M*CH*MORE One Name Study

MICHELMORE legal firms and land agencies

A disproportionate number of 19th century MICHELMOREs were solicitors and land agents, and some of the firms they founded are still in operation today. All but one of these MICHELMOREs are in Tree 17, and most of them are descendants of Thomas. All the solicitor and land agent firms currently known are summarised below, in each case listed in order of their original foundation. Some MICHELMOREs in Tree 17 also appear to have operated independently: Thomas and Charles as solicitors and Herbert as a land agent.

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Michelmore, Loveys & Carter (Totnes)
Michelmore & Hacker (Totnes)
Michelmore & Presswell (Totnes)
Harold Michelmore (Newton Abbot)
Lewis & Michelmore (London)
Michelmore & Knowles (Wellington, Salop)
Ford, Lloyd, Bartlett & Michelmore (London)
Michelmores (Exeter & Sidmouth)
Land agents
Michelmore Hughes (Totnes)
Rickeard, Green & Michelmore (Exeter & Okehampton)