M*CH*MORE One Name Study


The M*CH*MORE One Name Study was founded by Bob MUCHAMORE in the early 1990s. Since then, many people have contributed to its development. There are many ways in which you can join in the fun of further developing the M*CH*MORE One Name Study. Here are some:

  • Join the M*CH*MORE DNA project in order to bring the discoveries of modern genetic science to bear on our history.

  • Subscribe to the M*CH*MORE mailing list to be informed about the latest information and updates to this web site.

  • Submit your own family data (especially photographs) to add to what is already on this web site, or write a narrative history of your family using the data that are already available along with your own family lore.

  • If you live near a county or state library or record office, or a cemetery where M*CH*MOREs are likely to be found, transcribe further records to add to this site.

  • Surf the internet looking for further sources of M*CH*MORE data, or trawl through sites that have already been identified.

  • Report any errors (e.g. typos or broken links) to the coordinator. He is also happy to receive suggestions on the layout and navigation of this site.

  • If you have advanced IT skills, help with the further development of this site.

You can submit additional data to the mailing list at any time. Please contact the coordinator before undertaking any searches for new data.



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