M*CH*MORE One Name Study


This index lists all the female spouses included on this site whose surnames are known and who are known to be deceased. The list includes not only spouses of heads of family but also spouses of their children.

Because birth dates are rarely known, the estimated or actual marriage date is indicated instead. (The birth date may be estimated by subtracting 25 years.) A date such as "184x" is an estimate and indicates the approximate decade. Places in parentheses are the names of UK registration districts.

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Last revised at update #34.

ABRAHAM, Elizabeth m 1598 East Allington
ACOCK, Nellie Pearl m 1913 Washington County TX
ADAMS, Doris Edna m 1942 (Sodbury)
ADAMS, Elizabeth m 1746 Stokenham
ADAMS, Elizabeth m 1767 Malborough
ADAMS, Elizabeth m 1818 Chivelstone
ADAMS, Florence Mary m 1896 Bridgetown
ADAMS, Mary Viola m 195x
ADEY, Elizabeth m 1915 Bournemouth
AIKMAN, Alice Dickson m 1935 Vancouver BC
AITKEN, Jessie Lilian m 1929 Seville VIC
ALDERSLEY, Doreen Mary m 1947 (Edmonton)
ALDERSON, Emma m 1869 Bradford
ALDERTON, Emma m 186x
ALFORD, Ellen m 1902 Cheriton Fitzpaine
ALLANBY, Lillian Mary m 1925 Copping TAS
ALLARD, Honora m 1677 Dartmouth
ALLEN, Beatrice m 1925 (Edmonton)
ALLEN, Beatrice m 1913 Earlsfield
ALLUM, Charlotte Lydia m 1874 Southampton
AMIET, Cecile Victoria m 1898 Lyell TAS
ANDERSON, Isabella Duke m 1964 Dundee, Scotland
ANDREWS, Edith Emily m 1899 (Plymouth)
ANEAR, Lucy m 1833 East Stonehouse
ARENELL, Mary m 1665 Charleton
ARNOLD, Annie m 1918 St Austell, Cornwall
ARNOLD, Dorothea Mary m 194x
ARNOLD, Edith Gertrude m 1917 (Wandsworth)
ARNOLD, Sarah m 1793 Stokenham
ASH, Hilda Nora m 1945 Plympton
ASH, Mary m 1816 Thurlestone
ASHFORD, Amy Florence m 1896 Hammersmith St John
ASHFORD, Emma m 1881 Upper Holloway
ATHERTON, Mabel Augusta Mary m 1893 Dartmouth
AULT, Alice Maud Mary m 1891 Marylebone
AULT, Ellen Amelia m 1884 Marylebone
AVERY, Ann m 1906 (Fulham)
AXFORD, Amelia Ann m 1927 (Totnes)
AXFORD, Lilian Jane m 1929 (Totnes)

BAILEY, Alice m 1895 Horfield
BAILEY, Betty J m 1939 (Portsmouth)
BAILEY, Dora m 1938 (Watford)
BAILEY, Nora m 1922 (Tavistock)
BAKER, Constance Gladys m 1940 (Surrey NE)
BAKER, Doris Hayes m 1926 Los Angeles CA
BAKER, Emily m 1924 (Marylebone)
BAKER, Frances m 1643 East Allington
BAKER, Gwendoline Joan m 1950 (Watford)
BAKER, Judith m 1752 Ugborough
BAKER, Mary Ann m 1836 Exeter
BAKER, Vera Rosina A D m 1931 (Exeter)
BAKER, Winifred Yvonne m 1914 (Lambeth)
BARDSLEY, Jane m 1937 QLD
BARNES, Kathleen Maud Preston m 1938 (Plymouth)
BARNET, Angelina Imola m 193x
BARRETT, Ann m 185x
BARRIE, Mary m 1713 Sherford
BARTER, Jane m 1849 Marylebone
BARTLE, Elizabeth Ann m 1888 Buckfastleigh
BARTLETT, Elizabeth m 1759 Plympton
BARTON, Fanny m 1887 Queenscliff VIC
BARTON, Mary Elizabeth m 1891 Queenscliff VIC
BASKWELL, Hannah Kelland Randall m 1895 Stokenham
BASTARD, Clemence m 1753 Charleton
BASTARD, Mary m 1775 Stokenham
BASTIN, Florence Rose m 1903 West Norwood
BASTOW, Elizabeth m 1775 Totnes
BASTOW, Elizabeth Mary m 1887 (Plymouth)
BATE, Elizabeth m 1858 Stoke Damerel
BAULCH, Beryl Lydia m 1929 Sydney NSW
BEADON, Mabel Gertrude m 1897 (Totnes)
BEARD, Elsie m 1917 Sheffield
BEARD, Joan m 1743 Totnes
BEARNE, Agnes May m 1928 (Newton Abbot)
BECK, Elizabeth m 1794 Bigbury
BEGG, Mary Ann m 1872 Westminster
BEHENNA, Lilian Edith m 1941 Devonport
BELBEN, Sarah m 1884 Dorchester, Dorset
BELL, Alice m 1694 Stepney
BELL, Dorothy Pretoria M m 1943 (Totnes)
BELLAMY, Doris Ada m 1940 (Totnes)
BENNETT, Margaret Pitts m 1885 (Kingsbridge)
BENNINGTON, Lois Marion m 1948 Geraldine NZ
BERY, Johanne m 148x
BESWICK, Elizabeth m 1889 Llandudno, Carnarvonshire
BEVAN, Elizabeth Ann m 191x
BEYNON, Beatrice Margaret Elizabeth m 1916 Portsea, Hampshire
BIGGS, Mary Ann m 1813 Southwark
BILLET, Maria m 1854 Strait of Belle Isle Mission NL
BILNEY, Marjory Ellen m 1938 Yorketown SA
BISHOP, Ann m 1744 Charleton
BISHOP, Fanny m 1911 Hamilton ON
BISHOP, Mary Irene m 192x
BLACKALL, Blanche m 1556 Ugborough
BLACKFORD, Ann m 1885 St Pancras Church, London
BLACKLER, Alice May m 1930 Staverton
BLACKLER, Susan m 1828 Buckfastleigh
BLAIKLOCK, Valerie Ann m 1965 (Newcastle on Tyne)
BLAIR, Dolores m 193x
BLAKE, Grace Coad m 1864 (Truro)
BLAKEY, Ida Mary m 1907 (Pancras)
BLANCHETTE, Maggie m 1910 Washington County TX
BLANK, Olive Maud m 1939 (Kingsbridge)
BLOCKALLER, Agnes m 1690 Buckfastleigh
BOND, Doris Evelyn m 1956 (Exeter)
BOND, Elizabeth m 1850 Churchstow
BOND, Elizabeth m 1851 Mevagissey, Cornwall
BOND, Joan m 1939 (Elham)
BORYER, Cecilia m 1769 Bigbury
BOSTOCK, Rita m 1947 Leeds, Yorkshire
BOUND, Mary Ann m 1792 Liskeard, Cornwall
BOVEY, Florence Emily m 1927 (Totnes)
BOVY, Elizabeth m 1726 Stokenham
BOWDEN, Betsy Furneaux m 1820 Staverton
BOWDEN, Elizabeth m 1791 Rattery
BOWDEN, Mary m 1816 Talland, Cornwall
BOWEN, Florence Margaretta m 187x
BOWEN, Margaret Sophia m 1956 (Totnes)
BOWEY, Lily Rosina m 1906 Plymouth
BOWHAY, Rhoda S m 1922 (Newton Abbot)
BOXHALL, Annie m 1892 Thursley, Surrey
BOYSE, Jane m 1774 Churchstow
BRACE, Barbara Lilian m 1949 (Bristol)
BRADDICK, Susan m 1932 (Totnes)
BRADRIDGE, Thomasin m 1761 Staverton
BRADSHAW, Caroline m 1877 Brenham TX
BRADSHAW, Samantha Elmira m 1878 TX
BRAGG, Margaret Ann m 1914 Sydney NSW
BRAKE, Ellen m 1900 (Lambeth)
BRASTED, Mary Belle m 1877 Shell Rock IA
BRAVENDER, Jean Fulton m 194x Vancouver BC
BRAY, Elizabeth m 1734 Dartmouth
BRAY, Jenny m 1814 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
BRAY, Mary m 1822 Maker, Cornwall
BRENNAN, Alice m 1895
BREWSTER, Annie m 1944 (Fulham)
BRIDGE, Alice Ann Loram m 1881 Brixham
BRISTOW, Emily m 1907 (Fulham)
BROAD, Janie m 1901 (Plymouth)
BROOKING, Elizabeth m 1841 Stokenham
BROWN, Ann Maria m 1827 St Andrew Undershaft, London
BROWN, Clara Martin m 1917 (Kingsbridge)
BROWN, Elizabeth May m 1911 Kentish Town
BROWN, Enid Alice Adeline Carew m 1920 Brixton
BROWN, Evelyn Mary Elizabeth m 1912 (Bristol)
BROWN, Helena Victoria m 1933 North Geelong VIC
BROWN, Mary m 1873 London ON
BROWN, Mary Dreda m 1952 Mylor, Cornwall
BROWNE, Caroline m 1832 Finsbury
BROWNE, Evelyn m 1876 VIC
BRUNDY, Malinda m 1855 Madison IL
BRUNGER, Joan Margaret m 1948 (Chatham)
BRYANT, Catherine Matilda m 1896 Glen Innes NSW
BRYANT, Dorothy Walroud m 1933 Calcutta, India
BRYANT, Elizabeth m 1849 (Falmouth)
BUCK, Margaret Sarah m 1900 Bovey Tracey
BUCKINGHAM, Charlotte Louisa m 1890 Devonport
BUCKINGHAM, Florence Emily m 1929 Little Ilford, Essex
BUCKNALL, Irene B m 1944 (Manchester)
BUCKNER, Georgina Mary m 1934 Bridgetown
BUCKPITT, Elizabeth m 1823 Slapton
BUDGE, Mary m 1698 Menheniot, Cornwall
BUMPUS, May Cecilia m 1921 (Marylebone)
BUNKER, Thurza m 1847 Bridgetown
BUNT, Elizabeth m 1760 Liskeard, Cornwall
BURDEN, Lilian Rose m 1932 (Fulham)
BURGEN, Alis m 1617 Blackawton
BURGESS, Elizabeth m 1889 (Medway)
BURGT, Agnes m 1618 Blackawton
BURNELL, Minnie May m 1910 Dartmouth
BURRING, Florence Jane m 1903 Plymouth
BURTON, Shirley Ann m 1954 (Aldershot)
BUSBY, Lucy m 187x
BUSH, Eleanor Ethel m 1926 (Pancras)
BUXTON, Frances m 1846 Great Swanport TAS

