M*CH*MORE One Name Study


The M*CH*MOREs originated in Devon, England, but many have since emigrated all over the world. The vast majority have emigrated to the USA, Canada or Australia, with smaller numbers emigrating to New Zealand or other countries.

The following table outlines the various M*CH*MOREs that are known to have emigrated from England and are no longer living. People with a M*ch*more middle name are also included. Some of those listed may have returned to England or emigrated to further countries later.

Families are listed in order of the date they emigrated. Bold dates indicate that they have known M*CH*MORE descendants living in the same country. Click on a person's name to see their family. You may need to scroll down to find the person you are looking for.

Underlining (if any) indicates changes made at the latest update.

1833 Elkanah MITCHELMORE [Tree 02], his wife and his five children emigrated from Plymouth to Hobart TAS in 1833, a sixth child being born en route. He and his sons established themselves as builders and boat builders, married and had many children, and spread themselves across Tasmania, Williamstown VIC, Maffra VIC, Exeter SA, and Cootamundra NSW. Their descendants now live all over eastern Australia.
1840 Four sons of Philip MICHELMORE [Tree 18] emigrated to Australia in the 1840s. William was the first, arriving in 1840 and establishing a cattle farm at Meadows SA. Later, Thomas came with his parents (who soon returned to England); he became a ship's chandler in Adelaide SA.  Charles Andrew came next and set himself up as a sheep farmer at Curramulka SA. Descendants of these three brothers live all over South Australia today. The oldest brother, Philip Ching, pioneered the development of North Queensland and eventually settled in Pentland QLD. The history of himself and his descendants is described here; his last MICHELMORE descendant died in 2009. A distant cousin Philip also died in Pentland, but nothing is known about his life in Australia.
1845x Robert William Mitchelmore ISSELL [Tree 02] emigrated from Stokenham to Prahran VIC in the 1840s, followed by his brother George Mitchelmore ISSELL some time later. Two of Robert's grandsons also bore the middle name Mitchelmore.
1849 The brothers George Michelmore HITCHCOCK and Walter Michelmore HITCHCOCK [Tree 800] emigrated from London to Geelong VIC, where they established a successful drapery business. George became active in local politics, while Walter returned to England in about 1862 and acted as his London agent.
1852 Thomas Michelmore DARTON [Tree 501] emigrated with his wife Harriet from Plymouth to Victoria, but then moved to New Zealand in 1858.
1853? Alpheus C Mitchell MITCHELMORE Tree 09 emigrated from Stokenham to Victoria some time between 1851 and 1855, but changed his surname to MITCHELL on arrival. He is believed to have many descendants still living in Victoria.
1853? Robert MITCHELMORE [Tree 13] emigrated from Blackawton to Queensland some time between 1851 and 1855. He married, but it is not known if he had any children.
1854 William MITCHELMORE [Tree 05] emigrated from Dartmouth to Victoria. He married, but it is not known if he had any children.
1855 George MICHELMORE [Tree 16] and his wife Mary Crispin emigrated from Buckfastleigh to Victoria, their first son being born en route. They had several more children in their adopted country and eventually settled in Colac VIC. Their sons all moved to Melbourne, where several MICHELMORE descendants still live.
1858 Mary SHEPPERD n�e MITCHELMORE [Tree 09], together with her husband and her son John Mitchelmore SHEPPERD, emigrated from Charleton to Queensland.
1858 Carl Alfred Mitchelmore GUNTHER [Tree 801], b 1874 in Adelaide SA, was the son of a German immigrant. One of his sons was also given the middle name Mitchelmore. The origin of this surmid is unknown.
1858 Daniel Laverance MOUCHEMORE [Tree 13] maintained the unusual spelling of the M*CH*MORE surname after he arrived in Australia. He and his sons established themselves as fishermen at Queenscliff VIC. Later, his oldest son took his family to Albany WA and set himself up there. Today there are many MOUCHEMOREs living in or near Melbourne VIC, Albany WA and Perth WA.
