
Herbert John MITCHELMORE b 1885 (Newton Abbot)
Herbert Stephen MUCHMORE b 1885 Wandsworth
Herbert Sampson Reynolds MITCHELMORE b 1887 Jersey
Herbert MUCHMORE b 1888 Kentish Town
Herbert Henry MITCHMORE b 1892 Brixham
Herbert Stanley MUCHMORE b 1892 Kentish Town
Herbert R MICHELMORE b 1893 Ryde NSW
Herbert MUCHMORE b 1900 Kentish Town
Herbert Virgil MOUCHEMORE b 1900 Plantagenet WA
Herbert Basil Goldwyer MICHELMORE b 1901 Dartmouth
Herbert O'Neal MITCHELMORE b 1902 Torquay
Herbert J MITCHELMORE b 1905
Herbert Stephen MUCHMORE b 1915 (Wandsworth)
Herbert Frederick MITCHELMORE b 1931 (Devonport)
Hercules James MITCHELMORE b 1868 Dartmouth
Horace John MITCHELMORE b 1882 (Kingsbridge)
Horace Edgar MITCHELMORE b 1885 (Southampton)
Horace Oliver MITCHELMORE b 1898 Wagga Wagga NSW
Horace Charles Vernon MITCHELMORE b 1915 (Warminster)
Horatio Rowland MICHELMORE b 1799 Westminster
Horatio James MICHELMORE b 1814
Horatio MICHELMORE b 1819
Horatio Edward MICHELMORE b 1824 Westminster
Horatio Edward MICHELMORE b 1847 Westminster
Horatio Edward W MICHELMORE b 1873 (Liverpool)
Howard Cecil Jeffrey MITCHELMORE b 1892 Glastonbury, Somerset
Howard Hayman MICHELMORE b 1907 North Andover MA
Howard MITCHELMORE b 1938
Hubert MUCHMORE b 1847 Chatham
Hubert Harold MITCHELMORE b 1920 Green Island Cove NL
Hugh Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1880 Woodhull NY
Hugh MICHELMORE b 1916
Hugh MITCHELMORE b 1919 Geraldine NZ
Humfrey MITCHELMORE b 1627 East Allington
Humphry MUCHMORE b 1770 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Hurtle Bogle MICHELMORE b 1890 Strathalbyn SA

Ian Richard Willerval MICHELMORE b 1919 (Wandsworth)
Ian Joseph MICHELMORE b 1928
Ian James MUCHMORE b 1954 (Battersea)
Ian Alexander MICHELMORE b 1958
Icel Edwin MICHELMORE b 1892 Meadows SA
Isaac MITCHELMORE b 1893 Green Island Cove NL

