M*CH*MORE One Name Study


This index lists all the female M*CH*MOREs included on this site whose forenames (or at least an initial) are known and who are known to be deceased. The date given is the year of birth or, before 1837, baptism. A date such as "184x" is an estimate and indicates the approximate decade. Places in parentheses are the names of UK registration districts.

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Ada Mary Bunker MICHELMORE b 1876 Totnes
Ada Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1878 Modbury
Ada Louise MUCHAMORE b 1881 Plymouth All Saints
Ada Cougetta MITCHELMORE b 1883 (Kingsbridge)
Ada May MICHELMORE b 1884 Port Vincent SA
Ada Charlotte MITCHELMORE b 1886 South Pool
Ada Torr MITCHELMORE b 1889 (Kensington)
Ada MITCHELMORE b 1904 (Fulham)
Ada Hannah MUCHMORE b 1923 (Pancras)
Adelaide Louise MICHELMORE b 1876 Toowoomba QLD
Adeline May MICHELMORE b 1886 (Totnes)
Adeline Emily MITCHELMORE b 1898 (Romney Marsh)
Adeline Helena MUCHAMORE b 1920 (Bristol)
Agnes MUCHEMORE b 1600
Agnes MICHELMORE b 1621 Blackawton
Agnis MITCHELMORE b 1657 Harberton
Agnes MITCHELMORE b 1670
Agnes MUCHAMORE b 1706 West Alvington
Agnes MUCHAMORE b 1709 Stokenham
Agnes MITCHELMORE b 1726 Stokenham
Agness MUCHMORE b 1750
Agnes MITCHELMORE b 1753 Stokenham
Agnes MICHAMORE b 1783 South Pool
Agness MUCHMORE b 1785 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Agnes MITCHELMORE b 1804 Stokenham
Agnes MUCHMORE b 1817 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Agnes MICHELMORE b 1821
Agness MITCHELMORE b 1840 South Milton
Agnes MICHELMORE b 1860 Berry Pomeroy
Agnes Rose MICHELMORE b 1864 St Helier, Jersey
Agnes MUCHEMORE b 1868 Everton
Agnes Mary MICHELMORE b 1903 (Wandsworth)
Agnes MITCHELMORE b 1912
Agnes Violet MUCHMORE b 1924
Alberta MITCHELMORE b 1880 Torquay
Alexandra MUCHMORE b 1929 (Marylebone)
Allase MYCHELMORE b 1550
Allice MURCHMORE b 1650
Alice MUCHAMORE b 1732 Malborough
Alice MICHELMORE b 1792 Staverton
Alice MITCHAMORE b 1800
Alice MITCHELMORE b 1802 Wolborough St Mary
Alice MICHELMORE b 1818 Harberton
Alice MICHELMORE b 1826 Ashprington
Alice MITCHELMORE b 1827 Exeter
Alice Mitchell MITCHELMORE b 1835 Stokenham
Alice Anna MITCHELMORE b 1868 Stokenham
Alice Rebecca MITCHELMORE b 1871 (Newton Abbot)
Alice Maud MICHELMORE b 1873 Totnes
Alice Grace MITCHELMORE b 1875 Williamstown VIC
Alice Maud MICHELMORE b 1877 Wolborough St Paul
Alice Maud MITCHELMORE b 1879 Plymouth
Alice Mary MITCHELMORE b 1881 Stoke Fleming
Alice Mary MITCHELMORE b 1882 Sherford
Alice Mary MOUCHEMORE b 1882 Queenscliff VIC
Alice MUCHMORE b 1886 Chatham
Alice MITCHELMORE b 1891 Littlehempston
Alice Maud MUCHMORE b 1893 (Marylebone)
Alice MITCHELMORE b 1899 Richmond VIC
Alice Irene May MITCHELMORE b 1901 Thurlestone
Alice Maud MITCHELMORE b 1903 (Totnes)
Alice Mabel MITCHELMORE b 1904
Alice May MUCHMORE b 1904
Alice MITCHELMORE b 1906 Cootamundra NSW
Alice Mary MICHELMORE b 1907 Stokenham
Alice Patricia MITCHELMORE b 1908 Maffra VIC
Alice Veronica MUCHMORE b 1910 Kingston ON
Alice Isabel Marie MUCHMORE b 1911 (Marylebone)
Alice Joyce MITCHMORE b 1925 Houston TX
Alicia MITCHELMORE b 1530
Alicia MYTCHELMORE b 1615 Buckfastleigh
Alce MICHELMOR b 1650 East Allington
Alicia MITCHELMORE b 1789 Chivelstone Ford
Alicia Annie Perriton MITCHELMORE b 1897 New Brentford
Alician M MOUCHEMORE b 1927 Plantagenet WA
Alison Geraldine MICHELMORE b 1933 Edinburgh, Scotland
Alma Frances Ada MITCHELMORE b 1888 Westminster
Alma May MOUCHEMORE b 1905
Alma Olive MITCHELMORE b 1920 Chelmsford
Alma MOUCHEMORE b 1960
Amelia Frances MICHELMORE b 1815 Cockington
Amelia Maude MUCHMORE b 1874 Marylebone
Amelia Jane MICHELMORE b 1876 (West Derby)
Amelia Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1877 (Stoke Damerel)
Amelia MITCHELMORE b 1879 (Kingsbridge)
Amelia Anne MITCHELMORE b 1884 Stoke Fleming
Amelia Mary MICHELMORE b 1885 Widecombe-in-the-Moor
Amelia Ann MITCHELMORE b 1887 South Pool
Amelia MUCHMORE b 1895 (Marylebone)
Amelia MITCHELMORE b 1899 Green Island Cove NL
Amy MITCHIMER b 1800
Amy Matilda MICHELMORE b 1859 Totnes
Amy Morrish MICHELMORE b 1874 Wolborough St Paul
Amy Helen MUCHMORE b 1880 Kentish Town
Amy MICHELMORE b 1884 Buckfastleigh
Amy Maria MITCHELMORE b 1885 (Kingsbridge)
Amy Francis Jane MITCHELMORE b 1889 Ashburton
Amy MUCHMORE b 1891 Westminster
Amy MITCHELMORE b 1892 Paddington
Amy Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1906 Peckham
Amy Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1922 Green Island Cove NL
Angelina Susan MITCHELMORE b 1866 St Helier, Jersey
Anne MYCHELMORE b 1556 East Allington
Ann MITCHMORE b 1600
Anne MICHLMORE b 1652 East Allington
Ann MICHELMORE b 1668 Stoke Fleming
Anne MUCHMORE b 1669 Stokenham
Ann MUCHMORE b 1700
Ann MUCHAMORE b 1714 West Alvington
Ann MITCHELMORE b 1737 West Alvington
Ann MICHELMORE b 1740 Buckfastleigh
Anne MUCKAMORE b 1741 Westerham
Anne MUCHMORE b 1744 Menheniot, Cornwall
Ann MITCHELMORE b 1749 Woodleigh
Anne MICHELMORE b 1750 Slapton
Ann MUCHMORE b 1759 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Ann MUCKLEMORE b 1764 Westerham
Ann MICHELMORE b 1765 Buckfastleigh
Ann MITCHELMORE b 1779 Plympton
Anne MICHELMORE b 1779 Blackawton
Ann MUCKAMORE b 1781 Godstone, Surrey
Ann MICHELMORE b 1785 Halwell
Ann MICHELMORE b 1789 Ashburton
Ann MICHMORE b 1790
Ann MICHELMORE b 1793 Blackawton
Ann MUCHMORE b 1795 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Ann Agness MICHELMORE b 1796 Plympton
Ann Stone MITCHELMORE b 1796 Stokenham
Anne MUCHMORE b 1797 Fowey, Cornwall
Ann MICHELMORE b 1798 Buckfastleigh
Anne MICHELMORE b 1803 Buckfastleigh
Anne MITCHELMORE b 1816 Sherford
Anne MITCHELMORE b 1817 Charleton
Ann Bowden MUCHMORE b 1824 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Ann MITCHELMORE b 1825 Stoke Fleming
Ann MITCHELMORE b 1827 Churchstow
Ann Maria MUCHMORE b 1827 Liskeard, Cornwall
Anne MICHELMORE b 1827 Harberton
Ann Browne MICHELMORE b 1828 St Andrew Undershaft, London
Ann MITCHEMORE b 1831 South Milton
Ann Mortimore MITCHELMORE b 1836 Blackawton
Anne Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1837 Dartmouth
Ann Elizabeth MICHINMORE b 1851 St Helier, Jersey
Ann MITCHELMORE b 1856 Strete
Ann MUCHMORE b 1859 (Liskeard)
Ann Maria Cranch MITCHELMORE b 1865 Dartmouth
Ann Coals MITCHELMORE b 1875 South Pool
Anne Amelia MITCHELMORE b 1900 Green Island Cove NL
Ann MUCHMORE b 1926
Ann Shirley MUCHMORE b 1944
Anna MITCHELMORE b 1609 Buckfastleigh
Anna MICHELMORE b 1618 Blackawton
Anna MICHELMAR b 1633 Buckfastleigh
Anna MICHELMORE b 1642 Buckfastleigh
Anna MICHELMORE b 1673 Buckfastleigh
Anna MICHEMORE b 1685 Buckfastleigh
Anna MUCHMORE b 1833 Devonport
Anna MUCHMORE b 1856 Chatham
Anna C MITCHAMORE b 1902 Brenham TX
Annie MUCHMORE b 1855 (Plymouth)
Annie MICHELMORE b 1867 Stokenham
Annie MITCHELMORE b 1868 (St Austell)
Annie MICHELMORE b 1868 Dartmouth
Annie MITCHELMORE b 1870 Newton Abbot
Annie Maria MICHELMORE b 1871 (Hampstead)
Annie MITCHELMORE b 1873 Totnes
Annie Beatrice MITCHELMORE b 1873 Bigbury
Annie Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1873 Rattery
Annie MITCHELMORE b 1877 South Pool
Annie Mary MITCHELMORE b 1879 Stoke Fleming
Annie Winifred MICHELMORE b 1881 Sherford
Annie Gough MICHELMORE b 1882 Sherford
Annie Maud MUCHMORE b 1882 Battersea
Annie Maud MITCHMORE b 1886 Brixham
Annie MICHELMORE b 1887 Totnes
Annie Gertrude MITCHELMORE b 1887 Dartmouth
Annie Ferris MUCHMORE b 1890 Chatham St Mary
Annie MATCHELMOORE b 1896 Worcestershire
Annie MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Prescot)
Annie MITCHELMORE b 1897
Annie Beatrice MITCHELMORE b 1903
Annie Louise MICHELMORE b 1908 Brixham
Annie MITCHELMORE b 1910 (Newton Abbot)
Annie Grace MUCHMORE b 1916 (Rotherham)
Annie Mary MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Annie Martha MITCHELMORE b 1925
Annie Ferguson MICHELMORE b 1927 Strathalbyn SA
Annis MUDGMORE b 1726 St Germans, Cornwall
Annis MUCHMOOR b 1740
Audrey Violet MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Exeter)
Audrey Elizabeth J MITCHELMORE b 1930 (Kingsbridge)
Audrey MUCHMORE b 1935 (Pancras)
Augusta MITCHELMORE b 1580
Augusta Robinson MITCHELMORE b 1877 South Pool
Avaril MUCHMORE b 1909 Derbyshire
Avia MICHMORE b 1565 Ugborough
Avys MICHELMORE b 1570
Avice MICHELMORE b 1600

