M*CH*MORE One Name Study


The 1939 National Register was intended to indicate who was in each household in England and Wales—with the exception of military establishments—on the night of 29 Sep 1939. The information collected for each person consisted of their address; full name; role (only in institutions); gender; date of birth; marital status; and occupation.

The Register was subsequently kept up to date when women changed their name through marriage. So it contains the surnames of M*CH*MORE women's later husbands as well as data on women who married a M*CH*MORE after 1939. It also contains alternative versions of people's forenames. Note, however, that data was originally published only on people who were known to have died up to 1991. Data on people who have died after 1991 are gradually becoming available.

Data on M*CH*MORE entries in the 1939 Register have been collected from the index in FindMyPast. In the table below, parentheses ( ) indicate alternative forenames, square brackets [  ] indicate editorial additions and a question mark indicates a doubtful reading. Each person's household is indicated by a two-letter code. Once you have found a person of interest, you can use this code to find other M*CH*MOREs in the same household. For information on the names of any non-M*CH*MOREs in the same household, you will need to refer to FindMyPast.

In the table below, data on M*CH*MOREs are arranged in order of first names. These are followed by data on later M*CH*MORE wives, arranged in order of surnames.

Underlining indicates the latest update (#31).

Name Later surnames Date of Birth Address Occupation H/hold
? [female] MITCHELMORE   1887 Ealing, Middlesex   Ca
? [male] MICHELMORE   1909 Merton & Morden, Surrey   De
Ada P MITCHELMORE   1880 Wembley, Middlesex   Cp
Ada E MITCHELMORE   1883 Clacton, Essex   Dl
Ada F MITCHMORE   1906 Totnes, Devon   Ml
Ada H MUCHMORE HUMPHRIES 1923 Lambeth, London   Be
Agnes M MITCHELMORE   1886 Dartmouth, Devon   Ix
Agnes MITCHELMORE FAULKNER 1901 Kingsbridge, Devon   Jg
Agnes M MITCHELMORE   1908 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lp
Albert MUCHMORE   1911 City of Westminster, London   Qk
Albert MILCHELMORE   1867 Newton Abbot, Devon   Jj
Albert T MITCHELMORE   1882 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lj
Albert MITCHELMORE   1883 Hastings, Sussex   Fh
Albert E MITCHELMORE   1888 Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire   Mu
Albert MUCHMORE   1890 Battersea, London   Aa
Albert E MITCHELMORE   1892 Dartmouth, Devon   Iz
Albert MITCHELMORE   1903 Wandsworth, London   Bu
Alexandra MICHELMORE   1906 Grimsby, Lincolnshire (Parts of Lindsey)   Gw
Alfred E MUCKMORE   1889 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   Oa
Alfred J MITCHMORE   1889 Totnes, Devon   Mj
Alfred MUCHMORE   1893 Guildford, Surrey   Ea
Alfred E MUCHMORE   1901 Willesden, Middlesex   Cr
Alfred MITCHELMORE   1912 Battersea, London   Af
Alice J MITCHELMORE   1886 Finchley, Middlesex   Pa
Alice M MICHELMORE HUTCHINGS 1907 Kingsbridge, Devon   Pl
Alice S MITCHEMORE   1864 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gl
Alice M M MICHMORE   1871 Wembley, Middlesex   Co
Alice M MITCHELMORE   1873 Paignton, Devon   Jq
Alice M MICHELMORE   1877 Paignton, Devon   Jp
Alice M MITCHELMORE   1882 Plymouth, Devon   Ht
Alice MITCHELMORE   1886 Southampton, Hampshire   Ex
Alice M MICHELMORE   1888 Buckfastleigh, Devon   It
Alice M MUCHMORE   1891 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   My
Alice M MITCHELMORE   1907 Totnes, Devon   Mm
Alphaeus MITCHELMORE   1881 Padstow, Cornwall   Hc
Amelia M MICHELMORE   1885 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lr
Amelia A MITCHELMORE   1887 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Fw
Amelia A MICHELMORE   1903 Newton Abbot, Devon   Ls
Amy M MICHELMORE   1874 Paignton, Devon   Jp
Amy MITCHELMORE   1886 Willesden, Middlesex   Ns
Amy M MUCHMORE   1891 Guildford, Surrey   Ea
Ann MITCHELMORE   1866 Tiverton, Devon   Ma
Ann MITCHCEMORE   1881 Torquay, Devon   Kj
Ann MITCHELMORE JONES 1937 Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire   No
Anna A MITCHELMORE   1876 Kingsbridge, Devon   Oo
Annie E WITCHELMORE   1892 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Pj
Annie M MITCHELMORE CUTTER 1918 Reigate   Op
Annie MICHELMORE   1861 Croydon, Surrey   Cw
Annie MILCHELMORE   1867 Newton Abbot, Devon   Jj
Annie F MITHCHMORE   1871 Torquay, Devon   Kn
Annie L MITCHELMORE   1882 Newquay, Cornwall   Hb
Annie A MITCHELMORE   1891 Twickenham, Middlesex   Cl
Annie M MITCHELMORE   1892 Newquay, Cornwall   Ha
Annie MITCHELMORE   1894 Torquay, Devon   Ki
Annie MITCHLEMORE   1895 Yeovil, Somerset   Mq
Annie E MITCHELMORE   1899 Totnes, Devon   Mn
Annie E MUCHMORE   1914 Luton, Bedfordshire   Ef
Arthur F MICHELMORE   1866 City of Westminster, London   Bx
Arthur MICHELMORE   1888 Lewisham, London   Bg
Arthur H MUCHAMORE   1893 St Pancras, London   Bj
Arthur H MITCHELMORE   1895 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kx
Arthur E MITCHELMORE   1896 Paignton, Devon   Js
Arthur N MITCHELMORE   1898 Hendon, Middlesex   Cf
Arthur F MITCHELMORE   1899 Plymouth, Devon   Im
Arthur W MITCHELMORE   1906 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lc
Aubrey J MITCHELMORE   1910 Hampstead, London   Ay
Audrey MITCHELMORE   1905 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kt
Audrey V MITCHLEMORE MC MARTIN 1913 Exeter, Devon   Hf