J MITCHELMORE b 1860 Dartmouth
Jabez MITCHELMORE b 1801 Chivelstone Ford
Jabez MITCHELMORE b 1841 Hobart TAS
Jack MITCHMORE b 1883 Brenham TX
Jack Neville MICHELMORE b 1912 Emmaville NSW
Jack William Jr MITCHMORE b 1921 Whitney TX
Jacob MITCHELMORE b 1900 Green Island Cove NL
James MITCHELMORE b 1500
James MICHELMORE b 1600
James MITCHELMORE b 1600
James MICHELMORE b 1600
James MUCHMORE b 1640
James MUCHAMORE b 1649 Dartmouth
James MITCHMORE b 1700
James MUCHMORE b 1703 St Cleer, Cornwall
James MUDGEMORE b 1710 St John NB
James MITCHELMORE b 1734 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
James MUCHMORE b 1761 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
James MITCHELMORE b 1761 Stokenham
James MUCHMORE b 1762 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
James MITCHELMORE b 1766 Stokenham
James MUCKAMORE b 1790
James MUCHMORE b 1792 Holborn
James MITCHELMORE b 1793 Wolborough St Mary
James MITCHELMORE b 1799 Chivelstone Ford
James MUCHMORE b 1800
James MICHAMO b 1808
James MECHAMORE b 1811 Portsmouth St Thomas, Hampshire
James MITCHELMORE b 1827 West Teignmouth
James MICHMORE b 1828
James MICHALMORE b 1830 Bolton
James MICHELMORE b 1833 Totnes
James Brown MICHELMORE b 1833 St Benet Pauls Wharf, London
James Putt MITCHEMORE b 1834 South Milton
James MITCHELMORE b 1840 (Kingsbridge)
James MUCHMORE b 1844 Liskeard, Cornwall
James MITCHELMORE b 1846 Slapton
James MITCHELMORE b 1847 (Kingsbridge)
James Richard MITCHELMORE b 1848 Dartmouth
James Henry MITCHELMORE b 1851 Bristol St John the Baptist
James MITCHELMORE b 1854
James MICHELMORE b 1855 Bull Creek SA
James MICHELMORE b 1855 Westminster
James Henry MITCHELMORE b 1855 (Newton Abbot)
James Weeks MITCHELMORE b 1855 Jersey
James MUCHMORE b 1857
James MITCHELMORE b 1858 Kingsteignton
James MITCHELMORE b 1860
James MITCHELMORE b 1861 Stokenham
James MITCHELMORE b 1861 (Plympton)
James MITCHELMORE b 1865 St Budeaux
James MITCHELMORE b 1867 (Kingsbridge)
James Henry MITCHELMORE b 1867 (Kingsbridge)
James MICKLEMORE b 1868
James Charles MITCHELMORE b 1870 (Totnes)
James Fulford Symons MITCHELMORE b 1873 Bristol
James MITCHELMORE b 1875 Maffra VIC
James MICHELMORE b 1875 Boston MA
James Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1876 Dartmouth
James MICHELMORE b 1881 Curramulka SA
James Arthur MITCHELMORE b 1884 (Kingsbridge)
James Edgar MUCHMORE b 1887 St Pancras
James Henry MITCHELMORE b 1887 Plymouth
James Henry George MITCHELMORE b 1888 Plymouth
James MITCHELMORE b 1889 Harberton
James Henry MICHELMORE b 1892 (Totnes)
James Vincent MUCHMORE b 1898
James Gordon Dean MUCHMORE b 1907 South Crosby ON
James Frederick MUCHMORE b 1910 (Pancras)
James Ivor MITCHELMORE b 1910 (Watford)
James Henry MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Plymouth)
James Ferguson MITCHAMORE b 1916 Brenham TX
James Henry MICHELMORE b 1916 SK
James Henry MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Redruth)
James Francis MITCHELMORE b 1920 Plymouth
James Franck Godwin MICHELMORE b 1924 (St Thomas)
James Lewis MITCHELMORE b 1926
James Paul MITCHAMORE b 1926 Fayetteville AR
James Stephen MITCHELMORE b 1927 (Kingsbridge)
James Henry MICHELMORE b 1928 Victor Harbour SA
James MUCHMORE b 1936
Jeffery MICHELMORE b 1743 Buckfastleigh
Jeffery MICHELMORE b 1769 Buckfastleigh
Jeffery MITCHELMORE b 1772 Ashburton
Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE b 1793 Staverton
Jeffery John MICHELMORE b 1834 Totnes
Jeffery MICHELMORE b 1835 Berry Pomeroy
Jeffery Edwards MICHELMORE b 1850 Broadhempston
Jeffery Edwards Morton MICHELMORE b 1880 Surbiton, Surrey
Jeffery Prosper MICHELMORE b 1900 QLD
Jeffrey MICHELMORE b 1902 Canada
Jeffery Arnold MITCHELMORE b 1919 Yeovilm, Somerset
Jeffry MICHELMORE b 1920 (Newton Abbot)
Jeffery Gordon MICHELMORE b 1921 Meadows SA
Jeffery Mackellar MICHELMORE b 1933
Jeremiah MUCHMORE b 1708 St Cleer, Cornwall
Jeremiah MUCHMORE b 1739 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Jim Venner MICHELMORE b 1919 (Totnes)
John MICHELMORE b 1300
John MOCHELMORE b 1400
John MICHELMORE b 1400
John MICHELMORE b 1490
John MICHELMORE b 1500
John MICHELMORE b 1500
John MICHELMORE b 1500
John MICHELMORE b 1500
John MICHELMORE b 1510
John MYCHELMORE b 1520
Johes MICHELMOORE b 1530
John MICHELMORE b 1560
John MICHELMORE b 1560
Johes MICHMORE b 1568 Ugborough
John MYCHELLMORE b 1570 East Allington
John MYCHELLMORE b 1579 East Allington
John MYCHELLMORE b 1589 East Allington
John MICHELMORE b 1590
Joh MUCHEMORE b 1600
John MICHELMORE b 1600
John MICHELMORE b 1600
John MICHELMORE b 1600
John MUCHMORE b 1600
John MICHELMORE b 1600
John? MUCHMOE b 1600
John MYCHELMORE b 1601 Blackawton
John MUCHMORE b 1607 Menheniot, Cornwall
John MICHELMORE b 1610
Johannes MITCHELMORE b 1611 Buckfastleigh
John MICHELMORE b 1612 East Allington
Johannes MITCHALMORE b 1613 Buckfastleigh
John MICHELMORE b 1616 East Allington
John MICHELMORE b 1619 West Alvington
Johannes MITCHALMORE b 1620
John MICHELMORE b 1622 West Alvington
John MUTCHELMORE b 1629 Berry Pomeroy
Johannes MITCHALMORE b 1630
John MICHELMORE b 1630
John MUCHEMORE b 1630
John MUCHAMORE b 1630
John MICHELMORE b 1632 Blackawton
John MICHELMOR b 1635 Slapton
John MUCHMOORE b 1638 Menheniot, Cornwall
Johannes MITCHELMORE b 1639 Buckfastleigh
Johannes MICHELMORE b 1640
John MICHEMORE b 1640
John MICHELMORE b 1640
John MUCHAMORE b 1645 Charleton
John MICHAMORE b 1650
John MICHAMORE b 1650
John MICHELMORE b 1650
John MICHELMORE b 1651 East Allington
John MUCHMOOR b 1660
John MICHELLMOORE b 1661 Menheniot, Cornwall
John MUCHMORE b 1662 Tavistock
John MUCHELMORE b 1666 Charleton
John MUCHEMORE b 1670
Johannes MICHELMORE b 1677 Buckfastleigh
John MUCHAMORE b 1677 Charleton
John MUCKAMORE b 1680
John MICHELMORE b 1680 Stoke Fleming
John MICHIMOR b 1680 Totnes
Johannes MICHELMORE b 1681 Buckfastleigh
John MUCHMORE b 1682 Stokenham
John MITCHELMORE b 1683 South Mimms, Middlesex
John MICHELMORE b 1685
John MITCHMORE b 1689 St Cleer, Cornwall
John MICHAMORE b 1689 Dittisham
John MUCHEMORE b 1690
John MUCHMORE b 1691 Tavistock
Johannes MICHELMORE b 1693 Buckfastleigh
John MUCHEMORE b 1696 Charleton
John MICHELMORE b 1696 Buckfastleigh
John MUCHAMORE b 1696 Bigbury
John MICHELMORE b 1699 Rattery
John MUCHAMORE b 1700
John MITCHEMOR b 1700
John MITCHEMORE b 1700
John MICHELMOOR b 1700
John MUCHMORE b 1700
John Denham MUCHMORE b 1700
John MUCHAMORE b 1704 Stokenham
John MUCHAMORE b 1704 Stokenham
John MICHELMORE b 1705 Charleton
John MICHELMORE b 1709 Buckfastleigh
John MUCHAMORE b 1710
John MUCHAMORE b 1710
John MUCHMORE b 1710 Menheniot, Cornwall
John MITCHELMORE b 1716 Stokenham
John MUCHAMORE b 1716 West Alvington
John MUCHMORE b 1719 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
John MUCHAMORE b 1719 Stokenham
John MICHELMORE b 1722 Buckfastleigh
John MUCHAMORE b 1726 Charleton
John MICHELMORE b 1726 Littlehempston
John MITCHELMORE b 1728 Stokenham
John MICHELMORE b 1728 Stokenham
John MUDGEMORE b 1730 St Germans, Cornwall
John MUCHMORE b 1733 Menheniot, Cornwall
John MICHELMORE b 1735 Blackawton
John MUCHMORE b 1737 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
John MUCHAMORE b 1739 Malborough
John MUCHAMORE b 1741 Stoke Fleming
John MITCHELMORE b 1743 Stokenham
John MUCKAMORE b 1743 Westerham
John MUCHAMORE b 1744 Stoke Fleming
John MUCHAMORE b 1746 Chivelstone
John Martin METCHIMER b 1746
John MICHELMORE b 1749 Sherford
John MITCHELMORE b 1749 Stokenham
John MUCHMORE b 1750
John MITCHAMORE b 1753 Chivelstone
John MITCHELMORE b 1755 Slapton
John MICHELMORE b 1756 Charleton
John MUCHMORE b 1757 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
John MUCHMORE b 1759 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
John MICTHAMOR b 1760 Chivelstone
John MITCHELMORE b 1761 Plympton
John MUCHAMORE b 1764 Charleton
John MUCHMORE b 1764 Liskeard, Cornwall
John MICHELMORE b 1764 Blackawton
John MUCKLEMORE b 1767 Westerham
John MUCHEMORE b 1769 Thurlestone
John MUCHMORE b 1770
John MICHELMORE b 1773 Blackawton
John MUCKMORE b 1774 Westerham
John MITCHELMORE b 1776 Sherford
John MUCHMORE b 1776