Barbara HUCKMORE b 1648 Dartmouth
Barbara MICHELMORE b 1698 Buckfastleigh
Barbara Jean MITCHELMORE b 1930 (Plymouth)
Barbara Kay MITCHMORE b 1946 Scott Field IL
Beatrice Annie MITCHELMORE b 1875 Kingskerswell
Beatrice Mary MUCHMORE b 1878 Marylebone
Beatrice MITCHELMORE b 1879 Wolborough St Leonard
Beatrice A MICHELMORE b 1881 Balmain NSW
Beatrice Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1881 (St Neots)
Beatrice Maud MITCHELMORE b 1882 (Newton Abbot)
Beatrice May MICHELMORE b 1901 (Totnes)
Beatrice Emily Ada MITCHELMORE b 1908 (Bodmin)
Beatrice May MUCHMORE b 1909 Deptford
Beatrice Maud Edith MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Shoreditch)
Beatrice MITCHELMORE b 1916 NZ
Beatrice Annie MITCHELMORE b 1917 Stoke Fleming
Bella Rose MITCHELMORE b 1877 Stokenham
Bertha MITCHELMORE b 1870 Totnes
Bertha Mary MITCHELMORE b 1880 Salcombe
Bertha Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1881 Stokenham
Bertha Emily MITCHELMORE b 1883 (Kingsbridge)
Bertha Lou MITCHAMORE b 1885 TX
Bertha MUCHMORE b 1895 (Marylebone)
Bertha MITCHELMORE b 1896 Green Island Cove NL
Bertha MUCHMORE b 1897 Kentish Town
Bertha Helen MUCHMORE b 1900 Kentish Town
Bertha MICHELMORE b 1913 Gilberton QLD
Beryl Annie MITCHELMORE b 1914 Bristol
Bessie Amelia MICHELMORE b 1876 Holne
Bessie Maud MITCHELMORE b 1881 (Kingsbridge)
Bessie Alexandra Phillips MITCHELMORE b 1883 Maida Vale
Bessie Maud Mary MITCHELMORE b 1883 Stokenham
Bessie MITCHELMORE b 1884 Harberton
Bessie Mary MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Southampton)
Bessie Rosalie MITCHELMORE b 1889 (Stoke Damerel)
Bessie Emma MITCHELMORE b 1893 Plymouth
Bessie Irene MITCHELMORE b 1919 Paddington
Betsy MICHELMORE b 1764 Buckfastleigh
Betsey MICHELMORE b 1796 Buckfastleigh
Betsey MICHELMORE b 1804 Buckfastleigh
Betsy MUCHMORE b 1811 Plymouth
Betsy MUCHMORE b 1817 Devonport
Betsy Wakeham MICHAMORE b 1822 Ringmore
Betsy Kellond MITCHELMORE b 1838 Stokenham
Betsy MITCHELMORE b 1856 Stokenham
Bettine MUCHMORE b 1930
Betty MUTCHMORE b 1750
Betty MITCHELMORE b 1785 Stokenham
Betty MICHELMORE b 1786
Betty Wakeham MITCHELMORE b 1856 (Kingsbridge)
Betty MITCHELMORE b 1921
Betty Dawn MITCHELMORE b 1929 Hobart TAS
Blanche Matilda MICHELMORE b 1875 St Helier, Jersey
Blanche Eleanor MITCHELMORE b 1884 Cardiff
Blanche MITCHELMORE b 1887
Bridgett MITCHELMORE b 1610
Bridget MITCHELMORE b 1886 Black Duck Cove NL

Caryl Maude MITCHELMORE b 1909 Tacoma County WA
Caroline MICHELMORE b 1821 Totnes
Caroline MICHELMORE b 1828 Westminster
Caroline MICHELMORE b 1829 St Andrew Undershaft, London
Caroline MITCHELMORE b 1833 Sherford
Caroline MUCHAMORE b 1844 Plymouth
Caroline MICHELMORE b 1845 Westminster
Caroline Eliza MOUCHEMORE b 1848 Dartmouth
Caroline Reeves MITCHELMORE b 1849 South Pool
Caroline Anne MICHELMORE b 1851 (Totnes)
Caroline MITCHELMORE b 1857 Dartmouth
Caroline MITCHELMORE b 1865
Caroline Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1865 (Strand)
Caroline MITCHELMORE b 1868 Malborough
Caroline Amelia MITCHIMORE b 1872 (Kensington)
Caroline MUCHAMORE b 1874 Aberavon
Caroline Ann MICHELMORE b 1882 Buckfastleigh
Caroline Louise MICHELMORE b 1882 (Totnes)
Caroline Agnes Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1884 Lambeth
Caroline Gladys MUCHAMORE b 1901 (Blean)
Carrie Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1886 (Southampton)
Cateren MICHELMORE b 1580
Catherine MUCHAMORE b 1703 Stokenham
Catheraigne MUCHAMORE b 1742 Chivelstone
Catherine MUCKAMORE b 1743 Westerham
Catherine MICHAMOOR b 1782 Chivelstone
Catherine MUCHMORE b 1818 Fowey, Cornwall
Catharine MITCHELMORE b 1854 Dartmouth
Catherine Reeves MITCHELMORE b 1874 Plymouth
Catherine MOUCHEMORE b 1881 Queenscliff VIC
Catherine C MICHELMORE b 1883 Balmain NSW
Catherine MITCHELMORE b 1884 Plymouth All Saints
Catherine MUCHMORE b 1885 Liverpool Workhouse
Catherine Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1889 Plymouth
Catherine Alice MICHELMORE b 1898 (Dolgelly)
Catherine May MITCHELMORE b 1898 Plymouth
Catherine Annie MITCHELMORE b 1900 (South Shields)
Catherine MITCHELMORE b 1905 Fulham
Catherine Ada Emily MICHELMORE b 1910 Port Adelaide SA
Caecilia MUCHAMORE b 1750
Cecilia MICHELMORE b 1852 Totnes
Cecilia Frances MUCHMORE b 1876
Cecilia Eliza MITCHELMORE b 1881 Dartmouth
Cecilia MITCHELMORE b 1903 (Cardiff)
Cissely MOUCHEMORE b 1893 Queenscliff VIC
Celia Cross MICHELMORE b 1851 East Allington
Celia MITCHAMORE b 1889 Brenham TX
Celia S MITCHELMORE b 1927
Charlotte MUCHEMORE b 1804 Churchstow
Charlotte MICHELMORE b 1808 Buckfastleigh
Charlotte MICHELMAN b 1810
Charlotte MICHELMORE b 1820 Cornworthy
Charlotte MICHELMORE b 1825 Broadhempston
Charlotte MICHELMORE b 1825 Harberton
Charlotte MICHELMORE b 1826 Staverton
Charlotte MITCHAMORE b 1841 Exeter
Charlotte Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1847 Pembroke Dock
Charlotte Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1848 (East Stonehouse)
Charlotte MITCHELMORE b 1853 South Pool
Charlotte Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1873 (Totnes)
Charlotte Maria MITCHELMORE b 1875 (Kingsbridge)
Charlotte Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1883 Muswell Hill
Charlotte Annie MITCHELMORE b 1889 Cadoxton juxta Barry
Charlotte Mary MITCHELMORE b 1891 Cardiff
Charlotte MICHELMORE b 1900 (Dolgelly)
Charlotte Gwendoline MICHELMORE b 1916 (Totnes)
Chase MICHELMOORE b 1530
Christian MYCHELLMORE b 1540
Christiana MICHELMORE b 1687 Buckfastleigh
Christiana MICHELMORE b 1688 Buckfastleigh
Christiana MICHELMORE b 1694 Buckfastleigh
Christiana MITCHELMORE b 1830 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Christina MITCHELMORE b 1860 Glamorgan TAS
Christine M MITCHELMORE b 1919 Chillington
Christine Letitia MITCHELMORE b 1921
Clara Jane MUCHMORE b 1866 Marylebone
Clara Alberta MITCHELMORE b 1878 Cardiff
Clara Florence MITCHELMORE b 1881 Kensington
Clara Jane Hamlyn MUCHAMORE b 1884 (Bodmin)
Clara Edith MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Southampton)
Clara Ida MITCHELMORE b 1889 Totnes
Clara Isabella MICHELMORE b 1892 Curramulka SA
Clara MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Fulham)
Clare Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1902 Cape Town
Clarice Norwood Jane MITCHELMORE b 1904 South Melbourne VIC
Clarice E H MITCHELMORE b 1911 Cootamundra NSW
Claudine Marie MICHELMORE b 1900
Claudia MITCHMORE b 1914 Hillsboro TX
Constance Alice MITCHELMORE b 1889 Tipton St Martin, Staffordshire
Cynthia Mary MICHELMORE b 1925 (Totnes)

Daisy MITCHELMORE b 1887 Plymouth
Daisy S M MITCHELMORE b 1888 Balmain NSW
Daisy MICHELMORE b 1889 (Totnes)
Daisy MICHELMORE b 1895 New Brighton, Cheshire
Daisy MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Plymouth)
Daisy Winnifred MITCHELMORE b 1901 Saltcoats SK
Daphne MICHELMORE b 1903 (Wandsworth)
Dawnes MICHELMORE b 1640
Deanna Margretta MITCHELMORE b 1937 (Basingstoke)
Debra MICHELMORE b 1900
Debra Anne MOUCHEMORE b 1950
Dinah Rendell MICHELMORE b 1822 Combeinteignhead
Dionizia MITCHELMORE b 1641 Buckfastleigh
Dionysia MICHELMOORE b 1670
Dolly Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1907 (Fulham)
Dolores MITCHELMORE b 1926
Dora Louise MITCHELMORE b 1885 Dartmouth
Dora MOUCHEMORE b 1889 Queenscliff VIC
Dora MICHELMORE b 1895 West Kensington
Dora Micheline MUCHMORE b 1897
Dora Winifred Kathleen MITCHELMORE b 1909 Dartmouth
Dora May MITCHELMORE b 1910 Plymouth
Dora MITCHELMORE b 1911 Green Island Cove NL
Dora Hetty MITCHELMORE b 1916 Landscove
Dorcas MICKELLMORE b 1630
Doreen MUCHMORE b 1926 (Greenwich)
Doris Kathleen Jacques MITCHELMORE b 1886 Cardiff
Doris Eileen MITCHELMORE b 1898 Richmond VIC
Doris May MITCHELMORE b 1899 (Bristol)
Doris May MICHELMORE b 1901 (Wandsworth)
Doris MITCHELMORE b 1907 (Fulham)
Doris Olive MITCHELMORE b 1907 Newton Ferrers
Doris May MUCHMORE b 1913 (Fulham)
Doris Eileen MUCHAMORE b 1916 Strood, Kent
Doris MUCHMORE b 1917 (Lambeth)
Doris May MITCHELMORE b 1921 (Plymouth)
Doris Anne MITCHELMORE b 1937
Dorothea Hawthorn MUCHMORE b 1920 (Newcastle T)
Dorothy MICHELMORE b 1655 East Allington
Dorothy MUCHELMORE b 1671 Charleton
Dorothy MUCHIMORE b 1710 West Alvington
Dorothy MUCHAMORE b 1729 Charleton
Dorothy MICHELMORE b 1745 Totnes
Dorothy MICHELMORE b 1753 Blackawton
Dorothy Blanche Mary MICHELMORE b 1882 Hampton Court
Dorothy Isobel Maria MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Winchester)
Dorothy Ethel MUCHMORE b 1890 (Pancras)
Dorothy Marian MITCHELMORE b 1895 (Plymouth)
Dorothy May MITCHELMORE b 1896 West Kensington
Dorothy Elvira MITCHELMORE b 1897 Stokenham
Dorothy May MITCHELMORE b 1904 Bristol
Dorothy May MITCHELMORE b 1906 Bridgetown
Dorothy MICHELMORE b 1909 Dunsford
Dorothy Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1909 North Andover MA
Dorothy Irene MITCHELMORE b 1910 Plymouth St Matthew
Dorothy MICHELMORE b 1920
Dorothy Mary MICHELMORE b 1920
Dorothy Mae MITCHMORE b 1923 Chapel Hill TX
Dorothy Hilda Catherine MITCHELMORE b 1928 (Exeter)