1871 George Henry MICHELMORE [Tree 15] emigrated from London to Sydney NSW in 1871. His second cousin Edward may have accompanied or followed him, for he was also recorded as living in Sydney in 1883. George married and moved to Emmaville NSW with his family about 1905, and some of their children later moved to Queensland. It is not known if there are any living MICHELMORE descendants.
1876 Sophia Harriett MICHELMORE [Tree 17] left her husband and, with her son Charles and daughters Amy and Cecilia, moved from London to Sydney NSW. In the 1880s, Amy died in Sydney and Sophia and Cecilia returned to England; but Charles stayed and was joined by his brother Charles Frederick Moore. It is not known whether there are any living MICHELMORE descendants.
1886 John Alfred MICHELMORE [Tree 17] emigrated from Stokenham to Mackay QLD in 1886, followed by his brothers William Trevosso in 1891 and Ernest Pitts in 1893. John established a flourishing merchant's business in Mackay that survived until well after his death, while William and Ernest became farmers. There are many MICHELMORE descendants living in southern Queensland today.
1910? The brothers Thomas Ernest and William Ernest MUCHMORE [Tree 20] emigrated from London to Australia some time in the 1900s, but it is not known if they travelled together or separately. In 1915, William died in Western Australia and Thomas married in Adelaide. It is not known if either of them have any living descendants.
1923 The brothers Harold James and Cyril Emmanuel MITCHELMORE Tree 09 emigrated from Stokenham to Perth WA. Their descendants are still living in Western Australia.
1924 Roland Gortleigh MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] emigrated from Pokesdown, Hampshire, to Tinaroo QLD, where he established a tobacco farm. He married but does not seem to have had any children.
1921 Frederick William MICHELMORE [Tree 18] moved from Canada (where he had immigrated in 1903) to Victoria with his four children and a step-daughter. Their descendants are still living in Victoria.
1927 Alma Frances Ada SOUTHGATE n�e MITCHELMORE [Tree 06], along with her second husband and three children, emigrated from London in 1927 and settled in Sydney NSW.
1958 Ronald Benjamin MITCHELMORE [Tree 11] emigrated with his wife and two children from London to Melbourne VIC. There do not appear to be any living MITCHELMORE descendants.
1963 Edwyna Margaret JONES n�e MITCHELMORE [Tree 05] emigrated with her husband from England to Perth WA in 1963.
1967? After a distinguished career in India, followed by a few years in England, Sir Walter Harold Strachan MICHELMORE [Tree 17] retired to Sydney NSW. 
1969 Robert Wilfred (Bob) MUCHAMORE [Tree 02] emigrated from England to Elizabeth South SA with his wife and six children, most of whom still live in the same area. Bob founded the M*CH*MORE One Name Study in the 1990s.
182x William MITCHELMORE, who may have come from Blackawton, married in St John's NL in 1828 and had three children there in the next 8 yr. Little more is known about this family.
1831 John Mitchelmore DURE moved from Stokenham to Brock Township ON. Nothing more is know about him.
1827? William MUCHAMORE [Tree 02] emigrated from South Milton to work on the Rideau Canal ON. There he married a local girl, changed his surname to MUCHMORE, and founded an extensive dynasty that has been documented by the Muchmore Family Association. Most of his descendants still live in Ontario.
1845? Dartmouth fisherman Thomas MITCHELMORE [Tree 05] settled on the west coast of Newfoundland some time between 1841 and 1853 and established an extensive dynasty there. Most of of his numerous descendants have lived in Green Island Cove NL, where even today the majority of the inhabitants are MITCHELMOREs.
1869 Thomas MICHELMORE [Tree 05] emigrated to Toronto ON. His nephew James Fulford followed him to Canada in 1890. After a short stay in New Hampshire, where he was visited by his brother William Henry, James moved to Brome QC. James's mother Bessie Maria Sarah Isabella joined him there in 1895, but by 1911 James was resident in Nipissing ON. Nothing is known of any MICHELMORE descendants.
1895? After her husband died, Elizabeth Ann Michelmore BROOKS [Tree 18] emigrated from Christow to Calgary AB with her son William Michelmore BROOKS. Nothing further is known about them.