John MUCHAMORE b 1777 Loddiswell
John MOTCHAMORE b 1779 Chivelstone
John MITCHELMORE b 1779 Stokenham
John MITCHMORE b 1780
John MITCHMORE b 1780
John MITCHELMORE b 1781 Sherford
John MUCHMORE b 1781 Stoke Damerel
John MUCHMORE b 1783 Stoke Damerel
John MICHELMORE b 1786 Buckfastleigh
John MUTCHAMOORE b 1787 South Huish
John MITCHELMORE b 1787 Wolborough St Mary
John MITCHELMORE b 1789 Slapton
John MICHELMORE b 1789 Buckfastleigh
John MUCHMORE b 1790
John MITCHELMORE b 1791 Sherford
John MITCHELMORE b 1792 Sherford
John MICHELMORE b 1793 Buckfastleigh
John MITCHELMORE b 1793 Slapton
John MITCHELMORE b 1796 Stokenham
John MITCHAMORE b 1796
John MUCHMORE b 1797 Liskeard, Cornwall
John MUCHMORE b 1800 Fowey, Cornwall
John MICHELMORE b 1800
John MICHELMORE b 1800
John MITCHELMORE b 1800 Chivelstone Ford
John MICHELMORE b 1800 Blackawton
John MITCHELMORE b 1801 Sherford
John Ryan MICHEMORE b 1803 South Pool
John Beck MICHAMORE b 1804 Bigbury
John MICHELMORE b 1807 Churchstow
John MITCHELMORE b 1807 Chivelstone Ford
John MITCHELMORE b 1811 Slapton
John MICHELMORE b 1812 Cornworthy
John MICHELMORE b 1812
John William MICHELMORE b 1814 St Decumans, Somerset
John MUCHMORE b 1816 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
John MUCHMORE b 1816 Stoke Damerel
John MICHELMORE b 1822 Cornworthy
John MITCHELMORE b 1823 Stokenham
John MITCHELMORE b 1823 Stokenham
John MITCHMORE b 1823 Portsmouth
John MUCHMORE b 1823 St Pancras
John MICHELMORE b 1824 Totnes
John MITCHELMORE b 1825 Blackawton
John MITCHELMORE b 1825 Devon
John MUCHMORE b 1825 Fowey, Cornwall
John Bennett MOUCHEMORE b 1825 Dartmouth
John MUCHMORE b 1826 Portsmouth
John MICHELMORE b 1826 Rocombe
John Blackler MITCHELMORE b 1826 Charleton
John MUCHMORE b 1828 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
John MITCHELMORE b 1828 Plymouth
John Beck MITCHLEMORE b 1829 Brixham
John MITCHELMORE b 1830 Devon
John MITCHELMORE b 1830 Stokenham
John MITCHELMORE b 1830 Brixham
John Henry MUCHMORE b 1830 Liskeard, Cornwall
John Beck MITCHLEMORE b 1831 Ringmore
John MUCHMORE b 1832 Liskeard, Cornwall
John MITCHELMORE b 1832 Harberton
John Beck MITCHMORE b 1836 Brixham
John Richard MUCHMORE b 1836 Mylor, Cornwall
John MICHELMORE b 1837 Slapton
John D MITCHMORE b 1840
John MUCHMORE b 1841 Plymouth
John Henry MICHELMORE b 1841 (Totnes)
John Henry MITCHELMORE b 1841 Dartmouth
John MITCHELMORE b 1842 Dartmouth
John Austin MITCHELMORE b 1843 Stokenham
John Walter MUCHMORE b 1845 Chatham St Mary
John William MUTCHMORE b 1845 Devonport
John Francis MICHEMORE b 1847 Dartmouth
John Henry Frederick MITCHELMORE b 1847 (Plymouth)
John MICHELMORE b 1848 Newton Abbot
John MITCHELMORE b 1848 Bigbury
John MICHELMORE b 1849 Harberton
John MITCHELMORE b 1849 Cardiff
John Henry MITCHELMORE b 1849 Strete
John MUCHMORE b 1850
John Wallis MITCHELMORE b 1851 Churchstow
John MITCHELMORE b 1853 Slapton
John MITCHELMORE b 1853 Kingsteignton
John Thomas MICHELMORE b 1853 Port Adelaide SA
John Crocker MITCHELMORE b 1854 Modbury
John Henry MUCHMORE b 1854 (Liskeard)
John Edwin MUCHMORE b 1855 New York NY
John Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1856 Dartmouth
John Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1857 (Kingsbridge)
John MICHELMORE b 1858 (Totnes)
John Thomas MICHELMORE b 1858 Brixham
John Marchant MICHELMORE b 1859 Broadhempston
John Elliott MITCHELMORE b 1860 (Plympton)
John Henry Damaral MITCHELMORE b 1860 Charleton
John William Scott MITCHELMORE b 1860 (Newton Abbot)
John MUCHMORE b 1861 (St Germans)
John MITCHELMORE b 1863 (Falmouth)
John MICHELMORE b 1864 (Totnes)
John MITCHELMORE b 1864 Marldon
John Wilson MITCHELMORE b 1864 Totnes
John White MOUCHEMORE b 1865 Queenscliff VIC
John May MICHELMORE b 1866 Totnes
John Alfred MICHELMORE b 1867 Stokenham
John Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1868 Maffra VIC
John Henry MITCHELMORE b 1870 (Kingsbridge)
John MITCHELMORE b 1871 (Merthyr Tydfil)
John Edward MUCHMORE b 1871 (Falmouth)
John Henry MITCHELMORE b 1871 (Kingsbridge)
John MITCHELMORE b 1872 Stoke Fleming
John Henry MUCHMORE b 1872 Marylebone
John MITCHELMORE b 1873 Colac VIC
John MITCHELMORE b 1873 (Kingsbridge)
John Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1875 Devonport
John MICHELMORE b 1876 Brixham
John Edward MITCHELMORE b 1876 Plymouth
John Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1876 Plymouth
John William MITCHMORE b 1876
John MITCHELMORE b 1877 Paignton
John Vincent MUCHMORE b 1877
John Wallis Parnell MITCHELMORE b 1877
John Charles MITCHELMORE b 1878 Sherford
John Douglas MICHELMORE b 1878 Dartmouth
John Symons MICHELMORE b 1878 Newton Abbot
John Charles MITCHELMORE b 1879 Hinsdale NY
John Henry MITCHELMORE b 1879 Stoke Fleming
John William MICHELMORE b 1879 Curramulka SA
John MITCHELMORE b 1880 Green Island Cove NL
John MITCHELMORE b 1880 Green Island Cove NL
John Dawe MITCHELMORE b 1882 Harberton
John Coombes MICHELMORE b 1884 Buckfastleigh
John Henry MITCHELMORE b 1884 Strete
John Leslie Archer MITCHELMORE b 1884 (Totnes)
John Crocker Ithiel MITCHELMORE b 1885 Slapton
John Frederick MITCHELMORE b 1886 Modbury
John L MITCHMORE b 1886 Bremham TX
John MITCHELMORE b 1887 (Totnes)
John Thomas MITCHMORE b 1888 Chapel Hill TX
John Francis MITCHELMORE b 1890 Stokenham
John Richard MICHELMORE b 1891 Widecombe-in-the-Moor
John MITCHELMORE b 1893 (Paddington)
John Arthur MOUCHEMORE b 1894 Port Nepean VIC
John Farleigh MITCHELMORE b 1895 South Pool
John Joseph MUCHMORE b 1895 South Crosby ON
John Vincent MUCHMORE b 1895 Jones Falls ON
John Edward MITCHELMORE b 1896 Rattery
John Henry MUCHMORE b 1897 Battersea
John MITCHMORE b 1900
John Henry MITCHELMORE b 1900 Slapton
John Archibald MICHELMORE b 1901 QLD
John Henry MUCHMORE b 1902 South Crosby ON
John Elwert MICHELMORE b 1904 PA
John MITCHELMORE b 1906 Green Island Cove NL
John Henry MUCHMORE b 1906
John Edward MITCHELMORE b 1907 Thurlestone
John Bennett MITCHELMORE b 1909
John Marchant MICHELMORE b 1909 (Kingsbridge)
John Rossiter MICHELMORE b 1910
John Thomas MITCHAMORE b 1910 Whitney TX
John Charles MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Southwark)
John James MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Neath)
John L MITCHAMORE b 1914 Hill County TX
John MUCHMORE b 1915 (Pancras)
John Albert MITCHELMORE b 1915 Hong Kong
John William MITCHELMORE b 1916 Walthill NE
John Edward MITCHELMORE b 1917 Umtali, Southern Rhodesia
John Robert MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Poole)
John Vincent MUCHMORE b 1919 (Lambeth)
John Edward MITCHELMORE b 1921 Fonthill ON
John Tulledge MITCHELMORE b 1922 (Tiverton)
John Francis Morey MITCHELMORE b 1923 Hobart TAS
John Henry MITCHELMORE b 1923 (Kingsbridge)
John Thomas MICHELMORE b 1924 Strathalbyn SA
John Cyril MUCHMORE b 1927 (Wandsworth)
John David MITCHMORE b 1927 Harris County TX
John Kenneth MUCHMORE b 1927 Marylebone
John Herbert MICHELMORE b 1928 Los Angeles CA
John Mackellar MICHELMORE b 1928
John Barry MITCHELMORE b 1936 (St Austell)
John Blair MICHELMORE b 1937 Los Angeles CA
John Charles MITCHELMORE b 1938 (Redruth)
John Derek Wilton MITCHELMORE b 1941 (Edmonton)
John Paul MUCHMORE b 1947 (Poplar)
John Peter MUCHMORE b 1949 Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
John William Charles MUCHMORE b 1953 (Wandsworth)
Jonathan MICHELMORE b 1686 Buckfastleigh
Johnathan MICHMORE b 1750
Joseph MICHMORE b 1680
Joseph MUCHMORE b 1820 Stoke Damerel
Joseph MUCHMORE b 1846 (Stoke Damerel)
Joseph MUTCHMORE b 1853 (Stoke Damerel)
Joseph MITCHELMORE b 1865 Sale VIC
Joseph Benjamin MITCHELMORE b 1865 Wolborough St Paul
Joseph Cranch MITCHELMORE b 1866 Dartmouth
Joseph Henry MITCHELMORE b 1877 Notting Hill
Joseph Henry MICHELMORE b 1879 Brixton, Surrey
Joseph Curtis MITCHAMORE b 1891 Windsor ON
Joseph MITCHELMORE b 1894 Liverpool
Joseph Clifton MUCHMORE b 1903 South Crosby ON
Joseph Harry MITCHELMORE b 1910 (Fulham)
Joseph Harold MUCHMORE b 1915
Joseph Frederick MITCHELMORE b 1933 (Hammersmith)
Josiah MICHMORE b 1720 Lambeth
Josiah MITCHELMORE b 1791 Chivelstone Ford
Josiah MITCHELMORE b 1831 Stokenham