Augusta MITCHELMORE   1909 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Ep
Barbara J MITCHELMORE BOND 1930 Plymouth, Devon   Hv
Beatrice MITCHELMORE   1886 Watford, Hertfordshire   Dn
Beatrice MICHELMORE   1892 Leatherhead, Surrey   Eb
Beatrice MITCHELMORE   1892 Wandsworth, London   Br
Beatrice L (B) MUCHMORE   1901 Battersea, London   Ab
Beatrice MITCHELMORE BOWLES 1911 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ld
Bernard W MICHELMORE   1927 Uckfield, Sussex   Ob
Bertha MUCHMORE   1878 Dorking, Surrey   Dy
Bertha MITCHELMORE   1887 Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire   Ek
Bertha H MUCHMORE   1900 Dorking, Surrey   Dy
Beryl A MITCHELMORE FLOOK 1914 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gj
Bessie MITCHELMORE   1884 Plympton St Mary, Devon   Lw
Bessie R MITCHELMORE   1889 Plymouth, Devon   Ib
Bessie M MITCHELMORE   1893 Dartmouth, Devon   Iv
Betty W MITCHELMORE OLEGG 1932 Dartmouth, Devon   Iv
Brian W MITCHELMORE   1931 Portsmouth, Hampshire   Ev
Brian MITCHEMORE   1931 Warminster, Wiltshire   Mw
Bridget MITCHELMORE O'DWYER 1885 Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire   Gd
Caroline MITCHELMORE   1854 Southampton, Hampshire   Ey
Caroline MITCHELMORE   1868 Kingsbridge, Devon   Je
Caroline A MITCHELMORE   1894 Battersea, London   Ac
Catherine MITCHELMORE   1901 Heston & Isleworth, Middlesex   Ch
Catherine L MITCHELMORE   1911 Dartmouth, Devon   Iy
Cecil D MICKELMORE   1904 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   Nv
Cecil R MICHELMORE   1902 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lm
Charles F NICKELMORE   1871 Kensington, London   Ph
Charles MICKELMORE   1889 Harrow, Middlesex   Nw
Charles H MUCHMORE   1916 Hampstead, London   Ax
Charles MITCHELMORE   1920 Fulham, London   As
Charles A MITCHELMORE   1923 Paignton, Devon   Js
Charles H MITCHELMORE   1862 Plymouth, Devon   Ii
Charles F MICHELMORE   1874 Wimbledon, Surrey   Di
Charles E MITCHELMORE   1877 Plymouth, Devon   Hv
Charles MITCHELMORE   1880 Paignton, Devon   Jn
Charles H MUCHMORE   1890 Hampstead, London   Aw
Charles G MUCHMORE   1891 Greenwich, London   Au
Charles A MITCHELMORE   1892 Tavistock, Devon   Lz
Charles E MITCHELMORE   1894 Kingsbridge, Devon   La
Charles A MUCHMORE   1897 Billericay, Essex   Dk
Charles E MUCHMORE   1902 Dorking, Surrey   Dy
Charles H MITCHELMORE   1909 Fulham, London   Ao
Charles MITCHELMORE   1913 Camborne-Redruth, Cornwall   Gy
Charlotte M MICHELMORE   1898 Sidmouth, Devon   Ke
Clara MITCHELMORE STEWART 1918 Fulham, London   As
Clara E MICHELMORE   1892 Lambeth, London   Bc
Clara I MUCHMORE   1903 Croydon, Surrey   Cx
Clarke MICHELMORE   1864 Buckfastleigh, Devon   Is
Claterine MITCHMORE   1894 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ku
Clement MITCHELMORE   1898 Heston & Isleworth, Middlesex   Ch
Colm K MITCHELMORE   1914 Newton Abbot, Devon   Ln
Cynthia MICKELMORE BULL 1920 Buckfastleigh, Devon   It
Cyril MITCHELMORE   1927 Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire   Ov
Cyril V MITCHELMORE   1903 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kz
Cyril R MUCHAMORE   1908 Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire   Gp
Cyril E MITCHELMORE   1911 Exeter, Devon   Hk
Daisy MICHELMORE   1895 Alton, Hampshire   Fb
Daisy A MUCHAMORE   1896 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gf
Daphne J MUCHMORE   1937 Willesden, Middlesex   Cr
David C MITCHELMORE   1938 Kingsbridge, Devon   Jf
David J MITCHELMORE   1938 Plympton St Mary, Devon   Lv
David J MITCHELMORE   1889 Aberdare, Glamorganshire   Nd
David MITCHELMORE   1896 Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire   No
Dennis MUCHMORE   1926 Greenwich, London   Au
Dennis MITCHMORE   1931 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ku
Derrick H MITCHELMORE   1915 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Es
Dilys Ann MITCHELMORE   1916 Aberdare, Glamorganshire   Nb
Dora MITCHELMORE   1914 Banbury, Oxfordshire   El
Doreen M MITCHELMORE   1910 Birmingham, Warwickshire   Gs
Doris MUCHMORE   1917 Lambeth, London   Bd
Dorothy K MICKLEMORE   1896 Beckenham, Kent   Nz
Dorothy H MUCHMORE   1895 Darlington, Durham   Fo
Dorothy MITCHELMORE   1896 Reading, Berkshire   Eg
Dorothy L MICHELMORE   1899 Wallasey, Cheshire   Fv
Dorothy MITCHELMORE   1904 Torquay, Devon   Kl
Dorothy M MICHELMORE   1905 Exmouth, Devon   Jd
E J (Ernest) MITCHELMORE   1895 Battersea, London   Ac
E B Alfred MITCHELMORE   1913 Paignton, Devon   Ju
Edgar H MITCHELMORE   1916 Hastings, Sussex   Oz
Edgar MITCHELMORE   1891 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lk
Edgar Fred MITCHELMORE   1911 Paignton, Devon   Kc
Edgar G MITCHELMORE   1911 Watford, Hertfordshire   Do
Edith Maud MITCHELMORE   1916 Newquay, Cornwall   Oz
Edith MITCHELMORE   1870 Portsmouth, Hampshire   Eu
Edith M MITCHELMORE   1871 Narberth, Pembrokeshire   Np
Edith MITCHELMORE   1875 Battersea, London   Af
Edith A MITCHEMORE   1881 Plymouth, Devon   Hz
Edith (Gertrude) MUCHMORE   1890 Battersea, London   Aa
Edith A MITCHELMORE   1890 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Fv
Edith D MITCHELMORE   1890 Paignton, Devon   Kb
Edith M MITCHELMORE   1891 Plymouth, Devon   Ij
Edith MUCHMORE   1900 Brighton, Sussex   Ff
Edith B MITCHELMORE   1905 Wandsworth, London   Bu
Edna J MITCHELMORE   1905 Maldon & Coombe, Surrey   Dd
Edna MITCHELMORE   1912 Neath, Glamorganshire   Nf
Edward A MITCHELMORE   1888 Finchley, Middlesex   Pa
Edward J MICHELMORE   1855 Dolgelley, Merionethshire   Nj
