M*CH*MORE One Name Study


Tree 903. Unlinked Australasia surmids

Collected in this subtree are all known cases of the use of M*ch*more as a middle name in Australia and New Zealand, for which no connection to the M*CH*MORE trees or subtrees has yet been found. The families are listed in the birth order of the heads.

Underlining (if any) indicates changes made at the latest update.


Tree 903

Family 1872

head  Henry MOCHMORE

b 182x

m 184x

sp      Sarah ??

b 182x

m 184x

son    William Machmore MOCHMORE

b 24May1854

chr 22Oct1854 Willoughby NSW


Tree 903

Family 0333

head  Carl Friedrich GUNTHER

(b 1845) Berlin, Germany

      7Aug1849 GUNTER, wife & 1 child arrived Adelaide from Hamburg & Rio Janeiro aboard Princess Louise

17Jul1851 left Adelaide SA aboard Catherine for Valparaiso, Chile, with [father] Carl [Christian] and Louise Australian shipping records

1858 moved to South Australia

186x apprenticed to Charles DOWNER, chemist of Port Adelaide SA (Carl) Australian life events

m1 14Jul1869 Greenock SA: Carl Friedrich GUNTHER, son of Carl Christian GUNTHER; Ellen LINN, daughter of John LINN; at the residence of John LINN

m1 14Jul1869 Greenock Creek SA: Carl Friedrich GUNTHER ^ Rundle Street, Adelaide, and George Street, Stepney; Ellen LINN, third daughter of Mr John LINN Australian newspaper announcements

1870 chemist ^ Rundle Street Adelaide: witness at inquest (Carl) Australian legal records

m2 28Dec1871 Adelaide: Carl Friedrich GUNTHER, widower, son of Carl Christian GUNTHER; Emily Yardley HOPKINS, daughter of George HOPKINS

m2 28Dec1871 Christchurch, North Adelaide: Carl Friedrich GUNTHER; Emily Yardley HOPKINS, second daughter of Mr George HOPKINS ^ Glanville Australian newspaper announcements

27Apr1872 chemist @ 27 b Berlin ^ Adelaide SA: has resided in South Australia for 14 yr, applies for naturalization Australian legal records

14May1872 chemist: took Oath of Allegiance for naturalisation Australian legal records

m2 28Dec1871 Christchurch, North Adelaide, HOPKINS (Carl Friedrich) Australian newspaper announcements

Jun1873 ^ Adelaide: awarded prize for a volume of etchings by the Art Union of London (C F) Australian life events

1875-1876 chemist & druggist ^ Adelaide: insolvent (Friedrich Carl) Australian legal records

Feb1876 chemist & druggist^ Adelaide: declared dividend Australian businesses

Nov1880 chemist ^ market buildings, Port Adelaide: gave evidence in a fire enquiry (Carl Frederick) Australian legal records

Jun1883 chemist & druggist ^ Port Adelaide: insolvent Australian legal records

12Oct1887 chemist: manager for Mr G PETERSON, Cobden VIC Australian life events

m3 6Apr1888 Register Office, Drummond Street, Carlton VIC, SCOTT (Carl F) Australian newspaper announcements

6Mar1891 chemist ^ Victoria Parade, Collingwood Australian legal records

d 1891 Collingwood VIC @ 46, father Carl Fred GUNTHER (Carl Fredk)

d 15Sep1891 120 Victoria Parade, Collingwood: chemist & druggist; probate granted 8Oct1891 to Richard DICKSON and Percival St John HALL of Melbourne Australian legal records

Mar1892 goodwill and stock in trade of chemist & druggist business formerly carried on by Carl GUNTHER at 120 Victoria Road, Collingwood, for sale Australian businesses

sp1    Ellen LINN

(b 1851)

m 14Jul1869 Greenock Creek SA

d 22Jun1870 Adelaide @ 19

sp2    Emily Yardley HOPKINS

chr 23May1852 St Paul's, Port Adelaide, "daughter of George & Clara"


m 28Dec1871 Adelaide

m 28Dec1871 Christchurch, North Adelaide Australian newspaper announcements

d 1Jan1884 Phoenix Apotheke, Commercial Road, Port Adelaide @ 31, "after birth of a stillborn daughter" Australian newspaper announcements

son    Carl Alfred Mitchelmore GUNTHER

b 15Jul1874 Adelaide

chr 10Jan1875 Christ Church, North Adelaide (Carl Alfred Mitchelimore)

m 28Aug1901 Christ Church, North Adelaide: Carl Alfred Mitchelmore GUNTHER @ 27, father Carl Frederick GUNTHER; Alice Mary SWINNEY @ 27, father William SWINNEY

m 28Aug1901 Christ Church, North Adelaide: Carl A M GUNTHER, second son of the late Carl F GUNTHER ^ Adelaide; Alice M SWINNEY, second daughter of William SWINNEY ^ Arnecliffe NSW Australian newspaper announcements