Kenneth Frude MITCHELMORE b 1911 Newquay, Cornwall
Kenneth John Ronald MITCHENERE b 1916 (Woolwich)
Kenneth G MITCHELMORE b 1917 MA
Kenneth Ivor MITCHELMORE b 1922 (Yeovil)
Kenneth Wesley MITCHMORE b 1923 Houston TX
Kenneth Derrick MUCHAMORE b 1930 (Hackney)
Kenneth Robert MITCHELMORE b 1930 Landscove
Kevin MOUCHEMORE b 1940 Midland WA
Kevin Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1948 Blackburn VIC

Laughlin MUCHMORE b 1846 Brewers Mills ON
Laughlin Leo MUCHMORE b 1883 South Crosby ON
Laughlin Edward MUCHMORE b 1905 South Crosby ON
Lambert MITCHELMORE b 1936 Green Island Cove NL
Larence MUCHAMER b 1650
Lawrence MICHELMORE b 1840 Ireland
Laurence MUCHMORE b 1900
Lawrence Hugh MITCHELMORE b 1907 Anacortes WA
Laurence Victor MICHELMORE b 1909 PA
Laverance Peter MOUCHEMORE b 1912 Queenscliff VIC
Lawrence Vincent MUCHMORE b 1912 South Crosby ON
Leander MITCHELMORE b 1918 Green Island Cove NL
Leonarde MICHEMORE b 1470
Leonard Charles MICHELMORE b 1886 Brixton
Leonard Frank MITCHELMORE b 1891 Great Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire
Leonard George MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Totnes)
Leonard Frederick S MITCHELMORE b 1921 (Paddington)
Leonard Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1923 Dartmouth
Leonard William MUCHMORE b 1925 (Wandsworth)
Leonard Edwin MICHELMORE b 1938
Leslie Jacob MITCHELMORE b 1879 Spring Bay TAS
Leslie Frank MITCHELMORE b 1898 Totnes
Leslie James MITCHELMORE b 1901 Plymouth
Leslie Cuthbert MITCHELMORE b 1904 Saltcoats SK
Leslie Robert MITCHELMORE b 1910 (Kingsbridge)
Leslie MOUCHEMORE b 1916 Albany WA
Leslie MITCHELMORE b 1920 Zimbabwe
Leslie David MUCHMORE b 1930 Catford
Leslie Andrew MICHELMORE b 1931 Yorketown SA
Leslie Robert MUCHMORE b 1945 (Liskeard)
Levi MITCHELMORE b 1925 Green Island Cove NL
Lewis MITCHELMORE b 1600
Lewis Abraham MITCHELMORE b 1885 Spring Bay TAS
Lewis Watkin MITCHELMORE b 1887 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Lewis Watkin MITCHELMORE b 1890 Aberdare, Glamorganshire
Lindsay James MICHELMORE b 1893 Meadows SA
Lionel George MITCHELMORE b 1890 New Brentford
Lionel Charles MITCHELMORE b 1899 Saltcoats SK
Lord Cyril Roberts Harcom Hill MUCHAMORE b 1908 Plymouth

Malcolm MITCHELMORE b 1921 Green Island Cove NL
Malcolm MITCHELMORE b 1929 (Tiverton)
Malcolm Edward MITCHAMORE b 1933 Brenham TX
Maldwyn MICHELMORE b 1931 (Ffestiniog)
Mark Bond MITCHELMORE b 1866 (Newton Abbot)
Martin MUCHMIRE b 1820
Martin James MUCHMORE b 1845 Brewers Mills ON
Mathias MICHELMORE b 1595 Blackawton
Matthew MUCHCHAMORE b 1659 Stokenham
Mathew MUCHMORE b 1689 Tavistock
Mathew MITCHELMORE b 1708 Stokenham
Matthew MITCHELMORE b 1900
Maurice MITCHELMORE b 1905 Maffra VIC
Maurice George MITCHELMORE b 1913 Paignton
Maurice Reginald MUCHMORE b 1927 (Marylebone)
Melie? MITCHELMORE b 1898
Mervyn John MITCHELMORE b 1939 (Totnes)
Michael MUCHAMORE b 1708 Stokenham
Michael MECHAMORE b 1750
Michael MICHELMORE b 1755 Stokenham
Michael Pike MITCHELMORE b 1809 Stokenham
Michael Laughlin MUCHMORE b 1879 Kingston ON
Michael Joseph MUCHMORE b 1898 Jones Falls ON
Michael George Edward MITCHELMORE b 1934 (St Columb)
Michael Paul MITCHELMORE b 1941 (Bournemouth)
Michael William MITCHELMORE b 1946 (Bromley)
Michael David MUCHMORE b 1957 (Battersea)
Michael MITCHELMORE b 1970
Millwyn Arthur MITCHELMORE b 1933 (Kingsbridge)
Mordecai MITCHMORE b 1780
Morey Entwhistle MITCHELMORE b 1899 Lyell TAS
Mortimer William MICHELMORE b 1934