E MITCHELMORE b 1854 Devon
Edith Augusta MITCHELMORE b 1864 Dartmouth
Edith MICHELMORE b 1866 Totnes
Edith Mary MITCHELMORE b 1870 Williamstown VIC
Edith Alberta MICHELMORE b 1872 (Holborn)
Edith MUCHAMORE b 1877 Plymouth
Edith Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1877 Stoke Fleming
Edith Emily MITCHELMORE b 1878 South Pool
Edith Emma Jane MUCHMORE b 1883 Marylebone
Edith Mary MICHELMORE b 1887
Edith Jane MUCHAMORE b 1889 (East Stonehouse)
Edith Mabel MITCHELMORE b 1889 West Kilburn
Edith Joan MITCHELMORE b 1890 Plymouth
Edith MITCHELMORE b 1891 (Hendon)
Edith Alice MITCHELMORE b 1891 Clapton
Edith Marian MITCHELMORE b 1891 Slapton
Edith May MITCHMORE b 1891 Brixham
Edith Kate MITCHELMORE b 1895 (East Stonehouse)
Edith MUCHMORE b 1901 Battersea
Edith May MUCHMORE b 1902 Battersea
Edith MUCHMORE b 1904 (Southwark)
Edith Rosina Mary MITCHELMORE b 1905 (Wandsworth)
Edith Muriel MITCHELMORE b 1906 Paignton
Edith Emma Jane MUCHMORE b 1908 (Lambeth)
Edith MUCHAMORE b 1917 (Medway)
Edna MITCHELMORE b 1912 (Bridgend)
Edna Marjorie MITCHELMORE b 1915 Saskatoon SK
Edna Florence MUCHMORE b 1918 (Pancras)
Edwina MUCHMORE b 1881
Edwyna Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1922 (Portsmouth)
Effie Blanche MITCHELMORE b 1938
Eglantine MITCHELMORE b 1854 (Kingsbridge)
Eileen M E MITCHELMORE b 1898 Cootamundra NSW
Eileen MITCHELMORE b 1913 Isle of Man
Eileen Ethne MICHELMORE b 1914
Eileen Georgina MITCHELMORE b 1926
Eileen Jane MITCHELMORE b 1933 (Chelsea)
Eleanor MICHELMORE b 1670
Elianor MICHEMORE b 1714 Totnes
Eleanor MITCHELMORE b 1801 Dartmouth
Eleanor MITCHELMOOR b 1818
Eleanor Mudge MICHELMORE b 1829 Ashprington
Eleanor Phyllis MICHELMORE b 1894 Willesden Green
Eleanor Ruby MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Truro)
Eleanor Ivy Caroline Ada MUCHAMORE b 1905 (Plymouth)
Eleanor Blanche MITCHELMORE b 1914 South Shields, Durham
Eliza MITCHMORE b 1790
Eliza Farley MUTCHIMOORE b 1797 Dartmouth
Eliza MICHELMORE b 1807 Ashburton
Eliza Laverance MOUCHEMORE b 1810 Dartmouth
Eliza MUCHMORE b 1813 Devonport
Eliza MITCHELMORE b 1820
Eliza MUTCHELMORE b 1821 Dartmouth
Eliza Jane MITCHELMORE b 1832 Exeter
Eliza MICHELMORE b 1838 Westminster
Eliza Ann MUCHMORE b 1849 Stoke Damerel
Eliza MITCHELMORE b 1851
Eliza Mary MUCHMORE b 1851 (Stoke Damerel)
Eliza Dickson MICHELMORE b 1852 Berry Pomeroy
Eliza MITCHELMORE b 1856 Slapton
Eliza Crocker MICHELMORE b 1860 (Totnes)
Eliza Frances MICHELMORE b 1860 Totnes
Eliza Lavrence MOUCHEMORE b 1860 (Liverpool)
Eliza White MOUCHEMORE b 1860 Mordialloc VIC
Eliza MITCHELMORE b 1861 Dartmouth
Eliza Lily MITCHELMORE b 1873 St Helier, Jersey
Eliza Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1873 Paignton
Eliza Jane MICHELMORE b 1878 Willunga SA
Eliza Annie MICHELMORE b 1893 Port Vincent SA
Eliza Caroline Beatrice MITCHELMORE b 1894 Plymouth All Saints
Eliza MITCHELMORE b 1905 Green Island Cove NL
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1596 Blackawton
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1600
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1600
Elizabeth MUCHELLMORE b 1600
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1620
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1623 Blackawton
Elizabeth MICHIMOR b 1626 East Allington
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1630
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1630 East Allington
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1630
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1644 Dartmouth
Elyzabeth MUTCHELMORE b 1652 Harberton
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1655 Buckfastleigh
Elizabeth MUCHMER b 1670 Stokenham
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1670 Chivelstone
Elizabeth MUTCHMOOR b 1682 Saltash, Cornwall
Elizabeth MUCHMOOR b 1683 Stokenham
Elizabeth MUTCHAMORE b 1683 Dartmouth
Elizabeth MICHEMORE b 1690
Elizabeth MUCHAMOR b 1690
Elizabeth MUCHEMOR b 1696 Charleton
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1697 Stokenham
Elizabeth MUCKAMOOR b 1699 Chelsfield or Chiselhurst, Kent
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1700
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1700
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1700
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1700
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1700
Elizabeth MICHELLMORE b 1703 Liskeard, Cornwall
Elizabeth MUCKAMORE b 1705 Tatsfield
Elizabeth MITCHMORE b 1706 Liskeard, Cornwall
Elizabeth MUCHEMORE b 1706 Totnes
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1710
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1710
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1710
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1712 Stokenham
Elizabeth MUTCHEMORE b 1713 Stokenham
Elizabeth MUCHELMORE b 1715 Stokenham
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1716
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1720
Elizabeth MUGMOORE b 1723 St Germans, Cornwall
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1724 Buckfastleigh
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1727 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Elizabeth MICHEMORE b 1730
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1730
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1731 Stokenham
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1731 Buckfastleigh
Elizabetha MICHAELMORE b 1732 Ingestre, Staffordshire
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1734 Malborough
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1734 West Alvington
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1736 Menheniot, Cornwall
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1738 Charleton
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1740
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1740 Blackawton
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1748 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1749 Buckfastleigh
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1750
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1750 Stoke Fleming
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1750 Menheniot, Cornwall
Elizabeth Collings MUCHAMORE b 1752 Modbury
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1753 Stokenham
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1755 Totnes
Elizabeth MITCHALMORE b 1756 Chivelstone
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1758 Buckfastleigh
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1758 Slapton
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1759 Blackawton
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1763 Plympton
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1767 Blackawton
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1768 Charleton
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1772 Stokenham
Elizabeth MICHMORE b 1773 East Allington
Elizabeth MITCHAMORE b 1773 Bigbury
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1776 Totnes
Elizabeth MICHAMORE b 1778 South Pool
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1780
Elizabeth MITCHAMORE b 1780 Chivelstone
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1780 Southampton, Hampshire
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1789 South Huish
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1789 Buckfastleigh
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1789 Plympton
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1790
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1790 Sherford
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1792
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1794 Wolborough St Mary
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1795
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1800 Ashburton
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1801 Chivelstone Ford
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1801 Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1802 Stoke Fleming
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1802 Fowey, Cornwall
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1804 Slapton
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1805 Buckfastleigh
Elizabeth MICHEALMORE b 1807 Wolborough St Mary
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1807 Dartmouth
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1807 Stokenham
Elizabeth MUCHAMORE b 1807 Plymouth
Elizabeth MITCHAMORE b 1811 Bigbury
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1814 Stokenham
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1816 Stokenham
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1818 Combeinteignhead
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1819 Liskeard, Cornwall
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1819 Churchstow
Elizabeth MITCHMORE b 1820
Elizabeth MITCHALMORE b 1820 Devon
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1820
Elizabeth Pearce MITCHELMORE b 1820 Stokenham
Elizabeth MUTCHMORE b 1821 Falmouth, Cornwall
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1823 Harberton
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1824 Portsea, Hampshire
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1825 Devon
Elizabeth Fox MITCHELMORE b 1825 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1826 Sherford
Elizabeth MITCHEMORE b 1827 Brixham
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1827 Totnes
Elizabeth MITCHEMORE b 1830
Elizabeth Ann MUCHMORE b 1831 Falmouth, Cornwall
Elizabeth Wallis MITCHELMORE b 1831 Stoke Fleming
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1836 Harberton
Elizabeth STONE MITCHELMORE b 1842 Stokenham
Elizabeth Wakeham MITCHELMORE b 1843 Thurlestone
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1846 Cardiff
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1847 (Kingsbridge)
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE b 1848 Sherford
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE b 1848 Cardiff
Elizabeth Ann MITCHAMORE b 1848 Plymouth
Elizabeth Joanna MUCHAMORE b 1849 Plymouth
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1851 Kingsteignton
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE b 1852 West Alvington
Elizabeth Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1852 Bombay, India
Elizabeth Butson MITCHELMORE b 1853 (Falmouth)
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE b 1853 Slapton
Elizabeth Selina MITCHELMORE b 1853 (Newton Abbot)
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE b 1854 (Kingsbridge)
Elizabeth Jane MUCHMORE b 1855 (Medway)
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1856 South Pool
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1858 Churchstow
Elizabeth Lewarn MUCHMORE b 1858 (Falmouth)
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1859 (Newton Abbot)
Elizabeth Burrell MITCHELMORE b 1859 Dartmouth
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1862
Elizabeth Mary Hodder MITCHELMORE b 1862 Malborough
Elizabeth Jane MITCHELMORE b 1863 East Allington
Elizabeth Jane MUCHMORE b 1864 (Falmouth)
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1865 Strete
Elizabeth Julia MITCHELMORE b 1865 Strete
Elizabeth Mildred MICHELMORE b 1865 Enfield
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1866 (East Stonehouse)
Elizabeth Mary MUCHAMORE b 1867 Plymouth
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1869 Stoke Fleming
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE b 1869 Stokenham
Elizabeth Anne MITCHELMORE b 1869 Colac VIC
Elizabeth Thomasin Lee MUCHMORE b 1870 (Stoke Damerel)
Elizabeth Grace MUCHAMORE b 1872 Plymouth
Elizabeth Harriet MITCHELMORE b 1874 Tower Hamlets
Elizabeth Jane MUCHMORE b 1874 (Medway)
Elizabeth Mary Ann MUCHMORE b 1874 (Marylebone)
Elizabeth Emily MITCHELMORE b 1875 Bigbury
Elizabeth Jane MICHELMORE b 1876 Marldon
Elizabeth Jane MICHELMORE b 1876 (St Saviour)
Elizabeth Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1877 Stokenham
Elizabeth Lewarne MUCHMORE b 1878 (Falmouth)
Elizabeth Ann MITCHELMORE b 1879 Stokenham
Elizabeth Florence MICHELMORE b 1880 Concord NSW
Elizabeth Mildred MICHELMORE b 1885 Queen Square
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1889 QLD
Elizabeth Ann Amelia MITCHELMORE b 1891 Slapton
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1895 Green Island Cove NL
Elizabeth Mary MITCHELMORE b 1900 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1902 Green Island Cove NL
Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1903 (Rhayader)
Elizabeth Ann MICHELMORE b 1912 Canada
Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1919 (Fordingbridge)
Elizabeth Rose MITCHELMORE b 1929
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1944
Ella MITCHELMORE b 1872 (Kingsbridge)
Ella M S MICHELMORE b 1880 Balmain NSW
Ella MITCHELMORE b 1893 Littlehempston
Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1779 Surrey
Ellen MICHELMORE b 1823 Totnes
Ellen MUCHMORE b 1836 St Pancras, London
Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1842 Slapton
Ellen Mary MITCHELMORE b 1850
Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1856 Strete
Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1860 Modbury
Ellen Ann MUCHMORE b 1863 Bridgwater, Somerset
Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1874 (Kingsbridge)
Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1876 Sherford
Ellen MICHELMORE b 1879 Jersey
Ellen Amelia MUCHMORE b 1884 Marylebone
Ellen MOUCHEMORE b 1885 Queenscliff VIC
Ellen MICHELMORE b 1887 (Fulham)
Ellen Amelia MUCHMORE b 1898 Marylebone
Ellen Ann MICHELMORE b 1899 Yorketown SA
Ellen Jane MUCHMORE b 1904
Ellen Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1925
Ellen Louise MICHELMORE b 1929
Elling MUCHAMORE b 1630
Elsie Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1881 Williamstown VIC
Elsie MICHELMORE b 1882 Holne
Elsie May MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Plymouth)
Elsie Mary MITCHELMORE b 1890 South Pool
Elsie Lilian MITCHELMORE b 1891 Stokenham
Elsie May MITCHELMORE b 1894 (Newton Abbot)
Elsie May MITCHELMORE b 1898 (Plymouth)
Elsie May MITCHELMORE b 1901 Wolborough St Paul
Elsie May MITCHELMORE b 1904 (Kingsbridge)
Elsie Amanda Lilian Daisy MUCHAMORE b 1913 (Plymouth)
Elsie Winifred Maud MITCHELMORE b 1913 Berry Pomeroy
Emily MICHELMORE b 1836 Islington
Emily Ann MITCHELMORE b 1850 (Falmouth)
Emily Jane MITCHELMORE b 1854 (Kensington)
Emily Laura MICHELMORE b 1858 Totnes
Emily MICHELMORE b 1863 (Newton Abbot)
Emily MUCHMORE b 1863 Maidstone, Kent
Emily MICHELMORE b 1869 Rattery
Emily Mary MICHELMORE b 1869 Westminster
Emily MICHELMORE b 1870 Sherford
Emily Florence MITCHELMORE b 1873 Dartmouth
Emily Jane MITCHIMORE b 1873
Emily MITCHELMORE b 1876 Strete
Emily Rachel Lee MUCHMORE b 1876 (Stoke Damerel)
Emily Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1878 (St Germans)
Emily Maud MITCHELMORE b 1879 (Kingsbridge)
Emily Cheeseman MICHELMORE b 1885 (Strand)
Emily MITCHELMORE b 1889
Emily MICHELMORE b 1890 West Kensington
Emily Lilian Grace MITCHELMORE b 1901 Dartmouth
Emily Beatrice MUCHMORE b 1902 (Marylebone)
Emily Amelia MUCHMORE b 1920 (Marylebone)
Emma MITCHAMORE b 1837 Exeter
Emma MUCHMORE b 1853 (Plymouth)
Emma MUCHMORE b 1854 Stoke Damerel
Emma Jane MITCHELMORE b 1855 Plymouth
Emma Jane MITCHELMORE b 1859 Stokenham
Emma Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1861 (Kingsbridge)
Emma Jane MUCHMORE b 1862 (Liskeard)
Emma MITCHELMORE b 1863 Highweek
Emma Jane MITCHELMORE b 1864 Stokenham
Emma MITCHELMORE b 1868 Strete
Emma Blanche MUCHMORE b 1869 Marylebone
Emma Eliza Phoebe MICHELMORE b 1871 (Aston)
Emma MICHELMORE b 1872 Marldon
Emma Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1872 Dartmouth
Emma Jane MITCHELMORE b 1873 Stoke Fleming
Emma MITCHELMORE b 1875 (Kensington)
Emma MUCHMORE b 1884 Plymouth
Emma Lilian MITCHELMORE b 1884 (Kingsbridge)
English MICHELMORE b 1500
English MYCHELMORE b 1550
Enid Catherine MICHELMORE b 1907 Mackay QLD
Enid De Vere MITCHELMORE b 1919
Ernestina Athena MICHELMORE b 1888 Canterbury NSW
Estelle Frances MITCHMORE b 1931 Harris County TX
Esther MUCKAMORE b 1731 Westerham, Kent
Esther Hilda MITCHELMORE b 1871 Totnes
Ethel May MICHELMORE b 1876 Haverstock Hill
Ethel May MICHELMORE b 1878 Concord NSW
Ethel Mary MITCHELMORE b 1881 Modbury
Ethel Maud May MUCHMORE b 1881 Finchley Road
Ethel MITCHELMORE b 1882 Sherford
Ethel Blanch MITCHELMORE b 1884 (South Stoneham)
Ethel Fenzalow MITCHELMORE b 1890 Sherford
Ethel Katherine MICHELMORE b 1893 (St Giles)
Ethel Florence MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Plymouth)
Ethel Christine K MICHELMORE b 1897 (Wandsworth)
Ethel MITCHELMORE b 1898 (South Shields)
Ethel MICHELMORE b 1898 West Kensington
Ethel L MUCHMORE b 1900
Ethel Hilda MITCHMORE b 1902 Staverton
Ethel Maud Mary MITCHELMORE b 1902 Sherford
Ethel Grace MOUCHEMORE b 1903 Albany WA
Ethel MITCHELMORE b 1912 (Wandsworth)
Ethel Winifred MICHELMORE b 1914 Streatham
Ethel Marie MITCHELMORE b 1919 South Shields, Durham
Ethel MITCHELMORE b 1920 Green Island Cove NL
Eunice Gertrude MITCHELMORE b 1925 (Paddington)
Eva MUCHMORE b 1652 Tavistock
Eva Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1878 (Kingsbridge)
Eva Belle MITCHELMORE b 1907 NE
Eva Winifred MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Plymouth)
Eva May MUCHMORE b 1919 (Wandsworth)
Evangeline R M LOWE-MITCHELMORE b 1890
Evangeline MITCHELMORE b 1903 Green Island Cove NL
Eve MICHELMORE b 1891 Stoke Newington
Eveline Bessie MITCHELMORE b 1885 Plymouth All Saints
Evelyn Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1893 New Brentford
Evelyn Faulie MITCHELMORE b 1897 (Kingsbridge)
Evelyn MICHELMORE b 1899
Evelyn Alberta MITCHELMORE b 1910 Bovey Tracey
Everalda MITCHELMORE b 1885 Plymouth