21Jan1904 departed Fremantle aboard RMS Orotava for Adelaide (Carl) Australian life events

son Carl Ernest Mitchelmore GUNTHER

b 1904 St Leonards NSW (Carl E M)

b 30Mar1904 4 Broughton Street, North Sydney, son of Mr & Mrs C A M GUNTHER of Arthur Street, Payneham, Adelaide Australian newspaper announcements

b 30Mar1904 Sydney NSW Australian military records

1921 student at Fort Street Boys' High School, Sydney: awarded a bursary upon the results of the intermediate certificate examination (Carl E) Australian life events

1923 student at Fort Street Boys' High School, Sydney: awarded a bursary upon the results of the Leaving Certificate Examination to attend Sydney University (Carl E M) Australian life events

1923 Rover mate, First Comanaray (NSW) Troop: presented with Medal of Merit for good service at Boy Scouts Corroboree in Melbourne (Carl E M) Australian life events

Mar1923 awarded an Exhibition [scholarship] in the Faculty of Medicine, Sydney University

Aug 1923 member of Sydney University Scouts, 1st Division Infantry: promoted to lieutenant Australian military records

1923-1941 military officers record of service Australian military records

1923-1941 studied at Sydney university for BMed, BSurg, GradDipTropMed & MD Australian life events

1930 student ^ 4 Morden Street, Cameray NSW Australian population surveys

Jan1931 working at Royal South Sydney Hospital (Carl Ernest) Australian legal records

m 1931 Edna M WALSHE, Chatswood NSW (Carl E M)

son Carl Frederick Mitchelmore GUNTHER

(b 1933) Australian newspaper announcements

Jul1955 passed examination as clerk in the Commonwealth Public Service Australian life events

31Jan1957 promoted from clerk to cadet valuer, Taxation Branch, Commonwealth Public Service, NSW, for training in urban land valuation Australian life events

1958 clerk ^ 30 Flaumont Avenue, Lane Cove NSW Australian population surveys

(m 1960), Helen DEC Australian newspaper announcements

1963 valuer ^ 36 Farnell Street, Ermington NSW Australian population surveys

1968  valuer ^ 29 Coutts Crescent, Collaroy Beach NSW Australian population surveys

2020 ^ 22 The Avenue, Collaroy (C F) Australian population surveys

d 28Jun2023 Collaroy @ 90 Australian newspaper announcements

1939-1948 enlisted in AIF, No. NX76596, next of kin [wife] Edna GUNTHER Australian military records

May1940 stationed at Bulolo, New Guinea Australian life events

1942 former Australian medical officer in New Guinea, now a prisoner of war Australian life events

1944 published Practical malaria control: A handbook for field workers, Philosophical Library, New York Australian life events

1944 major NX75696, Headquarters 8th Australian Division, Malaya: prisoner of war (C E M)

1945 major NX76596, HQ AIF, Singapore: prisoner of war, Changi POW camp (C E M)

12Dec1945 discharged as major AIF, HQ Malaya; had been a prisoner of war Australian military records

listed on WW2 Roll of Honour, Manly NSW Australian military records

1951 appointed major, New Guinea Volunteer Rifles Australian military records

Aug1957 appointed Medical Officer in the Repatriation Department, Commonwealth Public Service, NSW Australian life events

1958-1968 medical practitioner ^ 29 Flaumont Avenue, Lane Cove Australian population surveys

d 15Jun1976 NSW Australian newspaper announcements

d 15Jun1976 @ 73; bur Sydney War Cemetery, Rookwood NSW (Major C E M GUNTHER, MBE) Australian cemetery records

1916 Sydney NSW police investigation revealed the following:

- pharmaceutical and manufacturing chemist, expert on scents ^ 80 Erskine Street, Sydney NSW above print shop; working for Perdrian's rubber merchants ^ 270 George Street, Sydney; tall, spare-built, dark hair turning grey, well dressed and educated, "of particularly good address"; known as Charles MITCHELMORE because his name is too long and he wanted to obscure his German heritage

- father chemist, German born, naturalised, died 1901; mother Australian born, alive

- separated from wife, pays 30s/week maintenance; she lives with 2 children in Neutral Bay

- brother and brother-in-law in the Expeditionary Forces at the front

- has been known at his present address for 25 years Australian legal records

son Byron Gordon Mitchelmore GUNTHER

(b 1920)

m 194x Euphemia ??

d 20Jul2008 @ 88 ^ Como West (Byron Gordon) Australian newspaper announcements

1930 ^ Coogee, Darlinghurst West and Camaray NSW Australian population surveys

1933 ^ East Sydney NSW Australian population surveys

1937 ^ Annandale NSW Australian population surveys

1943 ^ Kensington NSW Australian population surveys

d 1949 Annandale NSW, father Carl (Carl Alfred M)

d 11Nov1949 Strathfield NSW @ 75 ^ 153 Anzac Parade, Kensington (Carl Alfred) Australian newspaper announcements

bur 14Nov1949 Rookwood Crematorium, Sydney (Carl Alfred) Australian newspaper announcements

sp3    Elizabeth SCOTT

b 184x

m 6Apr1888 Registry Office, Drummond Street, Carlton Australian newspaper announcements

6Mar1891 ^ Victoria Parade, Collingwood: sued husband for divorce on the grounds of his ill treatment of her and having misconducted himself Australian legal records

16Mar1891 decree nisi granted Australian legal records


Carl's surname was originally G√úNTHER, but it was soon anglicised to GUNTHER.