CAIRNS, Sylvia Jane m 1948 Geraldine NZ
CALLARD, Margaret m 1773 Buckfastleigh
CANN, Mary Ann m 1853 (Tavistock)
CAPPER, Frances Ruth m 1917 (Pancras)
CARDOW, Catherine Irene Pearl m 1937 Sydney NSW
CARLILE, Rebecca m 1807 Ashburton
CARNEY, Mary Ann m 1871 Leeds ON
CARROLL, Mary Monica m 1953 (Newton Abbot)
CARTER, Jane m 1887 Southwark
CARTWRIGHT, Muriel Hester m 1922 King Street Wesleyan Church
CARVER, Mary m 1880 Drysdale VIC
CASTLES, Lily Mabel Alice m 1905 Plymouth
CATT, Elizabeth Amy m 1900 (Paddington)
CAYLOR, Grace m 1667 Charleton
CHADWICK, Sarah T m 1923 Philadelphia PA
CHAFFE, Edith m 1757 Buckfastleigh
CHAFFE, Margaretta m 1641 Buckfastleigh
CHALKEN, Sarah Jane m 1913 (Medway)
CHAMBERS, Edith Isabel m 1897 (Bedminster)
CHAMBERS, Evangeline m 1941 Green Island Cove NL
CHANNING, Sarah Ann m 1856 Kingskerswell
CHAPMAN, Alice m 1817 Chivelstone
CHARD, Hester Mary m 1933 (Bristol)
CHASE, Evelyn I m 1914 RI
CHASNEY, Lilian Florence m 1944 (Hendon)
CHENERY, Ethel Florence m 1916 Harlesden
CHILTON, Charlotte MacIntyre m 1925 Salcombe Regis
CHING, Jane Harris m 1837 Slapton
CHINNOCK, Martha Annie m 1937 (Plymouth)
CHONG, Irene Lilian m 1939 (Uxbridge)
CHORLEY, Elizabeth Burrell m 1838 Dartmouth
CHRISTIAN, Yvonne Pamela m 1942 (Canterbury)
CHRISTIAN, Yvonne Pamela m 1942 (Canterbury)
CHUBB, Betty m 1763 Ugborough
CHUDLEY, Annie m 1887 (W Bromwich)
CLAPP, Estelle Thurza m 1908 Plantagenet WA
CLAPP, Ivy Hilda M m 1926 (Exeter)
CLARE, Melisse Yvonne m 1944 SA
CLARK, Emily m 1920 (Islington)
CLARK, Margaret Joy m 1949 Strathalbyn SA
CLARKE, Catherine m 1855 VIC
CLARKE, Ellen m 185x
CLARKE, Margaret Beatrice m 1953 Goodrich TX
CLARKE, Rose m 190x
CLARKE, Tryphena m 1849 Kingsbridge
CLEAVE, Mary Ellen m 1874 Leusdon
CLIFFORD, Eileen Alma m 1950 Perth WA
CLIFTON, Dorothy Edith m 1944 Glenorchy TAS
CLOAK, Mary m 1774 Blackawton
CLOGG, Mary m 1842 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
CLOGG, Mary Jane m 188x
COASE, Ann m 1845 South Pool
COATES, Alice m 1926 Eddy's Cove NL
COATES, Amy m 1951 Green Island Cove NL
COATES, Annie m 1927 Green Island Cove NL
COATES, Eliza m 1915 Eddy's Cove NL
CODNER, Mary Eugenie m 1879 Kingskerswell
COLE, Elizabeth m 1625 Dartmouth
COLE, Elizabeth m 1763 Blackawton
COLE, Elizabeth Jane m 1875 Swansea, Glamorganshire
COLE, Mary m 1809 Thurlestone
COLE, Sarah m 1791 Stokenham
COLE, Sarah m 1872 Charleton
COLENSOE, Sarah m 1800 Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall
COLES, Mary Martha m 1890 Poverty Cove NL
COLEY, Florence May m 1915 Canterbury NSW
COLLINGWOOD, Bernice Olive Glennie m 1917 (Newton Abbot)
COLLIVER, Annie May m 1935 (Truro)
COLLOFF, Phyllis May m 1955 (Birmingham)
COLLYNGE, Agnes m 1568 Blackawton
COLTON, Lavinia m 1901 Devonport
COMMINS, Elizabeth Swinbourne m 1943 Sydney NSW
CONNELL, Minnie m 1929 (Totnes)
CONNOLLY, Josephine Daisy m 1949 (Harrow)
CONNOR, Mary Ann m 1876 Waterloo
COOK, Mary m 1823 Liskeard, Cornwall
COOMBES, Ann m 1827 Buckfastleigh
COOMBES, Emma Jane m 1883 Buckfastleigh
COOMBES, Mary Jane m 1899 (Totnes)
COOMBS, Mary m 1881 Flower's Cove NL
COOMBS, Sarah m 1871 Paignton
COOPER, Deborah m 1841 (Cardiff)
COOPER, Mildred m 1926 (Wandsworth)
CORR, Ellen Jane m 1947 (Newton Abbot)
COSS, Mary m 1746 Stokenham
COTTON, Eliza Jane m 1853 St Martin in the Fields
COTTON, Elizabeth m 1708 Stokenham
COUCH, Henrietta m 1882 Bickington
COUCH, Susanna Ching m 1825 Stoke Fleming
COULTON, Winifred Amy m 1917 Topsham
COUNTER, Violet Kathleen m 1959 (Totnes)
COURT, Alice Elizabeth m 1915 (Marylebone)
COWLE, Mary m 1819 East Portlemouth
COX, Alice m 1662 Blackawton
COX, Emily Maud Mary m 1914 Dartmouth
COX, Henrietta m 1904 (St George Hanover Square)
CRABB, Sarah Betsy Pellow m 1880 (Totnes)
CRANCH, Mary m 1849 West Alvington
CRANHAM, Rosina Emily m 1940 (Battersea)
CRAWSHAW, Elizabeth Ann m 1866 Williamstown VIC
CREAGH-BARRY, Marie Densille Nora Josephine m 1932 (Manchester S)
CREBER, Winifret m 1721 Charleton
CREWE, Annie Eveline m 1921 Wrexham, Flintshire
CROCKER, Elizabeth m 1851 Plymouth
CROCKER, Elizabeth Jane m 1913 Plymouth
CROCKER, Elizabeth Walk m 1880 Camberwell
CROCKER, Susanna m 1860 Harberton
CROSS, Jane m 1849 East Allington
CROSSEN, Jane m 1860 Sale VIC
CROSSLEY, Harriett m 1952 (Basingstoke)
CROSSMAN, Julian m 1751 Buckfastleigh
CROSSMAN, Margaret m 1786 Buckfastleigh
CRUSE, Lily m 1913 (Warminster)
CUDD, Mary m 1875 East Portlemouth
CULLUM, Edna Joyce m 1931 (Lewes)
CUNNEY, Margrett m 1603 Menheniot, Cornwall
CURRAN, Mary Ellen m 1902 Frontenac ON
CUTTER, Brenda Kathleen m 1945 (Colchester)

DAINES, Lucy Mary Succoth m 1875 Bedminster, Somerset
DALLIMORE, Ann m 1915 (Newton Abbot)
DALLIMORE, Emily Maud m 1921 Plymouth
DALTON, Lavina J m 1904 Frankfort KS
DAMERELL, Elizabeth m 1757 Blackawton
DAMERELL, Henrietta m 1924 (Kingsbridge)
DANIELL, Elizabeth m 1643 Menheniot, Cornwall
DAVIES, Glenys Olwen m 1954 (Newtown)
DAVIES, Jessie Margaret m 1920 Moonee Ponds VIC
DAWE, Ann m 1879 (Liskeard)
DEACON, Agnes m 1725 Sherford
DEAN, Jennet Matilda m 1902 Elgin ON
DEANE, Eliza m 1859 Dartmouth
DELANEY, Daphne May Patricia m 1935 Manly NSW
DELANY, Alice Elizabeth m 1920 VIC
DELLAR, Ada Mary m 1903 (Wandsworth)
DENBOW, Marianne m 1856 Totnes
DENMAN, Alice Maud m 1917 (Newport)
DENNETT, Edith Eliza m 1922 (St George Hanover Square)
DERGES, Alice Maud m 1916 (Totnes)
DERRY, Mary m 1688 St Cleer, Cornwall
DEWLAND, Annie Florence m 1895 (Newton Abbot)
DIBBEN, Doris Eileen Ethel m 1930 (Fulham)
DICKERSON, Priscilla Elizabeth m 1876 Pancras
DISLIN, Winifret m 1717 Charleton
DIX, Mary Emily m 1905 Marylebone
DOBSON, Ellen Patricia m 1947 (Marylebone)
DODD, Ann m 1830 Dean Prior
DONNE, Laura Linda Mary Beatrice m 1915 QLD
DORMAN, Nell m 1909
DOUST, Susan Avery m 1872 Brixham
DOUYÈRE, Diamantina Catherine m 1899 Country Districts QLD
DOWLING, Jean Mary m 1955 (Bristol)
DOWN, Louisa Kate m 1939 (Caerleon)
DOWN, Violet May m 1939 (Watford)
DOWNING, Beatrice Ethel m 1923 Plymouth
DOWNING, Elizabeth m 1755 West Alvington
DOYLE, Muriel Robinson m 1951 Fairlie NZ
DOYLE, Ruby Georgina Jessie m 1949 Fairlie NZ
DRACKETT-CASE, Eveline Mabel m 1937 (Staines)
DRAKE, Elizabeth Perriton m 1861 (Totnes)
DRAKE, Virginia Ellen m 1913 Denver CO
DRAPER, Hester m 1677 Dartmouth
DREDGE, Myrtle m 1948 Forrester's Point NL
DUGAN, Sarah Elizabeth m 1890 Briagolong VIC
DUKE, Catherine Elizabeth m 1902 Castletown, Isle of Man
DUNCAN, Elizabeth m 1853 Anchor Point NL
DUNN, Mary Margaret m 1882 (Totnes)
DURE, Hannah m 1900 West Alvington
DUVALL, Margaret Elder m 1886 South Frederick MD
DWYER, Bridget m 1917 (Plymouth)

