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Research shows that, in the time before universal elementary education, the spellings MICHELMORE, MITCHELMORE, MITCHAMORE, MITCHMORE, MOUCHEMORE, MUCHAMORE and MUCHMORE were interchangeable. All have the form M*CH*MORE, where '*' can represent one or two letters, or occasionally none. This site is devoted to a study of the M*CH*MORE surname, however spelt.

The origin and meaning of the surname M*CH*MORE is uncertain, but one view is that it refers to Dartmoor in South Devon, England. At any rate, until the late 19th century, most M*CH*MORE families were to be found in the area to the south of Dartmoor known today as the South Hams. There were also smatterings of M*CH*MOREs around Liskeard in Cornwall, in London, and on the East Coast of the USA. Today, M*CH*MORE descendants are spread all over the world.

Much information on M*CH*MOREs has been collected from church registers, civil registration indexes, censuses and many other sources. To access these data, click on 'Source data' in the menu on the left.

The collected data have allowed the reconstruction of over 2000 M*CH*MORE families. Most of these families have been grouped into a number of family trees. To access these reconstructions, click on 'Family trees'. To search these trees for specific people or other data, click on 'Search'.

A DNA project is underway to investigate the history of the family trees before the advent of written records and to establish possible relationships between them. Click on 'DNA project' to learn more.

You are welcome to join in the fun of developing the M*CH*MORE One Name Study. Click on 'Join in' to find out how you can become an active or passive member of our community.

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