Another source indicates that Carl was 26 and Emily 19 at the time of their marriage in 1871.






































Emily's parents were probably George Feltham HOPKINS & Clara HADDY who married at Holy Trinity, Adelaide, on 1Jan1849. Clara may have been a sister of the Zelia HADDY who married John MITCHELMORE in Port Adelaide in 1860. Carl Friedrich must have liked John a lot to name his only son after him. Perhaps John befriended him soon after Carl arrived in Adelaide and accepted his Germanity without reservation.





















































Carl's memorial

Major Carl's memorial



Tree 903

Family 0991

head  Henry Mouchemore HAMBLEY

(b 1857)

Feb1907 @ 50: arrived Melbourne aboard Persic from Britain Australian shipping records


Tree 903

Family 0193

head  James POLLOCK

(b 1878)

1899-1940 Queensland Railway employee b 1878/1880, variously porter, shunter, guard, signalman, clerk ^ Townsville (James/J)

1903 railway porter ^ Ravenswood Junction Hotel, Ravenswood Junction

1906 railway employee ^ Towers Street, Charters Towers QLD Australian population surveys

1909 railway employee ^Sadds Lane, Charters Towers Australian population surveys

1910, 1911 railway guard ^ 251 Campbell Street, Rockhampton QLD

1912-1914 railway guard ^ East Lane off Fitzroy Street, Rockhampton

m 3Apr1913 QLD, SPEAR

1915 railway shunter ^ 34 William Street, off Gregory Terrace, Brisbane QLD

1922, 1934, 1939, 1941, 1949 railway employee ^ Twelfth Avenue, Railway Estate, Townsville QLD

d 20Sep1956 QLD, "son of James POLLOCK & Elizabeth née CLELAND"

sp      Mary Amy Ines Mitchelmore SPEAR

(b 1879)

1903 domestic duties ^ Ravenswood Junction QLD (May Amy Ines)

1905, 1906 domestic duties ^ Ravenswood Junction QLD (Mary Amy Mez Michelmore POLLOCK) Australian population surveys

1906 domestic duties ^ Towers Street, Charters Towers (POLLOCK) Australian population surveys

1908, 1909 domestic duties ^ Sadds Lane, Charters Towers (POLLOCK) Australian population surveys

1910, 1911 housewife ^ 251 Campbell Street, Rockhampton (Mary POLLOCK)

1912-1914 housewife ^ East Lane off Fitzroy Street, Rockhampton (Mary POLLOCK)

m 3Apr1913 QLD (Mary)

1915 housewife ^ 34 William Street, off Gregory Terrace, Brisbane (Mary)

1922, 1934, 1939, 1941, 1949 home duties ^ Twelfth Avenue, Railway Estate, Townsville (Mary)

d 1Jun1960 @ 79; bur Belgian Gardens Cemetery, Townsville QLD (Mary)


Tree 903

Family 2339

head  Alfred James HICKS

b 190x

m 21Apr1932 Methodist Church, Unley SA, PAINTER, “third son of Mrs & the late Mr Arman HICKS ^ Mount Pleasant SA”

1934 ^ Detmold, Ambleside SA

sp      Jean PAINTER

b 190x

m 21Apr1932 Methodist Church, Unley, “only daughter of Mr & Mrs J H PAINTER ^ Unley”

son    James Michelmore HICKS

b 12Mar1934 Private Hospital, Unley

d 10Mar1969 Bordertown, Robe SA @ 34, "husband of Beryl Georgina HICKS"











It is possible that James received his middle name in honour of Roland Symons MICHELMORE, a popular teacher who lived in or near Unley.

Tree 903

Family 0729

head  Charles John TRAPSKI

b 1903 NZ, "son of Charles Henry & Mary Moore"

m 194x, CARLTON

1946 carrier ^ Scotia Glen Road, Putaruru NZ New Zealand electoral rolls

d 1965 NZ @ 63

d 10Jul1967; bur Hamilton Park Cemetery, Waikato NZ (Charles John Edwin)

sp      Eileen Agness Michelmore CARLTON

b 2Dec1908

m 194x

1946 ^ Scotia Glen Road, Putaruru New Zealand electoral rolls

1949, 1954 ^ Waikato NZ New Zealand electoral rolls

1972 ^ Piako NZ New Zealand electoral rolls

1981 ^ Matamata NZ New Zealand electoral rolls

d 2006 NZ @ 98