Edward C MITCHELMORE   1859 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kz
Edward C MITCHELMORE   1874 Erith, Kent   Cv
Edward A MITCHELMORE   1883 Newquay, Cornwall   Hb
Edward MITCHELMORE   1884 Plymouth, Devon   Ie
Edward MITCHELMORE   1889 Fulham, London   Ar
Edward MITCHELMORE   1889 Plymouth, Devon   Hu
Edward MICHELMORE   1892 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lq
Edward G MITCHELMORE   1910 Newquay, Cornwall   Hb
Edwin MICHELMORE   1874 Brixham, Devon   Iq
Edwin C MITCHELLMORE   1880 Portsmouth, Hampshire   Et
Eglant?e MITCHELMORE   1854 Eastbourne, Sussex   Fg
Eileen MITCHELMORE BAYLISS 1933 Midhurst, Sussex   Pb
Eileen V MITCHELMORE HARRIS 1934 Exeter, Devon   Hk
Eileen M MITCHELMORE   1903 Brentford & Chiswick, Middlesex   By
Eleanor J MILCHELMORE   1862 Frimley & Camberley, Surrey   Dz
Eleanor P MILCHELMORE   1894 Frimley & Camberley, Surrey   Dz
Eleanor MUCHMORE   1903 Billericay, Essex   Dk
Eleanor I MUCHAMORE   1905 Hampstead, London   Az
Eliza M MICHELMORE   1874 Canterbury, Kent   Ds
Eliza Ellen MITCHELMORE   1890 Tavistock, Devon   Lz
Elizabeth J MICHELMORE   1856 Alton, Hampshire   Fb
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE   1862 Kingsbridge, Devon   Je
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE   1866 Paignton, Devon   Jr
Elizabeth MICHELMORE   1877 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lm
Elizabeth MUCHMORE   1878 Lambeth, London   Bd
Elizabeth J MITCHELMORE   1879 Kingsbridge, Devon   Jf
Elizabeth MUCHMORE   1880 Rotherham, Yorkshire (West Riding)   Fr
Elizabeth L MITCHELMORE   1883 Dolgelley, Merionethshire   Nk
Elizabeth I MITCHELMORE   1885 Paignton, Devon   Jw
Elizabeth MITCHELMORE   1885 Bournemouth, Hampshire   En
Elizabeth T MITCHELMORE   1886 Plymouth, Devon   Hv
Elizabeth H MITCHELMORE   1889 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lh
Elizabeth A A MITCHELMORE   1891 Paignton, Devon   Jv
Ellen A MITCHELMORE   1857 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gn
Ellen MUTCHMORE   1863 St Pancras, London   Bl
Ellen MITCHELMORE   1870 Wallingford, Berkshire   Ei
Ellen G MITCHELMORE   1879 Newton Abbot, Devon   Jh
Ellen MITCHELMORE   1880 Southend-on-Sea, Essex   Dj
Ellen MICHELMORE   1882 Cowes, Isle of Wight   Fm
Ellen MITCHELMORE   1882 Padstow, Cornwall   Hc
Ellen MICHELMORE   1887 Battle, Sussex   Fk
Ellen E MITCHELMORE   1894 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Eo
Ellen MICHELMORE   1899 Dolgelley, Merionethshire   Nm
Ellen E (Elizabeth) MITCHMORE   1910 Deudraeth, Merionethshire   Ni
Elsie I MITCHELMORE   1890 Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire   Gq
Elsie L MITCHELMORE   1891 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kz
Elsie MITCHELMORE   1892 Manchester, Lancashire   Gb
Elsie M MITCHELMORE   1910 Tavistock, Devon   Kg
Emily (A) MUCHMORE ALDRICH 1920 Hampstead, London   Pf
Emily MITCHELMORE   1862 Totnes, Devon   Kq
Emily M MITCHELMORE   1879 Plymouth, Devon   Hr
Emily MITCHELMORE   1879 Fulham, London   Am
Emily MITCHMORE   1885 Dartmouth, Devon   Iw
Emily MITCHELMORE   1889 Islington, London   Bb
Emily S MITCHELMORE   1889 Maidenhead, Berkshire   Eh
Emily MITCHELMORE   1897 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kx
Emily MUCHMORE   1902 Willesden, Middlesex   Cr
Emilyn L MITCHELMORE   1875 Wimbledon, Surrey   Dh
Emma MUCHMORE   1884 Plymouth, Devon   Id
Eric C MITCHELMORE   1921 Paignton, Devon   Jm
Eric MICHELMORE   1892 Sevenoaks, Kent   Dw
Eric W H MITCHELMORE   1905 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lp
Eric J C MICHELMORE   1915 Wirral, Cheshire   Fx
Ernest MUCHMORE   1921 Wandsworth, London   Bt
Ernest V MITCHELMORE   1879 Barnstaple, Devon   Kr
Ernest MITCHELMORE   1889 Plymouth, Devon   Hs
Ernest H MITCHELMORE   1891 Tiverton, Devon   Mb
Ernest F W MITCHELMORE   1906 Dartmouth, Devon   Iy
Ernest (E) MITCHELMORE   1915 Battersea, London   Af
Ethel F MICHELMORE   1875 Coulsdon & Purley, Surrey   Da
Ethel MITCHELMORE   1881 Paignton, Devon   Jo
Ethel (Florence) MITCHELMORE   1891 Tiverton, Devon   Ma
Ethel Mary MITCHELMORE   1896 Harrow, Middlesex   Cd
Ethel MITCHELMORE   1896 Plymouth, Devon   Im
Ethel M MITCHMORE   1898 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ku
Ethel MITCHELMORE BASSETT 1916 Camborne-Redruth, Cornwall   Gx
Eunice G MITCHELMORE WYNN 1925 Willesden, Middlesex   Ns
Eva MUCHMORE HUNT 1919 Wandsworth, London   Bt
Eva R MUCHMORE   1888 Wandsworth, London   Bt
Eva MICHELMORE   1891 Alton, Hampshire   Fb
Eva A MITCHELMORE   1894 Plymouth, Devon   Ik
Evelyn M E MITCHELMORE   1885 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gj
Evelyn MITCHELMORE   1894 Twickenham, Middlesex   Cj
Evelyn M MITCHELMORE   1898 Kingsbridge, Devon   Nt
Evelyn (Gwyneth M) MICHELMORE SELL 1899 Finsbury, London   Al
Evelyn M MUCHMORE   1907 Dorking, Surrey   Dy
F W MUCHMORE   1864 St Pancras, London   Bi
Florence L MELCHELMORE   1862 Totnes, Devon   Mf
Florence E L MICHELMORE   1874 Sidmouth, Devon   Kf
Florence H MICHELMORE   1874 Leyton, Essex   Cs
Florence J MITCHELMORE   1879 Plymouth, Devon   Hl
Florence E MITCHELMORE   1880 Plymouth, Devon   Ho
Florence M G MITCHELMORE   1883 Plymouth, Devon   Ie
Florence MUCHMORE   1890 Hampstead, London   Aw
Florence MITCHELMORE   1891 Twickenham, Middlesex   Ck
Florence A MUCHMORE   1895 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   Na
Florence M MITCHELMORE SMORFITT 1895 Hastings, Sussex   Fh
Florence O MITCHELMORE   1896 Paignton, Devon   Jn
