M*CH*MORE One Name Study


Several family trees have been reconstructed from the M*CH*MORE source data by tracing people's ancestry back from the present day using a methodology described here. These trees originate from three main areas in England: the southern South Hams (centered on the parish of Stokenham in Devon), the northern South Hams (around the parish of Buckfastleigh in Devon) and Cornwall. The Muchmore Family Association has reconstructed two further trees for MUCH*MOREs in the USA. For a discussion of possible links between these trees, click here.

The following tables give the earliest known member of each family tree and their place and date of birth. (A date such as 171x gives the approximate decade.) Note that the trees originally numbered 01, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 10, 12 and 14 have been merged with other trees as a result of ongoing research. To browse a tree, click on the name.

Southern South Hams

  • Tree 02. Thomas (Stokenham 168x)
  • Tree 05. Peter (Stokenham 163x)
  • Tree 09. Edmond (Charleton 161x)
  • Tree 11. Thomas (Thurlestone 174x)
  • Tree 13. Thomas (Blackawton 170x)

Northern South Hams

  • Tree 15. Samuel (Totnes 165x)
  • Tree 16. Philippus (Buckfastleigh 157x)
  • Tree 17. Philip (Buckfastleigh 170x)
  • Tree 18. William (Buckfastleigh 172x)
  • Tree 19. John (Buckfastleigh 169x)


  • Tree 20. George (Trewint 157x)

There are, however, many records of M*CH*MOREs who do not fit into the above family trees:

Note that, in all trees and subtrees, data on living persons are only included if they have given their explicit permission.

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