EALES, Louisa Ellen m 1889 Brixham
EARL, Jane m 1778 Sherford
EASTERBROOK, Milvena m 1890 Buckfastleigh
EASTMAN, Sophia m 1856 Bridgetown
EASTWICK, Alice m 1914 (Portsmouth)
EDMONDS, Ada Port m 1903 Kilburn
EDMUNDS, Joan Dorothy m 1939 (Henley)
EDMUNDS, Mae Maria m 1961
EDWARDS, Alice m 1788 Modbury
EDWARDS, Amy Henrietta m 1920 (Winchester)
EDWARDS, Catherine Louise m 1931 (Totnes)
EDWARDS, Elizabeth m 1848 West Alvington
EDWARDS, Gloria m 1955 Kilburn
EDWARDS, Grace m 1677 Staverton
EDWARDS, Mary m 1778 Chivelstone
EDWARDS, Mary m 1806 Staverton
EDWARDS, Sheila Marie m 1944 Banwell, Somerset
EDYE, Sophia Harriett m 1849 St Pancras Church, London
EFFORD, Joan m 1719 Woodleigh
ELDRED, Mary Monica m 1921 VIC
ELKES, Mary Elizabeth m 1902 (Marylebone)
ELLES, Maria m 1633 Buckfastleigh
ELLIOTT, Mary Ann m 1851 Plymouth
ELLIS, Elizabeth m 1829 Dartmouth
ELLIS, Hilda Mary m 1919 Broadhempston
ELLIS, Sarah m 1885 (Dolgelly)
ELMORE, Florence Gertrude m 1893 Westminster
ELWERT, Lily Elsie m 1903 Manhattan NY
EMMETT, Alice E m 1922 (Wandsworth)
EPPLETT, Annie Louisa m 1909 Newquay, Cornwall
EPPS, Gertrude m 190x
ERICKSON, Alice Mabel m 1935 Spokane WA
EUNSON, Audrey Beryl m 1948 (Bucklow)
EVANS, Edith Margaret Elaine m 1956 (Llanfyllin)
EVANS, Isabella m 1872 Liverpool
EVANS, Joanna Muriel m 1952 (Bangor)

FAIR, Hilde Emily m 196x
FALCONER, Jean Hunter m 1945 Dundee, Scotland
FALSOM, Flora m 189x
FARLEIGH, Margaret m 1786 Dartmouth
FARLEIGH, Sarah Elizabeth m 1885 South Pool
FELTHAM, Augusta m 1890 (Christchurch)
FELTHAM, Dorothy Leonora m 1945 (Greenwich)
FENTON, Gertrude m 1888 Sydney NSW
FERGUSON, Kate Eastman m 1897 St Paul MN
FERGUSSON, Jessie Elizabeth m 1891 QLD
FERRIS, Hannah m 1833 East Stonehouse
FERRIS, Jane m 1849 Blackawton
FIELD, Ena May m 1940 (Hampstead)
FISH, Millicent Grace m 1916 Bristol
FISHER, Mary Ann m 1859 Stoke Damerel
FITZGERALD, Caroline Eva m 1934 Egg Buckland
FITZPATRICK, Joyce Frances m 1948 Glebe NSW
FLOAT, Ansis Georgina m 1887 Marylebone Register Office
FLYNN, Minnie m 1914 Westport ON
FOGWILL, Salome Mary A m 1954 (Newton Abbot)
FOOT, Anne m 1877 Tormoham
FORD, Ann m 1702 Diptford
FORD, Beatrice Louisa m 1922 (Wandsworth)
FORD, Elizabeth m 1574 Blackawton
FORD, Joanna m 1809 Sherford
FORD, Mary m 1774 Sherford
FORDHAM, Adelaide Maud m 1946 (Battersea)
FOSTER, Jacqueline Margaret m 1975 (Torbay)
FOUND, Elizabeth m 1796 Fowey, Cornwall
FOUND, Emma m 1908 (Newton Abbot)
FOWLER, Margaret Beatrice m 1957 Livingston TX
FOWLER, Maria m 1887 Kensal Green
FOX, Betsy m 1866 (Plymouth)
FOX, Elizabeth Bullen m 1818 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
FOX, Grace m 1811 Lifton
FOX, Maria m 1840 Ringmore
FRAGALL, Florence Ethel m 1929 Torquay
FRAMPTON, Elizabeth Jane m 1892 (Portsea)
FRANCIS, Charlotte m 1892 (Haverfordwest)
FRANCIS, Eva Ann m 1915 (Plymouth)
FRANKE, Edna May m 192x
FREE, Dulcie Gwendoline m 194x
FREEMAN, Audrey m 1926 East Allington
FREMLIN, Clara Ivy m 1922 (Marylebone)
FRIEND, Ida m 1881 (Plymouth)
FRIEND, Maud Mary m 1906 Paignton
FRINK, Carol m 1940
FRITCHLEY, Bessie Charlotte m 1955 Adelaide SA
FROST, Mary m 1784 Plympton
FULLER, Frances m 1768 Westerham
FULTON, Betty Gwendolin m 1949 Sydney Church of England Grammar School
FURNEAUX, Elizabeth m 1719 Buckfastleigh
FURNEAUX, Elizabeth m 1752 Buckfastleigh

GADEN, Rachel Elizabeth m 1946 Sheepstor
GALABIN, Margaret Mignon m 1905 St Marylebone, London
GALE, Clarice m 195x
GALLON, Margaret Grant m 194x VIC
GARD, Lilian Mary m 1945 (Liverpool South)
GARDNER, Ada m 1896 Timaru NZ
GARRARD, Ivy Kathleen m 1961 Auburn SA
GAULTON, Lydia m 1914 Green Island Cove NL
GAYDON, Lillian Maud m 1903 Singapore
GEACH, Agnes m 1747 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
GEATCHES, Florence Olive m 1931 (Totnes)
GEDLING, Eliza m 1835 Soho
GEERE, Joan m 1618 Blackawton
GENGE, Elizabeth m 1895 Green Island Cove NL
GENGE, Johanna m 1943 Flower's Cove NL
GENGE, Margaret m 1906 Bear Cove NL
GENGER, Charlotte Louisa m 1824 St Pancras, London
GEPP, Sarah m 1917 Noarlunga SA
GIBBONS, Evangeline m 1916 Current Island NL
GIBSON, Elizabeth Beck m 1915 Holmfield MB
GIBSON, Florence May m 192x
GIBSON, Mary Moncur m 1912 Holmfield MB
GILBERT, Catherine m 1701 Modbury
GILES, Emma Creber m 1877 Wolborough
GILL, Angela Mary m 1964 (Newcastle L)
GILL, Dorothy Kate m 1919 (Thanet)
GILL, Mary Lavinia m 1883 (Stoke Damerel)
GILLARD, Louisa Florence m 1904 (Kingsbridge)
GILLARD, Mary Jane m 1878 Stokenham
GILLARD, Violet Emma m 1923 Heavitree
GILMORE, Doris m 1950 Casino NSW
GLASBROOK, Mary Elizabeth m 1983 (Newton Abbot)
GOLDWYER, Edith Marion m 1900 Kensington
GOODALE, Susanna m 1625 Liskeard, Cornwall
GOODCHILD, Agnes Drucilla m 1933 Gananoque ON
GOODCHILD, Florence Lilian m 1917 Notting Hill
GORTLEY, Elizabeth m 1832 Brixham
GORTLEY, Mary m 1819 Dartmouth
GOUGH, Ivy Elizabeth m 1941 (Portsmouth)
GOULD, Elizabeth m 1884 Flower's Cove NL
GRAINGER, Elizabeth Ann m 1869 Westminster
GRANT, Eliza m 1893 Sherford
GRAY, Mary Irene m 1944 Glasgow
GREEN, Agnes Mary E m 1907 (Devonport)
GREEN, Harriett Lily m 1899 Dartmouth
GREENE, Jessie Frances m 193x
GREENFIELD, Evelyne m 1907 Lambeth
GRIFFIN, Alice Mary m 1927 Plymouth
GRIFFITHS, Clarice Louisa m 1909 Moose Jaw SK
GROOM, Sarah Ellen m 1840 Queen Square
GROS, Naomi Winifred Le m 191x South Africa
GROSE, Eliza Ann m 1878 (Totnes)
GULLETT, Alice Emma m 1883 Marylebone
GUNN, Ann m 1822 Chivelstone
GUSWELL, Wilmot m 1681 Buckfastleigh