Fanny Carlile MICHELMORE b 1813 Ashburton
Fanny Ada MUCHMORE b 1858 Brentor
Fanny Truscott MUCHMORE b 1866 (Falmouth)
Fanny Anne MITCHELMORE b 1899 Green Island Cove NL
Fanny MITCHELMORE b 1900
Fanny Frances MITCHELMORE b 1904
Florence MICHELMORE b 1822 Harberton
Florence MICHELMORE b 1863 Berry Pomeroy
Florence MITCHELMORE b 1872 (Bristol)
Florence Josephine MICHELMORE b 1872 Clermont QLD
Florence Eleanor MICHELMORE b 1874 (Holborn)
Florence Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1877 Kingsbridge
Florence MICHELMORE b 1879 Highgate
Florence MICHELMORE b 1879 (West Derby)
Florence Emily MITCHELMORE b 1880 (Newton Abbot)
Florence Maud Mary MITCHELMORE b 1881 Paignton
Florence Caroline MITCHELMORE b 1882 (Southampton)
Florence Mary MITCHELMORE b 1883 Stokenham
Florence Elsie MITCHELMORE b 1891 (Greenwich)
Florence Daisy MITCHELMORE b 1892 Kingswear
Florence MITCHELMORE b 1893 Hampshire)
Florence Mabel MITCHELMORE b 1893 Battersea
Florence May MICHELMORE b 1895 (Totnes)
Florence MICHELMORE b 1896 West Kensington
Florence Annie MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Newton Abbot)
Florence Maud MUCHMORE b 1899 St Pancras
Florence Linda MITCHELMORE b 1900 Melbourne South VIC
Florence MUCHMORE b 1904 Battersea
Florence May MITCHELMORE b 1904 Paignton
Florence Ada MITCHMORE b 1906 Staverton
Florence Mabel MITCHELMORE b 1906 Plymouth
Florence Josephine MICHELMORE b 1907 Georgetown QLD
Florence Irene MITCHELMORE b 1910 Torpoint
Florence Emma MUCHMORE b 1914 (Marylebone)
Florence MUCHMORE b 1919 (Greenwich)
Flossie Mabel MITCHELMORE b 1899 (Kingsbridge)
Frances MICHELMORE b 1640 East Allington
Frances Mary MITCHELMORE b 1840 Cardiff
Frances Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1857 Cornworthy
Frances Jane MITCHELMORE b 1874 Cardiff
Frances Mary MITCHELMORE b 1895 Cardiff
Frances MITCHELMORE b 1902 Green Island Cove NL
Frances Edna Gwendolen MITCHELMORE b 1903 Cootamundra NSW
Frances Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1918 Ridgeville
Frances Alma Louise MITCHELMORE b 1923 (Wandsworth)
Friswide MICHELMORE b 1580

Georgina Lucy MICHELMORE b 1853 Totnes
Geraldine Ethel MITCHELMORE b 1892 (Kingsbridge)
Gertrude Emily MICHELMORE b 1880 Brixton
Gertrude Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1881 (Totnes)
Gertrude MITCHELMORE b 1882 (St George Hanover Square)
Gertrude Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1883 Slapton
Gertrude Lilian MUCHMORE b 1884 (Pancras)
Gertrude Priscilla MICHELMORE b 1884 West Kensington
Gertrude MITCHELMORE b 1890 (Christchurch)
Gertrude Amelia MICHELMORE b 1895 (Totnes)
Gertrude Florence Muriel MITCHELMORE b 1898 Dartmouth
Gertrude Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1903 Thurlestone
Gertrude MITCHELMORE b 1905
Gillian Eve MITCHELMORE b 1933 (Kingston)
Gillian MICHELMORE b 1947
Gladys May MUCHMORE b 1887 (Wandsworth)
Gladys May MITCHELMORE b 1900 Stokenham
Gladys Colton MITCHELMORE b 1902 Plymouth
Gladys Alexandrina MICHELMORE b 1906 Coobowie SA
Grace MITCHELMORE b 1570
Grace MUCHAMORE b 1600
Grace MICHELMORE b 1614 Menheniot, Cornwall
Grace MICHELLMORE b 1619 Blackawton
Grace MUCHMOORE b 1630
Grace MICHELMORE b 1630
Grace MICHELMORE b 1642 Blackawton
Grace MICHELMORE b 1654 Harberton
Grace MICHELMORE b 1655 East Allington
Grace MICHELMORE b 1701 Buckfastleigh
Grace MUCHAMORE b 1723 West Alvington
Grace MICHELMORE b 1730
Grace MICHELMORE b 1768 Buckfastleigh
Grace MICTHAMORE b 1786 Chivelstone
Grace MITCHELMORE b 1789 Slapton
Grace MUCHAMORE b 1809
Grace MITCHELMORE b 1818 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Grace MOUCHEMORE b 1867 Queenscliff VIC
Grace Blake MUCHMORE b 1874 (Falmouth)
Grace Agatha MICHELMORE b 1899 USA
Grace MICHELMORE b 1923 Strathalbyn SA
Gratia MICHELMORE b 1682 Buckfastleigh
Gratia MICHELMORE b 1692 Buckfastleigh
Gussy MOUCHEMORE b 1889 Queenscliff VIC
Gwen Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1915 Parramatta NSW
Gwenllian MITCHELMORE b 1869 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Gwendoline MITCHELMORE b 1904 (Chelsea)
Gwendolyn Edna MICHELMORE b 1910 Vancouver BC

Hannah MICHELMOR b 1780
Hannah MICHELMORE b 1800
Hannah Soaper MUTCHMORE b 1800
Hannah Hancock MITCHELMORE b 1819 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Hannah MICHELMOR b 1824 Hampshire
Hannah Wakeham MITCHLEMORE b 1827 Ringmore
Hannah MICHELMORE b 1846 (Newton Abbot)
Hannah Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1849 (Medway)
Hannah MIKHELMORE b 1856 Bristol St John the Baptist
Hannah MITCHELMORE b 1872 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Hannah MITCHELMORE b 1883 (Kingsbridge)
Hannah Elizabeth June MITCHELMORE b 1945 (Totnes)
Harriet MICHELMORE b 1801 Staverton
Harriet MICHELMORE b 1808 Cockington
Harriet MICHELMORE b 1820 Totnes
Harriet MITCHELMORE b 1822 West Teignmouth
Harriet MICHELMORE b 1823 Broadhempston
Harriett MICHELMORE b 1824 Harberton
Harriet MITCHELMORE b 1827 Tiverton
Harriett Wills MITCHELMORE b 1828 Stoke Fleming
Harriet Jane MUCHMORE b 1830 Jones Falls ON
Harriet MITCHELMORE b 1832 Churchstow
Harriet MICHELMORE b 1833 Ashprington
Harriet MICHELMORE b 1837 Totnes
Harriet Ann Lawson MUCHAMORE b 1843 Dartmouth
Harriet Louisa MICHELMORE b 1850 Totnes
Harriett MICHELMORE b 1852 Broadhempston
Harriet J MUCHMORE b 1854
Harriett Louise MITCHELMORE b 1860 Slapton
Harriet MITCHELMORE b 1863 (Kingsbridge)
Harriet Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1864 Stokenham
Harriet Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1868 Totnes
Harriet Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1868 (Totnes)
Harriet Maud MICHELMORE b 1870 Dartmouth
Harriet Rosaline MITCHELMORE b 1871
Harriet Rossiter MICHELMORE b 1880 Totnes
Harriet Maud MITCHELMORE b 1881 Spring Bay TAS
Harriet Alice MITCHELMORE b 1882 Southampton
Harriet Violet MUCHMORE b 1882 Kentish Town
Harriet Blanch MITCHELMORE b 1887 (Dorchester)
Harriet Isabella MUCHMORE b 1887 ON
Harriet Mabel MUCHMORE b 1887 (Wandsworth)
Harriett MICHELMORE b 1887 Stoke Newington, Middlesex
Hazel Annie Mahalia MICHELMORE b 1893 Burwood NSW
Hazel Amy MITCHELMORE b 1900 Cape Town
Helen Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1953
Helena Blanche MITCHELMORE b 1879 Jersey
Helena Matilda MUCHMORE b 1901 Jones Falls ON
Henrietta Adams MITCHELMORE b 1877 Paignton
Henrietta May MITCHELMORE b 1911 (Okehampton)
Hester Virginia MITCHAMORE b 1884 TX
Hester Grace MOUCHEMORE b 1891 Queenscliff VIC
Hilda MICHELMORE b 1880 Hillingdon
Hilda May MUCHMORE b 1886 Kentish Town
Hilda Jane MOUCHEMORE b 1889 Queenscliff VIC
Hilda Laura MICHELMORE b 1891 Holne
Hilda Alice MUCHMORE b 1892 Liskeard, Cornwall
Hilda Annie MUCHAMORE b 1898 (Sheppey)
Hilda Annie MUCHMORE b 1905 Kentish Town
Hilda Lavinia MITCHELMORE b 1912 (Devonport)
Hilda MUCHMORE b 1918 (Pancras)
Hilda L MICHELMORE b 1919 (Newton Abbot)
Hilda Frances MITCHELMORE b 1924
Honnor MYCHELMORE b 1561 East Allington
Honour MICHELLMORE b 1573 East Allington
Honnour MUCHAMORE b 1600
Honor Triddle MICHELMORE b 1826 Slapton