Florence MUCHMORE   1898 Greenwich, London   Au
Florence E MITCHELMORE   1900 Totnes, Devon   Mg
Florence E MITCHELMORE   1902 Torquay, Devon   Km
Florence L MITCHELMORE   1902 Hertford, Hertfordshire   Dq
Florence M MITCHELMORE   1906 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Ge
Florence C MUCHMORE   1914 Battersea, London   Ah
Francis R MICHELMORE   1931 Totnes, Devon   Md
Francis G MITCHELMORE   1906 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Fw
Frank E (Ewart) MITCHELMORE   1885 Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire   Gd
Frank L MUCHMOORE   1887 Amersham, Buckinghamshire   Ej
Frank S MITCHELMORE   1896 Hertford, Hertfordshire   Dq
Frank MICHELMORE   1897 City of Westminster, London   Bv
Frederick C MICHELMORE   1902 Kensington, London   Ph
Frederick G MITCHELMORE   1909 Fulham, London   On
Fred W MUCHMORE   1917 Battersea, London   Ah
Fred MITCHELMORE   1922 Manchester, Lancashire   Gb
Frederick D MITCHELMORE   1928 Totnes, Devon   Mn
Frederick (Frank) J MICHELMORE   1871 Battersea, London   Ad
Fred G MITCHELMORE   1874 Narberth, Pembrokeshire   Np
Frederick MITCHELMORE   1884 Fulham, London   As
Frederick T H MITCHELMORE   1888 Plymouth, Devon   Il
Frederick MILCHELMORE   1891 Newton Abbot, Devon   Jj
Frederick W MITCHELMORE   1892 Willesden, Middlesex   Nr
Frederick A MITCHELMORE   1895 Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire   Gq
Frederick J MUCHMORE   1899 Bermondsey, London   Ai
Frederick R MITCHELMORE   1900 Paignton, Devon   Jy
Frederick J MICHELMORE   1905 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lm
Frederick E MUCHMORE   1908 Bermondsey, London   Ai
Fredrick M MITCHELMORE   1909 Watford, Hertfordshire   Dn
Frederick G MITCHELMORE   1911 Birmingham, Warwickshire   Gs
Fred MITCHELMORE   1933 Paignton, Devon   Kc
George E MITCHELMORE   1918 Plymouth, Devon   Hv
George P MICHELMORE   1927 Walton & Weybridge, Surrey   Ec
George MITCHELMORE   1861 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Fw
George MICHELMORE   1866 Plymouth, Devon   Ic
George H MITCHELMORE   1869 Portsmouth, Hampshire   Eu
George W MICHELMORE   1879 Walton & Weybridge, Surrey   Ec
George W MILCHELMORE   1880 Plymouth, Devon   Hm
George T MITCHELMORE   1883 Plymouth, Devon   Hr
George MICHELMORE   1889 Buckfastleigh, Devon   It
George W MITCHELMORE   1894 St Austell, Cornwall   He
George A MICHELMORE   1906 Mitcham, Surrey   Df
George E MITCHELMORE   1908 Oundle & Thrapston, Northamptonshire   Gv
George W MITCHELMORE   1908 Tavistock, Devon   Kg
George S MICHELMORE     Wallasey, Cheshire   Fv
Georgina M MICHELMORE   1882 Totnes, Devon   Kp
Gertrude A MICKELMORE   1890 Harrow, Middlesex   Nw
Gertrude A MUCHAMORE   1904 Hackney, London   Av
Gillian E MITCHELMORE BATH 1933 Maldon & Coombe, Surrey   Dd
Gladys E MITCHELMORE   1896 St Austell, Cornwall   He
Gladys E MITCHELMORE   1908 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Fw
Gordon A E MICHELMORE   1916 Lewisham, London   Bg
Grace L MITCHELMORE   1893 Sutton & Cheam, Surrey   Dg
Hannah K R MITCHELMORE   1862 Kingsbridge, Devon   Pl
Gwendoline S (Charlotte) MICHELMORE CREESE 1916 Paignton, Devon   Jx
Gwendoline MITCHELMORE KNIGHT 1904 Heston & Isleworth, Middlesex   Cg
Gwendoline M MITCHELMORE   1914 Kingsbridge, Devon   Jf
Hannah NICKELMORE   1871 Kensington, London   Ph
Hannah MITCHELMORE   1877 Totnes, Devon   Mk
Hannah MITCHELMORE   1891 South Shields, Durham   Fp
Hannah A MUCHMORE   1896 Lambeth, London   Be
Harold G MICKELMORE   1870 Newton Abbot, Devon   Nx
Harold G MITCHELMORE   1923 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gi
Harold G MICHAELMIORE   1916 Cowes, Isle of Wight   Fm
Harriet (H) MUCHMORE   1860 Battersea, London   Ab
Harriet W MUCHMORE   1870 St Germans, Cornwall   Bh
Harriett C MIRCHELMORE   1925 Dartmouth, Devon   Jc
Hector C S P MITCHELMORE   1875 Dartmouth, Devon   Ja
Hector L MICHELMORE   1898 Newton Abbot, Devon   Ls
Helen L MITCHELMORE   1888 Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire   Mu
Hen?tta MITCHELMORE   1888 Kingsbridge, Devon   Li
Henrietta MITCHELMORE   1871 Heston & Isleworth, Middlesex   Cg
Henrietta (Hennelta) MICHELMORE MITCHELMORE 1875 Winchester, Hampshire   Fa
Henry R A MICHELMORE   1919 Exeter, Devon   Hi
Henry W MICHELMORE   1864 Exeter, Devon   Hi
Henry MITCHELMORE   1865 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Ep
Henry A MITCHELMORE   1883 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   Mx
Henry J MUCHMORE   1888 Darlington, Durham   Fo
Henry C MICHELMORE   1890 Folkestone, Kent   Du
Henry T MICHELMORE   1892 Exeter, Devon   Cc
Henry D MITCHELMORE   1904 Bagshot, Surrey   Ed
Henry G MITCHELMORE   1909 Barnstaple, Devon   Kr
Herbert MUCHMORE   1885 Wandsworth, London   Bt
Herbert S MITCHCEMORE   1885 Torquay, Devon   Kj
Herbert H MITCHMORE   1892 Totnes, Devon   Mi
Herbert MICHELMORE   1898 Market Bosworth, Leicestershire   Gu
Herbert MITCHELMORE   1902 Torquay, Devon   Kl
Herbert G MUCHMORE   1915 Wandsworth, London   Bq
Hester (M) MUCHAMORE   1912 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gg
Hilda MICHELMORE   1880 Alton, Hampshire   Pm
Hilda M MITCHMORE   1895 Totnes, Devon   Mi
Hilda E MITCHELMORE   1908 Portsmouth, Hampshire   Ev
Honor S (Stockman M) MICHELM(ORE HONOR 1877 Plymouth, Devon   Pn
Horace E MITCHELLMORE   1885 Portsmouth, Hampshire   Et
Horace MITCHELMORE   1915 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Go
Howard C J MITCHLEMORE   1892 Yeovil, Somerset   Mq