HACKING, Mary m 1664 Wolborough
HADDY, Zelia Augusta Churchill Janice m 1860 SA
HAINES, Bertha Annie m 1899 (Pancras)
HALL, Jane m 1833 St Pancras, London
HALLETT, Ellen Edith m 1915 (Christchurch)
HALLIBURTON, Lillian Mae m 1968 Montgomery County TX
HAMBLY, Elizabeth Muriel m 1943 (St Austell)
HAMMET, Susan m 1813 East Stonehouse
HAMPTON, May Frances m 1941 (Lewisham)
HANCOCK, Hannah m 1790 St Mellion, Cornwall
HANCOCK, Joanna m 1778 Plymouth
HANDBY, Eileen May m 1928 Adelaide SA
HANNAFORD, Agnes m 1928 (Kingsbridge)
HANNAFORD, Joane m 1698 Dartington
HANNAFORD, Mary m 1673 Saltash, Cornwall
HANNON, Catherine m 1938 Sutton, London
HARCOURT, Olive Daisy Maud m 1949 (Totnes)
HARDICK, Violet Dorothy m 1944 (Plymouth)
HARDWICK, Evelyn Bertram m 1912 (St Giles)
HARKCOM, Eleanor Kate Roberts m 1902 (Plymouth)
HARP, Vera Maxine m 1938 Deming NM
HARPER, Viola m 1931 Durant OK
HARRIS, Edith Mary Earl m 1949 (Plymouth)
HARRIS, Evelyn Bessie m 1939 Geraldine NZ
HARRIS, Helen Louise m 1916 Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire
HARRIS, Molly Eileen Laura m 1936 (Totnes)
HARROPP, Beatrice Maud m 1907 (Berkhamstead)
HARRY, Bessie May m 1921 St Austell, Cornwall
HARTER, Freda Opal m 1917 Hancock County IN
HARTNOLL, Bertha m 1920 Herne Hill
HARVEY, June Elizabeth m 1953 Mylor, Cornwall
HAUGHTON, Dulcie Mary m 1967 Sydney NSW
HAWKINS, Edith Mary m 1920 Emmaville NSW
HAWKINS, Elizabeth m 1861 Blackawton
HAYMAN, Ann m 1890 East Allington
HAYMAN, Elizabeth Jane m 1873 Buckfastleigh
HAYMAN, Margaret m 1791 Buckfastleigh
HAYMAN, Margaret m 1856 (Totnes)
HAYNES, Emily Louisa m 1903 Sevenoaks, Kent
HAYWARD, Eva Grace m 1942 (Isle of Wight)
HEAD, Mary m 1810 Moreleigh
HEANEY, Mary Ellen m 1920 Annandale NSW
HEARD, Susan m 1896 Southwark
HEARDER, Mary Pinsent m 1847 Stokeinteignhead
HEATH, Bertha m 1896 Bridgetown
HEATH, Sarah Lambert Parnell m 1877 (Newton Abbot)
HEATH, Thirza m 1819 Slapton
HEFFERNAN, Viola m 194x
HELLARD, Emily Clarissa m 1869 Taunton, Somerset
HELLENS, Annie m 1890 Newton Abbot
HEMMINGS, Ellen m 1912 Islington
HENDERSON, Lillian Virginia m 1944
HENSON, Sarah Ruth Ellen m 1939 (Dorchester)
HEXT, Mary m 1737 Stokenham
HEXT, Mary m 1819 Moreleigh
HEYMAN, Lillian May m 1925 Frontenac ON
HILDESLEY, Kathleen Dora m 1928 (Epsom)
HILL, Annie m 1898 Stone, Kent
HILL, Annie Margaret m 194x
HILL, Caroline m 1864 Plymouth
HILL, Mary m 1814 Churchstow
HILLS, Sarah Jeffery m 1847 (Plymouth)
HILTON, Gertrude Alice m 1927 (Hackney)
HINE, Kathleen Mary m 1924 Plympton
HINE, Mary m 1705 Stokenham
HINGESTON, Mary m 1696 Bigbury
HINGSON, Mary m 1743 Dean Prior
HINVEST, Mary Ann m 1887 Barnsbury
HITCHING, Susannah m 1860 Hampstead
HOAR, Ann m 1819 Liskeard, Cornwall
HOARE, Amelia m 1849 Dean Prior
HOBBS, Bessie m 1881 Tiverton
HOBBS, Sarah Jane Dullam m 1885 (Plymouth)
HOCK, Mary Ann m 1878 (St Giles)
HODGE, Christian m 1652 East Allington
HODGE, Maisie Margaret m 1944 St Anthony NL
HODGE, Mary m 1933 (St Columb)
HODGE, Rosalie Emmeline m 1887 (Stoke Damerel)
HODGSON, Thelma Branscombe m 1961 (Wood Green)
HOLCOMBE, Eileen Doris m 1948 Liverpool NSW
HOLE, Elizabeth m 1862 Dartmouth
HOLLAND, Catherine May m 1948 (Battersea)
HOLLIS, Rose Mary m 1957 (Battersea)
HOLMAN, Johane m 1671 Dean Prior
HOLMAN, Marjorie Mildred m 1936 Plymstock
HOLMES, Gloria A m 1950
HOOKS, Edith Catherine m 1929 (Wandsworth)
HOPKINS, Winifred Maud m 1944 (New Forest)
HORE, Agneta m 1632 Buckfastleigh
HORSEMAN, Trith? m 1622 East Allington
HORSWELL, Catherine m 1856 Stoke Damerel
HORSWILL, Honour m 1804 Plymouth
HOSKIN, Mary Jane m 1883 (Wandsworth)
HOSKING, Harriet m 1832 Modbury
HOSKING, Olive Kate m 1946 (St Austell)
HOSKINS, Sarah Ann m 1889 Plymouth
HOWE, Kathleen Emily m 1923 (Newton Abbot)
HOYLE, Rebecca m 1839 (East Stonehouse)
HUET, Margarita m 1607 Buckfastleigh
HUGHES, Gladys Elizabeth m 1929 Bromborough, Cheshire
HUGHES, Mary Anne m 1923 Green Island Brook NL
HUGHES, Nellie m 1921 (Dolgelly)
HUGHES, Sarah Jane m 191x
HULL, Margaret Annie m 1878 Franklin County OH
HUMBERSTONE, Sarah m 1781 Stokenham
HUMBY, Florence Edith m 1921 (Romsey)
HUME-SHOTTON, Elisabeth Helen m 1950 (Westminster)
HUNT, Florence Charlotte m 1939 (Battersea)
HUNT, Jane m 1610 East Allington
HUNTER, Janet B m 193x
HUNTER, Lottie m 1918
HURRELL, Ann m 1822 Kingsbridge
HURRELL, Sarah Mary Wood m 1902 West Alvington
HUTCHINGS, Frances Perring m 1853 (Totnes)
HUTTON, Mary Margaret m 1920 Washington County TX
HYNE, Sarah m 1783 Slapton

ILBERT, Margaret m 1635 Buckfastleigh
INGRAM, Ann m 1781 Moreleigh
IRELAND, Elizabeth m 1771 Ashburton
IRISH, Joyce Dawson m 1941 Burwood NSW
IRVING, Dorothy Hawthorn m 1917 (Cardiff)
IRWIN, Elsie Florence m 1932 New Town TAS

JACKSON, Eleanor m 1913 South Shields, Durham
JACQUES, Millicent Emily m 1885 Manchester
JAMES, Agnes m 1896 (Wandsworth)
JAMES, Florence Elizabeth m 1943 (Neath)
JAMES, Mary m 1913 Merthyr, Glamorganshire
JAMES, Winefride Percival m 1951 (Manchester)
JANES, Florence m 1910 Marylebone
JEANNERET, Ida Jane m 1888 Hunter's Hill
JEFERY, Margaret m 1640 East Allington
JEFFERY, Sarah m 1781 Stokenham
JEFFERY, Sarah Elizabeth m 1895 Thurlestone
JEFFREY, Elizabeth m 1706 Stokenham
JELLARD, Dorothy m 1791 Stokenham
JELLARD, Elizabeth m 1758 Blackawton
JELLARD, Joanna m 1846 Slapton
JELLARD, Margret m 1656 Chivelstone
JELLEARD, Mary m 1748 Sherford
JENKINS, Elizabeth Matilda m 1855 St Martin in the Fields
JOHNSON, Dorothy m 1927 (Reading)
JOLIFFE, Doreen Marjorie m 1937 Plymouth
JONES, Anna Maria m 1877 St Pancras, London
JONES, Annie May m 1932 Edgware
JONES, Elizabeth Jemima m 1814 Southwark
JONES, Harriet m 1855 Marylebone
JONES, Margaret Josephine m 1945 Anagni, Italy
JONES, Una Pearce m 1949 (Bristol)
JORY, Mary Elizabeth m 1936
JOYNT, Lillie Mary m 1920 (Tiverton)

KARNER, Kim Ellen m 199x
KEANE, Elizabeth m 1706 Menheniot, Cornwall
KEARNEY, Mary Margaret m 1932 Smiths Falls ON
KEEN, Annie m 1877 Burwood NSW
KEENAGHAN, Bridget m 1888 (Liverpool)
KEES, Gertrude Agnes m 1914 Bounds Green, London
KELEN, Jeasse m 160x
KELLAND, Mary Ann m 1863 East Allington
KELLOND, Ann m 1803 Dartmouth
KELLOND, Jane m 1791 Stokenham
KELLY, Sarah Adelaide m 1864 (Totnes)
KELON, Agnes m 1834 Dodbrooke
KENNEDY, Myrtle Grace m 1939 Dingley VIC
KENT, Effie m 1946 Folkestone
KENT, Esther Amelia m 1848 St Martin in the Fields
KESSLER, Frankilee Eloise m 1992 Harris County TX
KEYS, Dora m 1951 (Birmingham)
KING, Ann m 1807 Newington
KING, Frances Evelyn m 1915 Annandale NSW
KING, Gladys M m 1974 GA
KING, Margaret Jessie m 1959 (Hitchin)
KING, Sybella m 1732 Stokenham
KITSON, Mary Agnes m 1927 Plantagenet WA
KNIGHT, Annie m 1887 Westminster
KNIGHT, Elizabeth m 1763 Buckfastleigh
KNIGHTS, Elsie Jane Elizabeth m 1920 VIC
KNOWLING, Mary m 1736 Buckfastleigh
KOLSTAD, Sharyn m 1980
KUANNA, Ella Kalawakua m 1939 Honolulu

