M*CH*MORE One Name Study


The northern South Hams (as defined in this study) stretches from the upper reaches of the River Dart in a north-westerly direction to the edges of Dartmoor. It includes the parishes shown on the right.

Four of the reconstructed M*CH*MORE trees (Trees 16-19) originated in the parish of Buckfastleigh, gradually spreading southwards into Staverton, Rattery, Totnes, Harberton, Berry Pomeroy and Ashprington. These trees are no doubt linked, but it has not been possible to establish these links due to the frequent use of the same forename (especially Philip) and the absence of data that would differentiate persons with the same forename.

The majority of these M*CH*MOREs were educated and relatively wealthy. Many called themselves gentlemen, living on the income from their estates or professions and employing several servants and farm labourers—sometimes M*CH*MOREs from the southern South Hams. They also signed their names to official documents, and many such documents have survived that enable us to gain a richer picture of how they lived. Probably because of their superior education, they spelt their surname consistently (as MICHELMORE).

A further MICHELMORE tree (Tree 15) originated in Totnes and does not appear to have been connected to any of the Buckfastleigh trees. For the most part, these MICHELMOREs were skilled tradesmen.


Northern South Hams

The northern South Hams



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