Nahor MACHELLMOR b 1650
Nathaniel MICHAMORE b 1839 Dartmouth
Nathaniel Walter MITCHELMORE b 1870 (St Thomas)
Nicholas de MOCHELEMORE b 1200
Nicholas MYCHELMORE b 1470
Nycholas MYCHELMORE b 1556 East Allington
Nicholas MICHELMORE b 1590
Nicholas MUCHEMOR b 1600
Nicholas MICHELMORE b 1600
Nicholas MUCHMORE b 1620
Nicholas MICHELMORE b 1635 Blackawton
Nicholas MICHELMORE b 1645 East Allington
Nicholas MUCHAMOR b 1666 Stokenham
Nicholas MICHELLMOORE b 1667 Menheniot, Cornwall
Nicholas MICHELMORE b 1690
Nicholas MUCHAMORE b 1701 Stokenham
Nicholas MITCHELMORE b 1709 Stokenham
Nicholas MUCHMORE b 1717 Liskeard, Cornwall
Nicholas MECHALMORE b 1717 Sherford
Nicholas MICHELMORE b 1726 Stokenham
Nicholas MUCHAMORE b 1739 Stoke Fleming
Nicholas MITCHELMORE b 1751 Stokenham
Nicholas MITCHELMORE b 1756 Stokenham
Nicholas MITCHELMORE b 1788 Sherford
Nicholas MITCHELMORE b 1806 Sherford
Nicholas MITCHELMORE b 1811
Nicholas Thomas Bell MITCHELMORE b 1857 Churchstow
Nicholas Ford MITCHELMORE b 1863 (Kingsbridge)
Nigel Graham MITCHELMORE b 1949 (Tavistock)
Norman Edwin MITCHELMORE b 1906 (Kingsbridge)
Norman MITCHELMORE b 1913 Green Island Cove NL
Norman William Wilfred MUCHMORE b 1925 (Cardiff)
Norman J MUTCHMORE b 1926
Norman Glenn MITCHAMORE b 1936 Waller County TX

Oliver MICHELLMOORE b 1665 Menheniot, Cornwall
Oliver MUCHMORE b 1707 Menheniot, Cornwall
Oliver MUCHMORE b 1743 Menheniot, Cornwall
Oliver MUCHMORE b 1767 Liskeard, Cornwall
Oliver Frank MICHELMORE b 1888 Sherford

Paul William Leslie Brooks MOUCHEMORE b 1884 Queenscliff VIC
Paul Albert Gordon MUCHMORE b 1926 (Wandsworth)
Paul MICHELMORE b 1938 Epsom
Paul Ernest Leon MITCHELMORE b 1952 (Westminster)
Percy MITCHELMORE b 1883 (Newton Abbot)
Percy Alfred Grant MITCHELMORE b 1884 Paignton
Percival Ellington MOUCHEMORE b 1887 Queenscliff VIC
Percival Howard MICHELMORE b 1887 Birkenhead SA
Percy MITCHELMORE b 1892 Boscombe
Percy MITCHELMORE b 1893 Strete
Percy Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1895 Richmond TAS
Percy Willie MITCHELMORE b 1904 Battersea
Percival Christopher MOUCHEMORE b 1913 Hastings VIC
Peter MOCHELMOUR b 1300
Peter MICHELMORE b 1400
Peter MICHELMORE b 1500
Peter MICHELMORE b 1600
Petrus MUTCHALMORE b 1611 Buckfastleigh
Peter MICHELMORE b 1634 East Allington
Petrus MITCHELMORE b 1641 Buckfastleigh
Peter MICHELMORE b 1660
Peter MUCHAMORE b 1662 Stokenham
Peter MUCHEMORE b 1699
Peter MUCHAMORE b 1706 Stokenham
Peter MICHELMORE b 1738 Blackawton
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1758 Stokenham
Peter MUCHAMORE b 1762 Dartmouth
Peter MUTCHIMORE b 1793 Dartmouth
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1797 Slapton
Peter MUCHIMERE b 1819 Dartmouth
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1820 Chivelstone Ford
Peter MUCHMORE b 1820
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1837
Peter MOUCKEMORE b 1838 Dartmouth
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1838 Strete
Peter MICHELMORE b 1840
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1840 Strete
Peter Hilton MITCHELMORE b 1852 Great Swanport TAS
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1860 (East Stonehouse)
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1867 Stoke Fleming
Peter MOUCHEMORE b 1870 Queenscliff VIC
Peter Thomas MICHELMORE b 1870 (Strand)
Peter MUCHMORE b 1873 Liskeard, Cornwall
Peter Hilton MITCHELMORE b 1876 Spring Bay TAS
Peter MITCHELMORE b 1890
Peter Hilton MITCHELMORE b 1907
Peter MUCHMORE b 1920 (Wandsworth)
Peter MICHELMORE b 1922 (Maidstone)
Peter Mackellar MICHELMORE b 1925 Sydney NSW
Peter Leslie MICHELMORE b 1926 (Hampstead)
Peter Henry Charles MICHELMORE b 1930 Adelaide SA
Peter Joseph MUCHMORE b 1932 ON
Peter Francis MITCHELMORE b 1937 (Wirral)
Peter William MITCHELMORE b 1937 (Totnes)
Peter A MUCHMORE b 1947 (Poplar)
Philip MUCHILMORE b 1500
Philippus MICHELMORE b 1570
Philippus MITCHALMORE b 1607 Buckfastleigh
Philip MITCHELMORE b 1620 Buckfastleigh
Philippius MITCHELMORE b 1636 Buckfastleigh
Philip MUCHMORE b 1640
Philip MICHELMORE b 1640
Philippius MICHELMORE b 1640
Philippius MICHELMORE b 1640
Philippius MICHELMORE b 1640
Philip MICHELMORE b 1653 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICHELMORE b 1653 Buckfastleigh
Phillipp MICHELMORE b 1658
Philip MICHELMORE b 1660
Phillip MICHELMORE b 1660
Philip MICHELMORE b 1670
Phillippus MICHELMORE b 1676 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICHELMORE b 1680
Philippius MICHELMORE b 1680
Philippius MICHELMORE b 1683 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICKELMORE b 1685 Buckfastleigh
Philippius MICHELMORE b 1686 Buckfastleigh
Phillipp MICHELMORE b 1687
Philippus MICHELMORE b 1689 Buckfastleigh
Philippius MICHELMORE b 1690
Philippus MICHELMORE b 1690 Buckfastleigh
Philippius MICHELMORE b 1694 Buckfastleigh
Phillip MICHELMORE b 1700
Phillip MICHELMORE b 1700
Philip MUCHMORE b 1708 Liskeard, Cornwall
Philip MICHELMORE b 1708 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICHELMORE b 1710
Philip MICHILMORE b 1710
Philip MICHELMORE b 1722 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICHILMORE b 1736 Buckfastleigh
Phillip MITCHELMORE b 1751 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICHELMORE b 1762 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICHELMORE b 1776 Bickington
Philip MICHELMORE b 1788 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICHELMORE b 1803 Ashburton
Philip Symons MICHELMORE b 1808 Cornworthy
Philip MICHELMORE b 1815 Combeinteignhead
Philip MICHELMORE b 1818 Broadhempston
Philip MICHAELMORE b 1818 Cockington
Philip MICHELMORE b 1820 Harberton
Philip MICHELMORE b 1828 Ashprington
Phillip MICHELMORE b 1829 Buckfastleigh
Philip Ching MICHELMORE b 1838 Plymouth
Philip Chorley MITCHELMORE b 1839 Dartmouth
Philip Damerall MICHELMORE b 1839 Wolborough St Leonard
Philip William MICHELMORE b 1847 Totnes
Philip John MICHELMORE b 1853 Buckfastleigh
Philip MICHELMORE b 1855 Broadhempston
Philip Charles MITCHELMORE b 1855 Cornworthy
Philip Simmons MICHELMORE b 1858 Bull Creek SA
Philip MICHELMORE b 1866 Ashprington
Philip Shepherd MITCHELMORE b 1872 Churchstow
Philip Hellard MICHELMORE b 1873 Wolborough St Paul
Philip John Reap MICHELMORE b 1875 Totnes
Philip Henry MITCHELMORE b 1876 Bridgetown
Philip Henry Brooks MOUCHEMORE b 1879 Queenscliff VIC
Philip MICHELMORE b 1882 Muswell Hill
Philip John MICHELMORE b 1888 Brent
Philip Charles MICHELMORE b 1894 Koolywurtie SA
Philip Henry MITCHELMORE b 1896 Bridgetown
Phillip F MOUCHEMORE b 1908 East Coolgardie WA
Philip Charles MICHELMORE b 1911 Holmfield MB
Philip Glyn MICHELMORE b 1920 (Totnes)
Philip John MITCHELMORE b 1926 (Lewisham)
Philip John MICHELMORE b 1962 (Tonbridge)

