M*CH*MORE One Name Study


Subtrees are sequences of families that cannot be fitted into the reconstructed family trees with any confidence. The following tables give the earliest known member of each subtree and their place and date of birth. (A date such as 161x gives the approximate decade.) To browse one of the subtrees, click on the name.

Southern South Hams

Tree 101. Early East Allington families (15xx)
Tree 102. Early Blackawton families (151x)
Tree 103. John (Chivelstone 163x)
Tree 104. John (Bigbury 167x)
Tree 105. William (West Alvington 167x)
Tree 106. Nicholas (Stokenham 169x)
Tree 107. Elizabeth (Chivelstone 174x)
Tree 108. John (South Pool 175x)

Eastern South Hams

Tree 201. Elizabeth (Harberton 157x)
Tree 202. Edward (Dartmouth 162x)
Tree 203. William (Stoke Fleming 176x)

Northern South Hams

Tree 301. John (Buckfastleigh 154x)
Tree 302. Samuel (Buckfastleigh 155x)
Tree 303. John (Buckfastleigh 167x)
Tree 304. Philip (Buckfastleigh 167x)

Other Devon

Tree 501. William (Plympton St Maurice 173x)
Tree 502. James (Plymouth 175x)
Tree 503. John (Plymouth 1776)


Tree 600. Thomas (Quethiock 154x)
Tree 601. George (St Stephens by Saltash 162x)

Other England

Tree 700. ? MUCKAMORE (Kent 165x)
Tree 701. ? MITCHELMORE (Islington 189x)


Tree 801. William (Indiana 186x)



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