LABAN, Annie Marian m 1903 Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
LAKEMAN, Mary Jane m 1879 (Newton Abbot)
LAMBERT, Anna Alice m 1947 (Hatfield)
LAMBOURNE, Minnie m 1882 Pentonville
LAMERICK, Ann m 1736 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
LANDER, Mary Ann m 1882 Sydney NSW
LANE, Rachel m 1826 Brixham
LANG, Ann Gillow m 1849 Hamilton, Lanarkshire
LANG, Evelyn May m 1929 (Kingsbridge)
LANGDON, Beatrice Mary m 1898 St Marylebone
LANGDON, Maria m 1824 Clerkenwell
LANGE, Elizabeth Lydia m 1925 Norwood SA
LANGLEY, Elizabeth m 1738 Stoke Fleming
LANGRIDGE, Elizabeth m 1784 Westerham
LANGSON, Judeth m 1604 Buckfastleigh
LANYON, Doris Violet m 1942 Edinburgh, Scotland
LAPPAN, Mary Agnes m 193x
LARKIN, Carolyn m 1936 Boston MA
LAVERENCE, Grace m 1809 Dartmouth
LAVERS, Susannah m 1707 Stokenham
LAWN, Edith Ellen m 1898 Clifton Hill VIC
LAWSON, Ann Caroline m 1842 Dartmouth
LEACH, Sarah m 1820 St Marylebone
LEAMON, Millie m 1893 Ipplepen
LEANE, Loveday m 1671 St Gluvias, Cornwall
LEAR, Ellen Louise m 1926 Manhattan NY
LEE, Elizabeth m 1789 Buckfastleigh
LEE, Elizabeth Grace m 1883 (East Stonehouse)
LEE, Peggy Marina m 1980 (Kingsbridge)
LEES, Elizabeth Jane m 1912 Paignton
LEGASSICK, Jessie Alice m 1897 Dodbrooke
LEGG, Dorothy m 192x
LESTER, Eliza Elizabeth m 1897 Walworth
LETHBRIDGE, Sarah m 1843 Exeter
LEVETT, Hilda Ellen m 1931 (Portsmouth)
LEWARN, Elizabeth m 1830 Falmouth, Cornwall
LEWIS, Dorothy Margaret m 1927 (Newton Abbot)
LEWIS, Elizabeth Jane m 1888 (Totnes)
LEWIS, Sarah Ann m 1864 St Helier, Jersey
LIDSTONE, Annie m 1884 Plymouth
LIGHTFOOT, Edith Annie m 1918 (Wirral)
LIGHTFOOT, Eleanor Jane m 1892 Alton, Hampshire
LINEHAM, Elizabeth m 1973 (Kensington)
LINES, Barbara Sybil m 1948 (St Austell)
LIPSON, Agnes m 1688 Tavistock
LISTON, Elinor m 1693 Charleton
LLOYD, Elizabeth Ann m 1903 Llanwrthwl
LOARD, Eliza m 1719 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
LOBB, Gladys Eveline m 1922 (Camelford)
LOCK, Elizabeth m 1687 Charleton
LOGIN, Margaret Beatrice m 1948 Stokenham
LONEY, Gladys Eileen m 1932 Mackay QLD
LOONEY, Sarah Cox m 1883 McLaren Vale SA
LOWE, Mary Elizabeth Jessie m 1911 Canterbury NSW
LUKYE, Margaret m 1633 Menheniot, Cornwall
LUSCOMB, Amy m 1737 Buckfastleigh
LUSCOMB, Elizabeth m 1666 Stokenham
LUSCOMB, Mary m 1697 Stokenham
LUSCOMBE, Janet Peggy m 1960 Kingswear
LUSCOMBE, Joane m 1594 Blackawton
LYE, Eliza Margaret Leigh m 1889 Ramsgate, Kent
LYFE, Elizabeth m 1613 Blackawton
LYNEHAM, Alice m 1929 Perth WA
LYTLE, Irene m 1971 (Banbury)

MABIN, Wilmot m 1748 East Allington
MACEY, Elizabeth m 1923 Green Island Brook NL
MACGRATH, Sarah m 1814 Trinity Bay NL
MACKAY, Margaret m 191x
MACKELLAR, Jean Douglas m 1925 Glebe NSW
MACKINNON, Isabel Clara m 1910 Tent Hill NSW
MACLEAN, Eliza m 1900 Green Island Cove NL
MADSEN, Linda Victoria m 1938
MAGUIRE, Harriet m 1900 Notting Hill
MANNING, Priscilla m 1873 Rattery
MARCH, Margaret m 1821 Stoke Fleming
MARDEN, Catherine m 1837 Wolborough
MARDON, Melissa Sins m 1928 (Totnes)
MARKLAND, Mary m 1896 Plymouth
MARLEY, Florence Lydia m 1893 Rattery
MARSHALL, Alice Rosina m 1918 Bicheno TAS
MARSHALL, Gwendoline Mary m 1937 Dodbrooke
MARSHALL, Helen Marjorie m 1955
MARSHALL, Hilda May m 191x
MARSHALL, Prudence Ella m 1909 (Plymouth)
MARTEL, Lydia Abigail m 1904 Hughendon QLD
MARTIN, Annie Amelia m 1895 Green Island Cove NL
MARTIN, Annie Maude m 1901 VIC
MARTIN, Florence Ethel Traies m 195x
MARTIN, Gladys Rose m 1946 (Barnet)
MARTIN, Laura E m 194x
MARTIN, Mabel Isabella m 1930 (Dorking)
MASTERS, Mary m 1783 South Huish
MATTHEW, Pamela Edith m 1941 (Devon Central)
MATTHEWS, Annie Edith m 1888 Plymouth
MATTINSON, Florence m 1924 NZ
MAUDE, Ada m 1951 (Totnes)
MAUNDER, Emily m 1919 (Kingsbridge)
MAXFIELD, Catherine Annie m 1910 Port Adelaide SA
MAXSTED, Mary Ann m 1878 Queenscliff VIC
MAY, Amy Louisa m 1905 Peckham
MAY, Hannah Ada m 1922 (Pancras)
MAY, Harriet Maria Matilda m 1865 Totnes
MAYE, Agnes m 1824 Staverton
MAYERS, Amy Mildred m 1920 (Wandsworth)
MAYNARD, Jane m 1702 Menheniot, Cornwall
McCLINCHY, Mary Kathleen m 1932 Elmvale ON
McCONNELL, Maude Olive m 1906 Seattle WA
McDONALD, Ann m 182x
McDOUGALL, Alexandra C m 1938 (Grimsby)
McGEOGH, Anne Lucile m 1908 Chicago IL
McLAIN, Estella m 1913 Hill County TX
McLAREN, Barbara Ross m 1960 (Kensington)
McLEAN, Augustina m 1936 Green Island Cove NL
McLEAN, Belinda m 1909 Green Island Cove NL
McLEOD, Bernice Caroline m 1938 Albany WA
McNAMARA, Gwendoline Jean m 195x
MELDRUM, Bessie Jean m 1923 Unley SA
MELVILL, Betty Jo m 1950
MENDUM, Sarah m 1667 Kittery ME
MEREDITH, Kathleen Mary Dudley m 1925 (Dartford)
MEREX, Nannie Lee m 1925
MERRIFIELD, Mabel Ann m 1923 (Kingsbridge)
METCALFE, Jean m 1950 Reigate, Kent
MILLARD, Phyllis m 1920 Adelaide SA
MILLCUM, Jone m 1675 Slapton
MILLER, Ann m 1848 Harberton
MILLER, Matilda Suzanna m 189x USA
MILLER, Rose Ann m 1886 Geelong VIC
MILLS, Edith Dorothy m 1917 (Brentford)
MILLS, Edith Eloise m 1948 (St Austell)
MILLS, Honor Stockman m 1898 Brixham
MILLS, Melora Sarah Toundy m 1857 Tilehurst, Berkshire
MILLS, Rose Mary m 1932 (Battersea)
MILLS, Winifred m 1911 (Worksop)
MILTON, Selina m 1881 Plymouth
MITCHELL, Elizabeth m 1823 Stokenham
MITCHELL, Ellen Adelaide m 1910 St Martin in the Fields
MITCHELL, Isabel Maud Graham m 1941 (Isle of Wight)
MITCHELL, Mary m 1886 Queenscliff VIC
MITCHELL, Minnie B Lavinia m 1930 (Fulham)
MITCHELL, Norah m 1955 (Darwen)
MITCHES, Richord m 1692 Blackawton
MOGRIDGE, Elizabeth Jane m 1944 (Totnes)
MONDAY, Elizabeth m 1852 St Pancras, London
MONTEN, Joan Elizabeth m 195x
MONTGOMERY, Maud Winifred m 1971 Exeter St Leonards
MONTGOMERY, Roeda m 188x
MOREY, Maria m 1873 Spring Bay TAS
MORGAN, Beatrice Mary m 1896 Bedwelty
MORGAN, Mary m 1774 Churchstow
MORGAN, Mary m 1868 Llwydcoed, Glamorganshire
MORPHAT, Margaret m 1889 VIC
MORRIS, Elizabeth m 1796 Churchstow
MORRIS, Margaret Prestwood m 1950 (Pontypridd)
MORRIS, Sarah m 1828 St John's NL
MORRISH, Ann m 1785 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
MORRISH, Ann m 1837 Wolborough
MORRISH, Jane m 1716 Dartmouth
MORRISON, Mary Jane m 1867 Wolfe & Howe Islands Townships ON
MORRISON, Ray m 1942 (W Cheshire)
MORTIMORE, Ann m 1822 Tiverton
MORTIMORE, Susannah Minnie m 1892 (East Stonehouse)
MOSKAWA, Phyllis Evelyn m 1954 Saskatoon SK
MOUNTCASTER, Mary A m 193x
MOURITZ, Elizabeth Caroline m 1870 Queenscliff VIC
MOZEEN, Mary Emma m 1906 Lawrence
MUDGE, Amy Winifred m 1941 (North Bucks)
MUDGE, Anna m 1708 Buckfastleigh
MUDGE, Eleanor m 1825 Wolborough
MUDGE, Grace m 1816 Charleton
MUDGE, Joan m 1741 Stokenham
MUDGE, Mary m 1723 Ashburton
MUGFORD, Charlotte m 1910 Collaton St Mary
MUGFORD, Emma Maria m 1877 Slapton
MUGFORD, Mary Ann m 1858 (Totnes)
MULHOLLAND, Elizabeth m 1976 (Hatfield)
MUNNS, Dorothy Elizabeth m 1956 Bristol
MUNZEBROCK, Helen m 1918 Chicago IL
MURCH, Edith Dorothy m 1911 (Plymouth)
MURCH, Joan m 1753 Sherford
MURRAY, Ann Fieldhouse m 1859 St Pancras