Ralph Godfrey MICHELMORE b 1892 (Exeter)
Raymond Edward Gordon MICHELMORE b 1891 Burwood NSW
Raymond William Brooks MOUCHEMORE b 1911 Plantagenet WA
Raymond MICHELMORE b 1915 (Chertsey)
Raymond John MITCHELMORE b 1942 (Kingsbridge)
Raymond John MITCHELMORE b 1950
Reginald George Andrew MICHELMORE b 1878 Highweek
Reginald Albert MUCHMORE b 1892 (Cardiff)
Reginald Albert MUCHMORE b 1900 (Marylebone)
Reginald Conroy James MITCHELMORE b 1900 Upton
Reginald Wallace MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Willesden)
Reginald Rudolph MITCHELMORE b 1920 Green Island Cove NL
Reginald Charles MITCHELMORE b 1925 Devon
Reginald Charles MICHELMORE b 1933 (Totnes)
Reuben Charles Linley MICHELMORE b 1905 Buckfastleigh
Richard de MUCHELEMOR b 1200
Richard MICHELMOUR b 1340
Richard MICHELMORE b 1430
Richard MYCHELMORE b 1480
Richi MICHELMORE b 1530
Richerd MICHELMORE b 1540
Richard MICHELMORE b 1550
Richerd MICHELMORE b 1550
Rychard MYCHELLMORE b 1550
Richerd MICHELMORE b 1570 Blackawton
Rychard MYCHELMORE b 1576 East Allington
Richard MICHELMORE b 1580
Richerd MICHELMORE b 1590
Rychard MICHELMOORE b 1603 Menheniot, Cornwall
Richard MICHERMORE b 1610
Richard MUCHILMORE b 1610
Richard MICHELMORE b 1612 East Allington
Richard MICHELMORE b 1630
Richard MICHELMER b 1639 Slapton
Richard MICHELMORE b 1640
Richard MICHELLMORE b 1641 Menheniot, Cornwall
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1672 Stoke Fleming
Richard MICHELMOR b 1706 Charleton
Richard MUCHAMORE b 1706 Stokenham
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1711 Stokenham
Richard MICHELMORE b 1719 East Allington
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1739 Stokenham
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1741 Stokenham
Richard MICHELMORE b 1759 Stokenham
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1760
Richard MITCHMORE b 1767
Richard MUCHMORE b 1767 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Richard MUCHMORE b 1787 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Richard MITCHLMORE b 1788 Sherford
Richard Hancock MITCHELMORE b 1791 Stoke Fleming
Richard MUCHAMORE b 1795 South Milton
Richard MUCHMOOR b 1800
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1800
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1806 Stoke Fleming
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1813 Stokenham
Richard Carlile MICHELMORE b 1816 Ashburton
Richard MUCHMOOR b 1822 East Allington
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1827 Blackawton
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1829 Chivelstone Ford
Richard John MUCHMORE b 1836 ON
Richard MICHELMORE b 1837 Totnes
Richard MUCHMORE b 1842 Liskeard, Cornwall
Richard MUCHMORE b 1844 Canada
Richard Kelley MUCHMORE b 1851 (Medway)
Richard John MITCHELMORE b 1854 Stokenham
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1855 (Kingsbridge)
Richard Edwards MITCHELMORE b 1857 (Kingsbridge)
Richard MICHELMORE b 1859 (Strand)
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1864 Green Island Cove NL
Richard MUCHMORE b 1865 (Liskeard)
Richard James MICHELMORE b 1865 Lydford
Richard MUCHMORE b 1866 (Liskeard)
Richard Sargent MUCHMORE b 1870 Liskeard, Cornwall
Richard MICHELMORE b 1871
Richard James MUCHMORE b 1873 South Crosby ON
Richard Adrian MUCHMORE b 1878 Marylebone
Richard Roskelly Bate MITCHELMORE b 1879 (Plymouth)
Richard George MUCHMORE b 1881 (St George Hanover Square)
Richard Edwards MITCHELMORE b 1892 Harberton
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1895 Green Island Cove NL
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1896 Green Island Cove NL
Richard Stanley MITCHELMORE b 1899 Plymouth
Richard MITCHELMORE b 1905 Marldon
Richard James MUCHMORE b 1905 Kingston ON
Richard Stanley MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Plymouth)
Richard Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1915 Green Island Cove NL
Richard Churchill MITCHELMORE b 1919 Green Island Cove NL
Richard Alfred MICHELMORE b 1928 (Chertsey)
Richard Elwyn MICHELMORE b 1935 (Ffestiniog)
Richard T S MITCHELMORE b 1937 Plymouth
Richard Wayne MITCHELMORE b 1940 Saskatoon SK
Richard Churchill MITCHELMORE b 1943
Richard Jeffrey MITCHELMORE b 1957
Robert MICHELMORE b 1300
Robert MYCHELMORE b 1370
Robert MICHELMORE b 1500
Robert MICHELMORE b 1600
Robertus MUTCHELMORE b 1611 Buckfastleigh
Robert MICHELMORE b 1614 Blackawton
Robertus MITCHELMORE b 1617 Buckfastleigh
Robart MUCHIMORE b 1650
Robertus MICHELMORE b 1650
Robert MUCHMORE b 1670
Robert MUCHMORE b 1670 ME
Robert MUTCHMOOR b 1680
Robert MUTCHMOR b 1681 Saltash, Cornwall
Robert MICHELMORE b 1682 Buckfastleigh
Robert MICHELMORE b 1711 Buckfastleigh
Robert MICHALMORE b 1718 Buckfastleigh
Robert MICHELMORE b 1729 Buckfastleigh
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1730
Robert MICHELMORE b 1739 Buckfastleigh
Robert MICHELMORE b 1749 Blackawton
Robert MICHELMORE b 1750 Buckfastleigh
Robert MUCHAMORE b 1757 Stoke Fleming
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1760
Robert MICHELMORE b 1767 Buckfastleigh
Robert MICHELMORE b 1775 Buckfastleigh
Robert MICHELMORE b 1776 Buckfastleigh
Robert MICHELMORE b 1777 Blackawton
Robert MICHALMORE b 1782 Halwell
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1794 Stokenham
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1795 Slapton
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1797 Buckfastleigh
Robert MITCHMORE b 1800
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1800
Robert MITCHALMORE b 1803 Sherford
Robert MICHELMORE b 1807 Buckfastleigh
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1810
Robert MICHELMORE b 1814 Broadhempston
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1814
Robert MITCHMORE b 1821
Robert MICHELMORE b 1823 Cornworthy
Robert Triddle MITCHELMORE b 1823 Slapton
Robert Mitchell MITCHELMORE b 1826 Stokenham
Robert MICHELMORE b 1829 Buckfastleigh
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1830 Blackawton
Robert MUTCHMORE b 1831
Robert MICHELMORE b 1832 Combeinteignhead
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1833 Harberton
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1836 Stokenham
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1837
Robert Henry MITCHELMORE b 1844 Plymouth
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1845 Slapton
Robert Mitchell MITCHELMORE b 1850 Stokenham
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1854 Cornworthy
Robert MICHELMORE b 1854 Blackawton
Robert Epaminondas MICHELMORE b 1855 at sea
Robert MICHELMORE b 1857 Malborough
Robert Frank MICHELMORE b 1857 Broadhempston
Robert MICHELMORE b 1858 (Totnes)
Robert John MICHELMORE b 1861 Enfield
Robert Edwin MITCHELMORE b 1863 (Plymouth)
Robert Henry MITCHELMORE b 1864 Stokenham
Robert MICHELMORE b 1869 Marldon
Robert MICHELMORE b 1876 (Totnes)
Robert Evelyn Arthur MITCHELMORE b 1877 Colac VIC
Robert M MITCHMORE b 1878 Chapel Hill TX
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1879 Blackawton
Robert MITCHELMORE b 1880
Robert MICHELMORE b 1883 West Kensington
Robert John Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1884 (Plymouth)
Robert John MITCHELMORE b 1885 Plymouth
Robert Frank MICHELMORE b 1892 (Kingsbridge)
Robert MICHELMORE b 1901 (Dolgelly)
Robert William MICHELMORE b 1908 (Newton Abbot)
Robert James MICHELMORE b 1917 Strathalbyn SA
Robert Friend MITCHELMORE b 1918 Paignton
Robert Louis MITCHMORE b 1918 Houston TX
Robert Nathaniel MITCHELMORE b 1920 (St Germans)
Robert Geoffrey MICHELMORE b 1929 Mount Gambier SA
Robert Arnold MITCHELMORE b 1934 Saskatoon SK
Robert George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1934 Dartmouth
Robert Wilfred MUCHAMORE b 1934 Taunton, Somerset
Robert Ieuan MICHELMORE b 1940 (Merionethshire N)
Robert Brendon MITCHELMORE b 1945 (Bristol)
Robert Frederick Howard MITCHELMORE b 1945 (Banbury)
Robert Alan MITCHELMORE b 1954
Roderick John MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Kingsbridge)
Roderick Cose MITCHELMORE b 1895 (Kingsbridge)
Roger MICHELMORE b 1400
Rogerus MICHMORE b 1561 Ugborough
Roger MICHELMORE b 1754 Charleton
Roger MITCHELMORE b 1870 (Kingsbridge)
Roger Jeffery MICHELMORE b 1924 Exeter
Roger Frank MITCHELMORE b 1944 (Wirral)
Roland Symons MICHELMORE b 1898 Meadows SA
Roland Gortleigh MITCHELMORE b 1901 (Christchurch)
Ronald Harry MUCHMORE b 1893 Kentish Town
Ronald John Reginald MICHELMORE b 1908 Ventnor, Isle of Wight
Ronald Peter William Elliott Taunton MUCHAMORE b 1911 (Plymouth)
Ronald MUCHMORE b 1913 Kentish Town
Ronald John Wilton MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Devonport)
Ronald Wilfred James MITCHELMORE b 1917 (Watford)
Ronald Edward MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Lewisham)
Ronald Elmer MITCHELMORE b 1923 Saskatoon SK
Ronald John MUCHMORE b 1924 Plymouth
Ronald Benjamin MITCHELMORE b 1930
Ronald J MITCHELMORE b 1930 Perth WA
Ronald James William MITCHELMORE b 1930 (Devonport)
Ronald MICHELMORE b 1934
Ronald MITCHELMORE b 1937 (Fulham)
Ronald Stephen Arthur MUCHMORE b 1939 (Battersea)
Ronald Scott MITCHELMORE b 1955 Saskatoon SK
Roy Ernest Widger MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Plymouth)
Roy Stanley MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Isle of Wight)
Roy Colin MITCHELMORE b 1926 (Plympton)
Roy Edward MITCHELMORE b 1926 (Kingsbridge)
Royal Lancelot MITCHELMORE b 1936 Green Island Cove NL
Rupert Lang MITCHELMORE b 1886 Canada