Ida G MICHELMORE b 1887 Sydney NSW
Ida May MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Newton Abbot)
Ida Mabel MITCHMORE b 1900 Staverton
Ina Ann MITCHELMORE b 1882 (Southampton)
Irene Olive MITCHELMORE b 1908 (Christchurch)
Irene Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1917 (Plymouth)
Iris Winnaretta Maud MITCHELMORE b 1894 (Kingsbridge)
Iris Mary MITCHELMORE b 1896 Richmond VIC
Iris Gwendoline Muriel MITCHELMORE b 1906 (Plymouth)
Iris Mollie MICHELMORE b 1913 (Isle of Wight)
Isabell MICHELMORE b 1580
Isabella MAUCHIMER b 1824 Dartmouth
Isabella MITCHELMORE b 1855 Ireland
Isabella MITCHELMORE b 1860 (Kingsbridge)
Isabel Love MUCHMORE b 1888 Marylebone
Isabel MUCHMORE b 1900 (Lambeth)
Iva Maria MITCHELMORE b 1883 Spring Bay TAS
Ivy Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1900 Dartmouth
Ivy Irene MICHELMORE b 1905 Ventnor, Isle of Wight
Ivy MITCHELMORE b 1908 (Camberwell)
Ivy Gladys MITCHELMORE b 1909 Devonport
Ivy Ellen MUCHMORE b 1912 (Pancras)

Jane MICHAMORE b 1630
Jane MUCHMORE b 1630
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1631 East Allington
Jane MITCHAMORE b 1642 Charleton
Jane MUCHEMORE b 1650
Jane MUCHMORE b 1660
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1674 Stoke Fleming
Jane MUCHMOOR b 1700
Jane MUCHMORE b 1700
Jane MITCHELLMORE b 1709 Totnes
Jane MUCHMORE b 1710
Jane MITCHAMORE b 1731 Diptford
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1738 Stokenham
Jane MICHELMORE b 1740
Jane MUCHMORE b 1763 Liskeard, Cornwall
Jane MICHELMORE b 1767
Jane MUCHAMORE b 1786 Sherford
Jane Stone MITCHELMORE b 1799 Stokenham
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1805 Dartmouth
Jane MITCHEMORE b 1811 Jersey
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1815 Devon
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1816 Churchstow
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1819 Sherford
Jane Wakeham MICHAMORE b 1820 Ringmore
Jane MUCHMORE b 1823 Devonport
Jane MICHLEMORE b 1841 Birmingham
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1842 Harberton
Jane MUCHAMORE b 1848 (Plymouth)
Jane MICHELMORE b 1849 Slapton
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1862 Totnes
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1870 Maffra VIC
Jane MICHELMORE b 1891 Llanddwywe
Jane Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1893 Minlaton SA
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1901 Green Island Cove NL
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1901 Green Island Cove NL
Jane Violet MUCHMORE b 1908 St Pancras
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1912 (Fulham)
Jane MITCHELMORE b 1931 (Dolgelly)
Janet Hilda MITCHELMORE b 1889 Ilsington
Jean R MICHELMORE b 1914
Jeane Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1929 (Battle)
Jean MITCHELMORE b 1933 (Totnes)
Jemimah MITCHELMORE b 1797 Chivelstone Ford
Jemima MITCHELMORE b 1828 Stokenham
Janney MITCHAMORE b 1797 Chivelstone
Jennifer Maria MUCHMORE b 1789 Holborn
Jenny MITCHELMORE b 1770
Jenny Frost MICHELMORE b 1790 Plympton
Jenny MITCHELMORE b 1793 Stoke Fleming
Jenny MUCHAMORE b 1796 Churchstow
Jesse Chambers MUCHMORE b 1893 Chatham
Jessie Marsden MICHELMORE b 1844 Lymington, Hampshire
Jessie MUTCHMORE b 1876
Jessie Mabel MUCHMORE b 1882 Marylebone
Jessie MICHELMORE b 1887 Port Vincent SA
Jessie May MUCHMORE b 1894 Marylebone
Jessie MITCHELMORE b 1896 Littlehempston
Joan MICHELMORE b 1510
Joane MICHELMORE b 1540
Joan MELCHMERE b 1580
Joan MICHELMORE b 1580 Blackawton
Joan MUCHILMORE b 1580
Joan MUCCHEMUR b 1600
Joane MICHELMORE b 1600
Joane MUCHAMORE b 1600
Jone MUCHAMORE b 1600
Joan MICHELMORE b 1610
Jone MICHELMORE b 1636 Menheniot, Cornwall
Jone MUDGMOR b 1640
Joan MECHELMORE b 1660
Joan MICHELMORE b 1676 Buckfastleigh
Joane MICHELMORE b 1686
Joan MICHELMORE b 1699 Buckfastleigh
Joan MICHELMORE b 1699 Buckfastleigh
Joan MICHELMORE b 1699 Buckfastleigh
Jone MUGEMORE b 1700
Joane MICHELMORE b 1701 Rattery
Joan MICHALMORE b 1717 Buckfastleigh
Joan MUDGMOORE b 1720
Joan MICHELMORE b 1727 Buckfastleigh
Joan MICHELMORE b 1738 Buckfastleigh
Joan MICHELMORE b 1747 Buckfastleigh
Joan MITCHEMORE b 1750
Joan MICHELMORE b 1752 Buckfastleigh
Joan MICHELMORE b 1753 Buckfastleigh
Joane MICHELMORE b 1758 Charleton
Joan MUCHMORE b 1760
Joan MICHELMORE b 1807 Buckfastleigh
Joan MICHELMORE b 1809 Buckfastleigh
Joan Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1915 (Watford)
Joan MITCHELMORE b 1917 (Lancaster)
Joan MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Plymouth)
Joan Dylis MUCHMORE b 1918 (Newport)
Joan Eileen MICHELMORE b 1919 (Lambeth)
Joan Mavis MITCHELMORE b 1920 (Bristol)
Joan Margaret MUCHMORE b 1921 (Wandsworth)
Joan MITCHELMORE b 1943 Paignton
Johane Leonarde MICHEMORE b 1490
Johanne MYCHELMORE b 1540
Joha MICHMORE b 1559 Ugborough
Johanne MICHELMORE b 1559 East Allington
Joha MICHMORE b 1568 Ugborough
Johanne MYCHELLMORE b 1586 East Allington
Johan MICHELMORE b 1598 Halwell
Johanna MICHELMAR b 1605 Buckfastleigh
Johan MUCHAMORE b 1652 Dartmouth
Johanna MITCHELMORE b 1660
Johanna MICHEMORE b 1660
Johanna MICHELMORE b 1685 Buckfastleigh
Joanna MUCHAMORE b 1700
Joanna MICHELMORE b 1746 Stokenham
Joanna MICHELMORE b 1754 Sherford
Joanna MITCHELMORE b 1763 Stokenham
Joanna MUCHAMORE b 1768 Charleton
Johanna MICHEMORE b 1776 Ashburton
Joanna MICHELMORE b 1784 Slapton
Joana MICHLMORE b 1785 Sherford
Joanna MUCHMORE b 1793 Stoke Fleming
Joanna MICHELMORE b 1816 Combeinteignhead
Joanna MITCHELMORE b 1862 Black Duck Cove NL
Joanna MITCHELMORE b 1897 Green Island Brook NL
Joyes MICHELMORE b 1590
Joyce MICHELMORE b 1595 Stoke Fleming
Joyce MECHELMORE b 1670
Joyce Emma MITCHELMORE b 1900
Joyce MITCHELMORE b 1925
Judeth MYTCHELMOR b 1560 Buckfastleigh
Judeth MICHELMORE b 1630
Judith MITCHELMORE b 1633 Buckfastleigh
Juditha MITCHELMORE b 1637 Buckfastleigh
Judith MICHELMORE b 1674
Julyan MICHELMORE b 1655 Buckfastleigh
Juliana MICHELMORE b 1680 Buckfastleigh
Juliana MICHELMORE b 1684 Buckfastleigh
Juliana MICHELMORE b 1692 Buckfastleigh
Julian MICHELMORE b 1755 Buckfastleigh
Julian MICHELMORE b 1760 Buckfastleigh
Julian MICHELMORE b 1791 Buckfastleigh
Julia Amelia MITCHELMORE b 1851 (Plymouth)
Julia Annie MICHELMORE b 1868 Enfield
Julia Ann MUTCHMORE b 1870 (Stoke Damerel)

Kate Miriam MITCHELMORE b 1859 (Falmouth)
Kate MICHELMORE b 1862
Kate Mary MITCHELMORE b 1863 Dartmouth
Kate MITCHELMORE b 1870 Stokenham
Kate Prout MICHELMORE b 1877 Sherford
Kate Eleanor MITCHELMORE b 1882 Dartmouth
Kate MITCHELMORE b 1887 (Christchurch)
Kate MITCHELMORE b 1891 (East Stonehouse)
Kate Jane Edith Elizabeth Hill MUCHAMORE b 1906 Plymouth
Katherina MITCHILMORE b 1570
Katherin MITCHELMORE b 1632 Berry Pomeroy
Katherine MUTCHMORE b 1660
Katherain MUDGMOOR b 1699 Saltash, Cornwall
Katherine Lowise MITCHELMORE b 1878 Slapton
Katherine Mary MITCHELMORE b 1898 Thurlestone
Katherine E MICHELMORE b 1901 St Paul MN
Katheryn Lanore MITCHAMORE b 1924 Fayetteville
Kathleen Marguerita MUCHMORE b 1882 Kentish Town
Kathleen N MITCHELMORE b 1900 Cootamundra NSW
Kathleen Lily MICHELMORE b 1904 (Totnes)
Kathleen Mary MUCHMORE b 1906 Kingston ON
Kathleen MICHELMORE b 1912 Vancouver BC
Kathleen MUCHMORE b 1914
Kathlyn Evelyn MITCHMORE b 1915 Bellville TX
Katie MUCHMORE b 1874 (Liskeard)
Katie MITCHELMORE b 1906
Keziah MITCHELMORE b 1798 Chivelstone Ford
Kezia MICHELMORE b 1799 Plympton
Keziah MITCHELMORE b 1805 Chivelstone Ford

Lallae Winifred MICHELMORE b 1910
Laura Emily MITCHELMORE b 1876 Cardiff
Laura Louisa MUCHMORE b 1876 Marylebone
Laura May MOUCHEMORE b 1886 Queenscliff VIC
Laura Annie MITCHELMORE b 1890 Plymouth
Laura Jane MICHELMORE b 1892 (Dolgelly)
Laura Eglantine MITCHELMORE b 1893 (Stoke Damerel)
Laura Olive MUCHAMORE b 1894 Kent)
Laura Mary MITCHELMORE b 1898 (Stoke Damerel)
Laura Louisa MUCHMORE b 1914 (Marylebone)
Laura May MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Redruth)
Laura Mary MITCHELMORE b 1916 QLD
Laura Louvain MITCHELMORE b 1940 (Kerrier)
Lavinia Harriet MITCHELMORE b 1876 Colac VIC
Lavinia Hart MITCHELMORE b 1889 Fairfield VIC
Leila Amy MITCHELMORE b 1908 Brunswick East VIC
Lena Branscombe MITCHELMORE b 1869 (Totnes)
Lilian MITCHELMORE b 1857
Lilian MITCHELMORE b 1880 Slapton
Lilian Jane MICHELMORE b 1885 Lower Meadows SA
Lilian May MITCHELMORE b 1889 Plymouth
Lilian Kate MITCHELMORE b 1890 Blackawton
Lilian Mary MUCHMORE b 1893 Battersea
Lilian MITCHELMORE b 1894 (Christchurch)
Lilian May MITCHELMORE b 1895 (Southampton)
Lilian Emma MUCHMORE b 1907 Deptford
Lilian Margaret MUCHMORE b 1908
Lilian Ann MUCHMORE b 1915 (Pancras)
Lilian M MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Plymouth)
Lilian Muriel MITCHELMORE b 1921
Lily Sarah Jane MICHELMORE b 1865 Port Adelaide SA
Lily Geneva Anne MITCHELMORE b 1887 Spring Bay TAS
Lily MUCHMORE b 1888 Marylebone
Lily MICHELMORE b 1891 (Totnes)
Lily MITCHELMORE b 1894 Littlehempston
Lily May MITCHMORE b 1897 Staverton
Lily MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Wirrall)
Lily Beatrice MITCHELMORE b 1914 Green Island Cove NL
Linda Zoe MITCHELMORE b 1872 Williamstown VIC
Linda MITCHELMORE b 1886 Maffra VIC
Linda May MOUCHEMORE b 1904 Coolgardie
Lynda Ann MITCHELMORE b 1951 (Totnes)
Lizzie Jane MICHELMORE b 1862 Port Adelaide SA
Lorlley? Anne MICHELMORE b 1760
Louisa MUCHMORE b 1809 Plymouth
Louisa MICHELMORE b 1818 Cornworthy
Louisa MUCHMORE b 1829 St Pancras, London
Louisa Pepperell MITCHELMORE b 1841 Stokenham
Louisa Harriet MITCHELMORE b 1849 Marylebone
Louisa MICHELMORE b 1850 Meadows SA
Louisa C MITCHELMORE b 1852 (Falmouth)
Louisa Mary MITCHELMORE b 1860 Ashby VIC
Louisa Caroline MICHELMORE b 1863 (Pancras)
Louisa Kate MITCHELMORE b 1865 Colac VIC
Louisa Mary MICHELMORE b 1867 (Tavistock)
Louisa Emily MICHELMORE b 1870 at sea
Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1871 Colac VIC
Louisa Blanche MUCHMORE b 1871 (St Germans)
Louisa Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1873 Kingsbridge Ebenezer Chapel
Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1880 Maffra VIC
Louisa Maud MICHELMORE b 1886 (Totnes)
Louisa Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1892 Brixham
Louisa Finch MICHELMORE b 1903 (Totnes)
Louise Powell MITCHELMORE b 1857 (Stoke Damerel)
Louise Ethel MUCHMORE b 1880 Marylebone
Luce MUCCHAMORE b 1680
Lucia MUCKAMORE b 1702 Titsey
Lucretia May MUCHMORE b 1880 Marylebone
Lucy MUCKAMORE b 1727 Tatsfield
Lucy MICHELMORE b 1785 Totnes
Lucy C MICHELMORE b 1874
Lucy MICHEMORE b 1884 (Kensington)
Lydia Abigail MICHELMORE b 1918 Forsayth QLD
Lydia Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1939