Hurley J MITHCHMORE   1867 Torquay, Devon   Kn
Irene G MUCHMORE   1918 Wandsworth, London   Bq
Irene O MITCHELMORE   1908 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Ep
Irene L MICHELMORE JELEC 1913 Sevenoaks, Kent   Dw
Irene MUCHMORE   1915 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Er
Irene E MITCHELMORE REED 1917 Plymouth, Devon   Hv
Isis M MICHELMORE MASKELL 1913 Cowes, Isle of Wight   Fm
Ivy M H MITCHELMORE   1903 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kt
James MUCHMORE   1883 Middlesbrough, Yorkshire   Pr
James (H) MITCHELMORE   1919 Camborne-Redruth, Cornwall   Gy
James F G MICHELMORE   1924 Rugby, Warwickshire   Oc
James E MUCHMORE   1887 St Pancras, London   Bm
James MITCHELMORE   1887 Plymouth, Devon   Hv
James H MITCHELMORE   1888 Newquay, Cornwall   Ha
James I MITCHELMORE   1910 Banbury, Oxfordshire   El
Jane MICHELMORE   1931 Dolgelley, Merionethshire   Od
Jane S MITCHMORE   1866 Totnes, Devon   Ml
Jane MUCHMORE   1890 St Pancras, London   Bm
Jean MITCHELMORE HORSWILL 1933 Totnes, Devon   Mg
Jean May MITCHELMORE   1935 Totnes, Devon   Mm
Jessie MITCHELMORE   1866 Ashburton, Devon   In
Jessie MITCHELMORE   1896 Totnes, Devon   Kq
Jessie (L) MITCHELMORE   1903 Plymouth, Devon   Ia
Joan D MICHELMORE   1916 Wirral, Cheshire   Fx
Joan MITCHELMORE HARDING 1917 Tiverton, Devon   Mb
Joan Dilys MUCHMORE GEAR 1918 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   My
Joan M MITCHELMORE EDGE, WALLIS 1920 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gi
Joan E MUCHMORE DOE 1925 St Pancras, London   Bk
Joan M MUCHMORE   1911 Battersea, London   Ae
John H MUCHMORE   1852 St Marylebone, London   Pv
John F WITCHELMORE   1895 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Pj
John K MUCHMORE   1927 Northampton, Northamptonshire   Pd
John B MITCHELMORE   1935 Newquay, Cornwall   Gz
John MICHELMORE   1864 Buckfastleigh, Devon   Iu
John W MITCHELMORE   1864 Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire   Ek
John M MICHELMORE   1866 Totnes, Devon   Mh
John T MITCHELMORE   1875 Plymouth, Devon   Ig
John T MITCHELMORE   1876 Totnes, Devon   Mo
John S MICHELMORE   1878 Coulsdon & Purley, Surrey   Da
John W MITCHELMORE   1881 Islington, London   Bb
John H MITCHELMORE   1884 Kingsbridge, Devon   Li
John F MITCHELMORE   1886 Manchester, Lancashire   Gb
John F MITCHELMORE   1889 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ky
John R MICHELMORE   1891 St Ives, Cornwall   Hd
John E MITCHELMORE   1896 Totnes, Devon   Mg
John H MICHMORE   1906 Wembley, Middlesex   Co
John MITCHELMORE   1908 Barmouth, Merionethshire   Nh
John R MICHELMORE   1908 Harrow, Middlesex   Cb
John (Henry) MUCHMORE   1917 Brighton, Sussex   Ff
John R MITCHELMORE   1918 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Eo
John C MITCHELMORE   1938 Camborne-Redruth, Cornwall   Gx
Joseph MITCHELMORE   1910 Fulham, London   Ap
Josephine M MUCHMORE   1904 Wembley, Middlesex   Cn
Josephine MICHELMORE COFFIN, COLLIN 1934 Totnes, Devon   Md
Julia MITCHELMORE   1868 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   Mz
June M MUCHMORE CORNELL 1932 Dorking, Surrey   Pw
June (Eleanor) MITCHELMORE SKUSE 1932 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gh
Kate P MICHELMORE   1878 St Thomas, Devon   Lx
Kate (Eleanor K) MUCHAMORE   1882 Hampstead, London   Az
Kate MITCHELMORE   1887 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Eq
Kathleen M MITCHELMORE   1919 Plymouth, Devon   Pz
Kathleen MICHELMORE   1881 Torquay, Devon   Kh
Kathleen E MITCHELMORE   1886 Newton Abbot, Devon   Ln
Kathleen M MITCHELMORE   1894 Erith, Kent   Cv
Kathleen (Mary) MITCHELMORE   1897 Plymouth, Devon   Hx
Kathleen MITCHELMORE   1908 Bagshot, Surrey   Ed
Kathleen M MICHELMORE   1915 Merton & Morden, Surrey   De
Kathleen MUCHMORE   1915 Hampstead, London   Ax
Kathleen I MITCHELMORE   1916 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Es
Kenneth I MITCHELMORE   1922 Harrogate, Yorkshire   Qa
Kenneth R MITCHELMORE   1930 Totnes, Devon   Mm
Kenneth F MITCHELMORE   1911 Newquay, Cornwall   Ha
L Mollie E MITCHELMORE   1914 Paignton, Devon   Ju
Laura M MITCHELMORE   1898 Plymouth, Devon   Ii
Laura M MITCHELMORE   1914 Camborne-Redruth, Cornwall   Gy
Lavinia William MICKELMORE   1881 Paignton, Devon   Ny
Leonard W MUCHMORE   1925 Battersea, London   Ae
Leonard C MICHLEMORE   1886 Barnes, Surrey   Cy
Leonard F MITCHELMORE   1891 Southampton, Hampshire   Ex
Leonard A H MITCHELMORE   1894 Newton Abbot, Devon   Jk
Leslie R MITCHELMORE   1910 Totnes, Devon   Mm
Lewis (W) MITCHELMORE   1890 Aberdare, Glamorganshire   Nc
Lilia M MICHELMORE   St Ives, Cornwall   Hd
Lilian R A MICHELMORE   1891 Lewisham, London   Bq
Lilian M MITCHELMORE   1879 Barnstaple, Devon   Kr
Lilian MITCHELMORE   1880 Twickenham, Middlesex   Cm
Lilian MITCHELMORE   1890 Kingsbridge, Devon   Li
Lilian MUCHMORE   1890 St Pancras, London   Bk
Lilian F MUCHMORE JOHNSTON 1894 Wembley, Middlesex   Nq
Lilian J MICHELMORE   1905 Totnes, Devon   Md
Lilian R MITCHELMORE   1910 Fulham, London   Ap
Lily M A MITCHELMORE   1883 Plymouth, Devon   Hp
Lily MITCHEMORE   1887 Warminster, Wiltshire   Mw
Lionel E MITCHELMORE   1889 Brighton, Sussex   Fe
Lionel G MITCHELMORE   1890 Paignton, Devon   Kb
Louie (Evelyn Mary Louisa) MITCHELMORE   1908 Plymouth, Devon   Ij
Louisa E MICHELMORE   1869 Plymouth, Devon   Ic
Louisa F MITCHELMORE   1883 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lj
Louisa K MITCHELMORE   1896 Dartmouth, Devon   Iz
