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Tree 454. Malborough (including Salcombe) unlinked records

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Tree 454

Family 1130

head  Richard de MUCHELEMOR

b 12xx

17May1243 bought 1½ ferlings [about 6 ha] of land in Ilton, Malborough UK legal documents



Tree 454

Family 1254

head  Guy de MOCHELEMORE

b 12xx

1328 holds interest in land at Bayton, Salcombe UK legal documents


Tree 454

Family 1039

head  Walter MICHELMORE

b 144x

m 147x

owned land in Salcombe

d 149x or 151x

sp      Anastise MICHELMORE

b 144x

m 147x

1486-1493 or 1504-1515 late the wife of Walter MICHELMORE: defendant in action of dower for lands in Salcombe with plaintiff Nicholas MICHELMORE UK legal documents

son    Nicholas MYCHELMORE

b 147x

1486-1493 or 1504-1515 plaintiff in action of dower by defendant Anastise MICHELMORE for lands in Salcombe UK legal documents





 An "action of dower" is a wife's legal recourse when a husband fails to provide her with more than her rightful third of his property on his death. Presumably "late the wife" means "wife of the late".

See also Thomas [Tree 153], who purchased or leased land in Thurlestone, Salcombe and Malborough in 1528.

Tree 454

Family 1969


b 15xx

1538 ^ Devon: will probated UK wills & probates

1539 Inquisition post Mortem UK legal documents

1541 [formerly] owner/lessee of tenement in Salcombe (MYCHELMORE) UK legal documents


Tree 454

Family 1166

head  Edmund MICHELMORE

b 16xx

1641 ^ Malborough: recorded in Protestation Returns Early UK population returns


Tree 454

Family 0382

head  Mary MUCHAMORE

b 17xx

bur 2Mar1792 Malborough


Tree 454

Family 2023


b 17xx

bur 28Jan1806 Malborough


Tree 454

Family 1296

head  William MUTCHEMOORE

(b 1784)

bur 25Feb1816 Malborough @ 32 ^ Westerton




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