Sampson MUCHAMORE b 1690
Sampson MUCHAMORE b 1714 Sherford
Samuel MICHELMORE b 1570
Samuel MITCHELMORE b 1607 Buckfastleigh
Samuel MUCKMORE b 1650
Samuell MICHELMORE b 1656 Buckfastleigh
Samuel MICHELMORE b 1662
Samuel MICHELMORE b 1670
Samuel MOUCHEMOR b 1677 Stokenham
Samuel MICHELMORE b 1687 Buckfastleigh
Samuel MUCHEMORE b 1690 Cornworthy
Samuel MICTHAMORE b 1792 Chivelstone
Samuel Soper MUCHMORE b 1803 Plymouth
Samuel MITCHMORE b 1807 Westminster
Samuel MUCHMORE b 1807 Plymouth
Samuel MITCHELMORE b 1811 Stokenham
Samuel Adams MITCHELMORE b 1818 South Prawl
Samuel Adams MITCHAMORE b 1836 Exeter
Samuel MUCHMORE b 1838 (Medway)
Samuel MITCHAMORE b 1846 Exeter
Samuel George MITCHAMORE b 1858 Exeter
Samuel MITCHELMORE b 1859 Dartmouth
Samuel MITCHELMORE b 1859 Tarraville VIC
Samuel MITCHELMORE b 1881 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Samuel MITCHELMORE b 1893 Black Duck Cove NL
Samuel MITCHELMORE b 1910 Maffra VIC
Samuel Christian MITCHMORE b 1917 Harris County TX
Samuel MITCHELMORE b 1918 Green Island Cove NL
Seaward MITCHELMORE b 1932 Green Island Cove NL
Sydney? MITCHELMORE b 1860
Sidney Tom Manning MITCHELMORE b 1876 Rattery
Sidney MICHELMORE b 1878 Marldon
Sidney John MICHELMORE b 1880 (Bridgwater)
Sydney Bertram MICHELMORE b 1882 Totnes
Sidney Henry MITCHELMORE b 1886 (Newton Abbot)
Sydney George MITCHELMORE b 1887 Strete
Sydney Frank MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Kingsbridge)
Sydney Alfred MUCHMORE b 1892 Bryanston Square
Sydney George MITCHMORE b 1898 (Totnes)
Sidney Alfred MUCHMORE b 1900 (Marylebone)
Sidney John MITCHELMORE b 1900 Totnes
Sidney Joseph MITCHELMORE b 1905 (Fulham)
Sidney John MITCHELMORE b 1912 Strete
Sydney MITCHELMORE b 1917
Sydney MITCHELMORE b 1918 Green Island Cove NL
Sidney Frederick E MUCHMORE b 1924 (Pancras)
Sydney Ronald Thomas MUCHMORE b 1931 Kilburn
Sylvanus Stone MITCHELMORE b 1833 Stokenham
Silvanus MITCHELMORE b 1871 Stokenham
Silvanus Emmanuel MITCHELMORE b 1889 (East Stonehouse)
Silvanus Manuel MITCHELMORE b 1922 (East Stonehouse)
Simon MICHELMORE b 1764 Slapton
Solomon MITCHELMORE b 1751 Stokenham
Solomon MITCHELMORE b 1767 Stokenham
Stanley Eric MITCHELMORE b 1899 VIC
Stanley Garnet MITCHELMORE b 1900 Bodmin, Cornwall
Stanley MITCHELMORE b 1917 Green Island Cove NL
Stanley Albert MUCHMORE b 1922 (Marylebone)
Stanley Douglas MITCHMORE b 1927 Landscove
Stanley Stephen MITCHELMORE b 1927 (Paddington)
Stanley Gerald MITCHELMORE b 1930 Dartmouth
Stanley MITCHELMORE b 1940 Green Island Cove NL
Stedman MITCHELMORE b 1930
Steven MUCHAMORE b 1686 Charleton
Stephen MITCHELMORE b 1889 Green Island Cove NL
Stephen MUCHMORE b 1924 (Wandsworth)
Steven John MITCHELMORE b 1946 Hobart TAS
Stuart Walter Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Bradford on Avon)
Stewart MITCHELMORE b 1929

Theophilus MUCHMORE b 1841 Chatham, Kent
Theophilus MITCHELMORE b 1916 Green Island Cove NL
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1480
Thomas MUCHILMORE b 1540
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1599 Blackawton
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1600
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1610
Thomas MICHELMOORE b 1633 Menheniot, Cornwall
Thomas MICHAELMORE b 1635 Stoke Fleming
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1642
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1642 Dartmouth
Thomas MUCHAMORE b 1650
Thomas HUCKMORE b 1652 Dartmouth
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1675 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MUCHAMORE b 1680
Thomas MUCKAMORE b 1680
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1683 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1688 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1690 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHMORE b 1692 St Cleer, Cornwall
Thomas MICHAELMORE b 1700
Thomas MUCHAMORE b 1700
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1700
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1701 Menheniot, Cornwall
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1706 Stokenham
Thomas MITCHALMORE b 1715 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1731 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1734 Blackawton
Thomas MUTCHAMORE b 1735
Thomas MUCKAMORE b 1737
Thomas MUCHAMORE b 1740
Thomas MICHELMOR b 1740
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1750 Stokenham
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1752 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1757 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1759 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1759 Blackawton
Thomas Mills MITCHELMORE b 1762 Brixham
Thomas MUCKLEMORE b 1763 Westerham
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1764 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1764
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1764
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1764
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1764
Thomas MICHELMOR b 1765 Blackawton
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1766 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Thomas MICHAMORE b 1766 South Milton
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1767 Blackawton
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1770
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1771 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MITCHAMORE b 1771 Bigbury
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1771 Blackawton
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1776 Plympton
Thomas MUCHIMORE b 1785 Malborough
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1788 Sherford
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1790 Staverton
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1791 Slapton
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1791
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1791 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1793 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1794 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMOR b 1795 Blackawton
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1796 Bigbury
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1799 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1800
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1800
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1800 Buckfastleigh
Thomas J MICHAELMORE b 1800
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1802 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1804 Wolborough St Mary
Thomas MUCHAMORE b 1808 South Milton
Thomas MUCKAMORE b 1809
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1810
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1816 Slapton
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1818
Thomas Wakeham MICHAMORE b 1818 Ringmore
Thomas Carlile MICHELMORE b 1820 Ashburton
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1822 Stoke Fleming
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1823 St Gluvias, Cornwall
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1823 Blackawton
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1824 Liskeard, Cornwall
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1825 Stokenham
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1825 Buckfastleigh
Thomas MICHAMORE b 1825 Slapton
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1826 Cornworthy
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1828 Blackawton
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1828 Totnes
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1829
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1830 Totnes
Thomas Mudge MITCHELMORE b 1830 Charleton
Thomas Wakeham MICHAMORE b 1830 Ringmore
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1840 Slapton
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1845 Bigbury
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1847
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1849 Staverton
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1850 Totnes
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1851 South Pool
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1851 Adelaide SA
Thomas Wilson MICHELMORE b 1851 Berry Pomeroy
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1852
Thomas Leigh MITCHELMORE b 1853 Dartmouth
Thomas John Stubbing MITCHELMORE b 1854 Kingsbridge Ebenezer Chapel
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1855 Bristol St John the Baptist
Thomas Henry MITCHELMORE b 1855 Falmouth, Cornwall
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1856 Kingsbridge
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1856 Westminster
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1857 Green Island Cove NL
Thomas William MICHELMORE b 1857 Port Adelaide SA
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1858 (Plymouth)
Thomas Richard MITCHELMORE b 1859
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1860 Meadows SA
Tom MITCHELMORE b 1861 Harberton
Thomas Ferris MITCHELMORE b 1862 Strete
Thomas Richard MITCHELMORE b 1862 Chilwell
Thomas Grahame MICHELMORE b 1878 Shropshire
Thomas Walter MUCHMORE b 1878 Marylebone
Thomas John MUCHMORE b 1881 (Medway)
Thomas Richard MICHELMORE b 1882 Lambeth
Thomas Ernest MUCHMORE b 1884 Finchley
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1885 Black Duck Cove NL
Tom MITCHELMORE b 1888 Clapton
Thomas Stanley MICHELMORE b 1889 Queen Square
Thomas Norman MITCHELMORE b 1890 Southampton
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1891 Black Duck Cove NL
Thomas Duvall MITCHELMORE b 1893 South Denver CO
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1894 (Dolgelly)
Thomas Gerald MICHELMORE b 1896 (Havant)
Thomas MICHELMORE b 1898 (Dolgelly)
Thomas Walter MUCHMORE b 1898 Kennington, Surrey
Thomas G MICHELMORE b 1902 MN
Thomas Alick MICHELMORE b 1903 Strathalbyn SA
Thomas Philip MICHELMORE b 1905 Pentland QLD
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1906 (Lambeth)
Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Fulham)
Thomas Guy de Jonquières MICHELMORE b 1914 Chudleigh
Thomas Albert MUCHMORE b 1916 North Adelaide SA
Thomas MUCHMORE b 1917 (Medway)
Thomas Elder MITCHELMORE b 1918 Wirt OK
Thomas Ernest MITCHELMORE b 1922 (Tiverton)
Thomas John MICHELMORE b 1922 (Totnes)
Thomas Arthur MITCHELMORE b 1924 (Newton Abbot)
Thomas Peter MICHELMORE b 1927 Mount Gambier SA
Thomas Stephen MICHELMORE b 1929 Chicago IL
Thomas Charles Ewart MITCHELMORE b 1935 Lower Hutt NZ
Thomas Nathan MITCHAMORE b 1939 Houston TX
Timothy MICHELMORE b 1745 Blackawton
Timothy MITCHELL MOOR b 1870
Titus MICHELMORE b 1629 Blackawton
Titus MICHELMORE b 1658 Blackawton
Trevor Stanley MITCHELMORE b 1895 Spring Bay TAS
Trevor John MITCHELMORE b 1924 Kew VIC
Truman MITCHELMORE b 1919 Green Island Cove NL
Truman MITCHELMORE b 1943 Green Island Cove NL

Ulysses Brooks MOUCHEMORE b 1894 Queenscliff VIC

Val Thomas MITCHMORE b 1916 Houston TX
Vernon Boyne MITCHELMORE b 1904 Singapore
Victor Cleave MICHELMORE b 1890 (Plympton)
Victor Philip MOUCHEMORE b 1913 Albany WA
Victor John Weeks MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Plymouth)
Victor MUCHMORE b 1920 (Pancras)
Victor Gordon MITCHELMORE b 1922 (Poole)
Vincent MUCHMORE b 1899
Vincent George MUCHMORE b 1932 (Battersea)
Vivian John MICHELMORE b 1902 Meadows SA