Louise E MITCHELMORE   1881 Wandsworth, London   Bs
Mabel MITCHELMORE   1872 Oadby, Leicestershire   Gt
Mabel P MITCHELMORE   1895 Clacton, Essex   Dl
Mabel A MITCHELMORE   1898 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kz
Margaret M MICKELMORE   1876 Newton Abbot, Devon   Nx
Margaret S MITCHELMORE   1875 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lp
Margaret E MICHELMORE   1881 Paignton, Devon   Jl
Margaret MITCHELMORE   1895 Plymouth, Devon   Hs
Margaret P MICHELMORE   1899 Exeter, Devon   Cc
Margaret MITCHELMORE   1902 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lc
Margaret MITCHELMORE   1905 Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire   No
Mariam MICHELMORE   1864 Exeter, Devon   Hi
Marian A MICHELMORE ATREY 1921 Hitchin, Hertfordshire   Dr
Marie J MICHELMORE BURTON 1923 Lewisham, London   Bq
Marie D (N J) MITCHELMORE   1901 Brighton, Sussex   Fe
Marion B MUCHMORE   1909 Rawmarsh, Yorkshire (West Riding)   Fs
Marjorie MITCHELMORE   1883 Tiverton, Devon   Mb
Marjorie M MITCHELMORE   1911 Plympton St Mary, Devon   Lv
Martha A MITCHELMORE   1910 Plymouth, Devon   Hn
Mary D MITCHELMORE COX 1920 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gj
Mary J MITCHELMORE   1866 Newton Abbot, Devon   Lk
Mary E MICHELMORE   1881 Coulsdon & Purley, Surrey   Db
Mary F MUCHMOORE   1881 Amersham, Buckinghamshire   Ej
Mary W MITCHELMORE   1883 Newton Abbot, Devon   Jk
Mary H MICHLEMORE   1885 Barnes, Surrey   Cy
Mary MITCHELMORE   1892 Aberdare, Glamorganshire   Nc
Mary MITCHELMORE   1892 Camborne-Redruth, Cornwall   Gy
Mary J MITCHELMORE   1901 Basingstoke, Hampshire   Fd
Mary MITCHELMORE   1909 Newquay, Cornwall   Hb
Mary E MITCHELMORE JONES 1911 Dolgelley, Merionethshire   Nk
Mary MICHELMORE DYBLE 1912 Hendon, Middlesex   Ce
Maud Mary MITCHELMORE   1881 Paignton, Devon   Kc
Maurice George MITCHELMORE   1913 Paignton, Devon   Kc
Mavis E MITCHMORE   1927 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ku
May V (Violet May) MITCHELMORE RICHARDSON, HILL 1917 Watford, Hertfordshire   Do
May MITCHELMORE   1888 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Eq
Meli?a S (Melissa Sins) MICHELMORE MITCHELMORE 1890 Brixham, Devon   Ir
Melvyn MITCHELMORE   1933 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lc
Mildred MICHELMORE   1891 Walton & Weybridge, Surrey   Ec
Millicent MITCHELMORE   1858 Hove, Sussex   Fj
Millicent G MITCHELMORE DUERDEN 1893 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gi
Millie MICHELMORE   1866 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kw
Millie MITCHELMORE   1887 Paignton, Devon   Jm
Milvena MICHELMORE   1865 Totnes, Devon   Me
Minnie E MITCHELMORE   1908 Fulham, London    
Minnie MICHELMORE   1857 City of Westminster, London   Bw
Minnie C MICHELMORE   1874 Wimbledon, Surrey   Di
Minnie M MITCHELMORE   1880 Plymouth, Devon   Il
Minnie MITCHELMORE   1898 Paignton, Devon   Jy
Minnie MITCHELMOORE   1908 Chertsey, Surrey   Dx
Muriel B MUCHMORE   1892 Battersea, London   Ae
Muriel A MUCHAMORE   1910 St Pancras, London   Bj
Muriel D MITCHELMORE HOLLICK 1914 Padstow, Cornwall   Hc
Nancy J MITCHELMORE CLAUGHTON, HODGSON 1921 Twickenham, Middlesex   Cl
Nellie B MICHMORE   1919 Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent   Dv
Norah A MUCHMORE   1914 City of Westminster, London   Qk
Nora MITCHELMORE CURTIS 1901 Paignton, Devon   Js
Nora H MUCHAMORE   1911 Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire   Gp
Norman William MITCHELMORE   1890 Reading, Berkshire   Eg
Olive C MITCHELMORE PIKE 1919 Bournemouth, Hampshire    
Olive F MITCHELMORE PINE 1905 Plymouth, Devon   Ie
Olive M MITCHELMORE   1909 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ky
Olive L MICHELMORE   1911 Mitcham, Surrey   Df
Olive MUCHMORE COWEN 1927 Billericay, Essex   Dk
Owen A MITCHMORE   1904 Totnes, Devon   Ml
Pamela E MITCHELMORE WILTSHIRE, SMITH 1939 Fulham, London   At
Patricia MITCHELMORE SONGHURST 1929 Fulham, London   As
Paul MUCHMORE   1926 Portslade-By-Sea, Sussex   Ql
Percis E MICHELMORE   1891 Folkestone, Kent   Du
Percy A NITCHELMORE   1884 Paignton, Devon   Jw
Percy F (Frederick P) MICHELMORE   1879 Winchester, Hampshire   Fa
Percy MITCHELMORE   1883 Newton Abbot, Devon   Ln
Percy MITCHELMORE   1892 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Eo
Philip G MICHELMORE   1920 Buckfastleigh, Devon   It
Philip H MICHELMORE   1873 Sidmouth, Devon   Kf
Phyllis MITCHELMORE   1870 Plymouth, Devon   Ii
Phyllis A MICHELMORE   1914 Ryde, Isle of Wight   Fn
Phyllis R MITCHELMORE   1914 Plymouth, Devon   Hw
Prudence E MICHELMORE   1888 Totnes, Devon   Mh
Rachel MUTCHMORE   1882 Chatham, Kent   Dt
Ralph G MICHELMORE   1892 Sidmouth, Devon   Ke
Raymond MITCHELMORE   1915 Maidenhead, Berkshire   Eh
Rebecca MITCHELMORE   1881 Neath, Glamorganshire   Nf
Reg C J MITCHELMORE   1900 Torquay, Devon   Km
Reginald A MUCHMORE   1900 Croydon, Surrey   Cx
Restr?ta MITCHELMORE   1908 Newquay, Cornwall   Gz
Reuben C L MICHELMORE   1905 Totnes, Devon   Md
Rhoda MUCHAMORE PENNINGTON 1915 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gg
Richard A MICHELMORE   1928 Walton & Weybridge, Surrey   Ec
Richard F MITCHELMORE   1937 Plymouth, Devon    
Richard J MICHELMORE   1865 Totnes, Devon   Me
Richard R MITCHELMORE   1879 Plymouth, Devon   Hl
Richard A MUCHMORE   1881 Wembley, Middlesex   Nq
Richard S MITCHELMORE   1913 Plymouth, Devon   Ij
Rita M MITCHELMORE   1913 Plymouth, Devon   Hp
Robert F MICHELMORE   1857 Salcombe, Devon   Kd