NAGEL, Roma Violet m 1936 VIC
NARRAMORE, Mary m 1786 Kingsbridge
NASH, Violet Marjorie Lilian m 1941 Paignton
NEALE, Ethel Florence m 1902 (Lambeth)
NEWBOLT, Margaret Phoebe m 1921 Paddington
NEWLYN, Ida Kathleen m 191x
NICHOLS, Mary Ann m 1819 Charleton
NICHOLS, Mary Wyna m 193x
NICOL, Jennet m 1854
NIEPOLD, Mary Harries m 1916 (Wandsworth)
NIMMO, Mary Ann m 1889 Hobart TAS
NORMAN, Adele Lorraine m 1911 Waller County TX
NORMAN, Harriett Caroline m 1877 Southampton
NORRYS, Johane m 1579 East Allington
NORTHEY, Elizabeth m 1933 QLD
NORTHWAY, Kathleen Maud m 1958 (Totnes)
NOSEWORTHY, Ann Maria m 1924 Green Island Brook NL
NOSEWORTHY, Minnie m 1938 Green Island Brook NL
NOSWORTHE, Judeth m 1600 Buckfastleigh

OAKLEY, Flossie Vera Blanch m 1927 Kangarilla SA
OBORN, Anne m 1861 Plymouth
O'CONNOR, Eileen m 192x
O'DONNELL, Kathleen May Wells m 1937 Lower Mitchum, Surrey
OGDEN, Evelyn Mildred m 193x
OLDERSHAW, Susannah Denington m 1864 Bowen QLD
OLDFIELD, Edith m 1944 Billingham, Durham
OLDRIVE, Jane m 1731 Stoke Fleming
OLIVER, Adria May m 1910 Exeter
O'NEILL, Josephine Mary m 1929 (Marylebone)
ORCHARD, Florence Ethel Louisa m 1901 Sidmouth
OSBORNE, Edith Maud m 1940 (St Austell)
OSBORNE, Mary m 1914 Ivybridge
O'SHEA, June Margaret m 1946 Burwood NSW
OVERMASS, Ann m 1873 Paddington
OVERSTREET, Patricia Ann m 1954 Houston TX
OWEN, Catherine Jane m 1954 (Merioneth N)
OWENS, Margaret m 1853 Devonport

PADY, Virtue m 1877 Kingsbridge
PAGE, Evelyn Mary Louise m 1933 (Devonport)
PAICE, Gladys Patricia m 1965 (Merton)
PALMER, Dorothy m 1913 (Edmonton)
PALMER, Joan m 1723 Holne
PALMER, Mary Ann m 1864 Kangarilla SA
PALMER, Ruth Lucy m 1942 Canterbury NSW
PARDON, Joyce m 1637 Liskeard, Cornwall
PARIKIAN, Sirarpi m 1949 (Portsmouth)
PARKER, Catherine Laura m 1924 (Aylesbury)
PARKER, Phyllis m 1932 (Bedwelty)
PARKING, Thomasin m 1732 Landrake, Cornwall
PARKYN, Mary m 1732 Menheniot, Cornwall
PARR, Ellen m 1905 Plymouth
PARRILL, Goldie m 1948 Green Island Cove NL
PARRILL, Sarah Louisa m 1911 Green Island Cove NL
PARROTT, Iris Ethel m 1945 (Paddington)
PARSONS, Joyce Frances m 1945 Bristol St Anne
PARTRIDGE, Ann Maria m 1879 Dartmouth
PARTRIDGE, Grace m 1741 Chivelstone
PASCO, Mary m 1700 Totnes
PASCOE, Florence Annie m 1921 (St Thomas)
PASCOE, Gladys m 1956 (Cardiff)
PAUSKY, Betty Jo m 1943
PAYNE, Clara Emma m 1964 (Worthing)
PEACOCK, Joan m 1952 (Battersea)
PEARCE, Elizabeth m 1821 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
PEARCE, Mary m 1827 Blackawton
PEARSE, Sarah m 1790 Stokenham
PEARSON, Lucy m 1896 York
PEDRICK, Sophia m 1908 Dartmouth
PEILE, Sarah Josephine m 1918 (Whitehaven)
PENHAY, Elizabeth m 1772 East Allington
PEPPRALL, Grace m 1830 Exeter
PERIN, May Ann m 1867
PERKINS, Viola m 1900 Washington County TX
PERRETT, Sophie Nicholls m 1937 (Totnes)
PERRING, Elizabeth m 1803 Slapton
PERROTT, Catherine m 1827 Topsham
PERRY, Hannah m 1847 Liverpool
PERRY, Patricia Margaret m 1953 (Hampstead)
PETERS, Eleanor m 1814 Stepney
PETERS, Florence Melinda m 1942 (Hatfield)
PETERS, Phyllis Kathleen m 1961 (Totnes)
PETERS, Sophia Osborne m 1875 Brooklyn NY
PETHERBRIDGE, Ann m 1820 Buckfastleigh
PHILLIPS, Alma Lucinda m 1877 Wolborough
PHILLIPS, Ethel Mary m 1920 Brondesbury
PHILLIPS, Mary Ann Lavinia m 1884 Balmain NSW
PHILLIPS, Sarah Ann m 1915 Aberdare, Glamorganshire
PHILPOTT, Annie Amelia m 1920 Dover
PICKERGILL, Susan m 1699 Southwark
PICKERING, Minnie Eugenie m 1938 (Fulham)
PIERCE, Doris Violet m 1947 Eltham
PIKE, Eliza m 1877 Stokenham
PIKE, Emily Durnford m 1858 Plymouth
PILLAGE, Elizabeth m 1808 Harberton
PIPER, Dorothy Lilian m 1935 (Newton Abbot)
PITCHER, Alfreda m 192x
PITT, Joan Elsie m 1936 VIC
PITTS, Anna Amelia m 1914 East Allington
PITTS, Kate m 1863 Stokenham
POMERY, Susan m 1672 Staverton
POPE, Ellen Louisa m 1897 Warminster, Wiltshire
POPE, Mary m 1782 Stokenham
POPE, Sarah Ann m 1868 Dartmouth
PORTER, Mary Rachel m 1915 Gawler SA
POTTAS, Lilian m 1943 (Whitby)
POTTER, Elizabeth m 1779 Southwark
POWELL, Betty Ann m 1958 (Fulham)
POWELL, Dilys Ann m 1938 (Pontypridd)
POY, Elinor m 1592 Blackawton
POYNTING, Florence Linda m 1928 (Wincanton)
PRESTON, Phyllis m 1931 (Devonport)
PREW, Jessie Louisa m 1926 Plymouth
PRICE, Margaret Anne m 1932 (Kingsbridge)
PRING, Rebecca m 1836 Bridgwater, Somerset
PRITCHARD, Effie Matilda m 1912 Port Adelaide SA
PRITCHETT, Ivy Emma m 1929 VIC
PROWSE, Ann m 1746 Slapton
PROWSE, Elizabeth m 1833 Slapton
PROWSE, Jane m 1837 Slapton
PROWSE, Minnie Catherine m 1905 West Ealing
PROWSE, Phillis m 1674 Buckfastleigh
PRYN, Elenor m 1782 Stokenham
PUDDICOMBE, Mary Ann m 1861 Dartmouth
PUGH, Phoebe m 1947 (Conway)
PUTT, Elizabeth Stone m 1830 South Pool

QUAIN, Ellen m 1965 (Lambeth)
QUIGLE, Ada Minnie m 1905 Hastings NE
QUIRKE, Rachel m 1808 St Decumans, Somerset