Mabel MITCHELMORE b 1878 Dartmouth
Mabel Gertrude MITCHELMORE b 1881 Southampton
Mabel Florence MICHELMORE b 1894 Drury Lane
Mabel Phyllis MITCHELMORE b 1895 Paddington
Mabel MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Christchurch)
Mabel MUCHMORE b 1899 Battersea
Mabel Valerie Irene MITCHELMORE b 1902 Dartmouth
Madeline Louise MITCHELMORE b 1905 Paignton
Madge Eunice MICHELMORE b 1919 Emmaville NSW
Mamie Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1914 Green Island Cove NL
Marcia May MITCHELMORE b 1911 Denbury
Margeritt MYCHELMORE b 1550
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1570
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1570
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1590
Margaret MUCHELMORE b 1600
Margerita MICHELMORE b 1603 Buckfastleigh
Margareta MICHOLMORE b 1660
Margarett MICHELMORE b 1670
Margreat MITCHELMORE b 1670
Margareta MICHOLMORE b 1673 Buckfastleigh
Margret MITCHAMORE b 1677 Stoke Fleming
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1680
Margaret MUCHMORE b 1690 Charleton
Margret MICHELMORE b 1690 Buckfastleigh
Margareta MICHELMORE b 1691 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1695 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1696 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1728 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1729 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1731 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1756 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1765
Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1766 Plympton
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1769 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1779 Cockington
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1794 Buckfastleigh
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1800 Buckfastleigh
Margaret Eleanor MUCHMORE b 1820
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1822 Totnes
Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1828 Stoke Fleming
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1829 Combeinteignhead
Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1844 Penderyn, Breconshire
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1847 (Totnes)
Margaret Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1849 St Pancras, London
Margaret Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1865 (Plymouth)
Margaret MUCHMORE b 1868 (Liskeard)
Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1878 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Margaret Annie MITCHAMORE b 1880 OH
Margaret Eugenie MICHELMORE b 1881 Kingskerswell
Margaret Jane MUCHMORE b 1881 Battersea
Margaret Jane MUCHMORE b 1881 Grenville
Margaret Theresa MUCHMORE b 1883 ON
Margaret May MITCHELMORE b 1885 (Newton Abbot)
Marguerite Daisy MITCHELMORE b 1889 Brentford
Margaret Lavinia MITCHELMORE b 1891 Plymouth
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1894 QLD
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1899 MN
Margaret Janet MICHELMORE b 1903 (Dolgelly)
Margaret Evelyn MITCHELMORE b 1906 Stoke Damerel
Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1913 Maffra VIC
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1915 Canada
Margaret Marie MITCHMORE b 1916 Chapel Hill TX
Maggie MITCHMORE b 1918 Brenham TX
Margaret Cecilia MUCHMORE b 1923
Margaret MUCHMORE b 1924 Camden Town
Margaret Rosemary MOUCHEMORE b 1926
Margaret Nell MITCHAMORE b 1929 Houston TX
Margaret MICHELMORE b 1930 (Newton Abbot)
Margaret Susan Janet MICHELMORE b 1931 (St Thomas)
Margaret Dorothy MITCHELMORE b 1936 (Newton Abbot)
Margaret Rose MITCHELMORE b 1948 (Newton Abbot)
Marian Kate MICHELMORE b 1885 Muswell Hill
Marion Olive MITCHELMORE b 1910 Brunswick VIC
Marian Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1916 Ocean Park CA
Marion Grace MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Epsom)
Marian Amy MICHELMORE b 1921 Exeter
Marion MITCHELMORE b 1936 (Fulham)
Margery MICHELMORE b 1593 Stoke Fleming
Margery MICHELLMOORE b 1658 Menheniot, Cornwall
Margery Doris MITCHELMORE b 1900 Shepherd's Bush
Margery Irene MITCHELMORE b 1912 Plymouth
Marjory MITCHELMORE b 1913 Brunswick East VIC
Margery MICHELMORE b 1938
Martha MIKELMORE b 1600
Martha MUCKAMORE b 1745 Westerham
Martha MUCKLEMORE b 1760 Westerham
Martha Jane MITCHELMORE b 1897 Green Island Cove NL
Mary MICHELMORE b 1580
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1600
Mary MICHOLMORE b 1600
Mary MICHELMORE b 1600
Mary MICHELMORE b 1600
Maria MICHELMAR b 1605 Buckfastleigh
Maria MITCHELMORE b 1607 Buckfastleigh
Maria MITCHELMORE b 1635 Buckfastleigh
Mary MICHELMORE b 1636 East Allington
Mary MUCHMORE b 1640
Mary MICHELMORE b 1640
Mary MICHELMORE b 1640 East Allington
Mary MICHELMORE b 1641 East Allington
Mary MICHELMOR b 1645 East Allington
Mary MICHELMORE b 1646 East Allington
Maria MITCHELMORE b 1647 Heptonstall St Thomas, Yorkshire
Maria MICHELMORE b 1660
Maria MICHELMORE b 1660
Mary MICHELMORE b 1660
Mary MUCHELMORE b 1673 Charleton
Mary MICHELMORE b 1678 Buckfastleigh
Mary MICHAMORE b 1686 Dittisham
Maria MICHELMORE b 1690 Buckfastleigh
Maria MICHELMORE b 1690 Buckfastleigh
Mary MUCHMORE b 1690
Maria MICHELMORE b 1692 Buckfastleigh
Mary MUCHMOORE b 1695 St Cleer, Cornwall
Mary MICHELMORE b 1698 Stokenham
Mary MUCHMORE b 1699 Menheniot, Cornwall
Mary MUCHEMORE b 1699 Charleton
Maria MUCHMORE b 1700
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1700
Mary MICHELMORE b 1700
Mary MUCHMORE b 1700
Mary MICHELMORE b 1700
Mary MUCKAMORE b 1700
Mary MICHMORE b 1700
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1700
Mary MUCHAMOR b 1701
Mary MUCHEMORE b 1703 Totnes
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1704 West Alvington
Mary MUCHMORE b 1717 St Germans, Cornwall
Mary MICHELMORE b 1724 Buckfastleigh
Mary MUCKAMORE b 1724 Tatsfield
Mary MICHELMORE b 1726 Buckfastleigh
Mary MICTHAMORE b 1728
Mary MUDGMORE b 1730
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1734 Charleton
Mary MICHELMORE b 1736 Buckfastleigh
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1738 Chivelstone
Mary MUCHEMORE b 1740
Mary MICHELMORE b 1740
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1742 West Alvington
Mary MICHAMORE b 1743 Totnes
Mary MUCHMORE b 1744 St Germans, Cornwall
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1746 Stokenham
Mary MICHELMORE b 1747 Slapton
Mary MICHELMORE b 1747 Blackawton
Mary MICHELMORE b 1750
Mary MICHELMORE b 1754 Stokenham
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1756 Stokenham
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1756 West Alvington
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1757 Stokenham
Mary MICHAMOOR b 1760
Mary MICHELMOOR b 1760
Mary MICHELMORE b 1760 Charleton
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1760 Stokenham
Mary MICHELMORE b 1761 Buckfastleigh
Mary MICTHAMOR b 1762 Chivelstone
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1762 Stokenham
Mary MUCHMORE b 1764 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Mary MICHELMORE b 1764 Blackawton
Mary MICHMORE b 1764 South Milton
Mary MICHELMORE b 1766 Buckfastleigh
Mary MITCHMORE b 1769 Liskeard, Cornwall
Mary MUCKLEMORE b 1769 Westerham
Mary MICHELMORE b 1770
Mary MICHELMORE b 1770
Mary Ann MICHELMORE b 1770
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1772 Plympton
Mary MICHELMORE b 1773 Buckfastleigh
Mary MICHELMORE b 1774 Blackawton
Mary MUCHMORE b 1774 Churchstow
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1775 Devon
Mary MICHELMORE b 1775 Buckfastleigh
Mary MICHELMORE b 1776 Blackawton
Mary MICHAMORE b 1776 South Pool
Mary MICHMOOR b 1778 East Allington
Mary MICHELMORE b 1779 Totnes
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1779 Charleton
Mary MICHELMORE b 1780
Mary MITCHMORE b 1780
Mary Ann MUCHMORE b 1780 Stoke Damerel
Marey MITCHELMORE b 1783 Sherford
Mary MICTHAMORE b 1783 Chivelstone
Mary MUCHEMORE b 1784 South Huish
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1784 Slapton
Mary MICHELMORE b 1785 Ashburton
Mary Hancock MUCHMORE b 1785 Stoke Damerel
Mary MICHELMORE b 1786 Slapton
Marey MITCHELMORE b 1787 Sherford
Mary MITCHLMORE b 1787 Sherford
Mary MUCKAMORE b 1787 Oxted
Mary MICHELMORE b 1787 Plympton
Mary Ann MITCHLMORE b 1789 Sherford
Mary MUTCHMORE b 1790
Mary MUCHMORE b 1790 St Martin by Looe, Cornwall
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1791 Wolborough St Mary
Mary MICHELMORE b 1794 Buckfastleigh
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1794 Moretonhampstead
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1795 Chivelstone Ford
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1795 Buckfastleigh
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1795 Sherford
Mary MICHELMORE b 1796 Buckfastleigh
Mary Ann MUCHMOORE b 1797 East Allington
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1798 Broadhempston
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1799 Dartmouth
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1799 Churchstow
Maria MICHELMORE b 1800 Buckfastleigh
Mary MUCHMORE b 1800 Liskeard, Cornwall
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1800 Stoke Fleming
Mary MICHELMORE b 1802 Buckfastleigh
Marria MITCHALMORE b 1803 Sherford
Mary MITCHELOR b 1804
Mary MITCHAMORE b 1804 Kingsbridge
Mary Ann MICHELMORE b 1805
Mary Kellond MITCHELMORE b 1807 Dartmouth
Mary MUCHMORE b 1808
Maria MUCHMORE b 1809 Plymouth
Maria Morris MITCHELMORE b 1809 Churchstow
Mary MUCHMORE b 1809 Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1809 Slapton
Mary Anne Quirke MICHELMORE b 1809 St Decumans, Somerset
Mary MICHMORE b 1810
Mary MUCHMORE b 1810 Fowey, Cornwall
Mary MUCHMORE b 1812 Thurlestone
Mary Blake MITCHAMORE b 1812 Plymouth
Mary MICHELMORE b 1813 Broadhempston
Mary Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1813 Cockington
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1815 Churchstow
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1816 Stokenham
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1818 Charleton
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1819 Stokenham
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1819 Thurlestone
Maria MITCHELMORE b 1821 Churchstow
Mary MICHELMORE b 1821 Buckfastleigh
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1822 Sherford
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1823 Slapton
Mary Ann MICHELMORE b 1823 Westminster
Mary Ann Ammon MUCHMORE b 1823 Devonport
Mary Hanshew MICHELMORE b 1823 St Martin in the Fields
Mary MUCHAMORE b 1824 East Allington
Mary MICHELMORE b 1824 Combeinteignhead
Mary Anne MICHAMORE b 1824 Ringmore
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1825 Plymouth
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1827 Stoke Fleming
Maria MITCHELMORE b 1828 Sherford
Mary MICHELMORE b 1828
Mary Ann MICHELMORE b 1829 Dittisham
Mary Ann MUCHMORE b 1829 Ottawa
Mary Jane MICHELMORE b 1829 Totnes
Mary B MITCHMORE b 1830
Maria MICHELMORE b 1832 Buckfastleigh
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1832 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Mary Ann Coombes MICHELMORE b 1832 Buckfastleigh
Mary Lane MITCHLMORE b 1832 Brixham
Maria MITCHELMORE b 1834 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Mary Jane MITCHELMORE b 1834 Slapton
Mary Elizabeth Ellen MUCHAMORE b 1835 Plymouth
Maria MITCHELMORE b 1836 Stoke Fleming
Maria Winifred MITCHELMORE b 1836 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Mary Jane MITCHELMORE b 1836 St John's NL
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1837 Ringmore
Mary Grace MICHELMORE b 1837 (Totnes)
Maria MITCHAMORE b 1838 Exeter
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1838 Stoke Fleming
Mary Ann Lewarne MUCHMORE b 1838 (Falmouth)
Mary Webb MITCHELMORE b 1838 Slapton
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1839 Harberton
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1840 Slapton
Mary Jane MUCHMORE b 1840 Liskeard, Cornwall
Mary Jane MITCHELMORE b 1842 Cardiff
Mary Louisa MICHELMORE b 1842 (Newton Abbot)
Mary Jane MITCHELMORE b 1844 (Kingsbridge)
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1846 South Pool
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1847 Slapton
Mary Ann MICHELMORE b 1850 Marylebone
Mary Ellen MICHELMORE b 1850 (Totnes)
Mary Grace MITCHELMORE b 1850
Mary Louisa MITCHELMORE b 1850 Paddington
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1851 (Kingsbridge)
Mary Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1851 (Liskeard)
Mary Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1851 Dartmouth
Mary Ann Scoble MITCHELMORE b 1853 (Stoke Damerel)
Mary MICHALMORE b 1854 Strete
Mary Frances MICHELMORE b 1856 (St Giles)
Maria Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1857 Plymouth
Mary Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1857 Totnes
Mary Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1857 (Falmouth)
Mary Jane MITCHELMORE b 1858 Churchstow
Mary Jane MITCHELMORE b 1858 Bristol St John the Baptist
Mary Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1858 East Stonehouse
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1859 Strete
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1859 Green Island Cove NL
Mary Jane MITCHELMORE b 1859 (Kingsbridge)
Mary Simmonds MICHELMORE b 1859 Port Adelaide SA
Mary Ann MICHELMORE b 1861 (Tavistock)
Mary Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1861 Bristol St Philip & St Jacob
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1862 Slapton
Mary Ellen MICHELMORE b 1862 (Totnes)
Mary MITCHMORE b 1863
Mary Maria MITCHELMORE b 1863 Colac VIC
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1864 Blackawton
Mary Ann MICHELMORE b 1864 Totnes
Mary MICHELMORE b 1865 Stokenham
Marie MICHELMORE b 1866
Mary Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1866 (Stoke Damerel)
Mary Ellen MICHELMORE b 1868 Stokenham
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1870 Stokenham
Mary Ann Caroline MUCHAMORE b 1870 Plymouth
Mary Ann MICHELMORE b 1871 Marldon
Mary Ann MUCHMORE b 1871 South Crosby ON
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1873 Maffra VIC
Mary Ellen MUCHMORE b 1875 Morton ON
Mary A MICHELMORE b 1876 Brooklyn NY
Mary Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1878 Holne
Mary Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1878 Stokenham
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1879 (Newton Abbot)
Maria MITCHELMORE b 1880
Mary Ann MUCHMORE b 1881 Gananoque ON
Mary Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1882 Stoke Fleming
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1883 Rattery
Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1883 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1885 Plymouth
Mary Emily MICHELMORE b 1885 Meadows SA
Mary Jane MICHELMORE b 1886 Buckfastleigh
Mary Anne MICHELMORE b 1887 (Dolgelly)
Mary Louise MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Southampton)
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1889 Green Island Cove NL
Mary Beatrice MITCHELMORE b 1889 Liverpool
Mary Catherine MICHELMORE b 1889 Llanddwywe
Mary Frances MITCHELMORE b 1892 Black Duck Cove NL
Mary May MICHELMORE b 1892 QLD
Mary Jane MICHELMORE b 1893 Holne
Mary Elizabeth Theresa MUCHMORE b 1895 Chatham
Mary Ann MICHMORE b 1901 (Pembroke)
Mary Bernadette MUCHMORE b 1902 Kingston ON
Mary Kate MICHELMORE b 1904 (Kingsbridge)
Mary Agnes MICHELMORE b 1907 Paddington
Mary Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1911
Mary MICHELMORE b 1912 (Newton Abbot)
Mary Kate MITCHAMORE b 1912 Brenham TX
Mary Lenora MITCHELMORE b 1913 Green Island Cove NL
Mary Constance MITCHELMORE b 1914 Hong Kong
Mary Ellen MICHELMORE b 1914 SK
Mary Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1918
Mary Hannah MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Mary Doreen MITCHELMORE b 1920 Bristol
Mary Martha MITCHELMORE b 1920 Green Island Cove NL
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1921 (Newton Abbot)
Mary Helen MUCHMORE b 1924
Mary MITCHELMORE b 1944 Inverell NSW
Marianne MITCHELMORE b 1828 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Matilda Sargent MUCHMORE b 1865 (Liskeard)
Matilda Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1870 (Kingsbridge)
Matilda Evelyn MUCHMORE b 1895 Liskeard, Cornwall
Maud Mary Sarah MUCHMORE b 1877 (Pancras)
Maud MITCHELMORE b 1878 Southampton
Maud Mary MITCHELMORE b 1879 (Stoke Damerel)
Maud Mary Ann MITCHELMORE b 1879 Wolborough St Leonard
Maude MICHELMORE b 1888 Homerton
Maud Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1915
Maura Ann MICHELMORE KINSELLA b 1940 (Hampstead)
Mavis Helen MICHELMORE b 1900
Mavis June MICHELMORE b 1936
May MITCHELMORE b 1888 (Christchurch)
May MOUCHEMORE b 1892 Queenscliff VIC
May Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1893 Plymouth
May MUCHMORE b 1894 (Wandsworth)
May Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1901 (Southwark)
May Ileen MICHELMORE b 1914 Alberton SA
Melba MITCHELMORE b 1917 South Shields, Durham
Melinda Kay MITCHAMORE b 1965 Pasadena TX
Mildred MICHELMORE b 1824
Mildred MICHELMORE b 1840 (Isle of Wight)
Mildred Amelia MICHELMORE b 1842 Westminster
Mildred Isabel MICHELMORE b 1863 Enfield
Mildred Hope MICHELMORE b 1886 Canterbury NSW
Mildred Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Kingsbridge)
Mildred Rosalind MICHELMORE b 1898 Westminster
Mildred Emily MICHELMORE b 1908 (Wandsworth)
Mildred MITCHEMORE b 1910
Mildred Jewel MITCHMORE b 1918 Chapel Hill TX
Millicent M MUCHMORE b 1895 (Wandsworth)
Millicent Loreen MITCHELMORE b 1918 Winnipeg MB
Minnie Cecily Beatrice Maud MUCHMORE b 1868 Marylebone
Minnie MICHELMORE b 1873 Brixham
Minnie Frances MUCHMORE b 1889 ON
Minnie Myrtle MITCHAMORE b 1892 TX
Miriam MITCHAMORE b 1796 Chivelstone
Miriam MITCHELMORE b 1819 Chivelstone
Miriam MOUCHEMORE b 1891 Queenscliff VIC
Miriam MITCHELMORE b 1908 Green Island Cove NL
Myra Jean MICHELMORE b 1921 Willunga SA
Muriel Anne MICHELMORE b 1888 (Kingsbridge)
Muriel Violet MITCHELMORE b 1891 New Brentford
Muriel Amy MITCHELMORE b 1905 Newton Ferrers
Muriel P MITCHELMORE b 1907
Muriel Gwendoline MITCHELMORE b 1909 Strete
Muriel Dorothy MITCHELMORE b 1914 Plymouth
Muriel Grace MITCHELMORE b 1915 Winnipeg MB
Muriel Alice MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Portsmouth)
Muriel MUCHAMORE b 1924
Myrtle MITCHELMORE b 1895 Green Island Cove NL

