M*CH*MORE One Name Study


Tree 107. Descendants of Elizabeth MUCHAMORE
(Chivelstone 174x)

This subtree is probably linked to the East Allington Tree 09. A discussion of possible links between the earliest Southern South Hams generations is available here.

Underlining (if any) indicates changes made at the latest update.

Generation 1

Tree 107

Generation 1

Family 0559

head  Elizabeth MUCHAMORE possible link  possible link

b 174x

dau     Mary MICTHAMOR

chr [17Jan1762] Chivelstone

son    Caleb Jellard MUCHAMORE

chr [17Apr1774] Chivelstone


Generation 2

Tree 107

Generation 2

Family 2086

head  Mary MICTHAMOR

chr [17Jan1762] Chivelstone

m [19Jan1790] Chivelstone, MASTERS

dau    Catherine MICHAMOOR

chr 22Dec1782 Chivelstone

bur 24Dec1782, "base child of Mary" (Catharine MICTHAMORE)

sp      James MASTERS

b 176x

m [19Jan1790] Chivelstone