Robert J MICHELMORE   1885 Brixham, Devon   Ir
Robert MITCHMORE   1903 Deudraeth, Merionethshire   Ni
Ronald W G MITCHELMORE   1917 Watford, Hertfordshire   Dn
Ronald MITCHELMORE   1937 Fulham, London   Ap
Ronald L MUCHMORE   1939 Wandsworth, London   Qn
Ronald MUCHMORE   1913 Islington, London   Ba
Rosalie E MITCHELMORE   1864 Plymouth, Devon   Ib
Rose F MITCHELMORE CATER 1915 Fulham, London   As
Rose MITCHELMORE   1885 Fulham, London   As
Rose (Rosa) MITCHMORE   1897 Totnes, Devon   Mj
Rose O MITCHELMORE   1911 Kingsbridge, Devon   La
Rose MUCHMORE KENT 1930 St Pancras, London   Bm
Rosemary MITCHELMORE SULLOCK 1925 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kx
Rosina L MUCKMORE CARR 1881 Plymouth, Devon   Nu
Rosina T MITCHMORE   1908 Totnes, Devon   Ml
Roy Colin MITCHELMORE   1926 Plymouth, Devon   Hx
Roy E MITCHELMORE   1926 Kingsbridge, Devon   Qo
Roy E MITCHELMORE   1908 Kingsbridge, Devon   Kv
Roy E MITCHELMORE   1914 Plymouth, Devon   Hn
Samuel MITCHELMORE   1881 Neath, Glamorganshire   Nf
Sarah MITCHELMORE   1865 Kingsbridge, Devon   Qq
Sarah J D MITCHELMORE   1855 Bournemouth, Hampshire   Eq
Sarah MITCHELMORE   1858 Wellington, Somerset   Mt
Sarah MITCHELMORE   1865 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ks
Sarah E MITCHELMORE   1868 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Fw
Sarah M W MITCHELMORE   1877 Paignton, Devon   Jz
Sarah B MICHELMORE   1885 Wallasey, Cheshire   Fu
Sarah A MITCHELMORE   1890 Aberdare, Glamorganshire   Nd
Sarah J MITCHELMORE   1892 Hendon, Middlesex   Cf
Sarah E MITCHELMORE   1900 Dolgelley, Merionethshire   Nl
Sheila M R MITCHELMORE LAKE 1937 Kingsbridge, Devon   La
Shirley A MITCHELMORE   1934 Aldershot, Hampshire    
Sidney F E MUCHMORE   1924 Lambeth, London   Be
Sidney T MITCHELMORE   1876 Paignton, Devon   Jz
Sydney H MITCHELMORE   1886 Newton Abbot, Devon   Ll
Sidney G MITCHELMORE   1887 Kingsbridge, Devon   Nt
Sidney F MITCHELMORE   1888 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gi
Sidney A MUCHMORE   1892 Lambeth, London   Be
Sidney MITCHELMORE   1895 Fulham, London   An
Sydney A (Sidney A) MUCHMORE   1899 Wembley, Middlesex   Cn
Silvana MITCHELMORE   1888 Plymouth, Devon   Ik
Stanley A MUCHMORE   1922 Croydon, Surrey   Cx
Stanley MITCHELMORE   1927 Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire   Qu
Stanley MITCHMORE   1927 Totnes, Devon    
Stanley MITCHELMORE   1899 Plymouth, Devon   Hx
Stanley G MITCHEMORE   1900 Plymouth, Devon   Hz
Stephen (S) MUCHMORE   1924 Battersea, London   Ab
Stuart W T MITCHELMORE   1919 Ilford, Essex   Qt
Susan M MITCHELMORE   1866 Plymouth, Devon   Hq
Susan MITCHELMORE   1867 Fulham, London   Ar
Susan MICHELMORE   1885 Brixham, Devon   Iq
Susan MICHELMORE   1890 Newton Abbot, Devon   Ji
Sylvanus MITCHELMORE   1870 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ks
Thomas MITCHELMORE   1924 Torquay, Devon   Ki
Thomas N MICHELMORE   1890 Leatherhead, Surrey   Eb
Thomas MICHELMORE   1897 Dolgelley, Merionethshire   Nm
Thomas J D J MICHELMORE   1914 Exeter, Devon   Hg
Vera R MITCHELMORE   1913 Exeter, Devon   Hk
Vernon B MITCHELMORE   1904 Beckenham, Kent   Cu
Victor G MITCHELMORE   1922 Twickenham, Middlesex   Cj
Violet L MITCHELMORE WAKEHAM 1915 Wandsworth, London   Br
Violet F MUCHMORE WALSH 1918 St Pancras, London    
Violet E MITCHELMORE   1894 Exeter, Devon   Hh
Violet I M MITCHELMORE   1906 Brentford & Chiswick, Middlesex   Bz
Violet K MITCHELMORE COUNTER 1908 Dartmouth, Devon   Jb
Walter H MUCHAMORE   1879 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gf
Walter P MICHELMORE   1884 Beddington & Wallington, Surrey   Cz
Walter MITCHELMORE   1885 Dartmouth, Devon   Iv
Walter (W) MUCHMORE   1895 Battersea, London   Ab
Walter H MUCHAMORE   1903 Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire   Dm
Walter H MITCHELMORE   1913 Totnes, Devon   Mk
Warren MITCHMORE   1882 Dartmouth, Devon   Iw
Wilfred E MUCHMORE   1898 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   Na
William H MUCKMORE   1864 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   Oa
William C R MITCHELMORE   1919 Tavistock, Devon   Lz
William H MICHELMORE   1858 Paignton, Devon   Jx
William MITCHELMORE   1861 Paignton, Devon   Ka
William MITCHELMORE   1862 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lg
William MITCHELMORE   1866 Clacton, Essex   Dl
William MITCHELMORE   1870 Plymouth, Devon   Ht
William H MITCHEMORE   1872 Plymouth, Devon   Hz
Williams T MITCHELMORE   1875 Paignton, Devon   Jq
William MITCHELMORE   1877 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   Mz
William G MITCHELMORE   1879 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lb
William MITCHMORE   1880 Totnes, Devon   Mk
Alfred C MITCHELMORE   1881 Camborne-Redruth, Cornwall   Gy
William MITCHELMORE   1881 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lh
William MUCHMORE   1883 Battersea, London   Ae
William H MITCHELMORE   1884 Dartmouth, Devon   Ix
William MITCHELMORE   1885 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gj
William G MITCHELMORE   1889 Plymouth, Devon   Ij
William H MITCHELMORE   1889 Kingsbridge, Devon   Ky
William MICHELMORE   1889 Lambeth, London   Bc
William MITCHELMORE   1889 Paignton, Devon   Jm
William H MITCHELMORE   1891 Plymouth, Devon   Ie
William J MITCHELMORE   1891 Sutton & Cheam, Surrey   Dg
William P MUCHMORE   1891 Cardiff, Glamorganshire   My
William S MITCHELMORE   1893 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire   Fv
