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Tree 303. Descendants of Philippius MICHELMORE
(Buckfastleigh 164x)

This is one of several early Buckfastleigh subtrees. A discussion of possible links between the earliest Buckfastleigh families is available here.

Underlining (if any) indicates changes made at the latest update.


Generation 1

Tree 303

Generation 1

Family 2178

head  Philippius MICHELMORE possible link possible link

b 164x

m 12Jan1674 Buckfastleigh, PROWSE (Phillippus)

?bur [12Mar1681/82] Buckfastleigh

?bur 7Jun1688 Buckfastleigh

?bur [8Oct1691] Buckfastleigh (Philip MICHELMORE Senr)

?bur 17Jul1692 Buckfastleigh, "of Ellot"

sp      Phillis PROWSE

b 164x

m [12Jan1674] Buckfastleigh

bur [2Jul1688] Buckfastleigh (Philippa)

son    Johannes MICHELMORE

chr [18Jul1681] Buckfastleigh




This family is not recorded in the 1698 Buckfastleigh census.










For further possible children of Philip, see Philip [Tree 351].

Generation 2

Tree 303

Generation 2

Family 0537

head  Johannes MICHELMORE

chr [18Jul1681] Buckfastleigh

m 27Jul1698 Dartington: John MICHAELMORE ^ Buckfastleigh; Joane HANNAFORD (John)

1707 sued Samuel MITCHELMORE & John PROWSE in relation to the estate of Philip MICHELMORE, Devon, deceased (John) UK legal documents

1711-1721 ^ Rattery: eligible for jury duty (John/Mr John  MICHELMORE/ MICHAELMORE) Early UK population returns

1723 ^ Rattery: swore allegiance to King George I (John MUCHERMORE) Early UK population returns

1725-1739 gentleman/freeholder ^ Dartington: eligible for jury duty (John MICHELMORE/MITCHELLMORE/MITCHELMORE) Early UK population returns

1729 ^ Dartington: took James WELLS as apprentice (John) UK legal documents

bur 20May1741 Rattery (Mr John MICHELMORE)

sp      Joane HANNAFORD

b 167x

m 27Jul1698 Dartington

bur 14Sep1739 Rattery, "wife of Mr John the Elder" (Joan)

son    John MICHELMORE

b 4May1699

dau    Joane MICHELMORE

chr [27Aug1701] Rattery

bur 9Oct1738 Rattery




In 1707 Johannes may have sued his brother, who may have been Samuel, Samuel or Samuel [all Tree 351], in relation to his father's estate. John PROWSE may have been a relative of Philip's wife.

Generation 3

Tree 303

Generation 3

Family 0358


b 4May1699

chr [23May1699] Rattery (MICHAMORE)

1723 ^ Rattery: swore allegiance to King George I (John MUCHERMORE) Early UK population returns

m 13Aug1723 Holne, PALMER

4Oct1738 tanner:  named in property trust deed of Dartington Feoffees UK legal documents

bur 19May1740 Rattery (Mr John the younger)

sp      Joan PALMER

b 169x

m 13Aug1723 Holne

bur 9Oct1738 Rattery




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