W MITCHEMORE b 1854 Dartmouth
Wallace Henry MICHELMORE b 1889 Meadows SA
Walter MOCHELMOR b 1410
Walter MICHELMORE b 1440
Walter MICHELMORE b 1500
Walter MYCHELLMORE b 1500
Walter MICHELMORE b 1580
Walter MYCHELLMORE b 1592 East Allington
Walter MYCHELLMORE b 1618 East Allington
Walter MICHMORE b 1620 NH
Walter MICHMOORE b 1630 North Hill, Cornwall
Walter MUTCHMORE b 1640
Walter MICHELMORE b 1642 East Allington
Walter MUCHMOR b 1672 Stokenham
Walter MUCHAMORE b 1700
Walter MUCHAMORE b 1736 Malborough
Walter James MUCHMORE b 1806 Liskeard, Cornwall
Walter MUCHMORE b 1818 Stoke Damerel
Walter MITCHELMORE b 1828
Walter James MUCHMORE b 1835 Liskeard, Cornwall
Walter MICHELMORE b 1838 (Isle of Wight)
Walter MUCHMORE b 1846 (Stoke Damerel)
Walter MUCHMORE b 1849 (Plymouth)
Walter MUCHMORE b 1851 (Plymouth)
Walter MUCHMORE b 1853 (Liskeard)
Walter MUCHMORE b 1853 Chatham
Walter Roland MICHELMORE b 1859 St Pancras, London
Walter James MUCHMORE b 1861 Bryanston Square
Walter Claude MITCHELMORE b 1874 Little Swanport TAS
Walter MUCHMORE b 1879 Pimlico
Walter Henry Hill MUCHAMORE b 1879 Plymouth
Walter MUCHMORE b 1880 Chatham
Walter Norman MICHELMORE b 1881 Semaphore SA
Walter Percival MITCHELMORE b 1884 Drury Lane
Walter Weeks MITCHELMORE b 1885 Stokenham
Walter MUCHMORE b 1895 Battersea
Walter James MUCHMORE b 1896 (Marylebone)
Walter Harold MUCHAMORE b 1897 (Sheppey)
Walter MITCHELMORE b 1900
Walter Henry William MUCHAMORE b 1903 West Plymouth
Walter Harold Strachan MICHELMORE b 1908 Chudleigh
Walter Leonard MICHELMORE b 1909 Mitcham
Walter Henry MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Kingsbridge)
Walter Arthur Leslie MITCHELMORE b 1916 Dartmouth
Walter George MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Plymouth)
Walter MUCHMORE b 1917 (Pancras)
Walter Maxfield MICHELMORE b 1918 Franklin SA
Walter MUCHMORE b 1921 Kennington, Surrey
Walter Edward K MUCHAMORE b 1934 (Hackney)
Walton P MICHMORE b 1800
Wayne Alexander MICHELMORE b 1955 NSW
Wayne Jeffery MICHELMORE b 1962
Wesley Charles MICHELMORE b 1923 Meadows SA
Wilfred John MITCHELMORE b 1881 Winchester, Hampshire
Wilfred Ewart MUCHMORE b 1898 Llandaff, Glamorganshire
William MICHELMOUR b 1340
William MICHELMORE b 1400
William MICHELMORE b 1500
William MICHELMOR b 1500
William MUCHILMORE b 1580
William MICHELMORE b 1600
William MYTCHILMORE b 1602 Buckfastleigh
William MYCHELMOORE b 1611 Menheniot, Cornwall
William MICHELMORE b 1638 Buckfastleigh
William MICHELMORE b 1640
William MITCHELLMOORE b 1643 Slapton
Gulielmus MICHELMORE b 1650
William MICHELMORE b 1650
Gulielmus MICHELMORE b 1662
William MICHELMORE b 1666 Blackawton
William MICHELMORE b 1668
William MUCKAMORE b 1670
William MICHEMORE b 1670
William MUCHAMORE b 1670
William MITCHELMORE b 1670
Guilielmus MICHOLMORE b 1673 Buckfastleigh
William MICHELMORE b 1690
William MICHELMORE b 1690
William MICHELMORE b 1699 Buckfastleigh
William MICHELMORE b 1699 Buckfastleigh
William MICHELMORE b 1699 Buckfastleigh
William MUCHIMORE b 1700
William MITCHELMORE b 1700
William MITCHELMORE b 1700
William MITCHELMORE b 1700
William MITCHELMORE b 1701 Totnes
William MICHELMORE b 1701 Buckfastleigh
William MUCKAMORE b 1701 Tatsfield, Kent
William MUCHAMORE b 1701 West Alvington
William MICHELMORE b 1701 Buckfastleigh
William MICHELMORE b 1701 Buckfastleigh
William MITCHELMORE b 1720
William MITCHELMORE b 1720
William MICHELMORE b 1720 Buckfastleigh
William MICHELMORE b 1720 Buckfastleigh
William MUCHAMORE b 1722 Stokenham
William MICHELMORE b 1724 Buckfastleigh
William MUCHAMORE b 1725 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
William MITCHELMORE b 1725 Totnes
William MICHELMORE b 1730
William MICHELMORE b 1730 Buckfastleigh
William MUCHAMORE b 1731 Charleton
William MUCKAMORE b 1734 Westerham, Kent
William MICHELMORE b 1734 Buckfastleigh
William MITCHELMORE b 1745 Stokenham
William MICHELMORE b 1748 Stokenham
William MUCHMORE b 1751 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
William MICHELMORE b 1753 Buckfastleigh
William MITCHELMORE b 1755 Slapton
William MICHELMORE b 1757 Buckfastleigh
William MUCHMORE b 1757 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
William MUCKLEMORE b 1759 Westerham
William MITCHELMORE b 1760
William MICHELMORE b 1762 Totnes
William MITCHELMORE b 1765
William MUCHAMORE b 1766 Charleton
William Stone MITCHELMORE b 1766
William MITCHELMORE b 1769 Plympton
William MICHAMORE b 1769 South Milton
William MICHELMORE b 1774 Buckfastleigh
William MITCHAMORE b 1775 Bigbury
William MICHILMORE b 1776
William MICHELMORE b 1778 Buckfastleigh
William MITCHELMORE b 1779 Sherford
William MITCHAMORE b 1779 Bigbury
William MITCHELMORE b 1780
William MUCHAMORE b 1781 Dodbrooke
William MICHELMORE b 1782 Blackawton
William MICHELMORE b 1783 Slapton
William MUCHMOOR b 1784 East Allington
William MUTCHEMOORE b 1784
William MUCHMOOR b 1784 East Allington
William MITCHELMORE b 1784 Wolborough St Mary
William MITCHELMORE b 1785 Sherford
William MITCHELMORE b 1786 Stokenham
William MICHELMORE b 1786 Plympton
William MICHELMORE b 1787 Buckfastleigh
William Cole MITCHEMORE b 1787 Dartmouth
William MICHELMORE b 1788 Buckfastleigh
William MICHELMORE b 1789 Westminster
William MITCHELMORE b 1790 Totnes
William MITCHLMORE b 1790 Sherford
William MICHELMORE b 1791 Stokenham
William MITCHELMORE b 1791 Stokenham
William MUCHMORE b 1793 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
William MUCHMORE b 1793 Liskeard, Cornwall
William Frost MICHELMORE b 1793 Plympton
William Stone MITCHELMORE b 1793 Stokenham
William John MICHELMORE b 1794 Plympton
William MITCHELMORE b 1795 Slapton
William MUCHAMORE b 1797 Dartmouth
William MUCHAMORE b 1798 South Milton
William Keland MITCHALMORE b 1799 Sherford
William MICKELMORE b 1800
William MUCHMORE b 1800
William MITCHELMORE b 1800
William MUCHAMORE b 1801 Churchstow
William MITCHMOR b 1804 Blackawton
William MITCHELMORE b 1805 Stoke Fleming
William MUCHMORE b 1805 Fowey, Cornwall
William Kellond MITCHELMORE b 1805 Dartmouth
William MICHELMORE b 1809 Portsea St Mary, Hampshire
William MUCHMORE b 1809 Plymouth
William Cole MUCHAMORE b 1809 Thurlestone
William Kelland MICHELMORE b 1809 Harberton
William MICHELMORE b 1810 Cornworthy
William MITCHELMORE b 1811 Stokenham
William MICHELMORE b 1811 Ashburton
William MUCHAMORE b 1811 Thurlestone
William Quircke MICHELMORE b 1812 St Decumans, Somerset
William Laverance MAUCHEMORE b 1814 Dartmouth
William Vanderborst MICHELMORE b 1814 Westminster
William MUCHMORE b 1818 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
William MITCHELMORE b 1818 Churchstow
William MITCHELMORE b 1820 Slapton
William MUCHMORE b 1820 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
William Cole MUCHEMORE b 1820 Dartmouth
William Horswell MUCHMORE b 1820 Plymouth
William MICHELMORE b 1821
William MITCHELMORE b 1821 St Pancras
William MITCHELMORE b 1821 Thurlestone
William MITCHELMORE b 1821 Salcombe
William MUCHMORE b 1822
William MUCHMORE b 1822 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
William MITCHELMORE b 1822 Charleton
William Soloman MITCHELMORE b 1822 South Pool
William MITCHELMORE b 1823 Stokenham
William MITCHELMORE b 1823 Tiverton
William MITCHELMORE b 1824 Stokenham
William Mudge MITCHELMORE b 1824 Charleton
William MITCHELMORE b 1825 Dartmouth
William MITCHELMORE b 1825 Churchstow
William MICHELMORE b 1825 Combeinteignhead
William MICHELMORE b 1825 Dittisham
William MITCHELMORE b 1826
William MICHELMORE b 1826 Totnes
William MUCHMORE b 1826 St Pancras
William MICHELMORE b 1827 Buckfastleigh
William MUCHMORE b 1827 Liskeard, Cornwall
William MITCHELMORE b 1827 Blackawton
William MITCHELMORE b 1828 Thurlestone
William Robert Perret MITCHAMORE b 1828 Paignton
William MUCHMOOR b 1829 East Allington
William MITCHELMORE b 1829
William MITCHELMORE b 1829 Stokenham
William MITCHAMORE b 1830
William MITCHELMORE b 1830
William MITCHELMORE b 1830 Bermondsey
William Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1832 St John's NL
William MITCHELMORE b 1834 Blackawton
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1834 Dartmouth
William Henry MUCHIMORE b 1834 Dartmouth
William Henry MUCHMORE b 1834 Chatham
William Henry Lewarne MUCHMORE b 1834 Falmouth, Cornwall
William MITCHELMORE b 1835 Dartmouth
William Robert MITCHELMORE b 1835 Exeter
William Francis MICHELMORE b 1836 Westminster
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1838 (Kingsbridge)
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1838 South Milton
William Henry MICHELMORE b 1838 Thurlestone
William Henry John MITCHELMORE b 1838 (East Stonehouse)
William MITCHAMORE b 1840
William Henry MUCHAMORE b 1840 Plymouth
William Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1841 Dartmouth
William MITCHELMORE b 1842 Cardiff
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1843 Cardiff
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1843 (Falmouth)
William MITCHELMORE b 1845 (Merthyr Tydfil)
William Henry MICHELMORE b 1845 Clapham Park
William Edward MITCHELMORE b 1846 Slapton
William James MITCHELMORE b 1847 Tiverton
William Cranch MITCHELMORE b 1849 West Alvington
William Henry Wills MITCHELMORE b 1849 (Kingsbridge)
William MUCHMORE b 1850 Chatham
William MITCHELMORE b 1851 Strete
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1851 (Kingsbridge)
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1851 West Alvington
William Peter MITCHELMORE b 1851 Paddington Green
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1852 Stokenham
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1852 Plymouth
William Henry MUCHMORE b 1852 Liskeard, Cornwall
William Thomas Edwards MICHELMORE b 1852 East Allington
William MITCHELMORE b 1853
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1853 Sherford
William MICHELMORE b 1854 East Allington
William MICHELMORE b 1854 Adelaide SA
William B MITCHELLMORE b 1854
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1854 Churchstow
William Machmore MOCHMORE b 1854 Willoughby NSW
William Thomas MICHELMORE b 1854 Bristol St John the Baptist
William Vanderbost MICHELMORE b 1854 (Strand)
William MITCHELMORE b 1855 Devonport
William MICHELMORE b 1855 (Strand)
William MICHELMORE b 1855 (Newton Abbot)
William Thomas MICHELMORE b 1855 Port Adelaide SA
William MUCHMORE b 1856 (Liskeard)
William Henry MICHELMORE b 1856 (Totnes)
William MUCHMORE b 1857 (Liskeard)
William Edward MICHELMORE b 1857 Westminster
William Quirck MITCHELMORE b 1857 Cardiff
William Vanderbost MICHELMORE b 1857 Holborn
William MUCHMORE b 1858
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1858 Strete
William Richard MICHELMORE b 1858 (Totnes)
William Solomon MITCHELMORE b 1858 Pleasant Creek VIC
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1859 Dartmouth
William MITCHELMORE b 1860
William MITCHELMORE b 1860 (Bristol)
William J MITCHMORE b 1860
William Quirck MITCHELMORE b 1860 Cardiff
William Richard MITCHELMORE b 1860 Dartmouth
William MITCHELMORE b 1861 East Stonehouse
William MITCHELMORE b 1861 Sale VIC
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1861 Stokenham
William MITCHELMORE b 1862 Strete
William MITCHELMORE b 1862 Strete
William Brooks MOUCHEMORE b 1862 Mordialloc VIC
William John MITCHELMORE b 1862 (Falmouth)
William Richard Edwards MITCHELMORE b 1863 East Allington
William Arthur MITCHELMORE b 1864 Dartmouth
William Henry MUCHMORE b 1864 St Germans, Cornwall
William John MITCHELMORE b 1864 Bristol St Philip & St Jacob
William John Kellen MUCHAMORE b 1864 Plymouth
William MITCHELMORE b 1866 Stokenham
William MITCHELMORE b 1866 Totnes
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1866 Stoke Damerel
William Benjamin MITCHELMORE b 1867 (Newton Abbot)
William Lewis MITCHELMORE b 1867 St Helier, Jersey
William Edward MUCHMORE b 1869 Gananoque ON
William Henry MUCHMORE b 1869 Penwerris, Cornwall
William MITCHELMORE b 1870 Jersey
William MITCHELMORE b 1870 Aveton Gifford
William Henry MICHELMORE b 1870 Churchstow
William Sidney MITCHELMORE b 1870 South Pool
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1872 (Newton Abbot)
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1872 South Pool
William Patrick MUCHMORE b 1872 Morton ON
William Hayman MICHELMORE b 1873 (Totnes)
William John MUCHMORE b 1873 Liverpool
William Trevosso MICHELMORE b 1873 Sherford
William Alfred MITCHELMORE b 1874 Colac VIC
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1874 Marldon
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1874 Green Island Cove NL
William John MICHELMORE b 1874
William John MICHELMORE b 1874 (Totnes)
William Elijah Phillip Grylls Harris MITCHELMORE b 1875 Dartmouth
William Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1875 Kingsbridge
William MICHELMORE b 1876 (Strand)
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1876 Bristol
William Pembrook MICHELMORE b 1877 Lambeth
William Quirck MITCHELMORE b 1877 Cardiff
William Phillip MICHELMORE b 1878 Clapham Park
William George MITCHELMORE b 1879 Slapton
William MICHELMORE b 1880 Newton Abbot
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1880 Sherford
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1880 Stokenham
William Robert MICHELMORE b 1880 Drury Lane
William Adams Ball Warren MITCHELMORE b 1881 (Totnes)
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1881 Strete
William Henry MICHELMORE b 1881
William MUCHMORE b 1882 Liskeard, Cornwall
William Ball Adams Heath MITCHELMORE b 1882 Dartmouth
William F MITCHELMORE b 1882 NY
William Francis Drummond MICHELMORE b 1882 Glenbanks SA
William MUCHMORE b 1884 (Wandsworth)
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1884 Dartmouth
William Keen MICHELMORE b 1884 Canterbury NSW
William MITCHELMORE b 1885 Modbury
William Charles MITCHELMORE b 1885 Balmain NSW
William Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1885 Stoke Fleming
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1886 Plymouth
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1886 (Kensington)
William Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1887 Harberton
William Elder MITCHELMORE b 1888 Washington DC
William George Hobbs MICHELMORE b 1888 Widecombe-in-the-Moor
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1888 Plymouth St Matthew
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1888 Llanddwywe
William Thomas MITCHAMORE b 1888 Chapel Hill TX
William Charles John MITCHELMORE b 1889 Dartmouth
William Edwin MICHELMORE b 1889 Holborn
William George MITCHELMORE b 1889
William Herbert MITCHELMORE b 1889 Stokenham
William Edward MUCHMORE b 1890 Kentish Town
William John MICHELMORE b 1890 (Dolgelly)
William Norman MITCHELMORE b 1890 Reading St Mary
William MITCHELMORE b 1891 (Newton Abbot)
William Charles MUCHAMORE b 1891 Middlesborough, Yorkshire North Riding
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1891 (Stoke Damerel)
William Percy MUCHMORE b 1891 (Cardiff)
William Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1891 Liverpool
William MUCHMORE b 1892 (Wandsworth)
William Martin MUCHMORE b 1892 South Crosby ON
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1893 Plymouth
William Sydney MITCHELMORE b 1893 South Pool
William Victor MICHELMORE b 1893 Philadelphia PA
William George Henry MITCHELMORE b 1894 (Newton Abbot)
William Godwin MICHELMORE b 1894 Exeter
William Ernest MITCHMORE b 1895 Landscove
William Daniel Gwyn MITCHELMORE b 1896 Tredegar, Monmouthshire
William Henry MOUCHEMORE b 1896 Queenscliff VIC
William Henry MICHELMORE b 1896 Buckfastleigh
William Thomas MITCHELMORE b 1898 Green Island Cove NL
William Penry MICHELMORE b 1899 Brixham
William Charles MITCHELMORE b 1900 Plymouth St John
William Frederick MITCHELMORE b 1900 Kingsbridge
William George MUCHMORE b 1900
William Edward MITCHELMORE b 1902 Bridgetown
William MITCHELMORE b 1903 Sevenoaks, Kent
William John MITCHELMORE b 1903 Notting Hill
William Raymond MITCHELMORE b 1903 (Weymouth)
William Herbert MUCHMORE b 1904 Kentish Town
William Mortimer MICHELMORE b 1904 QLD
William Richard MITCHELMORE b 1904 Plymouth
William Robert MITCHELMORE b 1904 (Newton Abbot)
William Henry MUCHMORE b 1905 (Rhayader)
William MOUCHEMORE b 1906 East Coolgardie WA
William Arthur Ockley MICHELMORE b 1908 Vancouver BC
William Lyle MUCHMORE b 1908
William Francis MUCHMORE b 1909 South Crosby ON
William Frank MITCHELMORE b 1909 Plymouth
William John MITCHELMORE b 1909 Paignton
William Thomas MICHELMORE b 1910 Canada
William George MITCHELMORE b 1911 (Plymouth)
William Gordon MITCHELMORE b 1912 Newquay, Cornwall
William Wilson MITCHAMORE b 1912 Hempstead TX
William John MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Merthyr Tydfil)
William Edward MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Merthyr Tydfil)
William Andrew MICHELMORE b 1919 Strathalbyn SA
William Charles Rowe MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Plympton)
William Joseph MUCHMORE b 1920
William Henry MICHELMORE b 1921 (Ffestiniog)
William Noel MITCHELMORE b 1921 (Wirral)
William Francis MICHELMORE b 1922 (St Thomas)
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1923 (Plymouth)
William Charles Roy MITCHELMORE b 1924 (Penzance)
William Edward MITCHELMORE b 1924 (Dolgelly)
William Austin MITCHELMORE b 1926
William Henry MITCHELMORE b 1928
William Gordon MITCHELMORE b 1932 Saskatoon SK
William James Daniel MOUCHEMORE b 1934
William Edward MITCHELMORE b 1941 (Plymouth)
Willie MITCHELMORE b 1908 Paignton
Willis John MITCHELMORE b 1904 Claremont
Willis MITCHELMORE b 1950
Wilson Terrell MITCHAMORE b 1943 Tom Green County TX
Winsor Walter MITCHELMORE b 1945 Green Island Cove NL
Wynne MITCHELMORE b 1930 (Newtown)

Zacharias MITCHELMORE b 1609 Buckfastleigh