M*CH*MORE One Name Study

Publicans and related business people

Many M*CH*MOREs have brewed or sold beer or cider, usually opening public houses in which to sell them. Some have run public houses or hotels without being involved in brewing, while a few have simply bought and sold wine or spirits. The following lists all such M*CH*MORE business people included on this site.

First uploaded at Update #31.1

Name Dates Business Location
? MITCHELMORE 1867 Princess Royal Walham Green, Fulham
Amelia Mitchelmore GOOSEY née TEWSLEY 1879   Chelsea
Ann MICHELMORE née MILLER 1861 Commercial Inn Paignton
Ann MICHELMORE née MILLER 1871-1878 Rising Sun Inn Brixham
Charles MITCHELMORE 1901-1930 Tradesman's Arms Stokenham
Charlotte MITCHELMORE née STOATE 1876 The Phoenix 15 Palace Street, Westminster
Edith Marion MICHELMORE née GOLDWYER 1901-1915 Wine & spirit merchant Broadstone House, Dartmouth
Elias MITCHELMORE 1901-1919 New Inn Ilsington
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE née BROOKING 1861   35 Gloucester Street, St Helier, Jersey
Ernest Cecil MITCHELMORE 1889-1911 Miller of Mansfield Hotel Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
Frederick George MITCHELMORE 1895-1900 Dartmouth Arms Lower Street, Dartmouth
Frederick James MUCHMORE 1929-1953 Prince Alfred 49 Alscot Road, Bermondsey
Frederick Joseph Warren MITCHELMORE 1935 Town Arms Higher Street, Dartmouth
George Humberstone MITCHELMORE 1856-1859 The Lord Southampton Southampton Road, St Pancras
George Henry MITCHELMORE 1882 The Artichoke 143 Jubilee Street, Mile End
George Henry MITCHELMORE 1885-1891 United Services Hotel 7 David Place, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
George Michelmore Creber BARTER 1895 Beaufort Arms Nelson Street, Bristol
George Henry MITCHELMORE 1895 Grasshopper Hotel St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
Harriett MITCHELMORE née REYNOLDS 1900-1901 Grasshopper Hotel St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
Henry Andrew MITCHELMORE 1855-1875 The Phoenix 14 Palace Street, Westminster
Henry MICHELMORE 1866-1893 Wine & spirit merchant Broadstone House, Dartmouth
Herbert MICHELMORE 1900-1905 Wine & spirit merchant Broadstone House, Dartmouth
Jabez MITCHELMORE 1886-1890 Club Hotel Corner Parker & Bourke Street, Cootamundra,
New South Wales, Australia
James Weeks MITCHELMORE 1881-1891 Bristol Hotel 70 Esplanade, St Helier, Channel Islands
John MITCHELMORE 1834-1869 Custom House Inn Lower Street, Dartmouth
John MITCHELMORE 1837-1850 Cider merchant Fore Street, Brixham
John Alfred MICHELMORE 1894 Wine & spirit merchant Mackay, Queensland, Australia
John MITCHELMORE 1911 Cider merchant Ackrells Hill, Littlehempston
John Alfred MICHELMORE 191x Victoria Hotel Mackay, Queensland, Australia
John Alfred MICHELMORE 192x Prince of Wales Hotel Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Mabel Augusta Mary MITCHELMORE née ATHERTON 1901-1902 Dartmouth Arms Lower Street, Dartmouth
Mary Anne Quirke PROUSE née MICHELMORE 1851   Cardiff
Mary Ann MICHELMORE née PUDDICOMBE 1901-1915 Wine & spirit merchants Broadstone House, Dartmouth
Peggy-Anne MICHELMORE née ELIASON 200x Nebo Hotel Fort Cooper, Queensland, Australia
Philip MICHELMORE 1847 Devonshire Inn 29 Mersey Street, Liverpool
Philip MICHELMORE 1850-1857 Wine & spirit merchant 36 Lower Union Street, Torquay
Reginald George Andrew MICHELMORE 1908 Wine & spirit merchant 14 Caulfield Road, Peckham
Richard MITCHELMORE 1864-1870 Clarence Inn Clarence Hill, Dartmouth
Robert MICHELMORE 1813-1829 Cider merchant Fishacre, Broadhempston
Sidney Alfred MUCHMORE 1944 Robinson Crusoe 93 Broadley Street, Westminster
Thomas Wakeham MICHAMORE 1870-1889 Cider merchant & beerhouse keeper South Knighton, Ilsington
Thomas MICHELMORE 1901   Toronto ON, Canada
Thomas Ferris MITCHELMORE 1911-1919 Railway Hotel St Lawrence Lane, Ashburton
Walter James MUCHMORE 1861   Liskeard
William MICHELMORE 1838-1839   Cornworthy
William MICHELMORE 1841-1846 Royal Oak Inn East Street, Ashburton
William Quirke MICHELMORE 1847-1862 The Fountain Trinity Street, Cardiff
William MICHELMORE 1861 Commercial Inn Paignton
William Quirke MICHELMORE 1865 Ivy Bush Inn St Mary Street, Cardiff
William MICHELMORE 1870 Rising Sun Inn The Quay, Brixham
William Thomas MITCHELMORE 1871   35 Gloucester Street, St Helier, Jersey
William Henry MITCHELMORE 1889 New Inn Chillington
William Henry MUCHIMORE 1893-1907 Llanddwywe Inn Dyffryn, Merionethshire
William Richard Edwards MITCHELMORE 1897-1919 Albany Temperance Hotel 17 Middle Street, Yeovil, Somerset
William Richard Edwards MITCHELMORE 1914-1919 Fernleigh Commercial Hotel 67 Middle Street, Yeovill, Somerset