William J MICHELMORE   1894 Exeter, Devon   Cc
William F MITCHELMORE   1900 Totnes, Devon   Mn
William MITCHELMORE   1902 Brentford & Chiswick, Middlesex   By
William MITCHELMORE   1903 Wimbledon, Surrey   Dh
William R MITCHELMORE   1903 Southwark, London   Bo
William H MUCHMORE   1904 Dorking, Surrey   Dy
William R MITCHELMORE   1904 Torquay, Devon   Kn
William H MUCHMORE   1905 Rawmarsh, Yorkshire   Fs
William John MITCHELMORE   1909 Paignton, Devon   Kc
William MUCHAMORE   1911 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Gg
William G MITCHELMORE   1912 Newquay, Cornwall   Gz
William J MITCHELMORE   1914 Aberdare, Glamorganshire   Nb
William H MICHELMORE   1921 Dolgelley, Merionethshire   Nm
Winifred S MUCKMORE CARR 1914 Plymouth, Devon   Nu
Winifred Y MICHELMORE   1896 Sevenoaks, Kent   Dw
Winifred MITCHELMORE LUCK 1897 Plymouth, Devon   Hq
Wynne MITCHELMORE   1930 Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire   No
Later M*CH*MORE wives
Doris E ADAMS MITCHELMORE 1919 Sodbury, Gloucestershire   Ow
Lilian E BEHENNA MITCHELMORE 1920 Plymouth, Devon   Om
Doris Ada BELLAMY MITCHELMORE 1905 Paignton, Devon   Ov
Adelaide M BICKNELL FORDHAM, MUCHMORE 1916 Southwark, London   Bp
Doris E BOND MITCHELMORE 1928 Exeter   Ox
Margaret S BOWEN MITCHELMORE 1932 Ashburton, Devon   Qf
Barbara L BRACE MITCHELMORE 1921 Bristol   Oq
Annie BREWSTER MITCHELLMORE 1896 Chelsea, London   Ak
Shirley A BURTON MITCHELMORE 1934 Aldershot, Hampshire   Ez
Elizabeth M CANDY MUCHMORE 1932 Camberwell, London   Pe
Ada CRABTREE MITCHELMORE 1893 Shipley, Yorkshire (West Riding)   Ft
Rosina E CRANHAM MITCHELMOORE 1914 Battersea, London   Ag
Harriet (Harriett) CROSSLEY MITCHELMORE 1905 Coulsdon & Purley, Surrey   Dc
Brenda K CUTTER MITCHELMORE 1921 Frinton & Walton, Essex   Ou
Joan J DEACOCK MUCHMORE 1927 Easthampstead, Berkshire   Pu
Minnie DYER MICHAELMORE 1891 Taunton, Somerset   Ms
Maureen EDWARDS MITCHELMORE 1934 Manchester, Lancashire   Qj
Marion Elizabeth FAIRWEATHER MITCHELMORE 1869 Worthing, Sussex   Fl
Dorothy L FELTHAM MUCHMORE, BOWLER 1925 Tonbridge, Kent   Oy
Caroline F B FOALE MITCHELMORE 1910 Kingsbridge, Devon   Lf
Salome Mary FOGWILL MITCHELMORE 1923 Torquay, Devon   Qp
Dorothy S M FROST MITCHELMORE 1900 Okehampton, Devon   Lt
Ivy E GOUGH MITCHELMORE 1891 Portsmouth, Hampshire   Ew
Mary F HAMPTON MICHELMORE 1910 Lewisham, London   Qi
Olive D M HARCOURT NORTHCOTT, NICKELMORE 1915 Buckfastleigh, Devon   Pi
Violet D HARDICK MITCHELMORE 1925 Plymouth, Devon   Qr
Edith M E HARRIS MITCHELMORE 1913 Plymouth, Devon   Ih
Phyllis M HESKETH MITCHELMORE 1911 Birmingham, Warwickshire   Gr
Dora HIPKISS MICHELMORE, KEYS 1934 Birmingham, Warwickshire   Oe
Maud W HOL? MICHELMORE 1895 Chard, Somerset   Mr
Winifred M HOPKINS MITCHELMORE 1907 Plymouth, Devon   If
Olive K HOSKING MITCHELMORE 1892 Tavistock, Devon   Ly
Joan HUGHES MITCHELMORE 1933 Calne & Chippenham, Wiltshire   Of
Winifred P JAMES MITCHELMORE 1918 Manchester, Lancashire   Ga
Una P JONES MITCHELMORE 1923 Porthcawl, Glamorganshire   Qs
Ena M KIMPTON MUCHMORE 1906 St Pancras, London   Bn
Margaret J KING MICHELMORE 1933 Hitchin, Hertfordshire   Qe
Janet P LUSCOMBE MITCHELMORE 1939 Kingsbridge, Devon   Pt
Irene LYTLE MITCHELMORE 1912 St Pancras, London   Po
Pamela E MATTHEW MICHELMORE 1907 Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire   Ps
Pamela E MATTHEW MICHELMORE 1907 Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire   Dp
Jean METCALFE MICHELMORE 1923 Reigate, Surrey   Og
Isabel MITCHELL MICHELMORE 1920 Cowes, Isle of Wight   Oh
Elizabeth J MOGRIDGE MITCHELMORE 1905 Paignton, Devon   Jt
? MORTON MITHCHELMORE 1915 Manchester, Lancashire   Fz
Barbara R MURRAY MITCHELMORE 1907 Brixham, Devon   Ip
Violet M L NASH MITCHELMORE 1917 Totnes, Devon   Mc
Josephine D NEAVE MUCHMORE, SYKES 1915 Southall, Middlesex   Ci
Kathleen Maud NORTHWAY DYER, MITCHELMORE, BATTEN 1923 Totnes, Devon   Py
Gladys P PAICE MITCHELMORE 1930 Mitcham, Surrey   Pk
Iris E PARROTT MICHELMORE 1921 Paddington   Pp
Patricia M PERRY MICHELMORE 1931 Penzance, Cornwall   Oj
Florence M PETERS MUCHMORE, CRISP 1010 Hatfield, Hertfordshire   Pg
Lilian POTTAS MITCHELMORE 1920 Whitby, Yorkshire   Qb
Betty A POWELL MITCHELMORE 1938 Fulham, London   Os
Florence E PRICE MITCHELMORE 1894 Neath, Glamorganshire   Ne
Joan M READ MICHELMORE 1931 Dartford, Kent   Ok
Pearl E (Elizabeth) ROGERS MITCHELMORE 1935 Kingsbridge, Devon   Qm
Lily SHAW MITCHELMORE 1903 Chorley, Lancashire   Gc
Maria L STONE MITCHELMORE 1935 Kingsbridge, Devon   Qg
Lucy I STONEMAN MITCHELMORE 1902 Okehampton, Devon   Lu
Margaret TAYLOR MITCHELMORE, YOUNG 1914 Watford, Hertfordshire   Qc
Betty F M TAYLOR MUCHMORE 1929 Plymouth, Devon   Ot
Joyce TEMPLETON MITCHELMORE 1925 Plymouth, Devon   Px
Gwendoline E THOMAS MICHELMORE 1934 Harrow, Middlesex   Ol
Doris A THOMAS MITCHELMORE 1907 Tredegar, Monmouthshire   Ng
Margaret A TOMLINSON MITCHELMORE 1920 Hornchurch, Essex   Qd
Bessie I TURNELL MITCHELMORE 1919 Willesden   Or
Ivy M WALLBANK MITCHELMORE 1904 Beckenham   Pq
Eileen M (Joyce) WATSON MUCHMORE 1921 Marlow, Buckinghamshire   Pc
Sophia E WEBBER MITCHELMORE 1927 Bullingdon, Oxfordshire   Em
Marjorie E WEEKS MITCHELMORE 1924 Bristol, Gloucestershire   Qh
Anne WILLMOTT MITCHELMORE 1931 Plymouth, Devon   Hy
Mary (Harring? S) WILLS MICHELMORE 1903 Carlisle, Cumberland   Fq
Nellie M WOOD MUCHMORE 1895 Fulham, London   Aq
Margaret E YALLARD MITCHEMORE 1938 Kingsbridge, Devon   Le



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