Nancy MITCHELMORE b 1794 Chivelstone Ford
Nancy Lee MICHELMORE b 1939 Detroit MI
Nancy A MICHELMORE b 1940 St Catharines ON
Naomi MITCHAMORE b 1881 TX
Naomi Louise MICHELMORE b 1897 Burwood NSW
Nellie MICHELMORE b 1891 Red Lion Square
Nellie Lee MITCHAMORE b 1904 Brenham TX
Nellie Gertrude MICHELMORE b 1905 Strand
Nellie Maud MICHELMORE b 1914 Alberton SA
Nellie MITCHELMORE b 1928
Nina MICHELMORE b 1861 Totnes
Nita Gertrude MICHELMORE b 1918 (Barnet)
Nora Guthrie MITCHELMORE b 1890 Spring Bay TAS

Olive Grace MOUCHEMORE b 1887 Queenscliff VIC
Olive MITCHELMORE b 1898 (Christchurch)
Olive MITCHELMORE b 1905 Ipplepen
Olive Florence MITCHELMORE b 1905 Plymouth St Aubyn
Olive Jean MICHELMORE b 1916 Alberton SA
Olive Cicely MITCHELMORE b 1919 (Christchurch)
Olive F MUCHMORE b 1927 (Marylebone)

Pamela Eugenie MITCHELMORE b 1939 (Fulham)
Patience MITCHELMORE b 1845 Dartmouth
Patricia Phyllis MICHELMORE b 1929 Mount Gambier SA
Patsy Ann MITCHMORE b 1941 Houston TX
Pauline Ethel MITCHELMORE b 1927 (Pancras)
Peggy MITCHEMORE b 1789 Dartmouth
Peggy MITCHIMORE b 1791 Dartmouth
Peggy MUCHMORE b 1805 Liskeard, Cornwall
Peggy Florence MITCHELMORE b 1921 (Guildford)
Peggy Duvall MITCHELMORE b 1928
Petronella MICHELMORE b 1678 Buckfastleigh
Petronel MITCHELMORE b 1759 Stokenham
Phillipa MITCHELMORE b 1600
Phillippa MICHELMORE b 1678 Buckfastleigh
Phillippa MICHELMORE b 1681 Buckfastleigh
Phillippa MICHELMORE b 1688 Buckfastleigh
Phillipa MICHELMORE b 1700
Philippa MICHELMORE b 1718 Buckfastleigh
Phoebe Madeline MITCHELMORE b 1896 Stokenham
Phoebe Joan MICHELMORE b 1927 Topsham
Phillis MICHELMORE b 1689
Philis MICHELMORE b 1709 Buckfastleigh
Phillis MICHELMORE b 1839 (Totnes)
Phyllis Ada MITCHELMORE b 1909 Kensal Rise
Phyllis Emily Mary MICHELMORE b 1910 Vancouver BC
Phyllis Louise MITCHELMORE b 1911 Dartmouth
Phyllis Rosetta MITCHELMORE b 1914 Plymouth
Phyllis Edna Naomi MICHELMORE b 1916 Emmaville NSW
Phyllis Freda MITCHELMORE b 1916 (Paddington)
Prudence MICHELMORE b 1660
Prudence MICHELMORE b 1670

Rachael MUCHMORE b 1877 South Crosby ON
Rebecca MICKELMORE b 1600
Rebeka MICHEMER b 1690
Rebecca MUCKAMORE b 1696 Chelsfield or Chiselhurst, Kent
Rebecca MICHORMORE b 1700
Rebecca MICHILMORE b 1710
Rebeccah MUCHMORE b 1733 St Germans, Cornwall
Rebeckah MICHELMORE b 1735 Buckfastleigh
Rebecca MICHELMORE b 1767 Buckfastleigh
Rebecca MICHELMORE b 1787 Ashburton
Rebecca MICHELMORE b 1809 Ashburton
Rebeckah MICHELMORE b 1809 Buckfastleigh
Rebecca MICHELMORE b 1817 Broadhempston
Rebecca MITCHELMORE b 1848 Cardiff St John+
Rebecca Thomasine MITCHELMORE b 1861 Glamorgan TAS
Rebecca MUCHMORE b 1882 Chatham
Rebecca MITCHELMORE b 1929
Rhoda Eliza MITCHELMORE b 1908 (Kingsbridge)
Rhoda Ella La Bassee MUCHAMORE b 1915 Wadebridge
Rychorda MYTCHILMORE b 1597 Buckfastleigh
Richord MITCHELMORE b 1680
Richord MUCHMORE b 1732 Slapton
Rita Lawn MITCHELMORE b 1908
Rita Mabel MITCHELMORE b 1913 (East Stonehouse)
Rosabella Gertrude MICHELMORE b 1868 Wolborough St Paul
Rosalie Jane MOUCHEMORE b 1880 Queenscliff VIC
Rosalie Marion MICHELMORE b 1902 Dartmouth
Rosalinda Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1864 St Helier, Jersey
Rosanna MITCHELMORE b 1908
Rosa MITCHELMORE b 1853 (Kingsbridge)
Rose MITCHELMORE b 1866 Jersey
Rosa Ellen MITCHELMORE b 1867 (Kingsbridge)
Rose Hellard MICHELMORE b 1871 Wolborough St Leonard
Rose MITCHELMORE b 1887 Richmond VIC
Rosa May MITCHELMORE b 1891 (Southampton)
Rose May MICHELMORE b 1892 QLD
Rose MICHELMORE b 1911 Gilberton QLD
Rose Florence MITCHELMORE b 1915 (Fulham)
Rosie MITCHELMORE b 1918 (Dolgelly)
Rose MICHELMORE b 1926 (Exeter)
Rose MUCHMORE b 1930 (Pancras)
Rosemary MITCHELMORE b 1925 Chillington
Rosina Florence MITCHELMORE b 1886 Blackawton
Rosina MITCHELMORE b 1896 (Fulham)
Rowena MITCHELMORE b 1933 Green Island Cove NL
Ruth MOUCHEMORE b 1887 Queenscliff VIC
Ruth MITCHELMORE b 1895 Green Island Cove NL