1899 Charles Peters MITCHELMORE, his wife Ellen Louisa, and his brother Alphaeus Edward [Tree 09] emigrated from Sherford to rural Saskatchewan. Alphaeus did not marry, but Charles and Ellen had several children and many of their descendants still live in Saskatchewan today.
1902 Charles Philip MICHELMORE of Holne [Tree 18] emigrated from Buckfastleigh to rural Saskatchewan. He was followed by his brother Frederick William in 1903. In 1905, they were joined by their mother Mary Ellen and their siblings Philip John, Victor Cleave, James Henry, Francis Harold and Florence May in 1905. Frederick moved to Australia in 1921. It is not known if they have any living MICHELMORE descendants in Canada.
1903 Thomas Richard MICHELMORE [Tree 15] moved from Lambeth to Alberta and had established a large farm in the Strathcona District by 1906. It is not known whether he married or had children.
1904 William Thomas MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] was taken from a Poor Law School in Liverpool to a Dr Barnardo's Home in Toronto ON under the Child Emigration Scheme. However, by 1917 he was back in England and apparently never returned to Canada.
1906 Joseph Henry MICHELMORE, his wife Florence and their son Reginald [Tree 18] emigrated from London to Vancouver BC in 1906, and his brother Arthur John and his wife Evelyne joined them the following year. Their descendants are still living in Vancouver.
1908 Herbert Sampson Reynolds MITCHELMORE [Tree 05] emigrated from Jersey and settled in Gasp� QC. It is not known whether he married or had children.
1912 Edwin Herbert MITCHELMORE and his wife Laura [Tree 205] moved from Cardiff, Wales, to Winnipeg MB. They emigrated to the USA in 1926 and settled in Santa Monica LA. They do not appear to have any living MITCHELMORE descendants.
1912 George Henry MITCHELMORE and his wife Kate [Tree 05] emigrated from Stokenham to Toronto ON. Nothing further is known about them.
1914 Eric MICHELMORE [Tree 18] travelled to Ontario in order to join the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, returning to England in 1919.
1914 Rose May MITCHELMORE [Tree 05] travelled from Southampton to Port Colbourne ON. It is not known whether or how long she remained in Canada.
1953 Basil K MITCHELMORE Tree 09, his wife Sarah Ruth Ellen and his three daughters emigrated from Weymouth to Ontario. They do not appear to have had any male children.
New Zealand
1858 Thomas Michelmore DARTON [Tree 501] moved with his wife from Victoria, Australia, where he had immigrated in 1852, to Lawrence. Several of his descendants were also given the middle name Michelmore.
1859 Joanna ROSITTER n�e MICHELMORE [Tree 18] emigrated from Coombe in Teignhead to Christchurch with her husband.
1885? Ernest Laurence MUCHMORE [Tree 20] moved from St Germans, Cornwall, to Timaru, where he became a prominent businessman. There do not appear to be any living descendants.
1903 Beatrice Annie CROSS n�e MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] emigrated from Kingskerswell. Her brother William Henry emigrated at about the same time. It is not known if they travelled together, but they both settled near Timaru. There are several of William's MITCHELMORE descendants still living in New Zealand.
1926 Charles Ewart MITCHELMORE Tree 09 emigrated with his wife and three daughters from South Shields, Durham, to Lower Hutt. They have MITCHELMORE descendants still living in the country.
1925? William Charles MUCHAMORE [Tree 02] died in New Zealand in 1939, but is not known when he emigrated from England or with whom. There do not appear to be any living MUCHAMORE descendants.
1953 Marian Elizabeth MITCHELMORE n�e SCOTT Tree 09 travelled to New Zealand and died there in the same year.
1960? Alma Olive GOODCHILD n�e MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] died in New Zealand in 1992, but is not known when she emigrated from England.
Other countries
1820 Farmer Robert Michelmore BOVEY [Tree 315] left Buckfastleigh at the end of 1819 and arrived at the Cape, South Africa, more than 4 months later. His son of the same name returned to England before 1861, but nothing is known about any other descendants.