RANDALL, Elizabeth m 1885 (Kingsbridge)
RANKIN, Carrie Elizabeth m 1933 Brenham TX
RAY, Caroline m 1881 (Southampton)
RAYMOND, Alice Mary m 1900 Weymouth, Dorset
RAYNOR, Hazel m 1934 McLaren Vale SA
READ, Joan Margaret m 1949 Exeter Cathedral
REED, Elsie A L m 1937 (Redruth)
REED, Margaret m 1905 Stoke Damerel
REES, Catherine m 1957 (Pontypridd)
REES, Edith Mary m 1896 Llandilofawr
RENDELL, Dinah m 1814 Combeinteignhead
REYNOLDS, Hannah m 1919 (South Shields)
REYNOLDS, Harriett m 1870 Limehouse
RICE, Mary m 1802 Buckfastleigh
RICHARDS, Gwenllian m 183x
RICHMOND, Grace m 1883 Bolton Le Sands, Lancashire
RICHTER, Alma m 1913 Brooklyn NY
RICKARD, Ethel Hilda m 1927 Plymouth
RIDER, Jane m 1826 Sherford
RIDER, Rebecca m 1828 Stokenham
RIDLEY, Elizabeth Ellen m 1931 (Ffestiniog)
RIDLEY, Lilian Dorothy m 1913 (Pancras)
ROBBIE, Muriel Agnes m 1936
ROBERTS, Mildred m 1817 Bloomsbury
ROBERTS, Phillippa m 1799 Plympton
ROBERTSON, Winifred Alice Mary m 1910 Ashburton
ROBJENT, Grace Lilian m 1917 Epsom
RODDA, Bessie Ethel m 1909 St Columb Minor, Cornwall
RODMAN, Lillias m 1909 Geraldine NZ
ROGERS, Mary m 1815 Chivelstone
ROLSTONE, Susanna m 1735 Charleton
RONDELL, Margaret m 152x
ROSE, Elizabeth m 1749 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
ROSE, Jean Garner m 1945 Mount Barker SA
ROSSITER, Susan Anne m 1872 Totnes
ROW, Wilmott m 1652 Tavistock
ROWE, Eliza Ellen m 1914 Walkhampton
ROWE, Elizabeth Julia Ann m 1869 (Stoke Damerel)
ROWLANDS, Margaret Alice m 1928 (Newtown)
ROXBURGH, Margaret Frazer Eudie m 1857 Stoke Damerel
RUNDLE, Mary m 1782 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
RUNDLE, Susan m 1882 (Kingsbridge)
RUNDLE, Susan Sarah m 1882 Stokenham
RUSHTON, Diana Florence m 1948 (Totnes)
RYALL, Rose m 1907 (Fulham)

SAINT, Phyllis Audrey m 1939 (Totnes)
SALLRY?, Johanne m 1577 East Allington
SAMPSON, Dorothy Irene m 1956 (Merionethshire S)
SANDER, Bette m 1963 Brisbane QLD
SANDERS, Ada Eliza m 1904 Northfields, London
SANDERS, Louisa Finch m 1898 Brixham
SANDS, Joan m 1695 Saltash, Cornwall
SANSOM, Mary Dorothy m 1852 Port Adelaide SA
SARGENT, Emma m 1847 Plymouth
SARGENT, Mary Penwarden m 1850 Stoke Damerel
SAUNDERS, Louisa Katherine m 1922 Dartmouth
SAUNDERS, Renée Joan m 1947 (Harrow)
SAVAGE, Anne Georgina m 1929 Robe SA
SAWDY, Alice m 1712 St Germans, Cornwall
SCANES, Ellen William m 1883 Exeter
SCHRAM, Edie m 1945
SCOBELL, Maria m 1694 Buckfastleigh
SCOBLE, Mary Ann m 1852 Exeter
SCOBLE, Rebecca m 1734 Staverton
SCOTT, Elizabeth Marian m 1892 (Plymouth)
SCOTT, Elsie May m 1936 (Tavistock)
SCOTT, Kathleen m 1918 (Newton Abbot)
SCOTT, Mary m 1846 Limerick, Ireland
SCOVELL, Phyllis Agnes m 1937 (Isle of Wight)
SEARLE, Annie Elizabeth m 1927 (Totnes)
SEARLE, Grace m 1773 Buckfastleigh
SEDDON, Gillian m 1984 (Bedford)
SELFE, Mary Ann m 1874 Stepney
SHAKESPEARE, Edna Winnifred m 192x
SHARPEM, Mary m 1684 Dittisham
SHAW, Lily m 1959 (Totnes)
SHEARS, Thirza m 1900 Stamford Brook, London
SHENTON, Sarah Fanny m 1875 St Marylebone
SHEPHERD, Mabel Joyce m 1958 (St Austell)
SHEPHERD, Mary m 1876 Stoke Fleming
SHEPPARD, Ruth Katharine m 1944 (Surrey NW)
SHEPPERD, Mary m 1834 South Pool
SHORT, Edith m 1915 (Portsmouth)
SHRIMPTON, Winnifred m 194x
SHURBET, Clara Autelle m 1915 Harris County TX
SIKORA, Anne m 1954 Saskatoon SK
SILLEY, Joane m 1725 Ugborough
SIMEY, Marian m 1889 Durham Cathedral, Durham
SIMMONDS, Emily Sarah m 1914 (Chertsey)
SKERRY, Daisy Adeline m 191x
SKINNER, Betsey m 1826 Broadhempston
SLADE, Ann m 1680 Saltash, Cornwall
SLEETH, Mary Dixon m 1930 NZ
SLOMAN, Nora Mary m 1933 Taunton, Somerset
SMALLRIDGE, Margaret Lilian m 1935 (Plymouth)
SMERDON, Susanna m 1856 Bickington
SMITH, Caroline Alice m 1916 Battersea
SMITH, Charlotte m 1859 QLD
SMITH, Clara E m 1939 (Lambeth)
SMITH, Edith May m 1915 Broken Hill NSW
SMITH, Eliza m 187x
SMITH, Elizabeth Harriett m 1925 Gloucester
SMITH, Evelyn Amy M m 1942 (Staines)
SMITH, Louisa Jane m 1891 (Liskeard)
SMITH, Minnie m 1956 (Newton Abbot)
SNOW, Mary Winifred m 1917 (Newton Abbot)
SOLOMON, Gwendolen Mary m 1914 (Bodmin)
SOPER, Mary m 1801 Plymouth
SPENCE, Ellen Susanna m 1919 Green Island Cove NL
SPENCER, Rachel m 1917 (Medway)
SPOSITO, Charlotte Mary m 1913 VIC
SPREDDLE, Michal m 1717 St Germans, Cornwall
SPURRELL, Catherine Amelia Elizabeth m 1862 Plymouth
ST ANDREWS, Mary Ann m 1880 Gananoque ON
STAFFIERE, Restituta m 1935 (St Columb)
STANGHON, Olive Lucy m 1937 (Lambeth)
STANTON, Elizabeth m 1861 (Plymouth)
STAVELY, Lillian Violet m 1951 (Battersea)
STEEL, Dorothy Lilian m 1925 (St Giles)
STEEL, Elizabeth Beck m 1909 Holmfield MB
STEEL, Marion Bradley m 1937 (Rotherham)
STEELE, Kathleen Ildred m 1939 (Bournemouth)
STEER, Ethel Mary m 1922 (Kingsbridge)
STEER, Susanna m 1858 Stokenham
STEPHENS, Elizabeth Ann m 1875 (Plymouth)
STEPHENSON, Sharon Renee m 1971 Harris County TX
STEPTOE, Joan Maud m 1951 Chippenham, Wiltshire
STEVENS, Elizabeth m 1877 Meadows SA
STEVENS, Harriet Richard m 1880 Falmouth, Cornwall
STEVENS, Harriet Williams m 1893 Saltash, Cornwall
STEVENS, Mary Louisa m 1907 Devonport
STEVENS, Selina m 1908 Green Island Cove NL
STEVENS, Susan Matilda m 1898 Mount Barker SA
STEWART, Elizabeth m 195x
STEWART, Rosina Teresa m 1934 (Totnes)
STINSON, Isabella Elizabeth m 1894 near Coolamon
STOATE, Charlotte m 1842 Luccombe, Somerset
STOATE, Jane m 1838 Upper Chelsea
STOCKER, Jane m 1892 Minlaton SA
STOCKLEY, Amy m 190x
STONE, Agnes m 1764 Stokenham
STONE, Brenda May m 1972 (Hillingdon)
STONE, Catherine Lucy m 1938 Malvern SA
STONE, Grace m 1716 South Pool
STONE, Marcia Louise Maud m 1960 (Totnes)
STONE, Mary Jane m 1869 Bigbury
STONEMAN, Lucy Irene m 1949 (Totnes)
STONNING, Maria m 1689 Buckfastleigh
STOTT, Barbara m 1944 Huddersfield
STOY, Winifred Jean m 1938 Inverell NSW
STRAW, Agnes m 1775 South Pool
STRICKLAND, Mary m 1659 Modbury
STRINGER, Gladys May m 1947 (Plymouth)
STUMBLES, Selina m 1892 Kingsbridge
STURROCK, Elizabeth Ann m 1909
SUGHRUE, Catherine Emily m 1905 Frontenac ON
SULLIVAN, Norah Friel m 1936 (Lambeth)
SURREY, Tessa Kathleen m 1975 (Trafford)
SUTTIE, Jane Sophia m 1867 Westminster
SUTTON, Mary Ann m 1824 Queen Square
SWANSTON, Thelma Marie m 1934 NZ
SWEET, Ann m 1792 Blackawton
SWEET, Mary m 1821 Blackawton
SWEET, Mary Ella m 188x
SWIFT, Emily m 1949 Leeds, Yorkshire
SYMMONS, Mary Ann m 1846 Tiverton
SYMONDS, Margareta m 1694 Buckfastleigh
SYMONS, Bessy Maria Sarah Isabelle m 1871 St Jude's
SYMONS, Sarah m 1807 Moreleigh