Sarah MICHELMORE b 1683
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1690 Buckfastleigh
Sarah MICHAELMORE b 1700
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1700
Sarah MUCHMORE b 1700
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1700
Sarah MITCHAMORE b 1716 Totnes
Sarah MUCKAMORE b 1733 Westerham
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1742 Stokenham
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1753 Blackawton
Sarah MUCHAMORE b 1754 Malborough
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1762 Sherford
Sarah MUCHLEMORE b 1764
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1775 Stokenham
Sarah MICHILMORE b 1776
Sarah MUCHMORE b 1780
Sarah Humberstone MITCHELMORE b 1785 Stokenham
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1786 Stokenham
Sarah MUCHAMORE b 1787 East Allington
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1788 Chivelstone
Sarah Pearse MITCHELMORE b 1791 Stokenham
Sarah MUCHAMORE b 1792 South Milton
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1802 Chivelstone Ford
Sarah MUCHMORE b 1803 Liskeard, Cornwall
Sarah MUCHMORE b 1804 Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall
Sarah Soper MUCHMORE b 1805 Plymouth
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE b 1808 Chivelstone Ford
Sarah MUCHMOORE b 1810
Sarah Mercia MICHELMORE b 1810 St John NB
Sarah MUCHAMORE b 1811 Dartmouth
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1814 Stokenham
Sarah Isabelle MICHELMORE b 1816 Cornworthy
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1818 Thurlestone
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1820 Slapton
Sarah MUCHMOOR b 1821 East Allington
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1822 Stokenham
Sarah MITCHLEMORE b 1826 Ringmore
Sarah Jane MICHELMORE b 1826 Thurlestone
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1831 Churchstow
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1832 Westminster
Sarah Isabella Symons MICHELMORE b 1832 Cornworthy
Sarah Anne MITCHELMORE b 1833 St John's NL
Sarah Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1833 at sea aboard Mary Ann
Sarah Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1833 Gananoque ON
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1834 Churchstow
Sarah Mercia MUCHMORE b 1836 Chatham
Sarah Grace MITCHELMORE b 1837 Charleton
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1838 Stokenham
Sarah MICHELLMORE b 1838 Penderyn, Breconshire
Sarah MUCKLEMORE b 1840
Sarah Ann MICHELMORE b 1840 Newton Abbot
Sarah J MICHMORE b 1840
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1842
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1843 Slapton
Sarah Ann MICHELMORE b 1843 Keys Tiers SA
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1844 Slapton
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE b 1845 Churchstow
Sarah Burrell MITCHELMORE b 1845 St Helier, Jersey
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE b 1847 Thurlestone
Sarah Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1847 Knightsbridge
Sarah MUCHMER b 1849 Camberwell
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1849 Slapton
Sarah MICHELMORE b 1849 East Allington
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE b 1849 Tiverton
Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE b 1850 Cardiff
Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE b 1854 Strete
Sarah Ann Sophia MICHELMORE b 1857 (Newton Abbot)
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE b 1859 Strete
Sarah Mary MITCHELMORE b 1859 (Kingsbridge)
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1860 Cornwall
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE b 1861 East Allington
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1862 Stokenham
Sarah Isabell Simmons MICHELMORE b 1862 Bulls Creek
Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE b 1862 (Newton Abbot)
Sarah Kate MITCHELMORE b 1862 Totnes
Sarah Rider Crocker MITCHELMORE b 1862 (Totnes)
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE b 1864 East Allington
Sarah Elizabeth MITCHELMORE b 1868 Stokenham
Sarah Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1871 Paignton
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1874 Maffra VIC
Sarah Louise MITCHELMORE b 1874 Kensington
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1875 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Sarah Ann MITCHELMORE b 1877 Blackawton
Sarah Louise MUCHMORE b 1877 Marylebone
Sarah Elliott MICHELMORE b 1879 Meadows SA
Sarah Alice MITCHAMORE b 1882 Detroit MI
Sarah Beatrice MICHELMORE b 1885 Totnes
Sarah Elizabeth MUCHMORE b 1885 Gananoque ON
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1892 Plymouth
Sarah Fanny MITCHELMORE b 1894 Green Island Cove NL
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1898 Green Island Cove NL
Sarah Elizabeth MICHELMORE b 1900 Dyffryn, Merionethshire
Sarah MITCHELMORE b 1913 (Pontypridd)
Sarah Jane MITCHELMORE b 1929 Green Island Cove NL
Sedina Alice MITCHELMORE b 1922 Hobart TAS
Selina MITCHELMORE b 1842 Dartmouth
Selina Cordelia MUCHMORE b 1843 Chatham
Selina MITCHELMORE b 1866 (Newton Abbot)
Selina MUCHMORE b 1892 Plymouth
Selina Merle MICHELMORE b 1918 nr Meadows
Sheila Lily MITCHELMORE b 1928 Plymouth
Shirley Ann MITCHELMORE b 1943 (Kingsbridge)
Sibly MUCHMORE b 1600
Sickley MITCHELMORE b 1690
Sonja Kathlyn MITCHAMORE b 1938 Hempstead TX
Sophia MITCHELMORE b 1787 Chivelstone Ford
Sophia MICHELMORE b 1811 Cockington
Sophia MUCHMORE b 1835 St Pancras
Sophia MITCHELMORE b 1838 Hobart TAS
Sophia Ann MUCHMORE b 1838 (Pancras)
Sophia MITCHELMORE b 1912 Green Island Cove NL
Susan MUCHAMORE b 1805 Plymouth
Susan MICHELMORE b 1805 Buckfastleigh
Susan MUCHMORE b 1813 Fowey, Cornwall
Susan MUCHAMORE b 1814 Stoke Damerel
Susan MICHELMORE b 1829 Broadhempston
Susan MITCHELMORE b 1830 Harberton
Susan Ann MICHELMORE b 1837
Susan Anne MITCHELMORE b 1837
Susan MITCHELMORE b 1855 Kingsteignton
Susan MITCHELMORE b 1860 (Newton Abbot)
Susan Elizabeth Shellabear MICHELMORE b 1877 Totnes
Susan Annie MITCHELMORE b 1887 Totnes
Susan Jane MITCHELMORE b 1888 Strete
Susan Doust MICHELMORE b 1905 Brixham
Susan Lyle MITCHELMORE b 1944 Vancouver BC
Susan Jane MICHELMORE b 1950
Susan Fay MITCHELMORE b 1952
Susanna MICHOLMORE b 1660
Susannah MICHELMORE b 1675 Buckfastleigh
Susanna MITCHMOORE b 1700
Susanna MUCKAMORE b 1700
Susannah MUCKAMORE b 1710
Susanna MUCHELMORE b 1712 Stokenham
Susanna MUCHAMORE b 1717 Stokenham
Susanna MITCHAMORE b 1718 Totnes
Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1736 Stokenham
Susanna MUCHMORE b 1739 Menheniot, Cornwall
Susanna MUCHAMORE b 1744 Chivelstone
Susanna MICHELMORE b 1750
Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1759 Stokenham
Susanna Ann MITCHELMORE b 1766 Stokenham
Susanna MICTHAMORE b 1784 Chivelstone
Susanna MICHELMORE b 1785 Stokenham
Susanna MUCKAMORE b 1785 Oxted
Susanna MUCHMORE b 1787 Holborn
Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1793 Slapton
Susannah MUCKMORE b 1800
Susanna MACHMORE b 1807 Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall
Susanna Widger MICHELMORE b 1826 Ashburton
Susanna Ching MICHELMORE b 1827 Dittisham
Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1828 Stokenham
Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1829 Thurlestone
Susanna Sophia MITCHELMORE b 1830 Thurlestone
Susanna Sophia MITCHELMORE b 1833 Thurlestone
Susanna Phillis MICHELMORE b 1844 (Totnes)
Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1866 Green Island Cove NL
Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1867 Colac VIC
Susannah MITCHELMORE b 1886 Black Duck Cove NL
Susanna MICHELMORE b 1890 Buckfastleigh
Susannah MITCHELMORE b 1890 Green Island Cove NL
Susannah MITCHELMORE b 1892 Green Island Cove NL
Susannah MITCHELMORE b 1908 Green Island Cove NL
Susanna MITCHELMORE b 1910
Sybilla MICHELMORE b 1781 Cockington

Tabitha MITCHELMORE b 1831 Plymouth
Tamsen MICHELMORE b 1520
Thamzin MICHELMOR b 1600
Theresa MUCHMORE b 1922 Detroit MI
Thirza Maud Mary MITCHELMORE b 1885 Slapton
Thomasyne MYCHELLMORE b 1582 East Allington
Thomasine MITCHELMORE b 1670
Thomasine MICHELMORE b 1820 Broadhempston
Thomasine Hoyle MUCHMORE b 1841 Stoke Damerel

Uarda Catherine MITCHELMORE b 1894 PA

Valerie June MITCHELMORE b 1935 England
Vera Parnell MITCHELMORE b 1878 Dartmouth
Vera Florence MITCHELMORE b 1904 Strete
Vera May MITCHELMORE b 1908 Plymouth
Vera Rosina MITCHELMORE b 1908 Plymouth St John
Vera MOUCHEMORE b 1916 Albany WA
Vera Frances MUCHMORE b 1922 (Wandsworth)
Vera Emily MITCHELMORE b 1935 (Fulham)
Verna Margaret MITCHELMORE b 1915 Saskatoon SK
Veronica Rachel MUCHMORE b 1901
Victoria Kate MITCHELMORE b 1893 Kew VIC
Violet MITCHELMORE b 1887 (Newton Abbot)
Violet Milvena MICHELMORE b 1898 (Totnes)
Violet Thirza MITCHELMORE b 1902 Hammersmith
Violet May MICHELMORE b 1903 Ventnor, Isle of Wight
Violet Mary MITCHELMORE b 1913 ON
Violet Louise MITCHELMORE b 1915 (Dublin South)
Violet Frances MUCHMORE b 1918 (Pancras)
Virginia Jean MITCHELMORE b 1922 Los Angeles CA

Weney MITCHELMORE b 1783 Sherford
Wilmotta MICHMORE b 1557 Ugborough
Wilmet MYCHELLMORE b 1560
Wylmotte MICHELMORE b 1600
Wilmote MICHELMORE b 1624 Blackawton
Willmot MUCHMORE b 1660 Tavistock
Wilmot MICHEMORE b 1665 Wolborough
Wilmotta MICHELMORE b 1682 Buckfastleigh
Willmot MICHELMORE b 1751 Sherford
Wilmot MICHELMORE b 1756 Sherford
Winifred MUCHMORE b 1780
Winifred Elsie MUCHMORE b 1879 Kentish Town
Winifred Annie MICHELMORE b 1890 (Kingsbridge)
Winifred MITCHELMORE b 1897 Plymouth
Winnie MICHELMORE b 1897 (Chelsea)
Winifred MITCHELMORE b 1903 (Newton Abbot)
Winifred Susan MITCHELMORE b 1903 Fulham
Winifred Maud MITCHELMORE b 1907 Paignton
Winnifred MICHELMORE b 1911 Moose Jaw SK
Winifred Annie MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Newton Abbot)
Winifred Selina MUCHMORE b 1914 Plymouth
Winifred Joyce MUCHMORE b 1927 (Pancras)
Winifred Molly MICHELMORE b 1927 VIC
Winna Retta MITCHELMORE b 1914 (Kingsbridge)

Zoe MITCHELMORE b 1913 Maffra VIC