1873? Margaret Michelmore WHITEWAY n�e CHURCHWARD [Tree 16] moved to Okiep, South Africa, with her mine agent husband some time after 1871 and died there in 1876.
1875? Henry Sealy Michelmore SHAPLEY [Tree 18] emigrated to South Africa some time between 1871 and 1881 and married there.
1895? Draper Ernest Vernon MITCHELMORE [Tree 02] moved to Singapore, where he married and had four children. He and his family returned to England in 1919.
1901 Carpenter John MITCHELMORE [Tree 16] moved from Melbourne, Australia, to Claremont, South Africa, in 1901. He had a couple of children there, but became bankrupt and returned to Melbourne before 1909.
1904? Warehouseman Sydney Bertram MICHELMORE [Tree 18] emigrated to South Africa between 1901 and 1908. Nothing more is known about him.
1899? After serving in the Boer War 1899-1902, Philip John MICHELMORE [Tree 18] remained in South Africa, working in the goldmines in Johannesburg. His MITCHELMORE descendants are still living in Johannesburg.
1910 Station master John Wilson MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] emigrated from London to Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He returned to England in 1919 after his wife died, but his son 0893 remained in Zimbabwe and his MITCHELMORE descendants are still living in Zimbabwe and also in Australia.
1920? Draper's assistant Frank Michelmore STEVENS [Tree 18] emigrated to South Africa some time between 1913 and 1928 and married there.
1918? For a period between 1918 and 1929, Icel Edwin MICHELMORE [Tree 18] lived in Fiji, where he ran a chemist business.
1928? Sir Walter Harold Strachan MICHELMORE [Tree 17] took up an appointment in the British Army in India. In 1946 he left the army and established a business in Bombay. He retired in 1964 and moved to Australia.
1932 Entymologist Alfred Philip Galabin MICHELMORE [Tree 17] spent many years working in Tanzania and Zambia.
1945 Margaret Elizabeth ROBBINS n�e MUCHMORE [Tree 503] moved to the copperbelt of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) to join her husband, who had gone there in the mid-1930s.
1951? Aircraft engineer and pilot Herbert Basil Goldwyer MICHELMORE spent several years working in British Guiana (now Guyana).
1650? The earliest known emigrants were John MUCHMORE (Portsmouth NH) and John MUCHMORE (Windsor CT), whose descendants have been extensively documented by the Muchmore Family Association. They were undoubtedly descended from English colonists, but their link to the existing family trees is currently unknown. DNA testing shows that the Portsmouth line has a common origin with Trees 02, 05 and 09, suggesting that John immigrated from Devon. Howover, the Windsor line is quite distinct and it has not been possible to determine John's origin. MUCHMORE is by far the most prolific M*CH*MORE surname in the USA.
1770? Johnathan MICHMORE was employed as a carpenter in HM Shipyard in Detroit in 1778. It is not known where he came from or whether he remained in the USA.
1816 John MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] emigrated from Slapton to Philadelphia PA at the age of 23. By all accounts he was an inspiring preacher, eventually becoming pastor of Lewes Presbyterian Church at Lewistown DE. Tragically, he died when a river boat on which he was travelling caught fire. John left a wife but, as far as is known, no children. It is believed that two of his parishioners honoured him with a Mitchelmore surmid.
1825? It is known that James MITCHELMORE of Newton Abbot [Tree 05] was engaged in the Newfoundland fishing trade in the early 1800s. Some later records suggest that he and his wife Sarah may have settled in Brooklyn NY by 1858. Nothing further is known about this family.
1846 The brothers Bartholomew and Thomas Carlile MICHELMORE of Ashburton [Tree 18] moved to St Louis MI, where they were recorded as confectioners in 1850. Thomas established himself as a merchant, travelling between London and New York several times before he died in England in 1862.  Bartholomew had returned to England by 1871 and when he died in 1876, his estate was worth the equivalent of about �8 million. It is not known whether he made his fortune through his own efforts or inherited it from his brother.
1848 Jabez MITCHELMORE and his wife Maria [Tree 02] emigrated from London to Brooklyn NY, where he was a ship's carpenter. Nothing is known of them after 1871.