TAUNTON, Elizabeth m 1834 Plymouth
TAYLOR, Anna m 1848 Harberton
TAYLOR, Betty Florence May m 1953 (Plymouth)
TAYLOR, Carole Jeanette m 1963 (Totnes)
TAYLOR, Elizabeth m 1814 Stokenham
TAYLOR, Margaret Eva m 1957 (Watford)
TAYLOR, Mary m 1811 Stokenham
TAYLOR, Mary Ann m 1874 New Kentish Town
TAYLOR, Sarah Mary m 1893 (Newton Abbot)
TERNY, Jane m 1637 Charleton
TESCHNER, Erna Freda Marie May Violet m 1921 Plantagenet WA
THOMAS, Alice Jane m 1919 Clifton
THOMAS, Doris Anne m 1941 (Abergavenny)
THOMAS, Ellen Annie m 1887 Wells, Somerset
THOMAS, Elsie Irene m 1922 Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire
THOMAS, Gwendoline Edith m 1956 (Harrow)
THOMAS, Laura m 1912 Cardiff
THOMAS, Maud m 1935 (Battersea)
THOMAS, Maureen Elsie m 1981 (Brentwood)
THOMPSON, Frances m 184x
THORNE, Jessie m 1889 Ashburton
THOROGOOD, Nellie m 1894 Walworth Common
THORP, Frances Mary m 1911 (Grimsby)
THORPE, Mavis Jean m 197x
THRASHER, Florence m 1918 (Marylebone)
TOLCHARD, Richord m 1731 Blackawton
TOMBS, Elizabeth Mary Justina m 1863 Exeter St Stephen
TOMLINSON, Margaret Alice m 1942 (Romford)
TORR, Harriett m 1817 Totnes
TORRE, Kate m 1911 Stokenham
TOZER, Lilian Muriel m 1940 (Totnes)
TOZER, Thomazin m 1802 Buckfastleigh
TREGILLES, Florence Maud Mary m 1904 Stoke Damerel
TRIDDLE, Elizabeth m 1807 Slapton
TROUT, Anne m 1806 Stokenham
TUCKER, Ann m 1856 Brixham
TUCKER, Caroline Louise m 1887 Paignton
TUCKER, Elizabeth m 1766 Stokenham
TUCKER, Emily m 1886 (Totnes)
TUCKER, Mary m 1821 Dartmouth
TUCKER, Minnie Elizabeth Avondale m 1932 Kurri Kurri NSW
TUCKER, Rosa E m 1921 Dartington
TUCKER, Rose Olive m 1933 (Kingsbridge)
TUCKER?, Honour m 1668 Stokenham
TUCKETT, Phillis m 1676 Buckfastleigh
TULLIDGE, Margery m 1913 Egg Buckland
TURBON?, Joane? m 1606 East Allington
TURNER, Caroline Sophia m 1895 Paignton
TURNER, Louisa Emily m 1906 (Wandsworth)

UDEY, Dorethe m 1655 Blackawton

VALICENTI, Victoria Anna m 1947
VAN HUGHSON, Audrey m 193x
VAVASOR, Elizabeth m 1782 Wolborough St Mary
VEALE, Elizabeth m 1692 Dean Prior
VENNER, Persis Edith m 1917 Winfrith Newburgh, Dorset
VINES, Phyllis M m 1948 (Solihull)
VOICE, Irene Gladys m 1938 Summerstown

WADE, Susannah Julie m 1921 Bellerive TAS
WADLAND, Betsy m 1807 Cockington
WAKEHAM, Elizabeth m 1733 West Alvington
WAKEHAM, Elizabeth m 1816 Ringmore
WAKELIN, Mary m 1724 Westminster
WALKER, Dorthy Grace m 1987 Goodrich TX
WALKHAM, Maray m 1713 Totnes
WALLBANK, Ivy Matilda m 1945 (Bromley)
WALLIS, Jane m 1826 Stoke Fleming
WALTERS, Joan Grace m 1937 Chudleigh
WARD, Ellen Georgina m 1899 Ipplepen
WARD, Hannah m 1911 Woodford Island NSW
WARD, Joan Dorothy m 1951 (Lewisham)
WARING, Emily Avice Mary m 1877 Streatham Common
WARRELL, Eva Rosetta m 1911 Battersea
WARREN, Elizabeth Jane m 1878 Deal, Kent
WARREN, Emily Clara m 1875 Port Adelaide SA
WARREN, Florence m 1707 Buckfastleigh
WATERFIELD, Isabella Stow m 1872 Plymouth
WATKINS, Anne Jane m 1868 (Liverpool)
WATKINS, Betsey m 1840 Liverpool
WATKINS, Julia m 1899 Cardiff
WATSON, Eileen Joyce m 1952 (Marylebone)
WATT, Annie Gordon m 1914 SA
WATTS, Elizabeth m 1819 Highweek
WATTS, Hannah m 1756
WATTS, Mary m 1751 Dartmouth
WAY, Mary Jane m 1890 Exeter
WEAVER, Elizabeth J m 1912 (Kingsbridge)
WEAVER, Georgia Ann m 1896 Grimes County TX
WEBB, Mary m 1785 Fleet Street
WEBBER, Elizabeth Jane m 1887 (Stoke Damerel)
WEBBER, Sarah Jane m 1886 Ashburton
WEEKES, Ellen m 1854 Blackawton
WEEKS, Marjorie Ellen m 1944 (Bristol)
WEEKS, Mary Agnes m 1848 Sherford
WEIGHTMAN, Margaret Anna m 196x
WELLS, Eva Dorothy m 1954 Mount Morgan
WELLS, Mary Elizabeth m 1855 Westminster
WEST, Emily m 1859 East Allington
WESTAWAY, Florence Harriett m 1898 Paignton
WESTON, Caroline m 1849 Westminster
WESTON, Mary m 1815 Plymstock
WEYMOUTH, Amelia m 1872 Stoke Fleming
WHALEN, Fanny Anne m 1858 Strait of Belle Isle Mission NL
WHEELER, Jane m 1908 Islington
WHEYMOUTH, Mary m 1847 Stoke Damerel
WHITE, Eliza m 1878 Westminster
WHITE, Eliza m 1886 Bloomsbury
WHITE, Ethel m 1915 Lambeth
WHITE, Gwenlan A m 1948 (Manchester)
WHITE, Lavenia m 1932 Sandy Cove NL
WHITE, Margery m 1732 Kingsbridge
WHITEMORE, Melvina Eliza m 1910 Dartmouth
WHITTLE, Ellen m 1892 (Bridport)
WIAT, Margareta m 1690 Buckfastleigh
WIDDICOMBE, Frances Caroline Barker m 1968 (Newton Abbot)
WIDGER, Edith Anne m 1899 (Kingsbridge)
WIDGER, Edith Anne m 1899 Stokenham
WIDGER, Susanna m 1776 Buckfastleigh
WILCOCKS, Mary Crispin m 1854 Buckfastleigh
WILES, Violet Ivy Matilda m 1935 (Hammersmith)
WILKINSON, Helen Mae m 194x
WILLIAMS, Ann m 1917 McLaren Vale SA
WILLIAMS, Bessie May m 1935 Green Island Cove NL
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jane m 1840 Fleet Street
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jane m 1874 Cardiff
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jane m 1912 Llanbebig, Carnarvonshire
WILLIAMS, Irene Grace m 1938 Oporto, Portugal
WILLIAMS, Joanna m 1784 Sherford
WILLIAMS, Mary m 1888 Dolgelly, Merionethshire
WILLIAMS, Mary m 1912 (Redruth)
WILLIAMS, Mary Jane m 1933 Basingstoke, Hampshire
WILLIAMS, Rebecca m 1908 (Merthyr Tydfil)
WILLIAMS, Sarah m 1811 Dartmouth
WILLIS, Mary Ellen m 1895 Burnley VIC
WILLMOTT, Anne m 1952 Plymouth
WILLOUGHBY-PRITCHARD, Florence Pretoria m 1929 Mukinbudin WA
WILLS, Eleanor m 1793 Stoke Fleming
WILLS, Elizabeth m 1793 Wolborough
WILLS, Elizabeth m 1848 St Pancras, London
WILLS, Mary Harrington m 1969 (Carlisle)
WILLS, Susanna m 1789 Slapton
WILLY, Sophia Evelyn m 1950 Paddington
WILSON, Lilian Rose Ada m 1914 Kennington
WILSON, Mary m 1858 (East Stonehouse)
WILTON, Amelia m 1875 Stoke Damerel
WILTSHIRE, Ellen m 1888 Charters Towers QLD
WIMPORY, Ellen Margaret m 1928 (Brentford)
WINDSOR, Joan m 1714 Buckfastleigh
WINEN, Marjorie Elizabeth m 1948 Meadows SA
WINGATE, Sallie R m 1880 Washington County TX
WINTER, Sarah Jane m 1878 St Helier, Jersey
WITHERIDGE, Mary m 1763 South Milton
WOOD, Sarah m 1869 Chatham St John
WOOLATON, Mary m 1778 Charleton
WOOTTON, Elizabeth m 1763 Blackawton
WORKMAN, Mildred Annie m 1938 Vancouver BC
WOTTON, Elizabeth m 1900 Bridford
WOTTON, Mary m 1784 Ashburton
WRIGHT, Eliza m 1877 SA
WRIGHT, Muriel Beatrice m 1920 (Wandsworth)
WRIGHT, Vera Elizabeth m 1927 Strathalbyn SA

YALLAND, Betty m 1976 Horrabridge
YALLAND, Margaret Eva m 1960 (Totnes)
YATEMAN, Irene m 193x
YATES, Olga E m 1953 (Manchester)
YEABECOMB, Edith m 1571 East Allington
YEOMAN, Alice m 1731 Malborough
YEOMAN, Mary m 1853 (Kingsbridge)
YOUNG, Annie m 1923 (Southwark)
YOUNG, Elsie m 1925 VIC
YOUNG, Jane m 1728 Southampton
YOUNG, Norah m 1924 Calcutta, India

ZAWISLUK, Elizabeth m 1947


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