1862 After her husband died tragically in Plymouth, Sarah Jeffery MITCHAMORE [Tree 05] moved to Columbus OH with her daughter Elizabeth Ann and her sons Charles Hills and George Adams. George was killed in Arizona in one of the Indian wars. Charles became a salesman and inventor, married and had children, and died in Chicago IL. There do not appear to be any living descendants. 
1870 William Henry MITCHELMORE [Tree 05] emigrated from Stokenham at the age of 17 or 18. He appears to have returned to England by 1901.  
1870 William MITCHELMORE [Tree 02] was the first known M*CH*MORE to establish a dynasty in the USA.  His eldest son William junior came to Texas in 1870. He must have liked it, because two years later William senior brought his wife Jane and all his younger children over from East Allington. The family settled in Brenham TX and later, after Jane had died and William had remarried, Chappell Hill TX. William's sons William, Richard , John Thomas, Robert and Frank all established farms in the area of Texas between Houston and Austin. The vast majority of their many living descendants, now known by the surnames MITCHMORE and MITCHAMORE, still live in the south of Texas.
1872 Edwin MICHELMORE [Tree 19] emigrated from Paignton to Brooklyn NY, where he worked as a carpenter. He married another immigrant and they had two daughters.
1872 Charles Henry MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] moved from Charleton to New York at the age of 22. He was followed by his younger sister Elizabeth some time in the 1880s and his parents John and Tryphena in 1903. Charles studied at Chicago University and became a Baptist and then a Presbyterian minister, his appointments taking him from New York State to Pennsylvania, Nebraska and, finally, El Paso TX. Two of his sons, John Charles and Hugh Thomas, also became Presbyterian ministers. His descendants currently live in California, Oregon and Paris.
1875? Soon after her husband died in 1870 in Falmouth, Cornwall, Elizabeth MITCHELMORE [Tree 02] emigrated to Washington DC with her children Thomas Henry, Katie and William John. Their descendants lived in Oklahoma and (still today) Colorado.
1882 Lucy Mary MICHELMORE [Tree 17] left her husband Thomas Wilson in Kinson, Dorset, and moved with her son Ernest Edgecombe to settle in St Paul's MN. Lucy and Thomas were divorced in 1891, but Thomas also moved to St Paul's in 1894 bringing their son Thomas Graham with him. There are no known living MICHELMORE descendants.
1883 William Henry MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] emigrated from West Alvington and worked as a carpenter in Edison NE and a lift operator in Chicago IL. He married late in life and does not appear to have had any children.  
1889 John MICHELMORE [Tree 18] emigrated from Buckfastleigh to Philadelphia PA in May 1889, and his wife Emma and their children John Coombes, Louisa Maud, Daisy and William Victor followed him later in the same year. Their grandson Laurence was UN Commissioner General for Palestine Refugees in the 1960s. Their only known living MICHELMORE descendants live in California.
1895 William Hayman MICHELMORE [Tree 16] also left Buckfastleigh to settle in the USA, living most of his life in or near Lawrence MA. His brother Harry joined him the following year. Their cousin Robert appears to have joined Harry in 1912, his wife Emma and children Robert junior and Kenneth following two years later.  None of them appears to have any living MICHELMORE descendants.
1905 Robert MICHELMORE [Tree 13] of Blackawton emigrated to New York. He married there, but it is not known if he had any children.
1910? Philip MICHELMORE junior [Tree 17] moved from London to Ohio some time between 1901 and 1917, when he registered for the World War 1 draft. Nothing further is known about him.
1916 Thomas Richard MICHELMORE [Tree 15] emigrated from Alberta, Canada to New York NY with his family. Known descendants are living in Illinois and Florida.
1918 Jeffrey MICHELMORE [Tree 05] emigrated from Toronto ON to New York NY. It is not know whether he married or had children.
1926 Leslie Frank MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] moved from Ontario to Detroit MI. He married four years later, but does not appear to have had any children.
1926 Edwin Herbert MITCHELMORE [Tree 09] and his wife Laura emigrated from Winnepeg MB to Los Angeles CA. No male MITCHELMORE descendants are known.